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Asked: 6 years ago

Why isn't there a migrate button?

I want to migrate pokemon over from my emerald, but I don't know how! In the booklet, it says its in the menu when you start the game, but what i got is 'continue', 'new game', 'mystery gift', and 'Nintendo wfc settings'. Can you please help?

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Thanks, vigk_vigk. Just wondering, when you start up your ds with the GBA game in, in the ds menu (with pictochat, ds wireless play etc.), does it say launch the game, or does it say there is an option pack inserted?

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are you supposed to beat the Elite Four or have the National Dex on the GBA game?

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Edited: Ok, i figured out what's wrong with this. its my actual ds that wont accept any gba games. thanks anyway!

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You have to make sure the emerald game pack is inserted into the bottom slot. Then it should say whether you want to "migrate from emerald" in the main menu you mentioned. If it doesn't show, there might be a chance that the bottom slot or the game pack itself is broken. If this happens, take out the game pack, blow into the connectors of both the game pack and the slot, and insert it back in (without doing the palm slam that is so common with other people as this may break your equipment). If it still doesn't work, good luck.
(God, I sound like a techy. "Make sure it's inserted". Duh! What am I saying?)

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For me it says "Start GBA game" on the bottom selection. I know this problem because it happened a few times with me. One thing I didn't say though is turn off the DS when you try again. It does a start-up cycle that lets it read the game pack so turn off your DS then insert the game pack.

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I think I figured out why you can't migrate your pokemon. You first have to unlock the Pal Park. It is the small block that you see on the town map south of Sandgem town. Go there and see if you can enter it yet. If not, look at each pokemon in the un-upgraded Sinnoh dex (yes, you just need to look at them) and go back there. You will need a pokemon with surf to get there (and maybe cut as well). To answer the last additional details, no. The progress shouldn't matter in the GBA game. Just the pearl/diamond progress.

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Also make sure THAT YOUR EMERALD AND YOUR DIAMOND/PEARL ARE THE SAME VERSIONS(Japanese Diamond/Pearl and English Emerald or in vice versa WON'T WORK)

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Do you have them all? If no, you cannot!!

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you have to beat the game and have gotten the national dex to migrate.
After that go to the island where the pal park is and talk to prof. oak
Then save your game.
Turn off your ds then insert a gba game and when you start up your ds game it will work

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I think i will play the platinum, thanks for the comment, i heard platinum can catch gligar without using gba card
thanks for the help ^^

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OK. You have to get the national dex to open the pal park. You find the pal park on route 221. after you find it then talk to all, ALL the people. Finally you save then turn the game off then on and you should have the migrate button

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