Question from shawnhart1996

Asked: 6 years ago

Can Heatran breed?

Since heatran has a male and female can it breed?

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Then why does it have a gender if it cant breed and has no sprite change?

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um guys rotom is NOT a legendary

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From: Chaet_legend 6 years ago

Nope, its the only legendary (barring the Lati@s) which has a gender, but no breeding capabilities.

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It is the only legendnary pokemon with a gender but it is not allowed to breed because the people that made the game don't want legendnarys to be able to copy ( the only exception is manaphy but you have to get her from pokemon ranger)

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It cannot breed because the makers of the game do not want you to breed it. Seriously, if you don't believe me, google it, and if you don't believe it then, try it for yourself. Like Gamelover said, the only legendary that has even slight amounts of breeding capabilities is a Manaphy.

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Yuck, why would you want to breed a manaphy, its breed sucks. Seriously really good stats, no good moves unless you use tm.

To answer the question, they just wanted to make the game more realistic. A whole bunch of legendary its. It might also be to cover up the anime, as you see some baby (put in legendary here).

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You can breed rotom with a ditto

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The only Legendaries you can breed are Manaphy and maybe Rotom.

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No Heatran can't breed. It's just like Latios, Latias, Cresselia. They have genders, but can't breed.
And why does Heatran have genders and can be (randomly) either one? No idea...You'd have to ask the people who made the game.

Only Manaphy and Rotom can breed as Legendaries, and ONLY with a Ditto!

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Heatran can't breed. Rotom is not a Legendary Pokemon. Manaphy can breed but only with a Ditto. He is not an exception to the "rule" because Phione can't evolve into a Manaphy. He is NOT the only Legendary with a gender, but he is the only Legendary that can be both genders. Just trying to set everyone straight on this. ;)

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