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Where can I find a (Dawn or Shiny Stone?)

Where can I find a (Dawn or Shiny Stone) other then the one's mentioned in the Diamond / Pearl Guide?

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I understand that part, but where in Sinnoh though other then route 228 / Iron Island (Shiny stone) and Mt. Coronet (Dawn Stone)

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Any ideas?

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The pickup ability only solves half of the problem .. I need specific places (routes, areas, etc)

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560cool answered:

A few places:
Underground both
Iron Isle Shiny(Used mine to evolve Roselia-Roserade)
Mt. Coronet Dawn(Kirlia(male)-Gallade)-(Snover(female)-Frosslass)
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VeedChris answered:

You can find them using the Pickup ability.
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xfir answered:

Pickup or underground
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DewanIslam answered:

U can get a shiny stone at iron island
meat up with riley and help him to get through the cave
after beating every body he will award u with an egg
( before going into the cave make sure that u have 1 space in your team)
( the egg hatches into riolu)
then take the elivator
when u get down to the floor u will see an opening
before going through u will see an item
get it, it's a shiny stone
( u can use it on a rossela to evolve it into a resserade)
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aSiiAn_BiiTcH answered:

Ay you can it under ground just use your explorer kit and you can find heaps of items but lots of spheres but spheres are for trading and stuff you'll catch on
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Blasvr07 answered:

You can get one on route 225(?).It's the place left of the survival area.
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Blasvr07 answered:

Dawn Stone I mean
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