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At what lvl will piloswine learn ancientpower ??

I heard that piloswine will evolve to mamoswine when he learn ancientpower but i dont know at what lvl he will learn it !! so can someone tell me please !!!

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FrozenTime answered:

He learns it at LV. 1, which means that the only way to have your Piloswine learn it, is to go to the Move Re-Learner (In Pastoria City), and give him a Heart Scale for him to teach it.
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video_dude answered:

Piloswine really does evolve into mamoswine by leveling up with ancientpower, and i think he learns it at level 34 or so.
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nintendo199 answered:

There is only one way to get a Piloswine to know Ancientpower. Get a Heart Scale and have the man at Pastoria City teach him it.
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Renesmee_Cullen answered:

There are actually 2 ways to make it learn ancient power
1: go get a heart scale from digging underground and go to the move relearner to learn ancientpower
2: this is a more difficult way, but if you cant do the first one, do this one
you need a piloswine or swinub and a pokemon in its egg group who knows ancient power(to see its egg group, go to and search "egg groups" and if possible, try to find the ground group[not type, group][ as i said, this is the harder one, it may take some time to research])
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