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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Fantina?Please HELP!!

I already defeated all the Gym Leaders that were before her. When I went to hearthome city, enterded the gym and talked to the guy besides the "statues
" he told me that Fantina was not there. That I should go to other places and maybe one day she will be there. I went before defeating Maylene to Hearthome and I met her there, if that helps... I dont know what to do... Where is her?? please help!!


Additional details - 6 years ago

I know, I already beated him, his name is Crasher Wake I think... The man I told you tells me that I should go to some other places, and maybe one day she will return. Its driving me crazy. Please help me!!

Thanks. ^.^

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thank you all very much

Accepted Answer

From: Hikari_Pachi 6 years ago

After following and defeating the Galatic Grunt in Pastoria/Valor Lakefront, you need to go to Solceon Town. Make sure you have gotten the Secret Potion from Cynthia, too. Remember the Psyduck that blocked your way before? Well, use the potion recieved from Cynthia on those Psyduck and continue north.

Remember to have HM05 Defog (from a man in the Great Marsh) taught to a Pokemon so you can use. If you continue following the path, you'll end up in Celestic Town. There find Cynthia's Grandmother. After the events that happen in Celestic Town, you can head to Hearthome City gym and Fantina should be there.

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You also have to go to Pastoria City, and beat the gym leader there.

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Theres a galactic grunt in pastoria talk to him and follow him

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