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How do I get into snowpoint temple??

Every time i try to get in a lady say's only the chosen may enter, please help me i really want to get in!!

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10luke11 answered:

Beat the Elite Four, get the national pokedex and you can get in. Have the three regis in your party to get Regigias.
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Heroo1234567891 answered:

Beat the game then transfer from emerald rigice rigisteel and regirock have them in your party you can enter the temple and get regigias
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skullfire96 answered:

Ya have to get the national dex and transfer in the three regis rock steel and ice then just go there and you can go in
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redheadofdoom answered:

You can't go in until you've beaten the Elite Four and the Champion at least once. Then you can enter. In the lowest floor is the pokemon Regigigas. To be able to capture him you must have the pokemon Regice, Regirock and Registeel in your party, then when you talk to him, he'll attack. He's level 70, but his attack and speed are halved for the first 5 turns because of his ability, Slow Start. He's like a normal legendary, low catch rate and only appears once so be prepared!
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chid28 answered:

You first need to beat the pokemon league. Then once you've seen all 150 pokemon in the sinoh pokedex, upgrade to national. Then transfer the three regis from emerald to your pearl. Once that is done go back up to the temple and the person there should let you pass. F.Y.I. You can catch regigigas in the temple.
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tommthopp answered:

You have to beat the elite 4 and have the national pokedex
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tommthopp answered:

You dont have to have all the regis to get in to the temple just have the national dex and have the elite 4 beaten
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