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How can i get my pokemon to lvl 100 without cheating?

My team consists of Empolean(lvl83) Vibrava(lvl54) Spiritomb(lvl38)Infernape (lvl68) Salemence(lvl55)and Staraptor(lvl42)

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How can i get my pokemon to lvl up fat because i want to beat my cousin in a battle

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And where would i get a lot of rare candies without action replay

tmac111111 provided additional details:

And where would i get a lot of rare candies without action replay.


hi123_321hi answered:

Your pokemon can get there by leveling up!!
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ApatheticIdiot answered:

I believe that if you use the Wi-Fi Club in the basement of the Pokemon center to battle, they make your Pokemon level 100 for the duration of the battle. Of course, that's assuming you had access to wi-fi battles to begin with.

Otherwise, I'd say battle the Elite Four for experience, or try the VS. Seeker on some of the trainers in the Battle Zone, since the trainer Pokemon out there are 50 and up. Some of the ones I find to be easy to access are the two Ace Trainers above the Resort Area on Route 229, or the 3 trainers above the Fight Area on Route 225, since these are easy access and don't involve running in the grass while charging the VS. Seeker. Hope this helps.
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hi123_321hi answered:

Use rare candies duh!
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ApatheticIdiot answered:

I don't know about a lot, but the Pickup ability gives you the chance to get Rare Candies after battle. Unfortunately, it only has a 10% chance out of the items available, and the Pokemon has to be at least 41 to do so for the 10% (you can get them earlier than that, but at a lower %, starting at 21-30 at 3% chance to find). Otherwise, you can clone them on Emerald and send them over by Pal Park.
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turtlethetaffer answered:

I beleive it's called level grinding. I usually go to places with high level pokemon like the volcano past the survival area (it's been a while since I last played). Also use the vs. seeker on the roads between survival area, resort area and fight area. In the fight area you can fight your rival once a week and he has some hogh level pokemon. Finally, I stop by the elite four every now and again.
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Darbus_31 answered:

You must fight!
Then, Finish Him!
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Orochimaru95 answered:

If you want use rare candiesor training in the elite four
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sabmirz answered:

If you want to beat your cousin real bad, use GTS, its not cheating because your giving away one of your good pokemon for a better one. ex. My Alakazam lvl.60 for a Latias lvl.100. If you want to level up fast, you must fight alot, there is no easy way for training. But there are techniques, for instance, go to a high leveled pokemon area, where you have a type advantage. Like if you want your Empolean to be lvl. 100, i suggest training at Stark Mountain. Good Luck!
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MajinSheBuu answered:

What i do is i either go to a place that has pokemon stronger than the one i am trying to level up and put it in the front, then when the battle starts i switch to a stronger pokemon and beat the other pokemon OR i go to the Elite 4 or theres the daycare center but thats really slow
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