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how do u find a Burmy and Combee ?

becuz i have been looking forever i am going crazy to find it. Plus is there a certain time to catch Combee and Burmy. Becuz Man

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TyLeRcLaRkQwErT answered:

You have to get the sweet honey and then rub it on one of the yellow trees it takes about a day for a pokemon to show up. The tree will shake when a pokemon is on it. That is about all there is to it.
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Supplice_ answered:

Honey Trees if you want to catch them.
Alternativly, a trainer on Route 208 uses a Combee, and one in Eterna Forest uses Burmy if you are only interested in seeing them..
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gimmiepienow answered:

If you see a honey tree(the yellow ones) put honey on it and wait a couple of hours to a day and there should be a pokemon on it but it's not always combee or burmy though.
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