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How do you get passed victory road on Pokemon Pearl?

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Weeku answered:

Maps section, FAQs...
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Supplice_ answered:

Section 5.9.2 of that FAQ has a detailed guide to Victory Road.
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Johnson_09 answered:

Take all your pokemon with Hm's and explore. It is also a really good spot to level up for the elite four.
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mana_lord answered:

Like the guy said before, use the map and if thats proven to be annoying then just go in with strong team and follow evey path possible.
You only need rock smash, strength, and waterfall and surf, those are the only HM's you will need.
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chid28 answered:

I reccomend you use the maps on this website or you purchase the guide for the game.
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pokeman19 answered:

Look at the maps in the FAQ's section
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hevymetlman answered:

No u can use to look in the gamefaqs walkthroughs or buy the book that tells u all the stuff.
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DSTwins1000 answered:

What is your team? If it is good for Victory Road, just explore around,try to find the exit and get leveled up!
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7chopsticks7 answered:

Go to youtube, and type in the search box; victory road walkthrough.
Then this guy shows you how to get past the victory road.
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Topher65 answered:

Use the map. you need rock smash, strength, surf, waterfall, and rock climb
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