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Where can I find pokemons number 46,65,134 and 135 in the sinnoh pokedex ?

I just wanted to kno who pokemons number 46,65,134 and 135 are and where to find them.....please can someone help me these are the last 4 pokemon I need to see in order to have all 150 pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex

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ApatheticIdiot answered:

#46 is Wormadam. You can evolve a female Burmy at level 20 for this. (Burmy can be attained from Honey trees, in case you needed that as well).
#65 is Drifloon. You can find one of these outside the Valley Windworks every Friday.
#s 134 and 135 are Finneon and Lumineon, its evolved form. These can be found by fishing in the following locations (using a Good or Super Rod, respectively):

Canalave City, Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Route 205 (south), Routes 218, 219, 220, 221.

Hope this is useful to you.
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pokeman19 answered:

You can battle Wormadam, Finneon and Lumineon in trainer battles, but not Drifloon. Look at one of the walkthroughs to see where the trainers are.
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