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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Kings Rock?

where do you get King's Rock in Pokemon Pearl?

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From: VeedChris 5 years ago

It is held by wild Poliwhirl, or through using the pickup ability.

For Poliwhirl, using a Compound Eyes lead will increase the odds of finding one, and you can use theif, trick, or covet to steal it. A pokemon with the ability Frisk can tell you if the Poliwhirl has an item or not.

For Pickup:

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You could use VeedChris's answer or you could use this answer.

dig, diG, dIG, DIG! WOOT!

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Is that really true? Compound Eyes will work for all item holding pokemon?

And there isn't one [King's Rock] that is handed out to you at some point?

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