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Asked: 5 years ago

What will be the best pokemon team in the world ?

I would like to know what will be the best pokemon team in the world?

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From: twilight1227 5 years ago

There really is no one best team. Strong pokemon would be any starter pokemon in their last form at level100. Any legendary pokemon is good to.(regigigas isn't the best choice)

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To tell u the truth there is no best team
but if u ask me i would try to have one of each major pokemon type
for EX. i would have a Torterra, Rapidash, Gyradose, luxray, strapator etc

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Like they said, there is no best team. A great team would have most, if not all types covered, and each pokemon would have counter moves for some of the types they are weak against. For example, you can teach a gyrados the move earthquake, and that can be used to destroy electric types.
Your pokemon should also have good stats, and a balance between them. It isn't required to have great attack and special attack if you are only going to use one type of attack, but having pokemon with good defense and HP are good ideas, as is having at least one pokemon with great speed.
You could also just go with your favorites.

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Personaly I like: Gengar, Staraptor, Metagross, Honchkrow, Lucario, and either Electivire or Magmortar. But that isn't really the "best team" because there isn't any. I think that having Gengar on your team is almost a must-have.

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There isn't a BEST team but there are GOOD teams. If there was a BEST team then it would have pokemon of most/all types, one/two HMs taught to each member, pokemon level 94-99, and one or no legendaries.

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