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"This time, you can actually catch 'em all!"Mario27410/10
Game Freak, you've done it again!Adronnis9/10
Good ol' Pokemon...americanimafan9/10
Best Pokemon game to datecasanta9/10
A new generation arrives!conicsonic59/10
Warning! This game may cause you to have no social life.dafreestyleking9/10
Pokemon Pearl - Must Have for Fans and BeginnersDarkWarriorXIV8/10
The first words that came out of my mouth...WowDaZinga9/10
Easily one of the better DS titles...Don_Patch36010/10
Addicting as Mountain DewDoomion339/10
Pokemon "Gotta Catch them All" :Devil41710/10
Newer is better?Flame0608/10
Gotta buy 'em all!!Geostomp9/10
A great new addition to the series!!hoodboy_tails10/10
Need a game to play? This game is the solution.JackofSpades20910/10
Capture them all.JF7X9/10
The Same Game Over Again-But Better!KTR4059/10
Exactly what you'd expect. And it's fantastic.lopp310/10
Not the Best in the Series, But Worth Your Time.LrdofArmageddon8/10
All is WellMoeal9/10
A Gem to many accross the worldRussell1429/10
Yet another Pokemon gemSharmHedgehog10/10
Not Much As Changed...SnowKhir9/10
There's more than 150 pokemon in this game-a great game for a great seriesSupacoolPoke9/10
An expansion to the Pokemon series worth more than checking out!Talwer9/10
Time to Catch em' all again. But is it worth it this time?Texticular8/10
After almost 10 years, Pokémon has still got it.thehumanfly9/10
Gah, my head - too many Pokemon!Trixter8008/10
I'll probably never be able to catch them all.turtlethetaffer9/10
Pokemon! You know.. like pocket monsters?... there's no 'poking' involved...warriorlink77/10
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl bring back memories...and create new ones._Spin_Cycle_9/10

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