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Eyeshield 21: Max Devil Power FAQ
Created by: BoNyKiD07

I. What is this game?
2. Controls
3. Main Menu
4. Story
5. Specials
6. Credits

1. This game is based on the manga Eyeshield 21. It is a fun game the fully 
uses the touch screen and is an overall great football game. It is a fun game 
for football fans, manga fans, and strategy fans. 

2. Controls

Out of Game:
Put the stylus in a direction you want Sena to run.
Dash the stylus and Sena will also dash.
Double click in the direction Sena is running to perform a spin-move.
To save, click the button on the top left, and then the pencil (third 
option). Click the down arrow and then the first option to save. 
To load click the up arrow instead of the down arrow and click a gamesave you 
want to load.

In Game:
The menu on offense goes as this:

1. Run: Choose a runner and he runs with the ball. To avoid being blocked 
click in the blue target or click in the red target for additional special 
points. After passing 3 defenders dash the stylus across the screen to run as 
fast as you can against the defenders that are chasing you.
2. Pass: Choose someone to pass to and then click in the blue target to catch 
and fall or the red part of the target to catch the ball and continue running 
with it.
3. Special: Refer to Specials section.
4. Field Goal: Kick the ball for the extra point or if you are near the goal. 
To kick it dash the stylus in the middle when the bar is in the red zone. 
5. Punt. Same controls as field goal kicks. 

The menu for defense goes like this:


1. Block a run. Click on a person that you predict will run the ball and then 
if they do a run play dash the stylus across the screen to block them as they 
run past you players.
2. Special. This can vary depending on which one you click. Refer to the 
specials guide for more details.
3. Block a pass. Click on the person you predict will be thrown a pass to and 
if they do a pass play click on the blue area to block the pass or the red 
area to intercept.
4. Catch a punt. Usually, the computer punts in the fourth down. When they do 
this click the fourth option and it will be easier to run past the defenders 
and usually the ball will come closer in your favor.

Hint: For the majority of the time the computer plays in a pattern. The 
pattern usually goes like so: First down  pass, second down  run, third 
down  pass, fourth down  punt. Use that to stop them with specials or 

Note: At certain instances a ball can fumble. When this happens click the 
ball when the blue target comes in to recover it.
Also, in the beginning of the game you dash the stylus in the middle when the 
bar is in the red zone for best results (same as offense 2.

3. Main Menu
-The main menu is

Story Mode
Battle Mode

Story Mode has two options.

New Game
Load Game

Either one you click, you get an option:

4. Story

Day 1

When you begin the game, click the screen and go through the text. You start 
in the classroom. Talk to one of the HA-HA Brothers near the door and they 
leave. Get out and run down or up to the stairs. Go down to the first floor 
and run to the lockers. Go out and you get three options. They are

Leave the school
Go to the sports field
Go to the team HQ

These options change if you enter from somewhere else so try to remember 
Then you will go into a minigame. They basically make you get them lunch. I'm 
not currently sure what the  or 2/2 mean. Just run to the arrows and you 
should make it in time. 

After that Mamori will talk to you telling you to avoid Hiruma. 

Day 2

Talk to Kurita and then go to school. Once again talk to a Hah brother by the 
door and then leave. Redo the mission with a few obstacles and Hiruma will 
see you again.The Hah brothers leave and you will talk to Mamori. 

Day 3

Once again, talk to Mamori and the Hah Brothers. I believe they ran out of 
food so the brothers get angry. You run into the football HQ and Kurita comes 
in thinking you and the brothers want to join the Football Team. They tackle 
Kurita. He compliments them but says they are doing it wrong and he pushes 
back. They run away but Kurita is happy again because you are still there to 
join the team. He says Sena can be a manager. 

You end up in class. Go downstairs, through the lockers, and outside. The Hah 
brothers will see you and another minigame with them chasing you will start. 
After you pass them click within the targets to go around the third brother. 

Day 4

This day starts with Hiruma ambushing you. He makes you join the Football 
Team as Eyeshield 21. Now go to the Football Team HQ and Hiruma will recruit 
the Hah Brothers. For the minigame, just run from one side to the other. 
There will be some dialogue following that. 

Now is a run away from cerebus minigame. After the dialogue, you get the 
ability to speed dash by sliding the stylus across the screen in the 
direction Sena is running in. So just slide the stylus on the touch screen to 
run away from Cerebus and you'll be done with the minigame. 

Day 5

This day starts with a mini game that has you sacking a target. Just tackle 
it 3 times with good timing and you're done. After that Kurita will tackle it 
and break it. 

Now, from the classroom, go downstairs and you'll see Kurita sad asking 
people to join. Go to the football HQ and talk to Kurita. Then you can leave. 

Day 6

Talk to Mamori and Kurita. He'll explain to you how the game works. Now go 
downstairs and pass the Football HQ all the way down. Go through the door in 
the end and get the guy to join. Go back to the HQ and talk to Kurita. Go 
outside and help the guy deliver mail. Dash through the area as fast as you 
can delivering the mail. He'll agree to join the team. Hiruma will come in 
and add a ton of players. He will also announce your first game. 

Day 7

Your first game is coming up (finally.) But you only get to watch the 
majority of this one. Hiruma gives you your uniform and re-explains the game. 
Now you get to play a mini football game! Listen to the instructions and win!

Hiruma gives you the ball. Now click in the targets to go around the linemen 
and get a touchdown.

You change back and Mamori finds you. Then she yells at Hiruma. Hiruma 
decides to let Mamori be the team secretary.

From here on you'll begin to actually play the football games. 

Day 8

Start by going to the Football HQ. The computer will do a benchpress for 

Day 9

Go to the Football HQ and Mamori will give you a quiz (in Japanese.) After 
that the day will end.

Day 10

Go to the Football HQ and Mamori will bring you around the school with 
everyone wondering who Eyeshield 21 is. They have a team meeting and you have 
your first real (scrimmage) game. 

Read the controls and win the game.

Day 11

Go to the first floor and talk to Monta. Then go to the end of the 2nd floor 
and talk to Hiruma. Now retake Mamori's quiz in the Football HQ and the day 

Day 12

Today you just have to play the Oujou White Knights. You need to score one 
touchdown at first and then one in the end. 

After the game go to the Football HQ area and do a minigame by putting 
posters up.

Day 13

Go to the Baseball Area and talk to Monta. The old guy mentions that he 
cannot throw and the day ends.

Day 14/15?

Go to the 2nd Floor and look at the signup sheet. You'll notice Monta did not 
make the cut. Go into the room behind the signup sheet. Two people are 
talking and you'll see Monta. You tell him to join the team and the day ends. 

Day 16

Go to the Football HQ and you'll see Himura dragging Monta around. You and 
Monta leave and start talking to each other when Hiruma retakes Monta and 
convinces him to join the team. That's about all that happens today. Your 
team is pretty much ready now, aside from Musashi who I do not think is in 
this game. .

Day 17

Go into school and you'll talk to Monta in his Football Uniform. Go to the 
Football HQ and there will be a team meeting that makes Monta look stupid. 
The team decides to replace the catching man board with Monta now that he's 
the catcher so they shoot and destroy it. After that Mamori comes with a 
bazooka and blows it up.

Day 18

Talk to Monta and go to the Football HQ. Sena goes to get Eyeshield and Monta 
realizes that Sena is really Eyeshield 21. Now you get to save and then you 
have a scrimmage game.

Win the game and after some dialogue Hiruma sends Cerebus after Sena and 

Day 19

Talk to Monta and a minigame starts. I beat it in 4:81 (kind of slow.) Go to 
the baseball area and pass the ball to Monta.

Day 20

Go to the Football HQ and talk to Hiruma. When the dialogue finishes, catch 
or miss the pass and the day ends.

Day 21

Go to the Football HQ and Hiruma sends you to the Zokugaku Chameleon's 
school. Leave and you end up going back. Go upstairs and to the bottom right 
of the 2nd floor. Go into the room and click on the table from the right of 
the chair. Sena will put a paper on it and go back to the Football HQ. 

Day 22

After all the dialogue save and you get into a game with the Zokugaku 
Chameleon's team. Beat them in your first real game and the day ends.

Day 23

Go to the Football HQ and take Mamori's quiz. After that go in front of the 
school and talk to Ichimaru and he will give you a minigame. After that the 
day ends.

Day 24

In the beginning Rui Habashira of the Zokugaku Chameleon's kidnaps you and 
makes you go to his school. Go to the second floor and into the team hideout 
near the bottom. Talk to Rui and he kicks you out. Leave the school and go to 
the right and there will be a minigame. Just run to the goal and back and the 
day is over.

Day 25

When you start the day there will be a little dialogue between you and I 
believe Monta. After that go back to the Chameleon's hideout like you did on 
Day 24 and redo the minigame with a little twist.

Day 26-28

Go to the football field and go through a play. Just run through the players 
and if you can't it does not do anything. Just redo that for three days. 

Day 29

Today you have a game with the Chameleon's against the Koigahama Cupids. They 
are pretty easy to beat, so just win and the day ends.

Chapter 6:
Day 30

You're in Deimon High again, so go in and Mamori welcomes you back. Then 
Hiruma questions you about what happened. Go to the Football HQ area and 
Daikichi Komusubi and Manabu Yukimitsu enter the team. Then the players will 
do bench presses, Monta having 40 kg, Yukimitsu having 20 kg, the HAH 
Brothers having 65 kg each, and Komusubi having 110 kg. Komusubi taunts the 
HAH Brothers and they day ends. 

Day 31

Go to school and Monta talks to you. Go to the Footbal HQ and you will see 
Jumonji looking around. After that cut scene you will go to the football 
field for a scrimmage with your new team. It's only a one quarter scrimmage. 
Just win the game and Hiruma will send Cerebus after you and the day ends. 

Day 32

Yukimitsu talks to you on your way in and you start of f in the Football HQ. 
Talk to Komusubi and you get control in the classroom. Go back to the 
Football HQ and talk to Hiruma and Kurita. He sends you to the Ojo/Oujou 
White Knights School where they are celebrating after winning the Kanto 
Spring Tournament. After a few cut scenes the day ends.

Day 33

Go to the football field and do a minigame where you have to tackle the 
figure at near maximum or maximum power. Hit it 3/3 times and the day ends.

Day 34

Go through some dialogue, and you get a minigame. Just run to the goal and 
back. Then you have to redo the minigame because the coach of the Gunman 
doesn't like what you got (?). Redo the mini game with a little twist and 
then there will be more dialogue. After that's over, you have to do one play 
for the Gunman and Shin talks to you. Then the day ends.

Chapter 7

Day 35

Talk to Mamori, go to the Football HQ area, and then Musashi will come in and 
you do a minigame to help him. 

Day 36

Talk to Kurita and then do the minigame again.

Day 37

Talk to Mamori and redo the minigame with a twist that will make it a little 

Day 38

You should start by seeing the Taiyo Sphinx. After that go to the HQ area and 
that Hah Brother's will quit the team. Then they will pick a fight with Banba 
of the Sphinx and get beaten up, causing them to resolve to get better and 
beat him in football.

Day 39

Go to the Football HQ area and there will be a truck in front of it. The Hah 
Brothers are going to come by and help you move it. There will be a minigame 
to move it, to win just quickly move your stylus from left to right.

Day 40

Talk to Yukimitsu and then go to the Football HQ. Sena will do a bench press 
of 40 kg, which is good compared to his previous 20 kg record. The Ha 
Brothers do bench presses of 85 kg each and then the day ends.

Day 41

You save first and then play a game with the Taiyo Sphinx. Near the beginning 
(I believe on the second play) Banba pushes Kurita down and laughs because 
he's looking up into the sky (read manga for details). This game should be 
evenly easy, I remember winning by at least more than 25 points.

Day 42

Go to the room on the bottom left of the fourth floor and the girl will talk 
to you and there will be a cutscene.

Day 43

Talk to Mamori in the beginning, and go to the 2nd Floor. Talk to Shin and he 
breaks a soda machine. Then you go outside and watch Shin do the dash in 4.4 
seconds. There will be a timed minigame where you have to do the same, I 
messed up and did it in 4.41 seconds, but it still counted. 

Day 44

Go to the room in front of the first floor exit and there will be a bench-
pressing minigame. Just dash the stylus from left to right as fast as you can 
to do a bench press. 

Day 45 and Day 46

Go to the room on the first floor in front of the bottom left stairs, go 
through the cutscene and the day ends.

Day 47

Final day! Just play the Ojo White Knights and the game pretty much ends, 
aside from the extras. I won 27-0 =D. After the game there are some victory 
speeches and everyone gets along fine. Then the credits go by and you can 

Chapter 9

After you save, you get to play the NASA Aliens. They are better than the 
previous teams, but they still shouldn't be too bad at all.

After the game you talk to Mamori and then you can begin to buy stuff like 
characters and new specials with money. You get money by redoing games and 
minigames that you did previously.

5. Specials

Specials can be red or yellow. Red is for run plays and yellow is for passes. 
If you do a defensive yellow and the computer does a run you lose half of one 
special bar. To gain specials, simply block their ball, stop the runner, 
catch the ball, run past people, score a point, etc. As you play the special 
bar grows.


Level 1:

Run  3 Letters: Opens the gap in the line just enough for Sena to hit 
through (only works when you move the stylus fast enough to open it.) If not, 
Sena only goes through a little for a 1-yard gain or no gain. Messing up 
badly in this can lead to a fumble.

Level 2:

Run  6 Letters: Open the line and Ichimaru runs through the defenders 
without them seeing him.
Run  4 Letters: The defenders open the line for Sena to go through.
Run  11 Letters: The targets grow easier to hit and Sena starts by stopping 
in front of the first defender and changing directions to avoid him. No need 
to open the line here.
Pass  9 Letters: Hiruma does a run fakeout and then makes a pass to 
whichever receiver you choose. 
Pass  12 Letters: Monta does a stylish catch and the ball is easier to 
Pass  6 Letters: A longer than average normal pass.

Level 3:

Run  5 Letters: Easy targets and Sena speeds up after almost getting caught.
Pass  12 Letters: Easy to catch stylish upside down catch by Monta.
Run  9 Letters: 

Level 4

Pass - 11 Letters: Super long easy to catch pass.
Run  The line opens and Sena runs through quickly and easily.


Level 1: 

Pass  4 Letters: Open the line and let Hiruma sack the quarterback.
Run  7 Letters: Makes stopping the runner much easier.

Level 2:

Pass  8 Letters:
Pass  7 Letters:

Level 3

Pass  Komusubi runs through the line and sacks the quarterback

Level 4

Pass  6 Letters plus !: Easily break the line and Kurita goes to sack the 
quarterback, causing the opponents to lose about 4 yards.

6. Credits

This guide is only for use with Gamefaqs or Gamespot. If someone wants to 
link to it it's fine but if they want to put it somewhere email me at   
HYPERLINK "mailto:bonykid07@aol.com"   bonykid07@aol.com . I just want to 
know where it is used. I usually play in the Jump Ultimate Stars board and if 
you have questions email me of post in the message boards. 
I would like to thanks Nintendo and Shonen Jump for helping the game come out 
and the following members:

Kentai6969 for support and helping some people answer questions.
Nobody else atm.

Thanks! And have fun!