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|               SPLINTER CELL: CHAOS THEORY DS WALKTHROUGH v0.7               |
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II....Moves and Stealth
III...Weapons and Equipment
IV....Main Walkthrough
      0. Training
      1. Lighthouse
      2. Bank
      3. Manhattan Streets
      4. Penthouse
      5. Displace
      6. Hokkaido
      7. Battery
      8. Machi Yakko Hotel
      9. Kokubo Sosho
V.....Codes and Secrets
VI....Glitches and Errata
VII...Wrap Up
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| | |                        Introduction/History                             |
\_| |_--_---------------------------------------------------------------------/

This is a walkthrough for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory DS.  I'm sure you already
knew that, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at it.  This is one of my current
favorite DS games, for its rich gameplay, decent length, and good graphics.  In
here you'll find detailed strategies for getting through each level, as well as
a list of weapons, moves, and secrets.

July 2, 2005 - Started working on the guide.  Finished sections one to three
               and the first three missions.

July 4, 2005 - Finished the game and added a lot to sections five and six.

July 7, 2005 - Finished missions four, five and six, and cleaned up a few

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| | || |                       Moves and Stealth                              |
\_| || |_--_------------------------------------------------------------------/

I'm not going to tell you every detail of how to play the game, as I'm sure you
already know how to do that.  This is a guide of some of what Sam can do and
a few tips on being stealthy.  Anything I don't mention is either very obvious
or covered in training.

Crouching/moving slowly - Press B to crouch/stand, and hold L to walk slowly.
I list these together because they're what you'll be doing for most of the
game, and it's important that you use them carefully.  I play most of the game
while crouched, because there's no better way to be seen or heard than running
around like a maniac.  In fact, I only stand up and run around when I'm certain
all guards are out of comission.  You don't necessarily have to walk
everywhere, but I still hold L sometimes when sneaking up behind someone.

Usefulness: 10/10 - You pretty much have to do it, and it doesn't take long to
learn to stay low and stay quiet.
Rolling - Hold B while moving.  You can't knock guards over with it, but I
imagine it could be used to slip under moving lasers.  I never needed to use
it, however.

Usefulness: 2/10 - Unless you have repressed dreams of being a tumbling
gymnist, you won't use this much.
Jumping/mantling - Press X to jump or crawl onto a box/ledge.  There's no point
in jumping by itself except in a few places.  There are actually a lot of areas
where you can climb onto a box or locker, but this isn't the most useful way of
avoiding guards, mostly because of how long it takes.  You can always try to
fall on their heads to knock them out, but expect an alarm to go off.

Usefulness: 4/10 - You have to do it, obviously, but using it to hide from
guards is a little unwieldy.
Split Jump: Tap X twice while standing next to a wall in a corridor as wide as
Sam is tall.  Positioning yourself correctly is difficult.  You'll do it once
in training and never again.  I could imagine using it at several points during
the game, but I never have.  Still, it looks badass.

Usefulness: 3/10 - Really, I've never done it.  Extra point for looking cool.
Sidling against the wall - Press Y while next to wall to sidle against it.
This supposedly makes you harder to see, but again, it's not something I ever
really do, except by accident when I try to open a door too quickly.  However,
this is a good way to peek around a corner without having to fiddle with the

Usefulness: 3/10 - Mainly for peeking around corners undetected.
SWAT turn - Sidle against a wall to the edge of a corridor, and while holding
left or right, press X to spin out into it.  Um, what can I say about this?
You do it once in training, and there are literally no opportunities to use it
again during gameplay.

Usefulness: 1/10 -   This move is utterly useless.
Grabbing guards - Sneak up behind a guard and, when the icon appears, press Y
to grab him.  Afterwards, you'll be able to press B to knock him out or Y to
slit his throat, and sometimes interrogate for information.  This move is
essential for progressing through the game, yet sometimes difficult to carry
out.  You have to stand right behind his back, facing it, with no alarms going
off.  Even then, sometimes you'll touch them by accident and they'll sound the
alarm ("Hey! You!"), but if there's nobody else around, you can still grab them
and cancel it.  You might as well always knock out the guards, since you can't
kill anybody for a majority of the game and a knocked out guard is the same as
a dead one.

Usefulness: 9/10 - You can avoid some guards, but I find myself knocking them
all out anyway.
Human shield - Grab a guard and press R to pull out your sidearm.  I still
haven't used this with more than one guard around.  I imagine it's fairly
useless, but I still have to run some tests.

Usefulness: 2/10 - I've never really used it, but I guess you could try it out.
Carrying bodies - Press Y when near a body to pick it up and drag it someplace
dark.  Press B to drop the body, or R to fling it off your shoulders and pull
out your weapon.  I've been discovered because of a body several times.  I
usually drag them to a corner every time I know there are other guards around.
Plus, shrugging them off with R is pretty fun.  Note that cameras and lasers
don't care about bodies lying around.

Usefulness: 5/10 - Do it when you feel the need to be on the safe side.
Open/bash door - Press Y when the menu appears to open or bash a door.  Doors
are all over the place in this game.  Bashing is great when you know a guard is
right there, since you don't have to sneak up on them or waste ammunition.
If you know a guard is going to come through a certain door, you can stand just
on the other side and he won't be able to open it.  Even better, he'll stand
there stupidly until you bash it in on him, and then the only risk is being
heard by another guard.

Usefulness: 7/10 - Bash when you can, because it saves on ammunition.
Stealth Tips:

 - Keep an eye on your visibility meter.  If it's all the way dark and you
   stay still, guards will not see you unless they bump into you, literally.
   If it's anywhere above the first line, use caution.  Watch the floor for
   shadows you can stand in.

 - Use equipment sparingly, but if you've got enough, feel free to take out a
   guard from a distance.  Don't risk it if you don't have to, but also don't
   waste it when a choke hold will do.

 - Keep an eye out for lights to turn off and panels to hack, then hide in the
   dark a few feet away.  This is an easy way to take out most guards.

 - You can stand directly under any camera and it won't be able to see you.
   From there, you'll have to wait for it to turn so you can sneak off in
   another direction.

 - As I said in the "bash door" section above, you can block guards from
   opening doors by simply standing on the other side.  They'll stand there
   like idiots until you decide to bash it in on them.  Watch out for cautions,
   however, since any other guards that come will find the body.  Also beware
   of double doors, since you may not know which side they'll try to go

 - Throw "objects" (pop cans) whenever the game gives them to you.  Pick them
   up with Y and press R soon afterwards, and you'll be able to aim them like
   a grenade.  If you don't press R soon enough after picking them up, Sam will
   just drop them again.  They work almost as well as turning out the lights.

 - Don't be afraid to let a guard catch a glimpse of you (caution mode - "Is
   someone there?!").  Get to a shadow quickly and sneak up behind them.

 - Watch for pipes above you to grab ahold of.  They're always there for a
   reason, and if you can get above a guard, you can break his neck.  (You can
   only do this easily in one place in the game, as far as I know.)

 - If you get very injured or set off more than one of your three alarms, don't
   be afraid to load and try again.  Also know that many save points will
   eliminate any alarms you've set off.

 - Left hand on the d-pad, right index finger on the camera.  Keep a close eye
   on your surroundings, and peek around corners.

 - This isn't really a stealth tip, but something you should keep in mind: use
   every save point and use them efficiently.  If you know where one is, do
   everything you can before using it.  If you come across one and choose not
   to save, you've lost your chance to do it there unless you load a previous

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/-| || || |-------------------------------------------------------------------\
| | || || |                  Weapons and Equipment                            |
\_| || || |_--_---------------------------------------------------------------/

This part of the guide lists all of Sam's weapons and gadgets, how to use them,
and a rating of their usefulness.  You can access most equipment from the
touchscreen menu.

A few notes:

 - Both guns can kill in three shots to the body (or more in the arm or leg) or
   one shot to the head.  Always, always, always aim for the head if you don't
   like alarms.

 - If a guard hits the ground, he's as good as dead, even if you aren't allowed
   to kill anyone.  They never get back up, and you can shoot them as much as
   you like once they're down.

 - No, you can't shoot out lights in this game.  That mechanic was replaced
   with light panels and circuit breakers.  Sorry, that's just how it is.

 - Something very nifty that I've discovered:  after you kill a guard, turn on
   your Thermal Vision and you can actually watch his body grow cold, from
   yellow to a dull green to light blue to a cold, ghostly blue.  Knocked out
   guards will not display this, even if you shoot them afterwards.
Five-Seven Pistol - Sam's primary weapon.  Silent, deadly, but not altogether
very useful.  No zoom, and you can't kill anybody for half the game anyway.
Still, I use it when I can; it's not horrible, just underused.

Usefulness: 4/10 - Use it if you feel like it, but there are better ways to
take out guards.
SC-20K Rifle - All-purpose weapon.  Very deadly, and can be equipped with all
sorts of useful ammo.  When not in zoom mode, bullets are very rapid-fire,
tending to run out quickly.  Makes a good sniper rifle when using the powerful
zoom (select, X and Y to zoom).

Usefulness: 8/10 - Great gun, but again, you won't be able to shoot anybody for
a lot of the game.
Sticky Shocker - Awesome all-purpose stunner.  Instantly knock out a guard from
a distance, or disable a camera or laser for 15 seconds.

Usefulness: 10/10 - Always applicable.  I just wish they gave you more of
Sticky Cam - A camera that you can shoot anywhere, then use to look around from
that point.  Fire it at a far wall to watch it fly away from yourself.  Their
camera function serves no purpose whatsoever in this game, but they have
another use that makes them worthwhile: they can knock out guards!  Just make
sure you aim for the head.  The active camera will beep after firing, and
sometimes gets stuck and won't shut up.

Usefulness: 6/10 - The camera can be fun to play around with, but using them to
eliminate guards makes them at least half as good as Sticky Shockers.
Ring Airfoil - Makes a guard swoon.  They'll stand there unsteadily for a few
seconds and then enter caution mode.  You can also shoot a guard in the head
with this to knock him out easily.

Usefulness: 6/10 - I don't use them much, and their stun is no help when a
guard has his back to a wall (you can't get behind him to finish the job).  If
you have good aim, use them to knock out guards and conserve Sticky Shockers.
Chaff Grenade - Disables all nearby electronics, including cameras and lasers.
Aim them carefully and they can really save your butt.

Usefulness: 9/10 - Great when you can use them.  Another item they don't seem
to give you enough of.
Frag Grenade - Kills all enemies in a small radius.  A lot like the guns in the
game: deadly and fun to use, but you aren't allowed to kill guards most of the
time.  You also don't get very many of them (or any at all) most of the time.
Be careful that you don't kill yourself when using them.

Usefulness: 6/10 - Fun, but underused.
Flash Grenade - These are supposed to stun all enemies in a small radius.  My
initial impression of these was negative, as it doesn't really stun guards at
all (as it does in just about every other game series).  Apparently, you use
these to lower your alert level.  A guard was firing at me, so I threw one,
which made him lose track of me and set off one alarm.  I threw another one,
and he went from red alert to yellow caution.  One more, and he didn't even
suspect that anything was wrong.  They're like the flashy things from Men in

Usefulness: 4/10 - I hated them at first, and though I now know what they're
used for, I can't be bothered to toss around grenades in the middle of a
tense moment.  These are best for the levels where you can't kill anyone, but
you never get very many of them anyway.
Health Pack - Heals about half of your health.  You shouldn't be getting hurt
in the first place, but who am I to judge?  If you're at death's door, you'd
better have one of these on hand.

Usefulness: 7/10 - I do my best to not have to use these, but they do what
they're supposed to.
Objects (pop cans) - Throw like a grenade when the game gives them to you.
Press R to aim soon after picking them up or Sam will just drop them again.
These are great for getting the guards to go where you want them to so you can
sneak up behind them.

Usefulness: 5/10 - They give them to you when you need them, and they do their
job well enough.  The best part is that they're reusable and don't use up ammo.
Night Vision - Lets you see better in the dark.  The game slows down, but not
as badly as with Thermal Vision.  You don't really have to use this, and I
usually don't.  However, some people swear by it...

Usefulness: 4/10 - Use it whenever you like, it does its job, I guess.
Thermal Vision - Lets you see heated things - people and lasers, mostly.  The
game often slows down badly, but you need to use this sometimes, especially
during the last few levels.  I pop it on and off every couple of rooms, just in
case of lasers.

Usefulness: 7/10 - Necessary, but loses a point for drastic drop in framerate.
Binoculars - Press select to look around with these and zoom with X and Y.  It
has a more controlled zoom than the SC-20K, and you can change vision modes
while using it.

Usefulness: 3/10 - Not much to say about these.  I usually just use the SC-20K
to zoom in and look around.
Optic cable - Lets you see underneath doors.  Choose from the menu when the
option is available.  I use this at every door I can.  Some enemies won't show
up on the radar until you see them with optic cable.  It's a good preview of
what's coming up and can let you know when to bash a door on an unsuspecting

Usefulness: 8/10 - Use it often, use it well.

|_     ____  _|
  | |\ \  / /
/-| |-\ \/ /------------------------------------------------------------------\
| | |  \  /                    Main Walkthrough                               |
\_| |___\/____--_-------------------------------------------------------------/

Here's the part you came here for.  The guide is somewhat handholding, but it's
primarily a casual guide, meaning I won't always give you specific instructions
(turn left and walk forward, etc.), and it takes you through everything in
order (I'm pretty sure some stuff can be skipped if you have the keypad codes).
Extra equipment and mission items will be in caps and starred so you will
notice them more easily.  I've also tried to break up the paragraphs by save
points, so you'll be able to pick up the guide from any save.

Just because I say to do something doesn't mean you have to do it, especially
when it comes to guards.  I don't want emails saying "WTH i cant grab teh gaurd
from beheind!!1".  If you have Shockers, Cams, or Airfoils, feel free to
headshot that annoying guard you can't get past, but don't blame me if you run
out of ammo.  Similarly, feel free to grab or just avoid a guard when I tell
you to shoot him.

A note before starting out:  You don't have to do this, but the way I've
adjusted to playing the game is using my left hand for the d-pad (obviously)
and my right index finger for controlling the camera.  I almost exclusively use
the arrows rather than dragging around; this isn't an FPS.  Also, in the main
settings of the game (in the menu, not OPSAT), I like to turn off vertical
centering.  This way, you can keep the camera in a more overhead view easily,
which gives you a better view of your surroundings, or keep it pointed at the
ceiling so you can look around for vents.  Try it out, and see how it works for

Without further ado, here we go!
0. Training

What to expect: A standard training level, taking you through all the basics of
playing the game.

Starting equipment: 1 Health Pack
Find:               Infinite supply of Sticky Shockers

I won't go into any detail of how to play this level.  Just follow the
instructions and you'll do fine.  If you miss some instruction, you can read
the plates on the walls with Y.  There are no secrets in this level, but there
is something they don't teach you how to do: after grabbing one of the guards,
you can press R to pull out your weapon and use him as a human shield.  Nifty.
1. Lighthouse

What to expect: A very easy starting level, laid out in pretty much a straight
line with save points all over the place.  Hey, I'm not complaining.

Starting equipment: 30 Pistol ammo, 60 SC-20K ammo, 3 Sticky Cams, 1 Health
Find:               4 Sticky Shockers, 5 Sticky Cams, 10 Pistol ammo, 3 Health
                    Packs, 1 Ring Airfoil, 2 Frag Grenades, 40 SC-20K ammo

Alright, here it is, the beginning of your adventure.  Enter the cave and
follow the path, going through a door and climbing a few short walls.  The
corridor will open up into a larger room with a pipe that you're supposed to
cross, but fall down into the room instead.  Climb the ladder to your right to
find your first extra equipment: a *STICKY SHOCKER*, and in the corner behind
some boxes, *2 STICKY CAMS*.  Whee.  Now you can either go back and cross the
pipe for fun, or just climb up at the other end.  Drop down and go through a
tunnel.  Observe the guard and use the *SAVE POINT*.

One way to dispose of the guard is to climb the boxes just in front of you and
shoot him through the holes in the wall, or you can just throttle him from
behind.  About shooting guards:  it's always either 3 shots to the body and an
alarm, or one in the head.  Your choice.  Anyway, go back down and pick the
lock (3 piston locks are embarrassingly easy).  You won't be able to open the
next door; use your optic cable and Sam will notice that someone is leaning
against it.  Bash it down to take him out and continue.  Some people get
slightly stuck here, because it looks like there is wood in your way through
the next door.  Instead, look to the left after bashing the guard to find a
hard-to-spot crawlspace.  Go through, continue on, slide down the zip line.  Go
through another door, and use your optic cable on the next door.  There should
be a guard wandering around, so open it carefully and take him out however
you'd like (Five-Seven should be fine).  Enjoy your killing while you can,
because your guns will be useless for the next several missions.  Hack the
nearby computer and pick up *10 PISTOL AMMO* on the table.  Go through the next
two doors to reach a *SAVE POINT*.

Go through another door and climb a ladder.  You'll hear gunshots, which Sam
will comment on.  You'll receive an opportunity mission here: scan 5 weapon
crates with your binoculars (press select and then hold L).  You'll be able to
see them with your Thermal Vision, but they're really easy to spot anyway.
Before entering the room, go behind the top of the ladder into a shadowy area
where you'll find *3 STICKY CAMS*.  You don't have to take out the guard below
in the next room, but make sure you scan the *WEAPON CRATE*.  Continue through
the door on the second floor and get rid of the guard below the stairs.  Scan
the *WEAPON CRATE* here and go through the next door.  Hack the computer, grab
the *HEALTH PACK*, and climb up to the second floor.  Get the guard on the
ground in the next room, go through the metal door, and climb over some boxes
to reach your next *SAVE POINT*.  Geez, they're everywhere.

Optic cable the next door and notice some guards on the other side.  Pick the
lock and go through when the red dot is moving away from you, otherwise he'll
see you in the bright doorway.  Hide in the corner, or pretty much anywhere,
since it's so dark in the next room.  You can either carefully take out the two
guards or climb up into the crawlspace on the left, which takes you past both
of them.  I prefer the first option.  Regardless, make your way through the
metal door for another *SAVE POINT* and head down the ramp for a cutscene.

Go all the way down, grab the guard, and interrogate him (if you kill him,
you'll get yelled at, but you won't fail the mission).  Finish him off when
you're done and go into the next room.  There will be a guard pacing a hallway
with a pipe above him.  Pay attention, because this is likely the only time in
the game where you'll be able to do this move:  wait until he stops at the end
of the hall, then jump up onto the pipe.  Now, face AWAY from him and grab the
pipe with your legs.  Move over him until you see "Y button: Interact" and
choose to break his neck.  Awesome, eh?  Yet another move they never tell you
about, if it wasn't for the back of the box.  Drop down and run back to the
dark end of the hall for some equipment: *2 STICKY SHOCKERS* and a *RING
AIRFOIL*.  Climb the ladder to the next area, drop down, and go through the
next door.  Before you move forward into your next *SAVE POINT*, turn right and
climb up some boxes to a hidden crawlspace.  Inside are *2 FRAG GRENADES*.

The next room will have a short scene with two guards talking.  Afterwards, you
can peg the pacing guard in the head from the shadows.  Inside the camouflage
tent is a *STICKY SHOCKER*, a *HEALTH PACK*, and another *WEAPON CRATE* to
scan.  The next guard can spot you easily with all the light, so shoot him from
as far away as possible.  You can climb on top of the tent and crawl to the
other side onto a box for a better vantage point.  Continue on through a long
crawlspace.  The door to the main tower will be locked, so move quietly into
the next room to find a guard circling some boxes.  There's a pipe above here,
but you'll have trouble trying to get him to stand underneath you so you can
break his neck (it CAN be done).  Get rid of the guard however you like; I
suggest practicing sneaking up behind, as you'll need to do it a lot in the
future.  Climb through two crawlspaces and you'll come out in an area with two
guards.  There's a breaker to switch off to your right, so do it and hide in
the dark.  Grab them when they go to turn the light back on.  You can use this
to get both guards in the area.  Hack both computers for some juicy gossip and
move on to find a *SAVE POINT*.  Here, you can find your first "objects," which
look like pop cans.  Experiment with them so you know how to use them later.

Go through a crawlspace into another room with a guard just standing there.
There are objects across the room to throw, or you can do things the easy way.
There's another *WEAPON CRATE* in this room, so scan it and move on.  Climb a
ladder, have some short communication on the roof, and interrogate the guy in
front of you.  Hack both computers, unlocking the door you passed a while back.
One of the emails will give you a code: 3443.  The only problem is...I don't
remember a stockroom, let alone a keypad anywhere in this level.  Oh well!  Go
all the way back to the locked room (you remember where it is...right?) and
enter.  A guard will be walking up and down the stairs here.  Don't take them;
instead, climb the wall to the right and shoot him from the darkness.  If you
can manage to kill him while he's on the stairs, he'll fall down them
comically.  Continue on through a wooden passageway to your next *SAVE POINT*
and a *HEALTH PACK*.

Once again, continue through a passage, up a ladder, and through another
passage to a lit room.  If you wait a moment here, two men will have a
conversation and Lambert will tell you to interrogate one of them.  If you
don't want to wait and are quick enough, you can toss a grenade down and get
rid of them both easily.  Regardless of what you do, hack the computer and go
down the stairs in the next area.  If you didn't grenade the men earlier,
you'll have a tougher time here, as the second guard seems unnaturally alert.
Hack both computers and proceed through the next door to find *40 SC-20K AMMO*
and yet another *SAVE POINT*.

Go through the door to discover Lacerda making the transfer atop the
lighthouse.  You'll have 30 seconds to pull out your SC-20K and zoom in for the
kill.  Shouldn't be too difficult, and you just saved anyway.  Before
descending, go to the right into the shadows to find your first *BONUS* outfit:
Camouflage Sam.  Neat.  Also, before you rappel down, notice the guard below
you.  Try to get a good vantage and eliminate him with your SC-20K.  Head over
to Lacerda, receive the bad news, and make your way to the extraction point,
stopping along the way for your last *WEAPON CRATE*.  Mission successful.
2. Bank

What to expect: A big bank to run around in with cameras and lasers.  Still
pretty easy and linear, but you'll have to adjust to less save points and your
first few timed segments.

Starting equipment: 30 Pistol ammo, 30 SC-20K ammo, 2 Sticky Cams, 3 Sticky
                    Shockers, 2 Ring Airfoils, 3 Chaff Grenages, 2 Flash
                    Grenades, 1 Health Pack
Find:               3 Chaff Grenades, 1 Health Pack, 2 Sticky Shockers

Yuck, no killing anybody.  Oh well, at least you've got a lot of starting
equipment to play with.  Go through the crawlspace and cross the pit using the
pipe overhead.  One door and a ladder later, and you'll find yourself outside
the bank next to a guard and your first camera.  Taking the man out with a
Sticky Cam to the head is the easiest route, or you can opt to distract with
the pop cans just beyond the camera (sidle under it).  You can squeeze around
the pillar next to you without being seen by the camera, and inside the small
room, hack the first of your eight computers with a *FORGED EMAIL*.  Slide
back under the camera and climb the ladder.  Go through a door, pick a lock,
and turn off the dome windows' motion sensors.  Whoops...laser grid.  Rappel
down into the bank and don't move when you reach the ground, as there are
lasers left and right.  Just go through the door and grab the motionless guard
from behind, knocking him out (it's B, remember, not Y.  No killing!).  Don't
forget to pick up the key he was carrying.  Flip the switch on the computer
terminals to turn off the laser grid.  Go into the next room and receive your
instructions for getting access to the vault:  two switches in the server room,
then five minutes to get to the president's room.  Nothing is easy anymore...
Go forward for your first *SAVE POINT*.  At last!

In the next room, take the first door you come to.  To the left, a camera is
strafing the room.  Sneak past when it's facing away and enter the convenient
air duct.  On the other side, don't run forward, because there are lasers
blocking your path.  You could take these out with Chaff to get through, but
there's not much point, because you need to go through the door to the right
anyway.  Take out the guard in here when he's walking away from you, and
proceed to complete no less than *4 FORGED EMAILS*.  Go into the next room.  To
the left, you can get to the area where lasers blocked you from earlier...but
there's nothing there anyway.  Instead, head right, stopping at the base of the
stairs.  A camera is above the stairwell, too high for the radar.  You could
shock it and run up the stairs, but at the risk of being seen by the guard
above.  A better way to handle this part is to run around while standing up
until you see a caution appear.  The guard above you will come down to
investigate, which is when you can jump him.  Then you can shock the camera and
run up at your leisure.  Either way, get to the top of the stairs.  Now you
have to make a decision:  go into the room on the left to save and start the
5-minute timer, or go on ahead and take out the guard, grab equipment, and pick
the lock to make the time limit slightly easier.  I'm assuming you go left,
which is a *SAVE POINT*.

Put on your Thermal Vision in this room and notice the lasers in front of the
door.  Grab the *3 CHAFF GRENADES* in this room.  Hmm...wonder what you'll have
to use?  Hack the computer, toss a Chaff Grenade, and run through the door.
Quickly press the two switches on the far wall and the door switch to let
yourself back out.  Run outside and to the door at the end of the hall
(opposite the camera).  Go through to find a *HEALTH PACK* and a crawlspace.
On the other side, quickly draw a bead on the guard and Sticky Shock him, then
do the same with the camera.  Run past, grab the *STICKY SHOCKER* to the left,
and head into the crawlspace, being careful not to step next to the door (it's
laser protected).  in the first opening, jump up directly to the right and
then go straight forward, but put your Thermal Vision on:  the next vent is
guarded by two moving lasers.  In a new room, don't run to the far door, as
it's also lasered, but pick the slightly more difficult lock in front of you.
The correct piston combination is 4-2-1-3.  Run inside and the timer will stop.
Whew!  The first time I tried it (which was kinda crappy), I did it with 1:30
left, so you should have no trouble.  It can be done with more than half your
time left.  Now that that's over with, hack the computer, watch the doors open,
and grab the packet of papers beside the computer for a lot of useful
information.  You'll discover the codes to the archive room (4815) and vault
(2793).  Crawl out of this room through the vent (the grating will close behind
you!) and go out into the lobby balcony.  Jump off the balcony (you'll take
minor damage) and go through the doors leading to the vault to find a *SAVE

First, enter 4815 on the keypad next to you to open the archive room.  Grab the
*STICKY SHOCKER* on the table to help you with the camera. MINOR GLITCH:  Be
careful how you approach this shocker, as you can slip into the table and get
stuck.  I've done it twice in a row, but hey, we just saved, so no big deal.
Carefully hack the first two computers just out of sight of the camera.  Shock
it, run in and hack one of the computers, then shock it again and hack the
other.  The result is the last *3 FORGED EMAILS* and a conversation about your
next lead.  Head back out and into the elevator.  The impressive vault door
stands before you.  Enter the code 2793 into the keypad and listen to your
instructions.  You have two minutes to get fifty million dollars and hack the
slowest computer in the game.  It can be done pretty easily, but if you start
to run out of time, feel free to flee the vault with whatever you have and go
back in again to reset your timer.  The only boxes with money will show up on
your Thermal Vision.  They'll all have 3 piston locks, while wrong boxes will
only have 1 piston.  The exception is in the far left-hand corner, left of the
computer:  this box contains your *BONUS* outfit, Short Sleeved Sam.  It's
possible to get everything including the bonus with 50 seconds left on the
clock.  Once you're out, you'll have a conversation and be directed to your
extraction point.  The safety deposit box you have to leave through has a
difficult 5 piston lock, which I've fortunately played around with for you and
discovered the correct order, which is 3-1-2-4-5.  Then enter the code you just
received on the keypad (0372), finally leaving through the secret door.
Mission successful.
Enjoy the awesome voice-acted FMV here from the console version.  You can watch
it again at any time by choosing mission 3 from the main menu.
3. Manhattan Streets

What to expect: A relatively short timed level.  It's fairly packed with
guards, though the timer is pretty forgiving.  Also linear.

Starting equipment: 40 Pistol ammo, 20 SC-20K ammo, 2 Sticky Cams, 2 Sticky
                    Shockers, 1 Health Pack
Find:               Nothing

Another no-kill mission, plus you only have nine minutes to get through it.
Relax, it's quite short and you can do it with time to spare.  From the start,
stand up and turn left.  Run straight past a street sign and a barricade into
an alley (don't worry about triggering a caution).  In back, you'll find a
ladder to jump down and find yourself in the sewers.  Make two right turns to
find another ladder on the right.  Climb it until your hand is on the top rung,
but don't go out yet, as two guards will be talking above you.  Wait until both
of them turn away (they're a little out of sync) and climb out, hiding in the
first dark corner on the left.  Here you can wait for them both to go back and
talk again.  Stay crouched, but run out and to the right, then left towards
some boxes.  A guard will likely go into caution mode, but you can climb the
boxes and shoot him with a Sticky Shocker (Sticky Cams don't like to work from
above).  Jump down and take aim at the guard straight ahead of you with a
Sticky Cam.  Go through the vent he was guarding to emerge at your only
*SAVE POINT*.  If you haven't had a good run up to this point, feel free to
restart the level and try it again until you get a better time.  My casual,
mistake-free time: 6:30.

Go through the door to your right and wait for a guard to walk in front of you.
Stroll up behind him and put him to sleep, ignoring the stupid light panel
across from you.  Go through the next door, jump up some barrels, and run
through a maze of corridors.  Climb up some boxes and watch a short scene (or
skip it).  GLITCH:  Many people, including myself, have randomly failed the
mission after watching or skipping this scene.  If this happens, just reload
and do it again.  Back to the mission.  Do your best to get to ground level
without being detected.  I HATE these two guys.  It's best to take them both
out, because you have more to do in this area than just get through the vent.
This might be a good time to try the human shield tactic (grab one guy and
press R to aim with your other hand).  When they're both out, look for a pipe
at one end of the area.  Climb it onto a ledge, and run left to where you can
jump down to another ledge (remember you have to be standing up before you
jump).  Up here you can find this level's *BONUS* outfit: National Guard.  Drop
down and find the vent in the wall.  At the end of the vent, you'll drop down
into what looks like a parking garage.  There are two guards here, and you'll
probably have one Sticky Shocker left.  Take out the far one and stay in the
shadows to sneak past the first guard.  If you don't mind having a lower score,
you can also just run straight through the place, mash the button by the door,
and dash inside.  My last run, with some wasted time and also getting the bonus
outfit:  3:30.  Mission successful.
4. Penthouse

What to expect: Explore a penthouse full of mercenaries on a quest for cards
and codes.  Less save points than ever, plus a less linear level design.

Starting equipment: 20 Pistol ammo, 10 SC-20K ammo, 3 Sticky Cams, 2 Ring
Find:               6 Ring Airfoils, 6 Sticky Shockers, 1 Sticky Cam, 1 Health

Funny, I don't remember having this equipment a few seconds ago when I got on
the elevator.  And gasp!  Yet another no-kill mission.  Deal with it.  Flip the
switch and leave the elevator to see a short scene.  When it ends, scoot
forward and wait for one guard to leave and the other guard to turn his back.
Follow him into the corner and knock him out, grabbing the *RING AIRFOIL* and
*STICKY SHOCKER*.  Turn around and go into the door next to the elevator you
came in on.  Pick up the *STICKY SHOCKER* here and hack the light panel.  A
guard from the next room will actually go somewhere else to fix a different
panel, which still works out for us.  Leave this small room and go into the
next room, which the guard will be exiting.  Check out the boxed area to the
right for a *STICKY SHOCKER* and *STICKY CAM*, then run over to the door.
Stand right in front of it and use an optic cable to watch for his return,
which will take some 30 seconds.  When he gets back, he won't be able to get
through the door and you can bash it on him.  In the next room, you should be
able to see a guard in the back corner.  He's easiest to eliminate with a well-
aimed Sticky Cam.  Check the area he was guarding to find *2 RING AIRFOILS*.
At this point, I'll remind you of your secondary mission to scan two guards, so
go back and do so to finish that up (again, it's press select and hold L).  Go
through the next door and climb up some boxes to reach the first *SAVE POINT*.

Inside the next room, you'll find yourself between two guards with a pile of
pop cans to throw.  You can toss the cans to let yourself sneak up on one or
both of the guards, though this is the more difficult route.  The easy way is
to just peg them both in the head with Sticky Cams.  I'll leave it up to you.
When they're taken care of, go left first to find a *RING AIRFOIL* just around
the corner.  Pick the difficult lock on the door next to you (it's 4-5-6-3-1-2)
and go inside to find blueprints of the apartment.  Sam will comment on the
existence of a panic room, but the code to get inside is rubbed out.  He
guesses 3 or 8, which is a hint to try them both (the answer is 8).  You can
look at the blueprints to see the first three digits, so the whole code for the
panic room is 5698.  Walk into the next room to trigger a guard to walk into
the same room in a few seconds.  If you run straight to the door, you can get
there before he opens it and bash him, but otherwise you'll have to stay in the
dark and be sneaky.  At the end of his path, he'll stop and face the entrance
to the last room you were in, so you can throttle him there.  Check the boxes
near the next door to find a *RING AIRFOIL*, then head into the next room and
hack the light panel you find there.  Step back into the shadows and grab the
guard that comes to switch it back on, then take the *RING AIRFOIL* and *STICKY
SHOCKER* that he was guarding.  In the next room climb some boxes and a ladder,
have a short conversation, and proceed through the door to find another *SAVE

This is it, Zherkezhi's apartment.  Expect to have to restart this part several
times, as it's very long with a lot of guards to disable.  The stairs in front
of you are for a little later, so hang a left into the kitchen instead.  You'll
see a guard in front of the door you need to get through.  If you just keep
going forward to the left of the kitchen, he'll barely see you and you can step
into the patch of shadows in front of you.  He'll walk right past, and you can
turn around and grab him easily.  You can also shoot him with something, if you
like.  Go through the double doors quietly and immediately go into the next
door.  The guard pacing the hall next to you can easily see you, so be careful.
Flip the switch next to the door to make him come investigate.  Bash the door
on him, then go down the hall to find a keycard in the bedroom.  Behind the bed
is a passcode-locked room that you'll get back to later.  Run back to the
stairs, being careful to not get seen by the guard.  Turn off his TV below the
stairs and hide beside the pillar.  The guard will run down in a panic to turn
back on his precious TV, which is when you should choke him.  Climb the stairs
and open the keycard door to have a short discussion, then walk slightly
forward and turn out the lights.  Take care of the guard that comes to turn
them back on, then optic cable the door in the left wall.  The guard inside
will suddenly get the urge to walk through the door, so wait for him to come
and bash him senseless.  You'll find *2 STICKY SHOCKERS* and a *HEALTH PACK* in
the washroom he was guarding.  Go back into the main room and hack the computer
across from you, then head into the hallway beside it.  To the left is a panel
to hack, which will get another guard to come.  You should know what to do by
now.  Go into the room he was guarding and hack both computers.  You'll now
have the right codes to finish up this area.  Go back to the main room and look
behind the banners against the far wall to find a secret hallway.  Down this
hall is the keypad door to the panic room.  Enter 5698 to gain access, then
pick up the stuff on the floor and hack the computer.  You'll find the *BONUS*
for this level just lying on the floor in here, which unlocks Masked Sam.
Also, one of the documents you find in this room gives you the code to unlock
the next level's bonus room; it says "DISPLACE 5800."  Don't worry, I'll remind
you about this later.  Now leave this room and run all the way back down the
stairs, through the kitchen, and to the short hall behind the bedroom.  Type in
1939 on the keypad and enter.  Hack both computers to complete your objective
and pick up the keycard on the floor.  Go all the way back upstairs to the room
with two computers to hack and use your card to get outside the apartment.
Start to climb the ladder to get one more well-deserved *SAVE POINT*.
Actually, it's the most useless save point in the whole game, if you look at
how long the next paragraph is.

Climb to the top of the ladder to see a short scene.  Guards are coming, so
you'll have to be quick, unless you'd like to wait and peg the guards with
Sticky Shockers.  Run straight forward, climb a small ledge, and keep going
forward to find the lightswitch you need in a lit area on the right.  Go back
to the helicopter and flip the switch.  Mission successful.
5. Displace

What to expect: A huge complex, similar to something you might explore in the
Metal Gear series.  A lot more fun, a lot more frustrating, tackling floor by
floor with few save points.

Starting equipment: 10 Pistol ammo, 10 SC-20K ammo, 2 Sticky Cams, 4 Sticky
                    Shockers, 1 Ring Airfoil, 3 Chaff Grenades
Find:               5 Sticky Shockers, 4 Ring Airfoils, 2 Sticky Cams

What the?!  ANOTHER no-kill mission?  What the heck are the guns for in this
game?  You'll just have to grin and bear it for one more mission.  Also, by
this point You should be a pro at removing guards, so in most cases I'll let
you use your imagination.  From the start, you should be able to run straight
forward into the first door you see without being seen by the guard or the
camera.  If not, you can use the light panel to the right of the door to 
become invisible, take out the guard, and stroll past the camera.  Hack the
computer in that first room to disable the roof cameras.  Make sure the lights
are out and follow the path around the roof.  Before going through the door,
go take out the far guard and grab the *STICKY SHOCKER* and *RING AIRFOIL* near
him.  Head inside and down the stairs for a quick conversation, then through
the door and down more stairs.  Watch for two cameras in this stairwell.  Run
down and directly underneath them when they're facing away from you, then wait
for them to turn and run down the other side.  You should pass a lot of doors
that won't open yet, so just keep going.  Eventually you'll reach the basement.
Go in, follow the twisting corridor, and enter the next door to discover a

Run forward through the next door, then run straight to the left door in front
of you, as a guard will be trying to come through soon.  When he stops just on
the other side, relish the moment and bash his brains out (with the door, of
course).  Drag him inside and put him in a dark corner, since another guard may
come through this room.  The door you're trying to get through is in the next
room, but a guard and camera are just in front of a panel you need to hack.
Instead, you can go through the door next to the computer to end up in a laser-
guarded hallway.  Look on the ceiling for a pipe to grab and use it to get over
the lasers.  You'll want to go back in the direction you came.  There are two
laser halls to get through, then you'll emerge into a bigger room with a lot of
green machines.  Hack the panel on the far wall to see how you've disrupted the
guard, then run back to the door to wait for his arrival.  Bash him when he
gets there, then run through the three previously laser-guarded hallways to the
room the guard came from with the camera (Sam says his hack won't last very
long, but there doesn't seem to be any time limit to the lasers and camera).
Hack the panel there and go through the door to the vent shaft.  Climb the
ladder to reach another *SAVE POINT*.

Take care of the guard in the next room and grab the *STICKY SHOCKER* and
*STICKY CAM*.  Go into the next room to find a guard doing laps around some
lockers.  You can follow him in circles or just do the obvious.  Climb onto the
middle section of lockers to find *2 STICKY SHOCKERS*, then pick up the keycard
on the floor.  Go to the previous room and head straight across to a keycard
door.  Inside, the doors to your right will slide open, so enter.  Don't run
forward, as there are lasers blocking your path.  Go left to a door and take
out the guard inside.  He won't move and it's dark, so I suggest grabbing him
from behind so you don't waste ammo.  Pick up the card here and go through the
door opposite the one you came in.  You'll find *2 RING AIRFOILS* sitting in an
alcove just across from you.  There are lasers on this side too, but don't
worry about getting past them yet.  You don't have to bother with the guard on
the other side either, but you might as well shoot him in the head with
something so you don't have to worry about him later.  Go back to where you got
into this room and exit, then turn right and go through the door at the end.
Follow the twisting path and leave through the door to find yourself in a
stairwell again, but be careful to avoid the camera just outside.  When it's
turned, go up the stairs, passing level 1 and avoiding another camera above you
to get to the level 2 door.  The hallway inside will be greenish.  Follow it to
another door and a short conversation.  There are lasers directly in front of
you, but you can avoid them by going around the right side of the two pillars.
As you approach the next door, you'll run into yet another convenient *SAVE

Go through the door and take out the guard in this big room (a headshot might
be appropriate).  You'll only be able to proceed through one door in this room,
so take it and hack the two computers inside, also picking up the keycard on
the floor.  You'll now have access code 1 in your OPSAT...but which of all
those numbers is it?  Well...isn't it obvious?  It's the only number without a
dash by it, which is 4925.  Go back into the large room and open the keycard
door, being ready for another guard encounter.  You'll probably want to shoot
this one, since the nearby camera would make a grab difficult, or you can wait
for him to go into another room.  When he's taken care of, you'll have two
choices: the straightforward route or the easy one.  Straightforward:  shock
or dodge the camera in front of you and go through the door under it to obtain
the keycard to level 3, then go back outside carefully.  Shock the other camera
at the end of the hall and run over to pick the lock of the door it's guarding.
This can be really tough to do in time if you don't have someone to spoil the
lock for you, so I'll just tell you it's 4-1-3-2.  Hack the computer inside to
get the second access code (7301), toss a Chaff Grenade outside the room to
avoid the camera a second time, and run all the way back to where you started.
Whew!  Now, the easy route:  All three rooms in the hall are connected by holes
in the ceiling.  That's right, get into any room, look for a black area in the
ceiling, and pull yourelf up into it.  Betcha wish you knew about that before
you took the straightforward route, huh?  I know I did.  Anyway, after you get
the card and code, make your way back to the stairwell.  Avoid the camera, run
up the stairs to floor 3, and follow the twisting corridor to a conversation
about the server room.  Step forward for another *SAVE POINT*.

You can't get past the lasers in this room at all, so go through the door and
eliminate the guard in this familiar big room.  Don't bother with the doors to
the left of where you came in and across the room yet, but head to the far
right and press the switch to let you into a laser-guarded room, where you'll
have another quick conversation.  Go through the door to your right and press
the switch to confuse the lasers, then go back into the hall you were just in.
Switch on your Thermal Vision to see what's up in this room:  the lasers in
front of you are flicking on and off regularly.  Carefully go past each one in
turn until you reach the other side, then go through the door.  Sneak up on the
guard in front of you and go through the next door, shooting the guard you see
behind the desk.  Flip the switch near him, then run through the door that
opens to find the server room and a *SAVE POINT*.

Input the two codes you should have right now (4925 and 7301, respectively).
Put on your Thermal Vision and prepare to have fun in the next room.  The floor
will glow orange where you cannot step on it, so walk cautiously through here.
I suggest you stand up to get a better view of your feet and hold L to walk
slowly.  Hack the big computer in the next room to get a passcode (2223) and
another lead, then go back past the treacherous orange floor and the three
alternating lasers (no easy task).  Back in the big room, watch the red dot on
your radar and go into either of the doors you haven't been into yet (they lead
to the same hallway), making sure to avoid being spotted by the guard.  Get him
out of the way and type 5800 into the right keypad door (you should've found
this code in a stack of papers on level 4).  This leads to your *BONUS* suit
for this level, Displace Mercenary.  Go back out and type 2223 into the other
keypad door for a long awaited *SAVE POINT*.

Pick up the *STICKY CAM*, *RING AIRFOIL* and *STICKY SHOCKER* in this room and
hack the computer to discover the location of your next mission.  Make your way
back to the stairwell you started this floor from and go down past several
doors and cameras to level 0, which you should enter.  Go through the double
doors at the far left.  Hopefully you took out the guard opposite you the last
time you were in this room.  If you have any Chaffs left, you can use one to
get past the lasers, or if you don't have any alarms, feel free to run right
through both of them.  Step up to the extraction point and it's mission
Another spectacular FMV from the console versions.  Choose mission 6 from the
main menu to watch it whenever you like.
6. Hokkaido

What to expect: A rather short and quiet level with your first few unavoidable

Starting equipment: 30 Pistol ammo, 30 SC-20K ammo, 3 Sticky Cams, 3 Sticky
                    Shockers, 3 Ring Airfoils, 1 Health Pack
Find:               20 SC-20K ammo, 20 Pistol ammo

At long last, a mission where your bullets can be put to use.  I say forget the
score subtraction for killing (since scores aren't even saved anyway) and fire
at will.  It'll make the level go quicker and a lot more fun, besides.  Enjoy
the great scenery in this starting area, then run straight forward and drop
into a small passage, pulling yourself up into a nifty Japanese room.  Practice
your aiming with the pistol on the guard here and proceed through two vents to
an open, exposed area outside.  Snipe the two guards here and crawl under the
wooden porch in front of you to discover a crawlspace.  At the end of it will
be your first *SAVE POINT*.

Sam will leave the crawlspace and comment on the quietness.  Kill the guard in
the next room, and before you go through the door, climb onto the counter next
to it to pick up your first *MICROPHONE*.  In the next room will be a totally
unnecessary *SAVE POINT*.

Sam will comment about the guards in the next room being trouble, which is sort
of unfounded.  Shoot the first one from the dark entryway, and you can edge
over until you can kill the second one through the window without him seeing
you.  It might also be easier to lure them into the other room by banging the
gong (it's a "switch"), but you can do whatever works for you.  Finally,
there's a pipe inside the entryway, so you'll have another chance here to snap
a guard's neck if you can lure him over (very difficult, since it's dark).
Whatever you do, make sure to hide the body of the first one from the second.
Pick the lock of the windowed room (2-3-5-6-1-4) and grab the *MICROPHONE* and
wrench inside.  The wrench will allow you to bash open the wall to your bonus
later on, so be sure to get it.  Go through the door for your first real action
packed cutscene, which will end with a guard shooting at you.  You can fire a
few times and kill him right away, or you can hold down left at the end of the
scene to edge out of his range.  You'll be able to snipe the side of his body
without him shooting you, and probably take no damage.  There's *20 SC-20K
AMMO* to the left behind the stairs.  Turn the corner and look up to find a
catwalk to jump up to.  Up top, jump to the roof next to you and fall down into
the small courtyard in the middle.  Inside is *20 PISTOL AMMO*.  Climb back up
and take the *20 SC-20K AMMO* beside the hole.  Fall down the hole for your
next *SAVE POINT*.

Look up again to find a vent to pull yourself up into.  Crawl through it into
another room.  There will be a reddish pillar to the left of the door here, and
if you got the wrench ealier in the level, you'll be able to choose "bash door"
while standing in front of it to get this level's *BONUS*, the Thermal Suit.
Also, before going through the door, climb onto a wardrobe to get up to the
rafters of this room and walk around the outside to find another *MICROPHONE*.
When you decide to go through the door, be prepared for an ordeal:  the next
guard will quickly rush straight at you and go on alert.  There probably isn't
any avoiding it.  When you've done him in, grab the satchel he dropped to get
the key to the kitchen.  Through the open entryway he came from, you'll find
a *HEALTH PACK*, which you'll probably need to use by now.  Carefully open the
door to the next room, but do not go inside.  You'll have to square off against
Nedich face to face if you go inside, but if you pull out your SC-20K and
slowly strafe partway through the door, you'll be able to hit him from there
without any return fire.  When he's dead, you'll get a *SAVE POINT*.  How nice.

Run over to Nedich and pull his body into the previous room, since a guard will
probably be going into his area at some point.  Jump up to the rafters from the
place where Nedich shot at you and backtrack to the previous room to find the
fourth *MICROPHONE*, then follow the rafters again into the a room you haven't
been into yet (watch for a guard below you where you killed Nedich).  A guard
will be doing laps below you in the next room, so snipe him from above rather
than dropping into the room to ring the dumb gong in the corner.  When he's
done, drop down and go over to the gong, but jump up in front of it to grab
another rafter and find the fifth *MIROPHONE* right in front of you.  Stay in
the rafters and go to the next room.  Kill the guard below you from above
and go through the vent across from you.  Go through another vent and witness
an interesting scene.  From where you sit, stand up and take aim at the guard's
head across from you.  Go over to where he was and kill the next guard.  Run to
the end of this area and look for a vent to go through in the corner.  You'll
climb a ladder and drop through a hole to see another important action scene.
Before you go through the door to the next area, you'll encounter a *SAVE

Kill the idiot guard who's just standing there and continue on to see Shetland
escaping on a speedboat.  You'll probably have a caution when the scene is
over, for some reason.  Leisurely turn around and kill the guard standing on
the pier.  Don't forget to throw him into the water for the heck of it.  Head
over to your exit point, and you can call it mission successful.

You probably noticed that you didn't pick up all six microphones you were
supposed to.  That's because I'm an idiot and can't find the last one.  I'll
update this when I finally find it.
7. Battery

What to expect: Another fun enormous level.  Mazelike, but with a fairly linear
layout.  Lots of cameras and lasers, and lots and LOTS of guards.

Starting equipment: 30 Pistol ammo, 30 SC-20K ammo, 3 Sticky Cams, 6 Sticky
                    Shockers, 3 Ring Airfoils, 4 Chaff Grenades, 3 Flash
                    Grenades, 1 Health Pack

8. Machi Yakko Hotel

What to expect: A dark, well-guarded hotel with quite a few small, connected
rooms.  Be ready for some shootouts.

Starting equipment: 30 Pistol ammo, 30 SC-20K ammo, 3 Sticky Cams, 3 Sticky
                    Shockers, 3 Ring Airfoils, 2 Chaff Grenades, 2 Frag
                    Grenades, 1 Health Pack

9. Kokubo Sosho

What to expect: A somewhat short but arduous final level.  The lasers and
cameras are worse than ever, so conserve those Shockers and Chaff Grenades.

Starting equipment: 20 Pistol ammo, 40 SC-20K ammo, 10 Sticky Shockers, 10 Ring
                    Airfoils, 6 Chaff Grenades

Sit back and take in the final FMV, and congratulate yourself on a job well
done.  You can't watch this one as much as you like, so keep that final save
file if you want to see it again.  You've also just unlocked the final secret
in the game:  full equipment.

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|   \  /                       Codes and Secrets                              |

This section lists the keypad codes and difficult lock patterns, as well as the
location of each bonus package.  You can wear the bonus outfits during normal
gameplay by choosing one from the Extras menu (there is a glitch associated
with this, see the Glitch section).

An easy way to get a good look at yourself in different costumes is to replay
the intro scene of the first level.
Level 1 - Lighthouse

Codes: Nonexistent stockroom - 3443.  Unknown use.

Locks: All 3 piston.  Easy stuff.

Bonus: From the point where you snipe Lacerda, go forward and to the right
       without falling off the roof.  You'll find it in a shadowy corner.
       Unlocks Camouflage Sam.

       Camo Sam doesn't look like a typical camouflage outfit, being more brown
       and sectioned.  This is a pretty nice outfit for your first unlockable.
Level 2 - Bank

Codes: Archive room - 4815.  Bank vault - 2793.  Secret tunnel - 0372.

Locks: President's room - 2-4-1-3.
       Safety deposit box (secret tunnel) - 3-1-2-4-5.

Bonus: Inside the bank vault in the farthest left-hand corner, left of the
       computer.  No visible heat signature, but it's the only other 3 piston
       lock.  The bonus will be dropped on the floor and you'll have to pick it
       up.  Unlocks Short Sleeved Sam.

       What the heck is this?  The same outfit as usual, but with short
       sleeves?  I mean, what's the point?  What a sucky secret.
Level 3 - Manhattan Streets

Codes: None.

Locks: None.

Bonus: In a large, open area near the end, between two buildings.  Jump down,
       eliminate the two guards, and climb the pipe at one end of the
       courtyard.  From there, go left and jump down to another ledge.  The
       package is just around the corner.  Unlocks National Guard.

       You'll look just like the National Guards from this level, complete with
       a giant, fat head.  I never really use this costume except for a laugh.
Level 4 - Penthouse

Codes: Door behind bedroom - 1939.  Panic room - 5698.

Locks: Blueprint room - 4-5-6-3-1-2.

Bonus: You'll find a large upstairs room in Zherkezhi's apartment.  At the far
       end of the room is a dark hallway that leads to a keypad door
       (Zherkezhi's panic room).  The bonus is inside, just lying on the floor.
       You sort of have to go there during the course of the level anyway, so
       you should have no trouble finding it.  Unlocks Masked Sam.

       Same as the usual outfit except darker with a masked face.  The thing
       just screams "ninja!"  It's one of my favorites.
Level 5 - Displace

Codes: Server room access 1 - 4925.  Server room access 2 - 7301.

Locks: Room with access code 2 - 4-1-3-2.

Bonus: Inside a keypad protected room on floor 3.  It's the only obvious room
       you'll never get into normally, and you can see the green-striped
       package with optic cable.  You can find the door code in level 4 in a
       stack of notes:  5800.  Unlocks Displace Mercenary.

       You'll look just like the mercenaries from the last level.  This costume
       also has an enormous, dorky head, but it looks alright otherwise.
Level 6 - Hokkaido

Codes: None.

Locks: Small windowed room - 2-3-5-6-1-4.

Bonus: After the point where you have to kill a guy shooting at you from above,
       cross the roof outside and climb into a vent.  When you eventually find
       yourself in a small, normal-looking room, look for a reddish pillar to
       the left of the door.  If you stand in front of the pillar, "Bash Door"
       should appear, which will let you claim the bonus.  Note that you'll
       need the wrench from a small, locked room earlier in the level to be
       able to bash it open.  Unlocks Thermal Suit.

       My favorite outfit of all.  Same as Masked Sam, only much shinier and
       more "ninja."  I use this one all the time.
Level 7 - Battery



Bonus: Late in the level, there'll be a U-shaped room with two cameras and some
       lasers.  You'll go out one door to disable some missiles and then
       proceed through a keycard door.  In the hallway just beyond, you'll see
       a guard standing motionless in a dark corner to the right.  Take him out
       and go to where he was standing, where there are three boxes.  Climb the
       lowest box in the corner and face towards the box stacked next to you.
       "Bash Door" should appear, so choose it and claim your reward.  Note
       that you'll need the wrench from a bathroom earlier in the level to be
       able to bash it open.  Unlocks Snow Guard.

       I don't remember this enemy from anywhere in the game.  Nice masked face
       with red highlights at different points on the body.  Not too shabby.
Level 8 - Machi Yakko Hotel



Bonus: This is probably the hardest to find secret in the game.  At some point,
       You'll drop down into a long hallway with two guards at the end.  There
       are three hotel rooms along this hall, each with a closet inside.  You
       won't be able to get into one of the closets, though (it's the farthest
       room).  Continue playing the level until you end up in a bar with a
       microphone on a stage.  Use the microphone to hear Sam quote some enemy
       guards ("Please don't kill me!  I'm getting paranoid!").  Afterwards,
       look behind you on the stage to find a keycard.  This will unlock the
       closet that you couldn't get into, so make your way back to that room.
       The bonus is inside the closet, unsurprisingly.  Unlocks Argus

       This enemy isn't in the game either.  It's like a darker version of the
       Snow Guard.  Nothing too special about it.
Level 9 - Kokubo Sosho



Bonus: Near the end of the level, you'll descend an elevator shaft (Sam calls
       this a "descent into hell").  Avoid the lasers and reach the bottom,
       then look around for a ladder that leads back up the shaft.  You'll come
       out into a small, laser-guarded room, where the bonus is in the back
       corner.  Unlocks Shadownet Agent.

       This is another one of my favorite suits.  It's a lot like the Thermal
       Suit, only simpler and softer colored.  The preview of this one is a
       little messed up; it looks like it has Sam's normal three green "eyes,"
       but the actual suit only has one blue cyclops eye.  Very cool.
Beat the game to unlock "Full Equipment" from the Extras menu.  This gives you
an infinite supply of every item during normal gameplay (the ammo counter reads
88 for some reason).  Have fun sniping and lobbing grenades all over the place.

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|   \  /  | |                Glitches and Errata                              |
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No game is perfect, including this one.  This is a list of glitches and bugs to
watch out for, with a few non-glitches that are still pretty annoying if you
don't know what to expect.

If you're going to submit a glitch, make sure it's something that you can make
happen again and again.  There have been instances of people falling through
the floor while carrying bodies, for example, but it's not something that
happens commonly.
1. Bonus Outfit Bug

If you skip getting an outfit (finding them in level 1 and level 3, for
example), you won't be able to choose the last one you unlocked until you fill
in the gaps.  I've never experienced this particular problem because I found
all the outfits in order, which is what you should do too if you want to avoid
2. Game Deck Memory Full

The error message "Game Deck Memory Full" appears sometimes when trying to save
the game.  Obviously, this shouldn't happen to a cartridge game with three save
slots, but at least they bothered to make an error message for it.  I played
the game once all the way through without getting this error, but it's happened
to me a few times since beating it.  If this happens to you, there's not really
anything you can do about it.  If you lose the mission and try to "Load Last
Save," the game will tell you the data was corrupted and was deleted, and that
save slot will be empty the next time you play.  It works fine afterwards.

It seems that a good way to avoid this error is to pick up every item you can
in a level, since the game won't have to save the locations of those items
anymore.  As you go through a level eliminating guards, I believe the guards
are turned into "items," the same as other things lying around on the ground.
The game has to save the location of every object and how it's rotated, so that
when you load, everything will still be lying in the same place.  Each item
that is picked up (or guard avoided) is one less thing to be saved.  The only
times this error has happened to me are when I'm using infinite equipment and
tearing through a level, killing everybody, and not bothering to pick up the
extra equipment lying around.
3. Man Overboard

Whenever you're near water and there are guards around (the end of level 6 and
start of level 7, for example), you can toss their bodies onto the water,
literally.  Back up to the edge and press R to fling them overboard, and
they'll lie on the water as if it were a table.  I guess they just float really
4. Who's Dead, Now?

The game treats deaths very oddly.  Knocking out a guard is the same as killing
him.  They don't eventually get back up and raise an alarm, and if another
guard sees a knocked out one, the game still tells you "a body was found."  You
can even knock out a guard and pump him full of bullets on a no-kill mission.

Meanwhile, the game apparently thinks Sam's life is equal to that of a guard.
If you kill yourself with a grenade on a no-kill mission, Lambert will yell at
you for killing innocent people.  I guess I never really thought of Sam as
innocent, with all the killing he does...
5. Becoming One With the Table

Be careful how you pick up the Sticky Shocker inside the archive room in level
2 (it's a room with four computers and a camera).  If you approach it from the
right, sometimes you'll slip into the table and get stuck.  I've done it twice
in a row by accident.  Just pick it up from the front and you'll be fine.
6. You Fail

This glitch occurs at random, but has happened to myself and others.  Partway
through level 3 is a cutscene where you'll be crouched on boxes overlooking two
guards.  After watching or skipping it, sometimes you will simply fail the
mission.  There's nothing to do but reload the game.  You can try to alter
where you are standing when the cutscene takes place to see if it makes a
7. Dead Drop

This is NOT a glitch, but can look like one if you aren't prepared.  There is a
part of level 7 where you'll have to jump down an elevator shaft and catch the
edge of a lower floor.  The fall causes a lot of damage to you (all in the
hands, I guess), and if you don't have enough health, you can die from it.  Sam
will look like he's about to pull himself up and then fall to the bottom and
die.  I tried to perform the catch around 20 times, thinking I was doing
something wrong, but all I had to do was use a health pack ahead of time.

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