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Full Metal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Dual Sypathy

By Chaosdragon13

- Menu Translation
- About saving
- Game Controls
- How to Unlock Everything
- Hidden Alchemy Books
- Common Questions
- Final Comments

Menu Translation:

Main Menu

1) Continue(if no game is saved it will appear as question marks)
2) New Game
   a) Story Mode
      i)   Normal Mode
      ii)  Hard Mode*
   b) Character Mode*
      i)   Normal Mode
      ii)  Hard Mode
3) Omake* (you may start with parts of this but I don't remember)
   a) Media Library
   b) SOund Library
      i)   BGM
      ii)  Voice
   c) Character Profiles
   d) Character Clock
   e) Foutune
   f) Gallery
4) Mini Games* (list goes right of the first game, and I also don't remember
                 if you start with any of these)
   a) Arm wrestling game (not sure what the exact translation is)
   b) Trap
   c) Survival
   d) Armstrong breaking wood game (again not sure of exact translation)
   e) Flame VS Metal
   f) Scratch
   g) Poke Poke Homunculus
5) Options
   a) Menu Character Configuration
      i)   Edward
      ii)  Alphonse
      iii) Mustang*
      iv)  Winery*
      v)   Armstrong*
      vi)  Gates of Truth*
   b) Button Configuration
      i)   A:attack / B: jump
      ii)  B:attack / A: jump
      iii) Set Configuration and Return (or something like that)
   c) Sound Configuration
      i)   Set Configuration and Return
   d) Data Clear (options are listed left to right)
      i)   Yes
      ii)  No

Pause Screen:

1) Continue Game
2) Return to Menu

(*: Things to be unlocked, everything under this menu also has to 
be unlocked)

About Saving:

   The game has auto saving, so there is no need to turn saving on. It
saves after every level you complete when Winery comes on screen. But
be aware not every time she comes on the screen is it saving, sometimes
it only tells you that you have unlocked something. Your best bet to be
sure it saved is to wait until after you fougth a boss and see her.

Game Controls:

Button Controls:
A/Y - Attack
B/X - Jump
(these change depending on what you set them to)
D-pad - Move around
Start - Pause / Skip dialogue once you have seen it already
Select - Nothing
L - Nothing
R - Nothing

Touch Screen Controls:
Alchemy Symbol - Bring up sub menu to change alchemy attacks
Bottom Left Corner - Alchemy attack
Bottom Right Corner - Alchemy defense

Touch Screen (sub menu):
Alchemy Symbol - Return to game
Books - Change alchemy attack and return to game

Using Alchemy:
   In order to use alchemy simply tap either the bottom left or right
corner depending on which type you would like to use. Attacks range from
things like Ed's cannon to Mustang's fire. Defense puts up a wall for
which enemies and projectiles can't pass through. After a given time the
wall disappears.
   After defeating enemies they will leave behind a blue orb which will
slowly get smaller and disappear if it is not picked up. Collecting this
orb when it is full sized will give you three red symbols on the bottom
screen, collecting them at smaller sizes gives you two or one. You can
have a maximum of 24 floating around down there but what are they used
for? If you continue to press on the screen when you use alchemy you
will power it up by using up a given number of symbols. The attack will
power up once if it's not the respective character's attack and twice if
it is. A fully powered attack will do damage to the whole screen. The
defense alchemy can always be powered up twice and will create two or
three walls in a row depending on the power level.
   Note: You do not need the red symbols in order to use alchemy, only 
to power it up to higher levels. This kind of makes powering up the
defense alchemy pointless since you can make as many walls as you
want anyway.

How to Unlock Everything:

Character Mode: Beat Story Mode
Hard Mode: Beat Story Mode
Alchemy Books 3-4: I believe you get them about half way through story
Alchemy Books 5-6: Beat Character Mode with the character it belongs to
Alchemy Books 7-8: Explained further down this FAQ
Media Library Scenes 1-10: Beath Story Mode
Media Library Scenes 11-12: Beat Character Mode with certain people, I 
                            it is with Mustang and either Scar or Al
Sound Library Voices: Beat Character Mode with the respective character
Character Profiles: You get some for beating Story Mode and others for
                    beating Charater Mode with different people
Character Clocks: You may get some from Story Mode, but I think most
                  are gotten from beating Character Mode. Just beat
                  Character mode with everyone and you will unlock all
                  of the clocks
Gallery Picture 1-1: Clear the game in any way eight times and select 
                     the squares at the end of the game
Gallery Picture 1-2: Play FMA DS with one of the two FMA GBA games in the
                     bottom game port
Gallery Picture 1-3: Play FMA DS with the other FMA GBA game in the bottom
                     game port
Gallery Picture 2-1: Beat Character Mode as Ed without continuing
Gallery Picture 2-2: Beat Character Mode as Al without continuing
Gallery Picture 2-3: Beat Character Mode as Mustang without continuing
Gallery Picture 3-1: Beat Character Mode as Armstrong without continuing
Gallery Picture 3-2: Beat Character Mode as Scar without continuing
Gallery Picture 3-3: Beat Character Mode as Izumi without continuing
Mini Games 1-5: I think you just beat parts of Story Mode
Mini Games 6-7: Found in the the wood outside Dante's Mansion. One is as far
  down and right as you can go and the other one isn't too far from where
  you start I don't think. Just search the whole place. They will show up
  on the screen as a small sparkle. When walk over the sparkle it will be
  picked up and when you leave the screen Winery will show up telling you
  that the mini game as been unlocked.
Menu Characters: I don't remember exactly but it has to do with beating a
  combination of Story Mode and Character Mode certain people.
Silver Clocks: Beat Character Mode on hard with any number of continues
  ans you will get a silver clock next to that character's name on the
  character select screen.
Harder Difficulties in some mini games: Beat the previous difficulty and
  afterwards the harder one will be available. There are no more than 
  three difficulties for games that have them.

The quickest way to unlock everything: Beat Story Mode. Then beat Character
  Mode with every character on Hard Mode using no continues. Then beat any
  mode once on any difficulty with any number of continues to get the last
  piece of the the first picture in the gallery.

Hidden Alchemy Books:

   Playing through character mode with certain characters you will notice
that in the laboratory there is a wall trap that does not go off when you
walk by it. When you come across this, walk up to it and hold up on the D-pad
for a few seonds. You will see a small alchemy symbol flash and then the door
will open and bring you into a secret room where you will see a sparkle on the
ground as you did with the two mini games. Pick up the sparkle, leave the
room, and Winery will tell you that you ahve unlocked one of the two books.
   The book you receive depends on who you went into the room with. If you go
there with Al you will receive Margoh's book and if you go there with Mustang
you will receive Kimblee's book.
   Using Kimblee's book causes your next attack to have a small explosion
accompanying it, which causes the enemy more damage. The more you power it up
the larger the explosion, the more damage it does, and teh more enemies you
can catch in one attack.
   Using Margoh's boos causes you to gain some health back. The more you
power it up the more health you regain. Also, for some reason the more you
power this book up the quicker you are able to use it again, which is just
the opposite of every other alchemy attack.

Common Questions:

   I won't include too much here since finding out how to get around things
is really where half of the gameplay is. But these are a few of the small
things that people may ask or get stuck on.

Q: How do I get this thing to work where it shows me a bunch of dots on the
  botom screen?
A: Tap the dots as they flash on the screen. There is no need to draw lines
  to them.

Q: How do I get rid of these battery things that are in my way?
A: Hint only; take note of their and match it

Q: How do I get passed these spikes/fire?
A: Hint only; find something high to step on

Q: umm... whats this bouncing cow?
A: That's extra health. The cow is used by the author of the manga so I
  guess they thought it would make for a good item.

Q: What does that message say after I hit the cow a bunch of times?
A: It is something to the extent of, "Nothing happened. It's only a
  dead cow."

Q: How do I beat such and such a boss?
A: I am not telling anything specific, but I will say that two bosses in story
  mode are endurance fights. Just survive long enough and their health will
  slowly go down. Also for other fights watch for you defense alchemy button
  to change to a different action.

Q: How do I stop the fox from eating the fish in Survival?
A: Tap him with the stylus and he will fly off the screen.

Q: What's with these stone heads, they just keep coming back?
A: After two hits they turn into Armstrong heads. At this point use an alchemy
  attack on them and the ones you break won't come back.

Q: What do I do in this room with the pillars? It just keeps repeating itself.
A: Hint only; Look for a small difference in one of them and walk up to that
  pillar. It is not the broken one.

Q: I heard you can unlock Hughs and Hawkeye as playable characters. How do
  you do that?
A: If only it was true. But unfortunantly the only unlockable things in the
  game are the ones in the unlockable section of this FAQ. Anything else
  you hear about is a lie.

Final Comments:

   Well, that's about everything. All the other things in the game you should
be able to figure out on your own. I don't want to make the game too easy
since that would take the fun out of it and would make the game incredibly
short. That's why I didn't include a level by level walkthrough.

Thanks to:
Hiromu Arakawa for creating FMA
Bandi for making the game
Nintendo for making the system

All names and such are copyright of their respectice companies.

   Feel free to spread this FAQ, as there is not much information about this
game out there in english. Just give credit where its due. Any other questions
can be posted on the gameFAQ board or e-mailed to me at superurbie@hotmail.com.