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How do you erase a saved game?

I want to start a new game but i dont know how to erase my game or how to start a new one. PLZ HELP

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Nintendogs11 answered:

When you start your Nintendo DS, start your game. When the title screen comes up (the one that says NINTENDOGS) push and hold buttons A, B, X, Y, L, and R. It will ask you if you want to delete all saved data. Tap yes. It will ask you again. After you tap yes the second time, the old data will be deleted and you can start a new game.
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winans_ashley answered:

U cant erase a saved game. If ur talkin about when u lose the compititions then, before u go into one, save the game. Then if u lose then u can just turn off ur system. But other then that u cant delete stuff wen its already saved.
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winans_ashley answered:

Nvrm about my last answer...i didnt know you could do wat Nintendogs11 said u could!
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