Question from blueidkele13

Can you make your sims young again?

I had my sim drink the elixer of life... he got old. His wife drank it and she stayed young, they both have great jobs, family and skill sets so why did he get old and is there any way to get him back to young?


SiameseKitty answered:

This is the DS section, but I'll answer anyway :-)

If you're playing the PC version of The Sims 2, then it may have just been a glitch that he got old? Anyway, I don't think it is possible - legitimately - to make your Sim young again. However, you may be able to make them young again using the boolprop cheat: there was some sort of test object, I think, that was capable of changing their age, but I'm not entirely sure. At any rate, it's worth checking out :-)
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no1simpsonfan answered:

No, without cheating if he went into the next age (adult-elder) but drink it with high aspiration points if not. he got old because of low aspirations. i shouldn't have answered this as it is in the wrong section (ds instead of pc) but oh well. always help someone in need.
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