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"Not too bad."

Of course like every other Mario and Luigi fan, I had to check out Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. We got a chance to see Luigi leave the home front and go kick some butt, which we often don't have much chance to do. It was a terrific game, which kept me enthralled for several hours, and I replayed it twice just to get all the beans for all the drinks you could get. So when I heard about the sequel coming out for the DS, I counted the days before I could run out and buy it. But sadly, I was heartbroken to find, the exact same freaking game.

Graphics- 5/10
Y'know, something with the capabilities to play Nintendo 64 graphics should be able to do so much more than this. Look hard at the graphics on Superstar Saga, then look at these graphics. WOW! THEY'RE THE SAME!!! Which left me wondering, "Couldn't they have released this on the Advance and saved me ten bucks?" Except for a few cut scenes, the graphics are very basic... leaving me craving for more.

Game Play- 8/10
One of the few things that kept this game from being a complete disaster. Not innovative per say, but very fun. WAAAAAYY too short however, as most of the DS games have turned out to be. The way you attack hasn't changed much, however instead of using BRO points, you use BRO items to attack enemies. These will become your best friends in some places, much as the BRO points were in Superstar Saga. One thing that knocked down the score quite a bit, was the lack of touch screen. I looked forward to seeing how we could use the touch screen in new ways in this game. However, you use it in one place I believe, making the touch screen nothing more than an overly hyped piece of plastic. Still an overall great play. Something every DS owner should at least rent.

Story- 6/10
Well... far fetched... to say the least. I won't spoil it all for you, but the words "time travel" come up in abundance here. AND whenever you are in deep crud, Professor E. Gadd, ( yes, he's in this game too!!!) just happens to whip up a new miracle invention, just MINUTES BEFORE!!! However, its a very unique play, that I had alot of fun with.

Sound- 8/10
YAY!!! I actually liked hearing this. Saga sounded too much like... well, there isn't much of a way to describe this, except for... cartoony. The sound wasn't burn-on-a-cd good, but it was a major improvement. Still no real talking however, except Princess Peach's occasional "Oh no," Mario's occasional "Babies," and other incomprehensible rambling, ( Including E. Gadd's "Yabbo Yabbo!" Just in case you missed it all 5000 times in Luigi's Mansion.) There was none. We await the day...

Replay Value- 5/10
There wasn't much to go back and redo, sadly. I said no to a replay, simply because, there wasn't anything I missed. Except for the beans. I ignored all but 20 of those. Most of the time it was just irritating, especially during boss battles, where they refill health... But it was a struggle to decide.

Not the blockbuster I was hoping for, but it wasn't all bad. Many good points, and some bad. Still a "C" Nintendo. Hopefully, we can avoid summer school, if all your other DS games are better. Happy Playing!

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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