Question from Ssj-Noodles

Asked: 6 years ago

If i pick tsunomon to start, can i get koromon ?

If i can get koromon also, where and how ?

Greymon and garurumon are my faves.

digi-thanks in advance!

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From: Burst_Stream 5 years ago

you can get the Starmon in Sheer Valley
or enter this code 20000630 to get DotAgumon and Degenerate him

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.you can in sheer valley theres starmon get him and when you are a silver tamer degenerate starmon into koromon.

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The fastest way is to use the pasword to get dotagumon's scan data and degenerate it when you have the oportunity to do so.

You can also get Starmon in Sheer Vally, alongside Renamon who degenerate to the other starter.

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