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What is fnd ?

I need to digivolve my agumon into greymon it is already on level 15 but it stiil says i don't have 80 fnd.

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MyollnirCatra answered:

It's Friendship. Try to get its hearts full by fulfilling its quests (drop it in the Farm and talk to it--if certain requirements are met, like Tamer Rank, number of Digimon of varying stages allied, bosses beaten, ect, you'll be asked a favor of your Digimon) or fight with it and make sure it doesn't get KO'd. It might take awhile, but it's not too hard. Hope this helped.
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Abidon answered:

What Myollnir said is mostly correct. You gain friendship by the following:
-talking to the digimon when there in the little training areas.
-Completing quests for that digimon if that digimon asks for a quest.
-not letting them faint in battle
- Winning a lot of battles with them
I don't thin Tammer rank and bosses beaten helps with friendship. I forget if there's an item to increase FND.

Friendship is lowered by ignoring your digimon in the training ground for a few in game days, and by letting your digimon get knocked out in battle.
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