Question from archijun3

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I digivolve into Omnimon?

I want to digivolve my MetalGreymon into Omnimon.
My Aptitude is 99.It says I have to befriend Omnimon.
But i dont know how.

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From: Burst_Stream 5 years ago

You can get Omnimon by matching to get Omega Egg you have to match WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to get Omega Egg hatch it then you can get Omnimon or trade with a friend that has Omnimon and trade then you can digivolve MetaGreymon to Omnimon

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you'll have to use an Action Replay for the DS or get prepared to spend a lot of time on wi-fi with friends.

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Omnimon is a digimon you must match for before you can evolve it. You need to match an Omnimon with a Metal garurumon over wi-fi. Both digimon must be over level 60, and when the egg hatches it'll be a Omnimon. Afterwords, you can evolve ether Metalgarurumon or Metalgreymon into Omnimon.

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