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"Good game for sure"

In this game you are to take care of a puppy forever. By forever I mean that your puppy will never die so you can have a lot of fun by trying out different ways of training your pup. You can communicate through the microphone, touch the touch screen, and train'em up for the next competition!

Graphics - 8/10
These dog's look so cute, you just feel like you want a real one right in front of you instead of playing with him or her on the DS. Your cute little puppy looks even cuter when your petting'em! The dogs even have different expressions to show how they feel. There are different places to go with your puppy and that is quite nice, but the only downside is that most places tend to look the same.

Sound - 9/10
The sound in this game is great. Your puppy can sound different with its whimpers or its growls and even its howls! You can even use the microphone to teach your puppies from basic to advanced tricks. I thought the microphone would be a big help in this game.

Gameplay - 9/10
This game is very different from other simulation games and it gets really addicting. What you do with your stylus is what you would do with your actual hand. The only downside to using only the stylus is that you can't actually use all of the buttons the DS has. But you can use the buttons at certain times, though it's not very helpful. You can take your puppies for walks and they'll bring some presents for you, or snack on some garbage! Another nice feature is communicating with your friends to earn more puppies!

Replay Value - 6/10
This is the only real downside of the game but who really needs replay value when you can just keep all of your puppies forever? Not much to say about replayability but I can say for sure that the game is good enough not to have it.

Last words
I highly recommend this game, especially for passing the time. Although there may not be much to do, dog lovers should definitely pick this one up and anyone looking for an incredibly addictive game!

Total - 8/10

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 09/15/05

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