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"Beautiful Game, Best One I've Played in Years"

This game is almost perfect. I'm not even the biggest fan of life simulators and I fell in love with this game in seconds. It is just that good. It starts out pretty innocently, you choose your dog out of six choices and some different colors and personalities. After bringing your dog home you get to name it with the ingenious built in microphone of the Nintendo DS. After which you teach your dog to sit down and buy some care items and toys for it.

Simply amazing. Easily rivaling some of the better PSP graphics. The dogs look stunning, their models are prefect just like real dogs. The environment is pretty standard but is a nice expansive 3D. The dogs react just like real dogs. If you make them uncomfortable they might get mad. Which brings up another thing. They display emotion quite well. It's not hard to tell if they're tired, mad, happy or whatever other emotions you can think off. Just beautiful.

Graphics: 10/10

Sound and Music
The sound effects are pretty good; barks sound like barks, squeak toys sound like squeak toys. Nothing outstanding but nothing bad. There is no music during the normal game play but almost everything you choose on the touch screen has some sort of sound effect. Walks have a dandy little tune that play that doesn't stay in your mind but is nice to have. Contests have there own little song but still nothing stays with you after you stop playing. Just average.

Sound and Music: 7/10

Game Play
Best part of the whole game. All the great parts of having a dog with none of the work. The first and moat obvious thing to do with the dog is just play with him and pet him. You use the stylus to pet just make sure you don't be too harsh or he or she might get mad. You can use dozens of toys with the dog form Frisbees to tennis balls, even jump ropes and bumble blowers. Heck you can even use a meteorite to play with your dog. Pretty much anything you can imagine (well actually find or buy in the game) can be use as a toy. Also you must bath, feed, and give drinks to your dog or you run the risk of it running away. You must shop for your dog, getting food and toys, if you don't want it running away.

Another major part of the game is walking the dog. You mark the path you wish the dog to walk that is within its stamina limit and it walks along it. You can visit Parks and train for disk competitions or play with other dogs, visit the Gym and train for agility trials, or even visit the Discount Shopping store. While on walk you can meet up with other trainers, find items or if your dog is not well taken care of trash that it will eat. You can have up to eight dogs; three at home with you, and five dogs at the Dog Hotel where you can also Donate any of your dogs. You can sell your extra items at the Secondhand Store or change the design of your home at the Interior Decorator. Spending time with your dog garners Trainer Points more of which mean more breeds of dog are accessible as well as more items.

One or thing you can do is use the mic to teach the dogs tricks. The final single player part of the game is the Contests. Your dog can participate in disk competitions, where he or she is ranked on if the catch the disk and how far the disk was from you when they did. It can also be in agility trials in which it must go through a series of tunnels, jumps, and other obstacles in a certain period of time with only a few faults. The last contest is obedience in which you can show of your stuff to a panel of judges. Just plenty of wonderful things to do.

Game Play: 10/10

The stylus is definitely overused in my opinion (though I feel that about most DS games). Certain tasks require more practice on your part than on the dogs part. Overall pretty good though.

Controls: 9/10

Buy or Rent
Definite buy if you have a Nintendo DS. A must have.

-Great graphics for the system
-Plenty of things to do
-Hard to get bored

-A lot of stylus use
-Bland music and sound effects
-Requires constant attention

Graphics: 10/10
Sound and Music: 7/10
Game Play: 10/10
Controls: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/28/05, Updated 12/16/05

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