Question from Phazon2000

How do I evolve Pichu?

I know it has something to do with IQ... But he/she has an IQ of 4 Stars which should be more than enough. Is there something I am missing like a certain level + IQ or something?

Accepted Answer

Charixardfira answered:

According to the IQ/Gummi FAQ here, it says....

IQ: 6 Stars (200)
Other: none"
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dragoneggs answered:

To evolve Pichu you must raise its IQ to over six stars and then go to Luminous Spring.
If you want a Pikachu you can choose it for a starter Pokemon or go to Lightning Field 6F-10F, the leader must be at least Iv 90, or 50 with a Friend Bow to recruit a Pikachu.
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