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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get eevee and machop at the start?

I like eevee and machop but can you get both of them at the start.

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From: jwolfe340 5 years ago

You can get one as a leader, but not together. starters are the only choices as partners, with the inclusion of pikachu.

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You can play as either eevee or machop,but u can't have them both together.Sorry!

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None can be Partners but they are also differnet Ganders Eevee is Female Machop is Male.

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No - Eevee and Machop are both possible starters, but neither of them are possible partners.

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I know that machop means jeastuse. try to answer all the answer couragely.

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I think you can only get Eevee in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness but no Machop in any Mystery Dungeon games. I THINK...

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Of Course
But,If you want to be Machop you must pick male in the last question, but if you want Eevee pick Female
But, I think Machop is good, but if you want Eevee to be Jolteon / Flareon / Vaporeon...............
.......It's Your Choice

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Yes it's possible,it's just a little rare. I have a eevee as a starter and it was great. My advice is that they are great starters hope you get one and machop is good because it can learn karate chop which has a high damage amount. Rate good and thanks!

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You can't if you mean that you are Eevee/Machop and the other is your partner. You can, if you mean that one or the other could be team leader.

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