FAQ/Walkthrough by seed13520

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/11/06 | Printable Version

P   P O   O K KK    E     M M M O   O NN  N
PPPP  O   O KKK     EEE   M M M O   O N N N
PP    O   O K KK    E     M M M O   O N  NN
PP     OOO  K  KK   EEEEE M M M  OOO  N   N

M M M YYYYY S       T   E     RR  R YYYYY
M M M  YYY   SSS    T   EEE   RRRR   YYY 
M M M   Y       S   T   E     RR RR   Y  
M M M   Y   SSSS    T   EEEEE RR  R   Y  

D   D U   U NN  N G     E     O   O NN  N
D   D U   U N N N G  GG EEE   O   O N N N
D   D U   U N  NN G   G E     O   O N  NN

   Made by Nintendo and Chun Soft

     Guide written by seed13520

          Written in 2006


1. Introduction
2. Versian History
3. Controls
4. Start up Menu
5. In-Game Menu
6. IQ and Stats of your Pokemon
7. Ranking Colours
8. Evolving your Pokemon
9. Starting a New Game
10. Walkthrough
  A. Welcome to the World of Pokemon
  B. Save that Caterpie!
  C. Your New House
  D. Rescue Team 101
  E. The Shocking Magnamite Mission
   Ei. Pokemon Square: The all-you-need market
  F. Diglett's been Kidnapped!
  G. The Mean, Green Sinister Woods
  H. The Deadly Silent Chasm 
  I. Shocking Showdown on Mt. Thunder!
  J. The Great, Great Canyon
  K. Running from the World
   Ki.   Epic Departures
   Kii.  The Glittering Lapis Cave
   Kiii. The Blazing Mt. Blaze
   Kiv.  The Frosting Frosty Forest
   Kv.   The Freezing Mt. Freeze
   Kv1.  Home Sweet Home
  L. The Bad, Bad Mankey Gang
   Lii. Smeargle needs help!
  M. Moltern Magma Groudon!
  N. The Adventures End
   Ni.  The Sky Tower of Clouds
   Nii. Sad Endings
11. After the Story Line
  A. A New Adventure!
  B. Water-Jet Kyogru

12. Pokemon News
  A. #1 to #50
  B. Extra Mail
13. Makuhita Dojo
  A. Type Mazes
  B. Team Mazes
14. Friend Areas
  A. Wigglytuff Club
  B. Bulletin Board
  C. Boss Unlockables
  D. Starter and Partner Unlockable
15. Unlockable Statues
16. Wonder Mail
  A. Pokemon Codes
  B. Friend Area Codes
  C. Unlockable Dungeon Codes
  D. Statue Codes
  E. Gummi's & Item Codes
17. Adventure Log
18. The Legendary Pokemon
19. Where to Catch Them All!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a game made for DS and GBA. 
While making this guide I was using Blue Rescue Team. 
Blue Rescue team is for DS. Red Rescue team is for GBA. 
This guide is Blue Specific. Therefore no Red Wonder 
Mail or information regarding Red will not be in this 

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a wonderfully made game. 
It has great graphics, sound and controls. It is by 
far the best Pokemon game that I've played yet. 
As for me...
I enjoy all games I play. So I decided 
to start writing guides for them. It's as simple as 

Versian History

Started Guide
Added Walkthrough Part A to Part D
Controls Completed

Added Walkthrough Part E to Part F
Unlockable statues.
Legendary Pokemon Completed. 

Pokemon News #1 to #25
Makuhita Dojo Team Mazes. 
Friend Areas Completed
Adventure Log Started. 
Ranking Colour Complete. 
Evolving your Pokemon 50% completed. 

Pokemon News #26 to #40

Walkthrough Part G

Walkthrough Part H to Part Kiv

Walkthrough Part Kv to Part N
Pokemon News #41 to #50 

Walkthrough Part Ni to Finish
Started Chapter 11 (After the Storyline)
Pokemon News #41 to #50
Started Makuhita Dojo



A	| Select Command
B	| Cancel Command
	| Run by holding B Button while using 
	| the Control Pad
	| Open the Menu
X	| Open the Menu
Y	| Not Used
Start	| Display more detailed information on 
	| certain menus
Select	| Sort out items on the item window
L	| Select multiple items from storage
R	| Select multiple items from storage
Up	| Move Up
Down	| Move Down
Left	| Move Left
Right	| Move Right


A	| Use regular attack
	| Talk to the Pokemon you are facing
B	| Open the menu
	| Run by holding the B Button while using 
	| the Control Pad
X	| Open the menu
Y	| Decide which direction to face while 
	| standing still
Start	| Display more detailed information on 
	| certain menus
Select	| Display map
	| Sort items on the item window
	| Set moves
L	| Not Used
R	| Hold the R Button then use the 
	| Control Pad to move diagonly
Up	| Move Up
Down	| Move Down
Left	| Move Left
Right	| Move Right
L+A	| Use Set Move
L+B	| Chexk message log
L+R	| Throw set items, such as a rock
A+B	| Pass your turn without moving

Start Up Menu

In-Game Menu

IQ and Stats of your Pokemon

Your Pokemon's IQ is how intelligent your Pokemon 
is. If you eat Gummi's your IQ goes up. As your 
IQ goes up your pokemon learns more. Go to 
Check IQ in your Pokemon's menu and choose "Tactics". 
When your Pokemon isn't the leader it will follow 
these "Tactics". You can change them whenever you 
want. Gummi's differ from Pokemon to Pokemon. A 
Red Gummi is best for Fire type's. And Blue Gummi's 
for Water Type. There are 16 different type's of 
Gummi's in total. If the Gummi goes with your type 
it will go up more than others. 

HP or Health Points: 
This is how much HP you have. 
The more health you have the longer 
you will take to faint. 

This makes your attacks more powerful. 
The more Attack you have, the stronger your 
attacks are. 

This makes your damage taken lessen. 
This makes your resistance to unspecial 
attacks stronger. 

Special Attack: 
This makes your special attacks more powerful. 
This makes your strength with special attacks 

Special Defence: 
This makes your damage taken lessen. 
This makes your resistance to special 
attacks stronger. 

Depends how much belly you have. 
You can get a bigger belly by either 
eating Big or Huge Apples. 
You can get a smaller stomach by 
eating a Hunger Seed. 

Ranking Colours

Normal Rank
0 Rescue Points

Bronze Rank
50 Rescue Points

Silver Rank
500 Rescue Points

Gold Rank
1500 Rescue Points

Platnium Rank
3000 Rescue Points

Diamond Rank
7500 Rescue Points

Lucario Rank
15000 Rescue Points
Get Lucario Statue

Evolving your Pokemon

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you can't evolve until you 
have finished the main story-line. Luminous Cave will 
pop up once you have defeated Rayquaza. For some 
Pokemon you only need to be a certain level to evolve. 
But for some Pokemon you might need an item or two. 
Here is a list of items and what Pokemon needs them 
to evolve. 

Item: Deepseascale + Link Cable
Where: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea 
Who needs: Clampearl

Item: Deepseatooth + Link Cable
Where: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea 
Who needs: Clampearl

Item: Dragon Scale + Link Cable
Where: Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F 
Who needs: Seadra

Item: Beauty Scarf + Link Cable
Where: Western Cave 59F - Need key 
Who needs: Feebas

Item: Fire Stone
Where: Fiery Field 29F 
Who needs: Vulpix

Item: Kings Rock + Link Cable
Where: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave 
Who needs: Slowpoke

Item: Leaf Stone
Where: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave 
Who needs: Gloom

Item: Link Cable
Where: Solar Cave 10F - Need key 
Who needs: Graveller

Item: Lunar Ribbon
Where: Northwind Field 20F - Need Key 
Who needs: 

Item: Metal Coat + Link Cable
Where: Southern Cave 49F - 50F 
Who needs: Scyther

Item: Moon Stone
Where: Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave 
Who needs: Nidorina

Item: Sun Ribbon
Where: Wyvern Hill 20F - Need key 
Who needs: 

Item: Sun Stone
Where: Solar Cave 
Who needs: Sunkern

Item: Thunder Stone
Where: Lightning Field 29F 
Who needs: Pikachu

Item: Upgrade + Link Cable
Where: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave 
Who needs: Porygon

Item: Water Stone
Where: Northwind Field 29F
Who needs: Poliwhirl

Starting a New Game

Just answer the questions truthfully and you'll be fine. 
Here's a good link for the quiz. 


No. Pokemon:       Male Personality:      Female Personality:

001 Bulbasaur          Docile                    Calm
004 Charmander         Hardy                     Brave
007 Squirtle           Jolly                     Relaxed
025 Pikachu            Impish                    Hardy
052 Meowth             Quirky                    ****
054 Psyduck            Relaxed                   Lonely
066 Machop             Brave                     ****
104 Cubone             Lonely                    Impish
133 Eevee              ****                      Naive
152 Chikorita          ****                      Docile
155 Cyndaquil          Timid                     ****
158 Totodile           Naive                     Jolly
252 Treecko            Sassy                     Quirky
255 Torchic            Hasty                     Sassy
258 Mudkip             Calm                      Timid
300 Skitty             ****                      Hasty


I would like to joint out that I called my self "Jonno"
and my partner was a Mudkip. When I first got the game 
I was a Torchic with a Pikachu. I got all the way to 
the end of the story-line and I had recruited the Lati@s 
and had met Ho-oh. I didn't know what to do next so I 
restarted my game. This time I was more truthful and I 
got a Charmander. There both good and it's a tough toss. 
But I'm more Charmander+Squirtle+Torchic. But anyway enough 
about me. Let's get on with Guide. 

Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Where am I?

Am I dreaming this?

I feel a pleasant breeze.

...I hear a voice somewhere...

I who it is?




Excuse me.

Please, wake up.
Come on, wake up.

You're finally awake! Great!

Today you wake up as a good old normal Pokemon. Huh? Normal? You're a 
Pokemon! But weren't you a human? Whose that next to you? It looks like 
another Pokemon. This Pokemon will be your partner until the end of the 
Story-line. You two start talking. Here is where you'll get to name 

Partner: You're a human? But you look like a normal ********** in 

Then you'll start hearing someone shouting "Help, Help"
Then a Butterfree will appear. 

Butterfree: A huge fissure opened in the ground, and my Caterpie fell 

Partner: This sounds bad! We have to go help!

Go save Caterpie!

Save that Caterpie!

Tiny Woods

Tiny Woods is the smallest dungeon in the game with 4 floors. 
Caterpie is on BF4/B4F/Basement Floor 4. It is relitivily easy 
and will give you a basic introduction to using the controls 
and menus. 

Once you've found Caterpie there is a very touching cutscene. 
Your Reward is a: Pecha Berry
		  Rawst Berry
		  Oran  Berry

Well done for rescueing Caterpie!

Your New House

Your Partner will take you to their house. There they will ask you 
to make a rescue team with them. 

Partner: From now on, ******, we're partner in our rescue team! 
	 I'm so glad you joined! 

Will then ask for a name for the team. 

Rescue Team ********

Your partner will see you in the morning while you go to sleep. 

You'll wake up a bit early and be told to go back to sleep. 
Just go back to the mat and press save. 

Rescue Team 101

The next morning you'll go outside and your partner will be 
sleeping by the door. They will then check the Mail box for 
mail and in it will be the Rescue Team Starter Kit. In it 
will be a Rescue Team Badge and A Toolbox (able to store 20 
items) and a copy of Pokemon News, the best informant for 
Rescue Teams. 

Your partner will look for some more mail but won't find any. 
Then Pelliper the Mail Man will fly by and give you some mail. 
Read it. 

It turns out that Magnamite heard from Caterpie about you. 
His friends Magnamite and Magnamite have been stuck together 
and it isn't enough to make a Magnaton so their stuck. 

Lets go to the Rescue!

The Shocking Magnamite Mission

Magnamite will be in Thunderwave Cave at floor BF6. Many 
Eletric type Pokemon live in here. It shouldn't be that 
hard at all. 

Once the Magnamites have been saved you'll see them all 
rejoycing together. 
As a reward you will get: 500 poke
			  Reviver Seed
			  Rawst Berry

You go back to your base and fall asleep. You will have a dream. 
Now your dreams are important so pay attention to them. You will 
have quite a few through out the adventure. 

Pokemon Square: The all-you-need market

The next morning you will wake up and your partner will take you 
to town. Here he will give you a tour of the place. After that 
head on over to the Pelliper Post Office and do some missions. 

If your inventory's full then put the important items in 
Kangaskhan Storage then sell the rest. 

After doing a couple of missions from the Bulletin Board go do 
some rescuing and save all those Pokemon!

After a while you will have another dream. Sadly an earthquake 
interupts your dream. Wake up the next morning a invisible Pokemon 
or a Dugtrio will be waiting for you. It turns out that his baby 
Diglett was abducted by a Skarmory! To make matters worse he was 
taken to the top of the 9F high Mt. Steel! 

Without any choice at all you are forced to go on this mission but 
you are allowed to do it whenever you want. 

Once your ready head off to go save Diglett!

Diglett's been Kidnapped!

Mt. Steel, as I said before, is a 9F high dungeon and it is strongly 
recommended to be near Level 10 before attempting. There is also 
multiple Pokemon in this dungeon. 

Once you finally reach the 10F you'll see Diglett. 

Diglett: My feet feel like they're walking on air!

Partner: .... feet?

After you've defeated Skarmory the Magnamites from earlier will 
come and help rescue Diglett. The next day the Wigglytuff Club 
will open and you can start buying Friend Areas. You'll auto-
matically you and your partners Friend Area and the Power Plant 
Friend Area. 

After a few days of missions the next part in the story-line 
will unfold. 

The Mean, Green Sinister Woods 

One morning Caterpie, from earlier on in the game, will run at 
you and tell you that his friend Metapod has got lost in the 
Sisister Woods Dungeon. Then Team Meanies Will appear. Team 
Meanies is made up of Gengar, the leader, Medichan and Ekans. 

Medichan: We're bent on world domination!

They will steal all of your mail and take over your job from 
Caterpie. Now quickly get to Sinister Woods and save Metapod 
before Team Meanies gets to him!

Sinsiter Woods is a 14F Dungeon. There are mostly Grass type 
Poekmon in this dungeon, but there is also Swinub's and 

When you reach the 14F you will find that Team Meanies was 
following you and that now you have to fight them. They 
are all pretty easy so 2vs3 will be ok. Once they've gone 
Metapod will come out and you'll head back. Sadly you get 
no reward, but you feel happy anyway. The next day it turns 
out that there's a commotion in Town Square...

The Deadly Silent Chasm

The Commotion in Town Square turns out to be Jumpluff 
asking Shiftry for help. Shiftry says no. Enter the great 
Team Alakazam! These guys rule (Most of the time)! They 
will convince Shiftry's team to help Jumpluff. 

A couple of days of missions later, Jumpluff will ask your 
help to go and see if Shiftry's ok. And there is a legend that 
a terrible beast lives in Silent Chasm. 

Well apart from that, lets go!

This 10F dungeon is easy if you've kept your level up. There are 
9 floors with enemies and on the 10F is a bit of a surprise. 

When you get there you'll find Jumpluff and Shiftry, Fainted!
Jumpluff tells you that something took him down and then Zapdos 
appears and steals Shiftry! Now you have to get over to Mt. Thunder 
and save him! Not like you want to... Any way after much protest 
Alakazam's team you gain access to Mt. Thunder! Head there when 
your all ready. 

Shocking Showdown on Mt. Thunder!

Once you arrive at Mt. Thunder you'll wonder where Alakazam is. 
After that let's go save Shiftry! (sadly).

There is 10F of Mt. Thunder then a save point. Then there is 3F
until Zapdos with him on 3F. Here you'll fight him for the life 
of Shiftry. Zapdos isn't too hard if you use moves (which all 
people do). Just bash, bash, bash. 

Once you beat him he'll release Shiftry and Alakazams team will 
FINALLY appear. Alakazam's tells you to go to the Hill of the 
Ancients in the Great Canyon. There he'll tell you to meet Xatu. 

Once you're geared up get ready to head off. 

The Great, Great Canyon

Before you head off to go see Xatu I strongly reccommend that you 
are atleast Level 18 before you go because you will not have access 
to Town Square or your Base. More on that later. 

Fairly easy dungeon with 13F with Xatu on the 13F. A funny scene 
will occur and he will tell you that you coming here and the 
disasters are linked. He also feels that doom is coming closer 
every day. Then you'll see Gengar eavsdropping (little piece of...). 

Running from the World...
Ki. Epic Departures

Then you save and head back to Town Square. Talk to the Pokemon and 
then Go see Wishcash. He will tell you the Nintales Legend. Go to 
sleep and talk to Gardevoir and the next day head over to Town Square. 
Gengar will be working everyone up and finally drop the bomb. YOU ARE 
A HUMAN! And he blames you for the upsetting natures balance! You get 
run out of town by everyone! Those Backstabbers! Well anyway 
Alakazam's team gives you until tomorrow morning to get away until 
the rescue teams come after you. 

The next day Caterpie, Metapod, Jumpluff and even Pelliper say good 
bye... And now your partner starts crying again! Well lets head off 
on your interesting journey across the lands as fugitives!

Kii. The Glittering Lapis Cave

After a long cut-scene you arrive outside of a big cave. Then you hear 
voices. The Rescue Teams are catching up! You quickly run into the 
Lapis Cave. 

Lapis Cave is a 14F dungeon. There are some dragon type pokemon and 
others, but not to much to worry if you are near level 25.

Then you notice the Mountin of Fire or Mt. Blaze. Nice big place. Lots 
of Lava & Magma. Very Warm. Save your game prepare for the dungeon/s. 

Kiii. The Blazing Mt. Blaze

Once your ready choose Mt. Blaze. The Rock Path will only make you go 
in circles because it's a 4F dungeon. 

Mt. Blaze is mostly fire Pokemon and similar to the Magma Cavern. 
It is 11F and then a save point, then 3F of the Summit with Moltres on 

These guys have a real flare for Dramatics. liek they're familiar catch-
phrase "Gyhaaaaaaa!" They'res alwasy a show. For Zapdos there's lightning 
and flashes. For Moltres there's jets of Fire. 

Moltres: Mountains rage in my rage. I am Moltres! Warrior of Fire am I!

He isn't that hard. Use some effect seeds and range moves if you're having 
trouble. But once you've beat him continue on your adventure. 

Mudkip will have a talk about who could have got through that. Of course 
everyone thinks of Alakazams Team. Once this depressing talk is over, 
continue on yet again on your adventure. 

Kiv. The Frosting Frosty Forest

You're walking through a forest covered in snow...And then out of nowhere 
you see a Pokemon. Who is it? You'll find out later, but it looked like 
an Absol...

Don't take the Snow Path! It's the same as the Rock Path!

Well anyway here is the next dungeon. Frosty Forest. This is like 
Mt. Thunder & Mt. Blaze but the Ice version. There is 10F then a save 
point, then another 5F with Articuno on the Top! Don't get freaked by the 
voices every 5 levels. It's nothing to worry about. 

Here there is plenty of Ice-type Pokemon so If you're a Fire-type you've 
got no problems. 

When you finally reach the top you'll see Articuno and, of course, he'll 
blame you for the upsetting the balance of the world. The fight should 
be pretty easy. Just use the same strategy's as before. 

Articuno: I am Articuno! The Warder of Ice!

Once your done Absol will defend you and then join your party because 
he wants to stop these disasters. 

Kv. The Freezing Mt. Freeze

You continue walking and Gardevoir will appear. She will tell you to go 
to Mt. Freeze where Nintales lives. So let's soldier on! There is 
another Save/storage statue outside as well. 

Mt. Freeze has 15F then a save point. Then another 4F until Ninetales. 
The base type of Pokemon is Normal, Dragon and Water-type Pokemon. 

Once you finally reach the top you'll find a big area. But Ninetales isn't 
there. Where is he? And then to ruin the party Alakazams team Shows up and 
starts attacking you! After a while Nine tales will but in. He'll tell you 
that you and the Pokemon in Legend are not related. Then she'll tell you 
that Groudon has awakened! Alakazam's team head off to go quell Groudon 
and you get to head back to town. 

Kvi. Home Sweet Home

When you get back you'll find Gengar's team still working everyone up. 
Then Pelliper appears with an Extra Pokemon News proving your innocence. 
Everyone starts chasing Gengar and all is well for you and your partner 

Now you can do Optional Missions again!

The Bad, Bad Mankey Gang

That night Gardevoir will talk to you again that night and tell you that 
she's the Agent of Spirits which is her role now. She also tells you that 
you came here for an important role. But you get interupted by an 

The next morning Wynaut and Wobbuffet will come and talk to you. Wynaut 

Wynaut: A bad Mankey Gang is going wild in our forest. Everyone is upset. 

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Wynaut: We don't know why they rampage around... But they are always 
        angry and attack anyone they see. 

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Partner: Oh no... That is a problem (name). We should go. 

Wynaut: Thank you! We're counting on you!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

And now the Uproar Forest is now open for exploration!
The Uproar Forest is the best place in the game to commonly get Gummi's 
(if you don't care what you get). There is Green and Grass Gummi's here. 

This is a 10F dungeon and pretty easy. Most of the Pokemon are Grass & 
Bug and not to hard for a Fire-type. 

On floor nine hunt for 2 Chestnuts. You'll need them later. TRUST ME. 

When you reach 10F the Mankey Gang will be waiting. Of course they'll start 
a fight. Once you beat them head back to your base. And for your great 
reward after all that hard work you get a ... Chestnut? Then the Mankey 
gang comes along and ask for the Chestnut. In return they offer to build 
a new base! 

But after a very short while they stop! They ask for more Chestnuts. 
If you got 2 like I told you before or if you couldn't find enough then 
head on back to Uproar Forest 9F. 

After you give them 2 more Chestnuts then your base will be complete. 
It will be a perfect image of your head. How wonderful. Flag and mailbox to 

Lii. Side-Mission: Smeargle

If your lucky enough to get the mail on the Bulliton Board then you can go 
help Smeargle. He'll be in Howling Forest. You can only do it if you've done 
the mission unlocking the Sky Blue Plains. You can also use the Wonder Mail 
code to get the mission. 

Here just complete the dungeon and at the end Smeargle will join your team. 
He will also paint your flag (not reccomended) for free if you go ask him. 

Moltern Magma Groudon!

After a couple of days of missions (including Wynaut Mission. A must to 
continue!) There will be a commotion in Town Square and Blastoise, 
Octillary and Golom will volunteer to go se what happened to Alakazam's 

A few more days of missions later they will return near fainting. That 
dungeon sounds horrible! Gengar starts working everyone up again and then 
your partner volunteers you to go help save him. Everyone gets their pride 
back and everyone's happy again. 

You don't have to do it straight away remember. Still plenty if time to 
level up if you think you aren't good enough. Be at least Level 26. 

The Largest dungeon yet. 23F of Fire and Rock pokemon you find 
a save point. Well done. Another 2F in and you'll find Charizard and 
Tyranitar fainting on the ground. Obviosly Alakazam's still fighting 

Continue on and you'll find him and the great, the fantastic, ready to 
rumble Groudon! Never been beaten for hundreds of years! This guys pretty 
easy. Even if you're a Fire-type. He's a push over. Hundreds of years 
sleeping didn't do him any good. 

Once your done Team Alakazam will appear again and you'll head back to 
Town Square. 

The Adventures End
The Sky Tower of Clouds

Everyone will congratulate you and be happy for you. Then Xatu has to call 
in and tell everyone a big star is coming!

Alakazam: Xatu is calling out to us using telepathy!

It turns out this star is causing the unbalance's in nature! So now you can 
be sure you didn't cause them! Bad news is it's going to destroy this world 
if no one stops it. 

Kind of a good news - bad news situation. 

The only way the Star can be destroyed is if you kindly ask Rayquaza. Who is 
Rayquaza? No one knows. Only some people. He lives above the clouds. 

While Alakazam and Xatu figure out your transport, you have to get ready. 
Actually you can just talk to your partner and get some sleep and then 
continue doing optional missions in the morning. 

That night you'll have another dream but Gengar will have invaded!
He's using Dream Eater! Then a light will appear and he'll get scared. 
Just so you know the light is Gardevoir. She'll tell you that your role here 
is to save this world from utter destruction! She also said that you wanted 
to be tested because you didn't think they're choice was wise. And here you 
are. Once you stop the star you get to go back to the human world. But then 
you realise. That means leaving you're partner. They'll be heart broken!

Once your ready go to where you choose which dungeon you want to go to and 
choose Sky Tower. You'll appear at the Hill of the Ancients and then get 
boosted up into the clouds. 

Up here looks pretty cool. You get to walk on the clouds. And that tower 
looks awesome! I want my home to be like that!

Any way this dungeon is 26F high. Then a save point. Then another 9F with 
Rayquaza on the 9F. There are some Phychic, Flying,  Dragon and Ghost 
Pokemon here. Be about Level 30 to  34 because you'll level up in there. 
Also bring a few Reviver Seeds and Oran Berry's!

Expierance Chart
Pokemon    | With Move | No Move
Shuppet	   |    222    | 111
Forretress | 	240    | 120
Lunatone   |    379    | 189
Masquierain| 	144    | 72
Duskull	   | 	198    | 99
Koffing	   | 	231    | 115
Ledian	   |    247    | 123
Solrock	   |    396    | 198
Shedinja   |           | 4
Altaria	   |    264    | 
Scizor	   |    356    | 178
Dusclops   |    247    | 123
Flygon	   |    324    | 162
Venomoth   |    162    | 81
Aerodactyl |    238    | 119
Tropius	   |    360    | 180
Claydol	   |    315    | 157
Metagross  |    370    | 185
Salamance  |    323    | 161

Here you get your first Monster Houses!

Finally you get to the top and it's a great view. 

???: Who goes there? Who dares trespass upon my airspace?

Partner: That voice... Could it be Rayquaza?

Rayquaza: Indeed I am. The sky is my domain. Depart at once!

Partner: But... We don't have the time to argue. We came here because we 
         need your help...

Rayquaza: Never! Gyaaaaaaaaaa!

Rayquaza: I am a being of the sky, and you are but denizens of the ground. 
          To each, there is a world destined as their own!
          For hundreds of millions od years, never once have I descended to 
          the ground. 

Rayquaza: And the opposite shall also hold true!

Rayquaza: Let there be no mercy for those that defy the laws of nature!

Rayquaza: Prepare for the end!

And now we get to get into a big fight! Same as the Legendary birds. Pound 
him with moves until he dies. Don't let him use Dragon Dance to much!

Moves: Dragon Dance
       Dragon Claw

EXP Gain: 1012

Sad Endings

Rayquaza: Gyaaaaaaaaaaa! Gwargh... Gyaaaaaaaaaaa!

Partner: Wh-wh-what?! An Earthquake?! It's not possible! We're on 
         top of clouds

Rayquaza: These are shock waves! And they're huge! 

Partner: That's it! I got it! Look straight up, Rayquaza!

Rayquaza: What is that?! 

Partner: It's a shooting star! And it's enormous! It will destroy 
         the world if it continues on its path! That's why we came, 
         Rayquaza. Please, destroy the falling star! 

Rayquaza: ...So, that is why...

Partner: Yes! Please hurry and destroy it!

Rayquaza: ............ Before I try... I need to know your resolve. 
          The star has come too close. If I were to loose my Hyper 
          Beam here... You would not escape unscathed! 

Partner: So?! We accepted that from the start! 

Rayquaza: Well said! Take charge of your destiny!

Let Hyper Beam go lose! BOOM!

Partner: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

And we move on to a different scene. 

You: ......, ............, ........................, ...Is this... 
     a dream...? ........................, No... This is no dream... 
     Yes... The star's explosion swallowed me... And i'm now adrift... 
     as a spirt..., ........................, What's going to happen...? 

You: (............) (...This shadow...Gengar ...)

Gengar: Keke! (Name)! Didn't take much to put you down! Serves you right! 
        Kekeke! Now, what to do with you? 

Gengar: I know! I'll drag you into the dark world. That'll do it. 

You: (............) (Gengar is dragging me...) (...Gengar said...) 
     (He  would drag me into the dark world...) (What is the dark 
     world...?) (Am I going to be abandoned in a world I don't know?) 

Gengar: ......, ............, ........................Hunh? Darn it... I 
        took the wrong path...

You: (......What?)

Gengar: This isn't like me... I can't tell which way is which... Keh! to 
        heck with this. I'll just ditch you here... That's it. Good-bye to 

Back to the Hill of the Ancients!

???: ............Hey. ...Hey, can you hear ...

Alakazam: Snap out of it!

You: (...Huh...? This place...)

Partner: ............Urgggh......

Alakazam: ...Regained consciousness!

???: Ooooooooooohhhhh!

You: (...I'm sure of it...) (I'm sure... Back there... Gengar saved me...) 

Partner: ...Maybe... Did Gengar save (Name) too? 

Lombre: Awesome, you're alive! You really had all of us worried!

Octillery: You were incredible! 

Caterpie: Snivel... I'm so glad you're safe! It's fantastic!

Partner: Everyone... Thank you.  But... What about the star?! What happened 
         to it?!

Xatu: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. Fear not! The star is no more. Though it will 
      not be right away... The disasters shall soon be calmed. 

Partner: What about our team member? WHere's (Member Name)?

Xatu: Be calm. (Member Name) is safe. 

Partner: Really! We did it, Jonno! Everything worked! We've won peace!

Brief look at everywhere....

Snubbull: Yippee! This is the greatest!

Charizard: This calls for a celebration!

Blastoise: Let me shoot my Hydro Pump to kick it off!

Lombre: Whoa, hold on there! Don't you point those things at me! Face the 
        other way! The other way!

Shiftry: No, no! Let it loose! Hahaha!

Lombre: Y-you've gotta be kidding me!

Octillery: I'll secure him so he can't get away. 

Charizard: Oh? Not bad! 

Lombre: What, you're serious?! Nooooo! Don't!

All: Ahahahahaha!

???: (Name)...

You: (............Gardevoir...)

Gardevoir: We owe everything to you, (Name), and your friends. 
           Peace has returned to our world. Thank you for evertthing. 
           And now... (Name), your role has ended. Soon, you must 
           return to your own world. It is time to bid farewell. 

You: (It's finally come... This time has finally arrived...)

You start glowing with a weird light. 

Gardevoir: (Name)... I am sorry for this... To everyone... Please 
           bid farewell...

Caterpie: Oh? (Name)?

Partner: ...! (Name)! Your body... What's happening to you?

You: Partner..., And, everyone... I'm sorry. But I have to leave. 

Snubbull: WHat?!

Bellsprout: Wh-what are you saying?!

You: Everyone... Thank you for everything all this time. 

Partner: ...Huh? ...Leave...? What do you mean, leave? 

You: My role as a Pokemon has ended. I have to return to the 
     human world. 

Alakazam: Unbelievable! 

Tyranitar: Go back... To the hunam world?!

Partner: Huh? W-why...? Why?! I don't understand! Why do you 
         have to leave?! Didn't we... Aren't we friends? 

You: Yes.  You will always be my friend, Mudkip. I will never 
     forget you. 

Partner: Don't go, Jonno......

You: I'm blessed to have met you. 

Partner: I... What am I going to do when you're gon, Jonno?

You: I'm so very sorry. This is good-bye...

More Glowing. Fly up to sky. 

Partner: (Name)!!! Nooooo!!!

Back to the scene...

Caterpie: Snivel... (Name)... Why... I don't under stand...

Charizard: Why? Why was it necessary to leave us...?

Shiftry: (Name) saved my life... But I hadn't done anything 
         to show my thanks... Left... Before I could even 
         say thanks...

Lombre: You're right... Just upped and went like that... 
        Why now? Why when the world's been saved? Just 
        when things were going to get better... Sob...

Xatu: This was coming... Our world, it was saved by (Name). 
      I look back now... When bound for the sky, (Name) 
      seemed... As if resigned. Resigned to accept what was 
      to come. 

Partner: ............ I think I know... (Name) must have... 
         (Name) must have become a Pokemon to save us. And 
         when... When the star was destroyed... (Name) knew 
         that would be the time to leave... Why... Why didn't 
         (Name) tell me earlier...? If this was coming... 
         Why didn't (Name) tell me?

Alakazam: Those words couldn't be spoken. As much as you are 
          heart-broken now... (Name) must have felt the same 
          pain of leaving. Try to understand, Partner. 

Partner: Sob... (Name)...

Elsewhere still glowing...

You: (...............) (What is this?) (I'm rising into the sky...)
     (Is this my spirit...?) (I wonder where I'm going) (......!)

      (Voices... I hear voices...) 

???: Your friend is heart broken... A true Friend... A friend for 
     life... You finally realize it now... If you wish... And  
     wish very strongly... Prehaps you will meet again. 

And now the STAFF CREDITS roll. What a great game. Go Pokemon! 
I would like to say this is definitly the best pokemon game I have 
ever played. The Best! Sadly you can't skip this. Trust me you 
don't want to. At the end is something worth seeing. FAST FOWARD!

Back to you floating in the air...

You: I don't want to leave... I want to stay longer... With my 
     invaluable... Irreplaceable Friend... 

Mean while outside your Team Base...

You suddenly appear...

An epic reunion... 

The End....

Narator: The story of (Name) and Partner ends here. But Pokemon 
         isn't done yet! There are many rescues to be done!
         A new adventure begins! The Legendary Pokemon are set 
         to make their appearance! Don't go away!

Now you should definitly save!

Back at the main menu continue your game. 

13. After the Story Line
A New Adventure!

Narator: Due to (Name and Partner's heroic actions... The falling 
         star was destroyed... and peace returned to the world of 
         Pokemon. But that did not put an end to the natural 
         calamities. Natural disasters still occurred, but much 
         less often.  Needless to say, Pokemon rescue activities 
         continued as if nothing had changed. Several mornings later...

Your in bed. You wake up. Your partner comes in. 

Partner: Good morning, (Name)! Did you just wake up? I went by the 
         Pellipper Post Office earlier. The Bulletin Board was still 
         covered with rescue jobs. Even though it's peaceful again, 
         many Pokemon still need our help. (Name)! Let's keep doing our 
         best as always! 

Walk outside (save if you want) and you'll hear Caterpie calling. 

Caterpie: (Name)! 

Partner: Oh, hi, Caterpie and Metapod.  What's the matter?

Caterpie: It's Snubbull! There's something weird going on!

Partner: Snubbull is weird...? Weird, how?

Metapod: He looks completely different...

Partner: (Name) Let's go to the square! 

Quickly you race to Whiscash's Pond and you'll find ...Snubbull?

Partner: Hi, Alakazam! Have you seen Snubbull? I heard something 
         strange happened to him. 

Granbull: I'm Snubbull. 

Partner: Whaaaat?! You're Snubbull? But you don't look anything like 
         the way you did before!

Granbull: I don't really understand either. I went into the cave there, 
          and all of a sudden...

Partner: What cave?

Whiscash: It appeared without me noticing. See? Right there. 

There is a big hole in the middle of the platform!

Partner: So you went in there... 

Granbull: Yup. And I came out looking like this...

Alakazam: Snubbull underwent "evolution." He evolved. 

Partner: Evolution? Evolved? I don't follow. 

Alakazam: Pokemon, upon satisfying certain conditions, may evolve. 
          When a Pokemon undergoes evolution, its appearance changes. 

Partner: Oh, wow! Your own appearance... That can change?

Alakazam: I suspect that cave is where evolution can take place. This 
          is merely a guess... Prehaps evolution could not take place 
          before because the world's balance was askew. However, now 
          that the star has been destroyed... The world's balance has 
          been restored... And prehaps thet cave became unsealed. 

Caterpie: so if i evolved, I would become like Metapod?!

Metapod: I wich... I want to be Butterfree quickly...

Grabull: W-wait a second. I don't know if I like this or not... My cute 
         face turned all craggy... 

Alakazam: Evolution is not a bad thing. Appearance is not the only 
          thing that changes through evolution. One's power and 
          abilities may be enhanced, for example. 

Granbull: Oh! Really?! I... I might be stronger?!

Metapod: That makes me want to evolve even more! I wish I could be 
         Butterfree soon...

Caterpie: M-me too!

Partner: Can we evolve if we go to that cave? 

Alakazam: Yes. But it would depend on the conditions. 

Partner: (Name). Let's go to the cave if we're ready to evolve. 

Since you can't enter the cave at the moment, You may as well go save. 
Head back to your place and you'll see Medichan. Talk to her and she'll 
tell you that Lombre almost drowned at sea! (Isn't he Water-type?)

Well anyway try and head out to a dungeon and your partner will talk to 

Partner: Oh, yeah, (Name)! Wait a second! There is something I wanted 
         to talk over with you before we go to a dungeon. 

Partner: You know how we always go to dungeons together, Jonno? But I 
         think we'll be seeing all sorts of different dungeons from now 
         on... I think some of them will be tough even for us. So, I 
         have an idea. Instead of us running things all the time, we 
         should let the team as a whole do it. How about we change things 
         so we can pick the leader and members to go into a dungeon? That 
         might mean we won't be going on rescues to certain dungeons... But 
         that will let us handle rescues better by having more Pokemon 
         types available.  Do you like the idea? (Name), do you think it'd 
         be good to be able to freely choose leaders?

This is an important decision. SAY YES! Otherwise you can't evolve!

Partner: Ok! New rule! 
We can now freely pick the Pokemon that are going into dungeons! 

Now just go to the Pokemon's friend area, put them in your team, and 
then choose Make leader! Easy as that! From now on that rule applys. 

Next up is the Extra- Storyline!

Water-Jet Kyogru

More of the Storyline Coming soon!

Pokemon News


#1 Welcome to the Rescue Team!

          To All New Members!
Your badge has the power to send back 
to town any Pokemon you've rescued. Just 
hold the badge up, and it does the rest. 
By completing rescue jobs, you will be 
awarded points that raise your team's 
ranking. Aim for the Bronze Rank for now!
  - Pokemon Rescue Organization -  

#2 Rescue Team Basics

Saving Your Adventure and Pokemon News
You can save your adventure by going to 
you bed. Get in the habit of saving often. 
You should also store old Pokemon News. 
If your Mailbox is full, you won't get the 
latest issue of the news or any job mail. 
Check the Mailbox and store old news!
  - Pokemon Rescue Organization -  

#3 Accepting Rescue Jobs

If you want to go on a rescue job listed 
on the Bulletin Board at the Pelipper Post 
Office, or one that's delivered to your 
Mailbox, you first need to Accept the job, 
then choose Take Job. Only then will you 
be able to handle that job. 
Try to do accepted jobs quickly!
  - Pokemon Rescue Organization -  

#4 Getting Hungry

  Eat Something When You Get Hungry!
While you're exploring a dungeon, you will 
get progressively hungry (your Belly goes 
down). If you become famished, you will 
eventually lose HP and even faint. 
That's why you should eat something to fill 
your Belly! You can always buy food at the 
Kecleon Shop. 

#5 Throw Seeds!

       Seeds Can Be Thrown, Too!
Seeds are usually meant to be eaten. 
But did you know? They can also be thrown 
at other Pokemon to unlock their effects. 
Toss seeds you don't want to eat at foes!
Throw good seeds at friends!
Don't be afraid to throw your seeds!

#6 Recent Natural Disasters

     Investigations Under Way Info 
    Recent Rash of Natural Disasters
Pokemon in affected areas attack any 
outsider without hesitation. Some believe 
a mysterious force is behind their 
behavior. One source blamed Diglett 
for triggering earthquakes, but the 
investigative team is skeptical. 

#7 Game Options

      Change Your Option Settings 
        to Suit Your Play Style!
Press B to open the menu, then 
choose Others and Game Options. 
You can change settings to suit the way 
you play. 

#8 Let's Use Moves!

       The Benifits of Using Moves
If a move is used on a foe, when it is 
defeated, you earn more Exp. Points!
A move only has to be used once on the 
foe: after that it can be defeated using a 
regular attack to earn more Exp. Points. 
Moves are also more likely to become 
critical hits! Don't overuse them, though!

#9 Wonder Tiles

 Wonder Tiles Reset Attack and Defence!
If your Attack is lowered by a foe's 
Growl, or your Defense is lowered 
by a foe's Tail Whip, for example, the 
affected stat can be reset to normal by 
stepping on a Wonder Tile or going to the 
next floor. Beware, enhanced stats are 
also reset to normal!

#10 Mysterious Dungeons?

If your rescue team is defeated in a 
dungeon, you lose several items and 
all the money you are carrying before 
you go off on a rescue or an outing. 
Use Kangaskhan Storage to keep 
invaluable items safely stored. 
  - Pokemon Rescue Organization -  

#11 Types and Matchups

       Learn How Types Match Up!
All Pokemon are of certain types, such as 
Fire and Water. In a battle, the damage 
inflicted depends on how the Pokemon's 
type matches up with the move's type. 
For example, a Fire-type Pokemon is 
weak against Water-type moves. 
Exploit type matchups to win battles!

#12 Linked Moves Entry Level 1

       These Are the Recommended 
       Linked Moves for Beginners!
Grass, Fighting, and Ground Types
Vine Whip + Growl
Razor Leaf + Growl
Leer + Pound
Leer + Low Kick
Tail Whip + Bone Club

#13 Linked Moves Entry Level 2

Fire and Normal Types
Ember + Growl
Leer + Tackle
Ember + Growl
Tail Whip + Tackle
Scratch + Tackle
Tail Whip + Tackle

#14 Linked Moves Entry Level 3

     These Are the Final Linked Moves 
     We Recommend in the Entry Level!
Electric and Water Types
Thundershock + Growl
Tail Whip + Tackle
Leer + Scratch
Water Gun + Mud-Slap
Tail Whip + Scratch

#15 Poll: Top Two Items

First   Gravelerock
Second  Oran Berry
In a nationwide survey involving rescue 
teams, the most popular item was found to 
be Gravelerocks. According to Sudowoodo 
of Team Fakers, "It lets you attack 
from far away. It's invaluable." The next 
most popular item was the Oran Berries. 

#16 Seven Wonders of Pokemon

    The Seven Wonders of Pokemon?
The mysterious feet of Diglett. 
What is inside Forretress's shell. 
The intelligence of Girafarig's tail. 
Arbok's variety of patterns. 
We await submissions from readers on 
other Pokemon mysteries!
  - Mystery Hunter Team -  

#17 Moving as a Team

    Use Team Members Effectively!
When you're fighting in a dungeon, it's 
inportant to use your team members. If 
attacked from the side, move horizontally. 
If attacked from above or below, move 
vertically. That way, you can have several
Pokemon fighting a single foe. Change 
Tactics if members don't move properly. 

#18 Adding Team Members

If you want to enlarge your rescue team, 
you must first get Friend Areas. When 

a Pokemon that can live in an obtained
Friend Area is defeated, it may ask to 
join your rescue team. Add to your 
Friend Areas so you can recruit more 
members! Incidentally, you may take no 
more than three friends into a dungeon. 

#19 Important Moving Tips

           Moving Diagonally
Move diagonally to avoid foes!
Keeping R pressed, use the 
Control Pad to move diagonally. 

#20 Secrets of the Gummi

     Gummis That Make You Smart
Research has revealed that popular Gummi 
treats not only enhance intelligence, they 
also have different effects depending on 
type. Share Gummis with your friends and 
get smarter for your adventures! In 
dungeons, throw them at your friends. 
Use them in Friend Areas and...?

#21 The Ultimate Dungeon

         The Ultimate Dungeon
    Challendes You to Do Your Best!
Somewhere in the world, there supposedly 
is an incredinly tough dungeon. One must 
enter alone at Level 1, and without any 
items. No one has ever completed the 
challenge. It is considered a test not of 
power, but of intelligence and wits. 

#22 New Types of Machines?

  New Types of Machines Discovered?
In a recently discovered cave, explorers 
found unique types of Technical Machines. 
They apparently do not break after a single 
use. Further studies are said to be under 
consideration by the authorities. 
In related news, the cave is to be names 
the Solar Cave. 

#23 Train at the Makuhita Dojo!

          Study Type Matchups
         at the Makuhita Dojo!
At the Makuhita Dojo, one can learn how 
Pokemon type matchups affect battles. 
It's because the dojo's training rooms are 
divided by type. For example, in the Fire 
Maze, there are only Fire-type Pokemon. 
Try move types to see what works best!

#24 New Floor Tiles?

      New Types of Floor Tiles?
There have been numerous reports new 
floor tiles other than Wonder Tiles. 
Believed to have been made by the recent 
natural disasters, these floor tiles remain 
hidden until they are stepped on. They then 
trigger a variety of traps. Rescue teams 
are urged to use extreme caution. 

#25 IQ

    Make Your Explorations Easier by 
    Boosting the IQ of Team Members!
Eating Gummis boosts the IQ of Pokemon. 
Upon reaching certain IQ levels, a Pokemon 
learns IQ Skills that can be very helpful 
(for  example, learning to seek out foes 
with type disadvantages). Check 
the IQ Skills of your team members!

#26 The Range of Moves

   All Moves Have Effective Ranges
Moves that affect an entire room have a 
range of two tiles in a corridor. The move 
Growl, which lowers the Attack stat of 
foes in a room, will reach two tiles away 
in a corridor, for example. If, however, 
the visibility is limited to just one tile, 
the range of moves will also be limited. 

#27 Sweet Hands!

Teddiursa is often seen licking its paws 
that have soaked up sweet honey. While it 
may be sticky shaking paws with 
Teddiursa, one can't help but feel a 
twinge of envy. 

#28 The Key

      Head Out to the Desert Region!
If you've been wondering what lies behind 
the mysterious locked doors of the Solar 
Cave, there's been a breakthrough!
Reports indicate the door keys are easily 
found in the Desert Region. Explorers are 
advised to compose teams with Pokemon 
adapted to the desert enviroment. 

#29 Azurill--the Little Hero!

With a simple act of courage, Azurill 
became a hero despite being small in size. 
Azuril came across Slowpoke, who had 
fallen into a pond. Our hero's tail, thrown 
at the struggling Slowpoke, saved a sure 
drowning! Slowpoke claimed to have 
entirely forgotten having the ability to 
swim capably. 

#30 Dungeons and Weather 1

Sunny: Boosts Fire-type moves, and 
weakens Water-type moves. 
Sandstorm: Regularly inflicts damage 
except on Ground, Rock, and Steel types. 
Cloudy: All moves and attacks, excluding 
the normal type, are weakened. 
Rain: Boosts Water-type moves, and 
weakens Fire. Prevents explosions. 

#31 Pecha Scarf--Top Popularity!

Amoung rescue teams, there is growing 
demand for equipment that is not only 
practical, but also fashionably appealing. 
The pink Pecha Scarf is especially popular. 
Even the Kecleon Shop is having trouble 
keeping it in stock. 
If you're lucky enough to spot one, make a 
beeline for it!

#32 Wobbly Wobbuffet Wanders!

Earlier today, Wobbuffet reportedly 
wobbled the wrong way and wandered off. 
It had to be rescued by the famous 
Team Hydro. 
Fortunatly, the wayward wanderer 
Wobbuffet was only wobbly and otherwise 

#33 Dungeons and Weather 2

Clear: Pleasant weather. 
Hail: Regularly inflicts damage, 
except on the Ice type. 
Fog: Turns the status of all Pokemon on 
the floor to Mud Sport. 
Blizzard: Boosts the movement speed of 
Ice-type Pokemon by one level. 

#34 Where Is Kecleon?

There have been numerous reports that 
the older of the Kecleon merchants in 
Pokemon Square occasionally goes 
missing. Some residents claim, "He's 
greedy. He must be off doing business 
somewhere." His younger brother 
such claims: "He wouldn't get free items 
in dungeons and try to sell them..."

#35 Switching Leaders

    Power Up Combination Attacks!
Some dungeons allow rescue teams to 
switch leaders on the spot for doing 
combination attacks and so on. 
When you enter a dungeon, open the menu, 
choose the Pokemon you want as the 
leader under Team, then select the 
command Leader. 

#36 Key Items for Pokemon 1

Sunkern and Sun Stone... 
Skitty and Moon Stone... 
Growlithe and Fire Stone... 
Shellder and Water Stone... 
Clamperl and Deepseatoothv
There appear to be many others!

#37 Key Items for Pokemon 2

Eevee and Water Stone, Fire Stone, 
Thunderstone, or... 
Exeggcute and Leaf Stone... 
Onix, Metal Coat, and Link Cable... 
There appear to be many others!

#38 Noxious Gas Leak?!

Reports of a noxious gas leak caused 
widespread chaos in the Sinister Woods. 
Specialists speculate that the recent 
natural disasters are to blame. However, 
some also blame Team Koffing's training 
in the rea for the foul-smelling gas. 
The answer, apparently, is blowing in the 

#39 Castform's Daily Weather

Today, the weather over Pokemon 
Square promises to be clear with no 
chance of showers. 
Other regions can expect showers followed 
by clouds. There may be sun breaks 
depending on the day's moods. 

#40 Smeargle Painting Auctioned!

Smeargle, the artist known for his unique 
artistic vision, had a windfall day as one 
of his paintings was auctioned for 300 
million poke yesterday. The auctioned 
artwork was one of Smeargle's signiture 
works from early in his career.

#41 Kabuto Feels Young Again!

One of our oldest residents claims to feel 
rejuvinated. Kabuto reportedly had an 
encounter with Relicanth in which both 
parties reminisced about the "old days."
However, even Kabuto could not keep up 
with Relicanth's tales from a hundred 
million years ago. Kabuto stated, "It 
made me feel young talking to Relicanth."

#42 Chansey's Fortune-Telling

As a special treat, I'll share a simple 
way to tell fortunes with you! 
The key is the first thing you find in the 
day's first dungeon. 
If it's money, you'll be sure to make more. 
If it's a Berry, your health luck is good. 
If it's an Apple, you're super lucky!
  - Chansey - 

#43 Fan Club Seeks Members!

We proudly announce the foundation of 
the Red & Blue Fan Club, an organization 
for supporting Pokemon rescue teams. 
We are currentle recruiting new members. 
Won't you join and throw your support 
behind our hard-working rescue heros?

  - Plusle and Mimun - 

#44 Rawst Berry's Effect

Research has revealed that Rawst Berries 
found in dungeons are usually unripened 
and gloured green. When ripe, they tuen a 
sky blue colour. An unripened one is easier 
to eat, however, because it has no yet 
turned bitter. It is known to heal all 

#45 Vileplume's Weighty Problem

Vileplume are widely recognized for 
their massize flower. However, few dare 
to approach Vileplume because they 
scatter clouds of allergy-inducing 
pollen. Vileplume complain that they tire 
very easily because the flowers weight 
makes their head heavy. 

#46 Sea Rescue a Success!

A high-seas rescue in the Stormy Sea by 
Team Sea Dragons ended yseterday with 
the succeddful recovery o Tentacool. 
The client, Corsela, is said to be delighted 
by the outcome. 
Tentacool stated, "I didn't realize how far 
I'd been washed out to sea." 
The Stormy Sea is unforgiving!

#47 Beware of Pitfalls

As a result of the natural disasters, 
there have been many reports of Pitfall 
Traps appearing in dungeons. 
However, there also appear to be pitfalls 
made by Pokemon that are not harmful. 
The latter are thought to be made by 
foraging Swinub. Some ven turn out to 
be hot springs that erupt occasionally. 

#48 Slakoth Pillows for Insomnia

    Relief for Delicate Souls Who Can't 
      Sleep with Different Pillows!
Insomniacs rejoiced over the announcement 
of the Slakoth Pillow, which is said to 
induce sleepiness just by seeing it. 
Already the inventor is swamped with 
inquiries from all over. However, 
production is said to be not yet ready. 

#49 Linked Moves for Pro Level 1

     These Linked Move Combinations 
          Can Be Devastating!

Razor Leaf + Sleep Powder
Body Slam + Reflect

Screech + Pound
Focus Energy + Karate Chop
Tail Whip + Bonemerang

#50 Linked Moves for Pro Level 2

   Try These Linked Moves to KO Foes!

Confusion + Disable
Bite + Scary Face
Flame Wheel + Smokescreen

Thunderbolt + Double Team
Tail Whip + Doubleslap

Extra Mail

Coming Soon!

Makuhita Dojo
All mazes have 3 Floors with the boss on the 
3rd floor. The team numbers differ from maze 
to maze. I will only show the EXP points that 
you get from the Bosses and the wild Pokemon 
in the dungeon. I will also point out the one 
with the most EXP benefit. 

Type Mazes

Normal Maze:

Pokemon	  | With Move | No Move
Zigzagoon | 	35    | 
Farfetch'd| 	76    | 
Furret	  | 	80    | 

Fire Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Magby	| 	    | 
Slugma	| 	    | 
Ponyta	| 	    | 

Water Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Poliwag	| 	    | 
Poliwag	| 	    | 
Poliwag	| 	    | 

Grass Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Sunkern	 | 	     | 
Exeggcute| 	     | 
Shroomish| 	     | 
Cacnea	 | 	     | 

Eletric Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Voltorb	 | 	    | 
Voltorb	 | 	    | 
Electrike| 	    | 
Electrike| 	    | 

Ice Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Swinub	 |   	     | 
Piloswine|           | 
Snorunt	 |  	     | 

Fighting Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Tyrogue	 | 	     | 
Meditite | 	     | 
Hitmonlee| 	     | 

Ground Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Diglett	| 	    | 
Diglett	| 	    | 
Phanpy	| 	    | 
Phanpy	| 	    | 

Flying Maze: 

Pokemon	  | With Move | No Move
Pidgey	  | 	      | 
Doduo	  | 	      | 
Farfetch'd| 	      | 

Psychic Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Wobbuffet| 	     | 
Wobbuffet| 	     | 
Wobbuffet| 	     | 

Poisen Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Nidoran F| 	     | 
Nidoran F| 	     | 
Nidoran M| 	     | 
Nidoran M| 	     | 

Bug Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Weedle	| 	    | 
Beedrill| 	    | 
Pinsir	| 	    | 

Rock Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Geodude	 | 	     | 
Sudowoodo| 	     | 
Pupitar	 | 	     | 

Ghost Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Gastly	| 	    | 
Gastly	| 	    | 
Gastly	| 	    | 

Dragon Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Bagon	| 	    | 
Bagon	| 	    | 
Shelgon	| 	    | 
Shelgon	| 	    | 

Dark Maze: 

Pokemon	 | With Move | No Move
Poochyena| 	     | 
Poochyena| 	     | 
Murkrow	 | 	     | 
Murkrow	 | 	     | 

Steel Maze: 

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Aron	| 	    | 
Aron	| 	    | 
Beldum	| 	    | 
Beldum	| 	    | 

Team Mazes

Team Shiftry:

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Nuzleaf	| 	    | 
Nuzleaf | 	    | 
Shiftry	| 	    | 

Team Constricter:

Pokemon	  | With Move | No Move
Tentacruel| 	    | 
Octillery |	    | 
Cradily	  | 	    | 

Team Hydro:

Pokemon	   | With Move | No Move
Blastoise  | 	       | 
Feraligater| 	       | 
Swampert   | 	       | 

Team Rumblerock:

|Graveler (x2)|Golem |
|Lv. 22       |Lv. 15|
|HP: 77       |HP: 84|

Pokemon	| With Move | No Move
Graveler| 	    | 
Graveler| 	    | 
Golem	| 	    | 

Special Maze: 

When you use "Recieve Team" the active team becomes 
bosses in a new maze. You can have up to four people 
in your team for the exchange. 

Friend Areas

If you want to recruit Pokemon you have to have 
their Friend Area first. If you don't they won't 
ask to join your team. They will only ask when 
you have their Friend Area. 

Wigglytuff Club

Name     | Aged Chamber AN
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 5,500 poke
Unown A
Unown B
Unown C
Unown D
Unown E
Unown F
Unown G
Unown H
Unown I
Unown J
Unown K
Unown L
Unown M
Unown N

Name     | Aged Chamber O?
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 5,500 poke
Unown O
Unown P
Unown Q
Unown R
Unown S
Unown T
Unown U
Unown V
Unown W
Unown X
Unown Y
Unown Z
Unown !
Unown ? 

Name     | Ancient Relic
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,000 poke

Name     | Beau Plains
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 600 poke

Name     | Bountiful Sea
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 5,500 poke

Name     | Crater
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 7,500 poke

Name     | Cryptic Cave
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 6,500 poke

Name     | Darkness Ridge
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Absol.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Decrepit Lab
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 1,000 poke
Mr. Mime

Name     | Deep-Sea Floor
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 5,500 poke

Name     | Echo Cave 
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 7,500 poke

Name     | Energetic Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game or a Starter area.
Cost     | 5,000 poke

Name     | Final Island
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,500

Name     | Flyaway Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 550 poke

Name     | Frigid Cavern
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 9,000

Name     | Furnace Desert
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,500 poke

Name     | Ice Floe Beach
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 9,500 poke

Name     | Jungle
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 800 poke

Name     | Magnetic Quarry
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 1,000 poke

Name     | Mist-Rise Forest
Unlocked | Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Mt. Cleft
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 5,000

Name     | Mt. Deepgreen
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 120 poke

Name     | Mt. Discipline
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 1,200 poke

Name     | Mushroom Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff
Cost     | 500 poke

Name     | Mystic Lake
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 2,500

Name     | Overgrown Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 600 poke

Name     | Peanut Swamp
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 2,500

Name     | Poison Swamp
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,500 poke

Name     | Power Plant
Unlocked | Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Rainbow Peak
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Ravaged Field
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff
Cost     | 1,000

Name     | Rub-a-Dub River
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 500 poke

Name     | Sacred Field
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 6,500 poke

Name     | Safari
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 700 poke
Nidoran (f)
Nidoran (m)

Name     | Scorched Plains
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game or a Starter area.
Cost     | 5,000 poke

Name     | Secretive Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 6,500 poke

Name     | Serene Sea
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,000 poke

Name     | Shallow Beach
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 8,000 poke

Name     | Southern Island
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 9,500

Name     | Tadpole Pond
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 500 poke

Name     | Thunder Meadow
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff.
Cost     | 1,000 poke

Name     | Transform Forest
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 500 poke

Name     | Treasure Sea
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 4,500 poke

Name     | Turtleshell Pond
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff or a Starter Area.
Cost     | 5,500 poke

Name     | Waterfall Lake
Unlocked | Buy from Wigglytuff after beating the game.
Cost     | 3,500 poke

Name     | Wild Plains
Unlocked | Obtained when you first visit Wigglytuff.
Cost     | N/A

Bulletin Board

Name     | Boulder Cave
Unlocked | Reward from a Mission.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Dragon Cave
Unlocked | Reward from a Mission.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Mt. Moonview
Unlocked | Reward from a Mission.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Sky Blue Plains
Unlocked | Reward from a Mission.
Cost     | N/A

Boss Unlockables

Name     | Deep-Sea Current
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Lugia.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Enclosed Island
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Deoxys.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Healing Forest
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Celebi.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Legendary Island
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Seafloor Cave
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Kyogre.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Stratos Lookout
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Rayquaza.
Cost     | N/A

Name     | Volcanic Pit
Unlocked | Obtained when you recruit Groudon.
Cost     | N/A

Starter and Partner Unlockable

Pokemon	   |   Friend Area
Charmander |   Mt. Cleft
Cyndaquil  |   Scorched Plains
Torchic    |   Scorched Plains
Squirtle   |   Turtleshell Pond
Totodile   |   Rub-a-Dub River
Mudkip     |   Peanut Swamp
Bulbasaur  |   Beau Plains
Chikorita  |   Beau Plains
Treecko    |   Overgrown Forest
Pikachu    |   Energetic Forest
Psyduck    |   Turtleshell Pond
Skitty     |   Energetic Forest
Eevee      |   Morphing Forest
Meowth     |   Energetic Forest
Machop     |   Mt. Discipline
Cubone     |   Mt. Deepgreen

Unlockable Statues

Bonsly statue

Unlocked by completing all type mazes in Makhuite Dojo. 

Lucario Statue
Unlocked by reaching Lucario Rank (15000 Rescue Points)

Mime Jr. Statue
Unlocked by completing a mission in the Northern Range (Specific Mission). 

Weavile Statue
Unlocked by completing a mission in the Pitfall Valley (Specific Mission). 

Wonder Mail

Male Symbol   | (M)
Female Symbol | (F)
Triple Dots   | (...)

Pokemon Codes

Blue Pokemon

Client | Feebas
Mission | Deliver Cheri Berry.
Where | Grand Sea B9F
Difficulty | B
Reward | Trawl Orb
Wonder Mail:
X ? 7 P (F) ? + ? ? X P 6
R J ? Q  F  J C 5 ? W ? ?

Client | Kirlia
Mission | Escort to Mantine.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | 200 Poke
Wonder Mail:
4 ? ?  N  2 2 (...) ? ? Q 6 J
H 3 ? (M) 8 4   7   0 J N ? W

Client | Quilava
Mission | Escort to Milotic.
Where | Thunderwave Cave B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Dig + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? N 9 X 3 + ? ? + 6 5
+ ! ? Q + 4 7 0 S 0 ? W

Client | Plusle
Mission | Escort to Minun.
Where | Thunderwave Cave B5F
Difficulty | D
Reward | 400 Poke
Wonder Mail:
F ? R P F ? (...) ? ? + 7 ?
C T ? H 6 4   ?   0 R ? ? ?

Client | Mudkip
Mission | Find Porygon.
Place | Thunderwave Cave B4F
Difficulty | E
Reward | 100 Poke + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? 5 8 T 5 + ? 4 J 7 8
W S ? 7 F ? ? R N Q ? X

Client | Roselia
Mission | Help Me.
Where | Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty | E
Reward | 100 Poke
Wonder Mail:
F ? 4 N + W T ? ? + 6 N 
F R ? J F ? 6 6 8 5 ? W

Friend Area Codes

Boulder Cave
Client | Oddish
Mission | Help me.
Where | Sinister Woods 8F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Friend Area
Wonder Mail:
P ? 2 Y J 1 T ? 4 H P C
K 1 ? + 0 ? 5 6 6 4 ? W

Dragon Cave
Client | Phanpy
Mission | Escort to Gligar.
Where | Thunderwave Cave B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Friend Area
Wonder Mail:
H ? 0 8 ? 9 S ? ? Q 6 4
? P ? ! 8 4 S 0 + F ? !

Mt. Moonview
Client | Voltorb
Mission | Escort to Sunkern.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Friend Area
Wonder Mail:
0 ? 0 N M 1 S ? ? 0 6 (F)
N 2 ? Y F 4 + 0 N P ?  W

Sky Blue Plains
Client | Baltoy
Mission | Escort to Spearow.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Friend Area
Wonder Mail:
2 ? 0 N 1 3 + ? ? 3 6 R
M T ? R 8 4 2 0 M X ? W 

Unlockable Dungeon Codes

Fantasy Strait
Client | Jigglypuff
Mission | Find Pikachu.
Where | Fantasy Strait B1F
Difficulty | B
Reward | Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
? ? M 1 C J Y ?   4   4 ? P
H F ? 8 7 J 6 R (...) M ? 1

Marvelous Sea
Client | Jigglypuff
Mission | Find Pikachu.
Where | Marvelous Sea B1F
Difficulty | B
Reward | Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
? ? M H C J (...) ?   4   4 ? P
C F ? 8 7 J   6   R (...) M ? 1

Oddity Cave
Client | Jigglypuff
Mission | Find Pikachu.
Where | Oddity Cave B1F
Difficulty | B
Reward | Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
? ? M S C J (...) ?   4   4 ? P
M F ? 8 7 J   6   R (...) M ? 1

Remains Island
Client | Jigglypuff
Mission | Find Pikachu.
Where | Remains Island B1F
Difficulty | B
Reward | Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
? ? M 4 C J Y ?   4   4 ? P
C F ? 8 7 J 6 R (...) M ? 1

Statue Codes

Weavile Figure
Client | Poliwhirl
Mission | Escort to Zubat.
Where | Northern Range 24F
Difficulty | S
Reward | Weavile Fig + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? N K (M) (M) F ? 4 S S 9
M F ? +  C   N  N 0 J X ? W

Mime Jr. Figure
Client | Salamence
Mission | Escort to Mr. Mime.
Where | Pitfall Valley 19F
Difficulty | S
Reward | Mime Jr. Fig + ?
Wonder Mail:
F ? C  4  F H T ? 4 4 0 P
M - ? (M) 2 C N 0 J X ? +

Gummi's and Item Codes

Friend Bow
Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Friend Bow
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 ? ? ? (...) ? 4 ? ? ?
+ F ? ? F 4   ?   6 K ? ? ?

Client | Nidoqueen
Missions | Escort to Nidoking.
Where | Fiery Field 21F
Difficulty | S
Reward | Friend Bow
Wonder Mail:
1 ? 7 (...) Y H (...) ? 2 F + 2
X 4 ?   F   J H   ?   0 K ! ? ?

Tight Belt
Client | Pupitar
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Thunder 5F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Tight Belt + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? 1 H F ? Y ?   ?   7 7 6
R P ? P C 4 ? 6 (...) 6 ? -

Joy Seed (Makes you go up a Level)
Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 1F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? T ? 4 ? ? ?
N F ? ? F 4 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 2F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? Y ? 4 ? 6 ?
N F ? ? F ? 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 3F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? 0 ? 4 ? 6 ?
N F ? ? F 4 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 4F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? (...) ? 4 ? 7 ?
P F ? ? F ?   6   6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 5F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? T ? 4 ? 7 ?
P F ? ? F 4 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
WHere | Mt. Steel 6F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? Y ? 4 ? N ?
P F ? ? F ? 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 7F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? 0 ? 4 ? N ?
P F ? ? F 4 6 6 R ? ? ?

Client | Bulbasaur
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Steel 8F
Difficulty | E
Reward | Joy Seed
Wonder Mail:
? ? 7 F ? ? (...) ? 4 ? P ?
R F ? ? F ?   6   6 R ? ? ?

Black Gummi
Client | Skarmory
Missions | Find Slowpoke.
Where | Silent Chasm B5F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Black Gummi
Wonder Mail:
4  ?  M 5 (M) R + ? ? ? 7  P
S (F) ? C  S  4 6 R M 2 ? (M)

Blue Gummi
Client | Ditto
Missions | Find White Gummi.
Where | Near Mt. Thunder 5F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Blue Gummi
Wonder Mail:
4 ? 7 K 7 P F ? 8 2 7 K
+ 7 ? 6 + 4 6 T S ! ? 8

Brown Gummi
Client | Pinsir 
Missions | Escort to Pinsir.
Where | Sinister Woods 11F
Difficulty | C
Reward | Brown Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
4 ? N S   W   8 S ? 4 H R c
C 2 ? W (...) 4 6 0 Y 6 ? M

Clear Gummi
Client | Whismur
Missions | Escort to Zigzagoon.
Where | Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Clear Gummi
Wonder Mail:
F ? M ? W - 0 ? ?  (M)  6 W
6 P ? F 8 ? 6 0 T (...) ? W

Gold Gummi
Client | Wurmple
Missions | Escort to Tyrogue.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Gold Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
4 ? N 7 5 M X ? ? (M) 6 S
W S ? 6 8 4 6 0 4  1  ? X

Grass Gummi
Client | Nidoran(F)
Missions | Deliver Luminous Orb.
Where | Sinister Woods 12F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Grass Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
 4  ? C T X J (...) ? 4   4   8 H
(M) F ? 9 K ?   6   5 S (...) ? 8

Gray Gummi
Client | Chinchou
Missions | Help me.
Where | Mt. Thunder 7F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Gray Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
? ? N H J ? T ? ? R N (M)
0 M ? + M 4 6 6 5 S ?  P

Green Gummi
Client | Baltoy
Missions | Escort to Nosepass.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Green Gummi +?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? C N 1 3 0 ? ? (M) 6 F
K R ? 5 8 4 6 0 4  4  ? W

Orange Gummi
Client | Qwilfish
Missions | Escort to Dunsparce.
Where | Thunderwave Cave B4F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Orange Gummi
Wonder Mail:
?  ?  7 9 - J (...) ? ? 0 7 S
C (F) ? 2 + ?   6   0 X - ? 8

Pink Gummi
Client | Nidorino
Missions |Escort to Nidorina.
WHere | Thunderwave Cave B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Pink Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
F ? C P 4 4 0 ? 2 3 6 (F)
S 4 ? 9 8 4 6 0 X T ?  4

Purple Gummi
Client | Elekid
Missions | Escort to Ariados.
Where | Mt. Steel 5F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Purple Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? C 0 P K F ? ? J 7 ?
H P ? + K 4 6 0 5 H ? H      

Red Gummi
Client | Paras
Missions | Escort to Combusken.
Where | Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
4 ? M N K ! 0 ?   ?   + 6 Q
K F ? 8 F 4 6 0 (...) R ? W

Royal Gummi
Client | Spearow
Missions | Escort to Sudowoodo.
Where | Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Royal Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
? ? N 7 + ? X ? 4  0  6 (...)
1 F ? Q F ? 6 0 M (F) ?  (F)

Silver Gummi
Client | Vigoroth
Missions | Escort to Wurmple.
Where | Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Silver Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
  F   ? N N 3 1 + ? 4 + 6 3
(...) H ? F F ? 6 0 C ? ? W

Sky Gummi
Client | Salamence
Missions | Find Bullet Seed.
Where | Near Great Canyon 6F
Difficulty | C
Reward | Sky Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
 ?  ? C W F ! 0 ? 4 K N 8
(F) X ? P 4 ? 6 T Y W ? W

White Gummi
Client | Ledyba
Missions | Escort to Magby.
Where | Mt. Steel 6F
Difficulty | D
Reward | White Gummi + ?
Wonder Mail:
1 ? N 0 M 9 S ?   4   - N P
T + ? 7 0 ? 6 0 (...) 9 ? C

Yellow Gummi
Client | Pinsir
Missions | Escort to Aron.
Where | Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty | D
Reward | Yellow Gummi
Wonder Mail:
4 ? 7 N W Q Y ? 4 + 6 +
2 0 ? M F ? 6 0 T C ? W

Adventure Log

Adventure Log 1: 

Reached the Hill of the Ancients. 
Took to the road as fugitives. 
Prevented the meteor's collision. 
Broke the curse on Gardevoir. 
The rescue team base was completed. 
Rescued Smearagle. 
### moves were learned. 

Adventure Log 2: 

### Pokemon evolved. 
### Pokemon joined the team. 
##### floors were explored. 

Adventure Log 3: 


Adventure Log 4: 


Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon featres every single 
Pokemon from 1-386. Not one missing. 
Therefore Legendary Pokemon are also counted. 
You can also recruit every single Pokemon.
Though some will take a while to get. 

Found at the top of Mt. Thunder

Found at the top of Mt. Blaze

Found at the end of Frosty Forest

Found at the bottom of the Magma Cavern

Found at the top of the Sky Tower
You need Fly to access Sky Tower after 
the main story fine has finished. 

Found at the bottom of the Stormy Sea
(Carry Dive)

Found at the end of Fiery Field
(Carry Surf)

Found at the end of Lightning Field
(Carry Surf)

Found at the end of North-wind Field
(Carry Surf)

Found at the top of Mt. Faraway
(Carry Surf)

Found at Floor BF15 of Buried Relic
(Get Rock Part)

Found at Floor BF25 of Buried Relic
(Get Ice Part)

Found at Floor BF35 of Buried Relic
(Get Steel Plate)

Found at Floor BF36-BF99 of Buried Relic
(Carry Music Box)

Found at the end of the Western Cave

Found at the end of Purity Forest
After all of your hard work Celebi will 
just join your team

Found at the end of Wish Cave
If you have the Wish Stone with you then 
Jirachi will grant you a wish

Found at the end of the Silver Trench

Found at the end of Meteor Cave
There is a -10% chance of getting him. 24% with Friend Bow, 
High Level, Lucario Rank. 

Where to Catch them all!

Coming Soon!