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This is my first walkthrough and I hope you will use it well, and that it helps
you. Please do not use my FAQ on any other websites. If you want to borrow my
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1.  Introduction
2.  Basics
2a  Fiore
2b  Capturing Pokemon
2c  Groups
2d  Poke Assists
2da Grass Assists
2db Fire Assists
2dc Water Assists
2dd Electric Assists
2de Fighting Assists
2df Poison Assists
2dg Psychic Assists
2dh Bug Assists
2di Ground Assists
2dj Rock Assists
2dk Flying Assists
2dl Dark Assists
2dm Ghost Assists
2dn Ice Assists
2e  Field Moves
2ea Smash
2eb Soak
2ec Burn
2ed Tackle
2ee Cut
2ef Flash
2eg Cross
2eh Recharge
2f  Characters
3   Walkthrough
3a  Staring the game
3b  Rookie Mission
3c  Mission 1
3d  Mission 2
3e  Mission 3
3f  Mission 4
3g  Mission 5
3h  Mission 6
3i  Mission 7
3j  Mission 8
3k  Mission 9
3l  Mission 10
3m  Special Mission 1
3n  Special Mission 2
3o  Special Mission 3
3p  Ranger Net Mission 1
3q  Ranger Net Mission 2
3r  Ranger Net Mission 3
3s  Ranger Net Mission 4 (in next update if something gives me the information)
4 Capture Challenges
4a Grassland Capture Challenge
4b Marine Capture Challenge
4C Capture Arena
5. Styler Levelling Info
6. Text Messages Inbox
7. Go-Rock Quads Songbook
8. Capuring the Regis
9. Completing he Browser
10. Pokedex
. Updates
. Bibliography
. Contact Information


1. Introduction
Pokemon Ranger is a spin-off series Pokemon Game for the Nintendo DS. Instead
of using pokeballs to capture pokemon, you instead use a Ďcapture stylerí to. A
capture styler is a phone like object, with a capture disc with it. Using your
stylus, you circle the pokemon on the touch screen. This will get the Rangerís
feelings across to the pokemon. Rangerís always think positive thoughts, and
have the Pokemonís interests at heart. Also, Rangers are dedicated to
protecting the environment. Pokemon caught using the capture styler will heal
many wounds it has, calm it down, and allow it to help you out for a while.
Rangers have been trainers in pokemon games since Ruby and Sapphire, but these
Rangers act as trainers- using Pokeballs to capture pokemon: and not the
capture styler. Your rank will increase as you get better. These are your
rewards for upgrading.
Rank 1- One Partner Gauge, 4 Friends, Grass Assists, Water Assists, Electric
Assists, Fire Assists.
Rank 2- Fighting Assists
Rank 3- Poison Assists, Psychic Assists, Two Partner Gauges.
Rank 4- Bug Assists, Ground Assists, 5 Friends
Rank 5- Rock Assists, Three Partner Gauge
Rank 6- Flying Assists
Rank 7- Dark Assists, Ghost Assists, 6 Friends, Four Partner Gauges
Rank 8- Ice assists
Rank 9- Five Partner Gauges
Rank 10- 7 Friends
In this next section, you will learn the basics of Pokemon Ranger.

The game is set in the Region of Fiore. Only rangers live in Fiore, capturing
pokemon using their capture stylers. Fiore is made up of 4 towns and cities-
all based on the seasons in the year. Ringtown- (spRING town), Fall City
(Autumn- leaves FALL), Summerland (SUMMERland) and Wintown (WINTerTOWN).
Ringtown is located on the edge of the Lyra Forest, and the Kisara Plain. Fall
City is situated near the East Road and the Krokka Tunnel. Fall City also has a
Dusk Factory, a Lighthouse Basement and a Waterworks, all of which pokemon
appear in. Summerland is a hot, island resort (Summer= HOT) which has an exotic
jungle, plus a hidden Relic in the depths of it. Wintown is a cold city (The
winter city), north of the Panula Cave, and the North Road, and situated at the
foot of the Sekra Range. The Sekra Range also houses the Fiore Temple, and the
Go-Rock Base. Only Fall City has wild pokemon roaming around in the cities.
Only the north road has no pokemon living on it. All in all, Fiore is a faraway
region away from the others- Kanto, Jhoto, Heonn, Orre, The Sevii Islands, the
Orange Islands and Sinnoh. Sinnoh is probably the closest, mainly because an
egg washed up from Sinnoh to the Fiore Region.

Capturing Pokemon
As mentioned, capturing pokemon in Fiore requires you to draw loops around it.
However, there are certain things you need to consider. Different pokemon
require a different number of loops. For example, Pichu requires 1 loop, while
Metagross 29 loops. However, that is not it. Should you lift the stylus without
drawing all the needed loops, the pokemon will be caught a yellow bubble for a
few seconds. If you desire, you can use this time to flee. There is a flee icon
in the bottom  left corner while the pokemon is in the yellow bubble. Whatever
happens, should you stay around, you will have to start drawing loops from the
start. For example, you drew 25 loops around Meganium, and then lifted the
stylus, you still need to draw 29 loops. Draw another 28 loops and lift the
stylus, you still need to draw another 29. However, pokemon often don't want to
be caught and will resist capture. If a pokemon crashes into the capture line,
the capture line breaks. You will have to start from the beginning again.
However, you styler will not sustain damage. However, should the pokemon use an
attack, you had better move your stylus. If the attack hits the line, the
styler will take damage. Should this break the capture line, your styler is
broken and it's game over. You will have to restart from the last save point.
Remember to save often. I have been caught on numerous times trying to capture
a pokemon, but it braking my line and me restarting from a true way back. Your
styler will get more health over time.

All the pokemon are classified into Groups. Some pokemon may have been 2 groups
in former pokemon games, but are not now, are only one. They are Grass, Water,
Fire, Normal, Rock, Ground, Steel, Dragon, Ghost, Fighting, Ice, Psychic, Dark,
Poison, Bug, Flying and Electric. Depending on what group a Pokemon is in, the
more (or less) effective a Poke Assist is.

Poke Assists
Poke assists are sort of like Rangerís Pokemonís attacks on other pokemon. Each
Poke Assist will help the Ranger to capture the pokemon- normally an object/an
element which will stop them, from moving or slow them down. Each assist does
something different. A Pokemonís assist can be seen by touching it in the field
or looking it up on the browser. Each assist will have advantages and
disadvantages. For example, a ground assist will work well on an electric,
rock, steel, poison or a fire group pokemon, but quite ineffective on a grass
or bug group pokemon, and completely useless against flying group pokemon. Some
assists will be automatically Ďshotí at the pokemon on the field. These are
discharge, psychic and electric assists. These Ďdirect helpí assists can be
quite useless against pokemon that race all over the place because if they are
off screen: youíre done for and youíve wasted your pokemon. The other assists
(Grass, Water, Fire, Rock, Ground, Ghost, Fighting, Ice, dark, poison, bug,
flying assists) will power up the capture line for a period of time. The more
powerful the pokemon, the longer the time limit. For example, Regirock has more
ĎRock Assist timeí than a Geodude. They are no dragon or steel assists, nor
normal assists- which can make some pokemon pretty useless. Also, after using a
Poke Assist, the pokemon is automatically released, other than if a pokemon
uses the discharge move. (because thatís your partner pokemon).

Grass Assists will sprout grass from the capture line upon being drawn. If a
pokemon walks into the grass, they can become ensnared, and unable to move for
a while. How long depends on what group pokemon you are facing. Flying and
levitating pokemon are immune to this assist simply because they would
fly/levitate over the grass, which is on the floor of the battlefield.

Fire Assists will spout fire off the capture line and if a pokemon hits the
fire before it fades, they will be burnt, or be slowed down. Drawing a loop
will also trigger a sudden flare in the middle, also slowing down pokemon.

Water assists first require you to touch the touch screen and this will blow a
bubble. You can then flick the bubble in a certain direction, which will trap
them in the bubble, unable to move. The bubble will burst over time, but can be
burst before hand- if you are still blowing the bubble, and the pokemon crashes
into it, the bubble is burst automatically.

Electric assists will not be much use to help you get the pokemon down, but may
keep you alive as it will recharge the styler. How much it heals it depends on
the Pokemonís field move- how many recharge circles does it have?

Fighting assists make your life a whole load easier, as it will double the
efficiency of your capture disc- 1 loop will be worth two! For example, Muk,
which requires 7 loops- using a fighting assist will make it only take 4. Good,
eh? The best time to use a fighting assist is after another assist, like grass,
rock, ice, etc. While they are caught up in the attack, you can also mix in the
fighting assist, and draw *2 loops as normal, while they struggle to move! (and
fail to...)

Poison assists are quite useless to be honest, unless you are battling a grass
type. The capture line will spout poison gas clouds which will stun pokemon.
Normally it seems to miss, and isn't very effective on many.

Psychic assists are direct help that will levitate pokemon in the air for a
bit. It can be very slow, so with pokemon that will dodge the attacks by
running off screen are quite immune to this assist, but it can still work.
You'd have to be lucky.

Bug assists are quick but very good at missing, unless you can do it right. A
bug assist fires a blob of web on the field, and if it hits a pokemon they will
be caught up in the web, and unable to move inside the mess.

Ground assists are quite good as they can rocky up the earth, and if a pokemon
walks into the churned earth, and become unable to move.

Rock assists are simply as are bug assists, for you should throw a stone chip
in the direction you flicked the stylus, and if it hits a pokemon, it becomes a
stone dust cloud, and the pokemon is startled and doesn't move for a while.

Flying assists will throw mini tornado shaped gusts at pokemon, and if it hits
one, it is levitated on the spot. While circling, tornadoes are also fired in
all directions, stunning any plus pokemon.

Dark assists are pretty useless, but some say it is good on Steelix. A Dark
Assist will take away a proportion of your styler's energy, but will double the
length of the capture line. This can be useful for drawing around multiple
pokemon- especially big ones.

Ghost assists are probably the best in the game, unless you're battling normal
types. Ghost assists will cause ghosts to be ejected from the centre of the
capture line, which will grab pokemon and stop them from moving.

Ice assists are probably one of the best assists in the game. That's why it's
unlocked at the end. Drawing a loop will freeze the ground, causing pokemon
that walk into it to be frozen and unable to move.

Field Moves
Field Moves are moves to be used on the field to help destroy a target. For
example, a boulder can be rid of by using a smash move. There are smash, soak,
burn, tackle, cut, flash, cross and recharge field moves. Each one does what it
says on the tin.

A Smash field move will smash a Small Rock, Boulder, Rockfall, Rock Wall,
Waterworks Wall, Cavern Wall and Big Boulders or Rose Stone.

A soak move will soak a burning tree, a chunky rock, a rugged rock, a vine and
an asleep Steelix.

A burn move will burn Bundled Hay, a fallen log, scrap metal, ice and the fiery

A tackle move will tackle a crate, a dead tree, a big tree and a trash can, a
topaz stone or a citrus stone.

A cut move will cut a sign, a wooden fence, a metal fence, a shrub, a cage and
a big cage, or a marine stone.

A flash move will light up a dark room.

A cross move will allow you to cross a chasm to a cross post.

A recharge move will recharge your styler.

However, different levels of field moves are needed for an obstacle. For
example, a rockfall requires 3 smash symbols meanwhile a small rock only
requires 1.

Recharge can recharge your styler, and the more symbols a recharge field move
has, the more it heals out of and in battle. 1 symbol will heal the styler by
5, 2 symbols will heal the styler by 15 and 3 symbols will heal the styler by
the entire styler.


First, there's you. You've become a ranger from sending in letters, and now you
are here to be one of the best rangers ever! Your mission is to save the
environment from the Go-Rock Squad!

This is the Ringtown Ranger that is your ally, and teams up with you on 3
missions, plus 1 extra mission and 1 special mission. Solana will be the ally
if you are a boy, and the ally will be Lunick if you are a girl. That is one of
the only 2 differences of choosing your gender to the storyline, the other is
your starter, which is Minun for the guy and Plusle from the girl.

Spenser is the Ringtown Base leader. He is one of the 4 ranger union leaders.
He owns a Fearow, which he uses to fly you and him back to Ringtown at the

Prof. Hastings
Hastings is the chief of technology for the Ranger Union. He resides in Fall
City, in his lab, north of the town. He is not very defensive, for he is robbed
twice during the game- both things that are in fact very important.

Joel is the Fall City Base leader. He is one of the 4 ranger union leaders. He
owns a Dodrio, which he uses to patrol on throughout the game, and during the

Cameron is the Summerland Base leader. He is one of the 4 ranger union leaders.
He owns a Pelipper, which he doesn't use, and is only seen on the 2nd floor of
the Ranger base in Summerland. He likes to give junk to people as rewards.

Elita is the Wintown Base leader. She is one of the 4 ranger union leaders. She
owns a Skarmory, which she doesn't use, and is only seen on the 2nd floor of
the Ranger base in Wintown.

Murph is another Ringtown ranger. His partner pokemon is a slowpoke, who
apparently is faster than him. Murph is quite wimpy, but can be quite funny.
and teams up with you for the Celebi mission for some reason, but this is the
only time.

Aria is a Fall City ranger. She teams up with you for a few missions, including
the Rockfall clearing mission, and the Sekra Range level. She is very stroppy,
and seems to not like telling people her true feelings.

Percy is a Summerland ranger, who's partner pokemon, Politoed, is taken from
him as in Mission 4. He is probably not very believable because in Special
Mission 3, he tells the town he saw Mew, and of course they don't believe him,

Go- Rock Squad
The Go-Rock squad are the bad people in Fiore. They steal the professor's Super
Styler early in the game, cause a calamity by injuring a Charizard to force you
to finish the 4th challenge, blow up their own base, and try to destroy (and
then save) the world using the legendaries Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Later on,
they steal the precious Manaphy egg while Hastings is taking it to Spenser in
the Lyra Forest. They are many grunts you have to battle throughout the game.
Most of them are easy. Some may be a wee bit hard.

An old, lost man from the woods that turns out the be the leader of the Go-Rock
Squad, and turns out to be an old friend of Hastings, whom he blames for what
he does. He stops the Go-Rock Squad taking the Manaphy egg, as in the 'Recover
the Precious Egg!' extra mission. He has a horrible laugh.

Go-Rock Quads
These 4 Siblings of the Go-Rock Squad, are musicians, each playing an
instrument. Billy plays the electric guitar. Tiffany lays the violin. Garret
plays the guitar and Clyde plays the drum. They repeat the some thing every
time they are seen, which can be a real pain. They turn out to be Gordor's
children, although they are not quite said so exactly, but I think they are.

There are others as well, that aren't major. Don't worry about it, all minor.
3. Walkthrough

Starting the game
I know the first few steps are common sense and very basic, but I'll go through
with them anyway.
Ensure your Nintendo DS is turned off. Insert Pokemon Ranger into the top part
of the DS and switch on. Charge the DS if needed. If you have Auto mode on,
Pokemon Ranger will automatically load. If you don't touch the Pokemon Ranger
icon at the top of the manual screen. The game will load its credits. Doing
this, it will load the title screen. There are 3 title screens- one is the map
of Fiore, with clouds drifting past, one is down in the sea, with pokemon
swimming around, and bubbles floating here and there, the other is the 3rd one,
there will not be another afterwards- it is of a forest, where you can see the
wind shaking the trees and the sun blazing through. Press the title screen to
see the menu. If you already have a game save, Continue will be available.
Continue contains your gameplay time, your rank and your name.  If you
quicksaved last time, the game will not show the start-up menu yet, and will
ask if you want to continue. Say yes to continue, say no to delete the
quicksaved data and go back to the last save point data. Also, after completing
the main storyline once, Ranger Net will be there. The start menu leaves the
options New Game and Options.  The option screen has the windows option,
changing the line around the edge of them. You can also change the text speed
from medium to slow or fast, or leave it will medium. Then you can go to new
game and start a new game. Upon starting a new game you will be reading the
invitation from Spenser.
Your strong motivation to become a Pokemon RangerÖ
How you live in harmony to with pokemon and strive to protect nature everydayÖ
How you selflessly go to the help of people in needÖ
How you built and trained your body to become a pokemon rangerÖ
All this Iíve come to understand and appreciate the seven letters youíve sent
I would like to meet youÖ
I want to see for myself that you are worthy of becoming a ranger.
I will be waiting in Fall City next Sunday
Youíll find enclosed a ferry ticket for the ferry to Fall City and an official
pokemon ranger uniform
Wear it, and wait for me in the harbour.
With that uniform on I wonít have any trouble spotting you.
I look forward to seeing you.
Best regards
Ringtown Ranger Leader. Choose a gender for yourself, and the game will begin.
After this, the game will begin and you will turn up at the Fall City harbour.
Talk to some people if you want to, but sometimes you have to. Head to the
Snorlax. You can't capture it yet, nor the Krabby or Wingull. But do not worry,
you can get these later. Head as far north as you can. You will be stopped from
going anywhere. Touch the crate, and a Plusle/ Minun will pop out. You can't do
anything with it: it will run away.  Plusle will pop out if you are a girl,
Minun if you are the boy. Head into the tourist centre. Talk to the person
behind the counter and then leave. Head North again, and you'll see Spenser.

He'll talk for a bit, but before long, you'll be hearing Houndoom's cry from a
little further north. Spenser and you will head up and you'll see the pokemon
that was hiding behind the crate (the electric cheering pokemon) facing off a
Houndoom. Spenser will give you a capture styler and ask you to try and capture
the cheering pokemon, but you don't know how to. (the character, not you
in-particular). Spenser will show you how to capture pokemon- capturing the
Houndoom. However, it should be a wee bit harder and isn't, really he should be
attacked more, and have more energy. Then, its your turn to capture the
Plusle/Minun. You'll have to release it for now though. You'll receive a Ranger
Certificate in which you need to sign, and doing so, you will be able to tell
the world your name. Now, Spenser will call on his Fearow, which he will use to
fly back to Ringtown. However, Minun will hang on too. The pokemon ranger sign
comes up, you fly past and land in Ringtown. It will run away, but don't fret
about it. You'll see it again soon!

Solana/Lunick will introduce themselves and her partner, Plusle/Minun.
(opposite to the one you've seen already). Then, you'll go into the base.
You'll meet Murph. He's not a great Ranger, but do not fret, he'll be one of
your mates. He'll also introduce you to Slowpoke, his partner pokemon. Spenser
will talk for a bit, before all 3 people show there 'mission done' move.
Murph's so clumsy that he drops his styler, while the female protagonist will
shine hers like a sword, and the male protagonist will throw and catch theirs.
Larry will rush in, and ask for his pokemon to be caught after running into the
Lyra Forest. You'll receive it is a rookie mission, but Larry's not too happy
about you being the one to do the mission, complaining about the idea of 'Don't
Fair Failure'. Lunick/Solana (LS) will tell you to ignore Larryís comments, but
why would you? They will tell you about the in-game menu. Check out stuff and
then close it. Now you can do this anytime. On the top screen you can view your
Styler's EXP and your styler's line length. The receptionist will speak,
talking about healing your styler and the save machine. Now is a good time to
use the Save Machine, since you've hardly done anything interactive yet. That
is about to change! Head out the door and head north to the Lyra Forest. LS
will run after you and will tag along with you.
Rookie Mission: Don't Fear Failure!
Larry's description won't be much use, but here it is:
It's powerful, yet classy. It might appear to have a slinky look to it, but
it's also clunky. What I'm trying to say is... it's a pokemon! That's what it

This is no good, so you'll have just have to capture a pokemon and see if it is
or not. Spenser will tag along with you, talk to him for advice.

Go into a battle with a wild pokemon. There are both Zigzagoon and Chikorita's
to capture. Do as you did before, watching out that they don't crash into the
capture line. Remember, you can get EXP from this, and this will level up your
styler. Upon capturing one pokemon, it's data will be registered in the
Browser. To truly complete the game, you need to complete the Browser.  Spenser
says that it was a good capture- and it was- for your 2nd ever capture!
However, if capturing Chikorita, watch out for the orange number. Drawing extra
loops will gain you more EXP, levelling your your styler quicker. Upon catching
one of each, take them back to Larry, who will say they aren't his, and then,
head north and simply capture the Taillow. Remember, draw extra loops. And you
could also try capturing more than one at once for extra EXP. You can use an
assist at any time, but you may as well not bother. Zigzagoon won't have an
assist, and Chikorita's will only work on Zigzagoon, so its worthless. Use it
when you're taught a little later on.

Capturing the Taillow will trigger Spenser to tell you it's Larry's. Easy!
Take it back to Larry. They'll go and youíll be congratulated. But, there's a
problem! A child has burnt some trees. You rush over to investigate. You'll be
told about Target Clear, and this is your chance to shine! Check it, and it
will say what Field Move is required. Read beforehand in the Walkthrough, in
the basics section for field move info. Spenser will get a Mudkip, fast! He's
touch the pokemon, and drag it to the tree (target) and the tree will not be
one fire anymore. Quickly get another Mudkip for yourself, using Chikorita's
assist if needed- it's very useful. Bring it back and deal with the Burning
Tree. Try to capture 2 for bonus EXP, using Chikorita's grass assist- this will
be easy! This could easily level up your styler now and you will get more
Maximum health, and any lost health will be healed to the new max. Plus, the
line length increases, so your capture lines can be a little longer. It's
mission complete!

Now, you go back to the Ranger base, and the game will ask if you want to save.
I would.

In the base, now, you are going on patrol. LS will explain about patrolling
before you literally walk out the door and do it. But, upon doing so,
Plusle/Minun (PM) will cry. Head straight up to it. Taillow VS PM! Larry's
Taillow! However, upon entering the battle, Minun will use it's discharge move,
paralysing the Taillow. It will fade off if you don't finish all the loops.
Larry thanks you and tells you the story of what happened. The pokemon
apologize to each other, before Larry and Taillow go. But then, Minun wants to
stay with you, and LS will suggest you have it as a partner pokemon, as you
don't have one yet, after it's data is registered in the Browser, as you just
connected on an emotional level. Head back to the base, to report from Patrol.
Spenser recognizes the Minun, but before long, he'll tell you what one is.
Since LS has PM as well as you, they will teach you how their assist works.
(Which is Discharge BTW). They will demonstrate about Capture energy with a
Wartortle. Watch, this is very important to know about. After, they'll ask
whether you want to hear it again, but you should know now. Solana will go off
and patrol in the Lyra Forest, leaving you here, awaiting a new mission. Prof.
Hastings arrives at the scene, and they'll talk about the capture styler Prof.
Hastings has recently invented- the Super Styler! Head upstairs to check on
Spenser's Fearow. It's tired and can't do much now. Coming down again, tell
Spenser. Spenser will tell you to escort the professor back to Fall City. This
is your new mission! Your first official mission! Set off!
Mission 1: Escort the Professor!
Off you go, and a Bellsprout pops out of the bushes. You can't flee here, so
just capture it, and register it in your browser. Hastings will show you how to
use an assist. In this instance, he'll show you how to use the grass assist
bearing in mind you just caught a grass type- Bellsprout. Watch closely. He'll
relate back to the idea of line powerups and direct help assists. He'll finish
by mentioning about the rank upgrades, and doing so will allow more assists to
be used. Remember to catch as many pokemon as possible to level up our styler
to make life easier!

Walk north, and Mudkip'll show up. He'll now show you the unique water type
assist. Watch closely again. It's what I said earlier in videos and images! If
you didn't quite get it, watch it again. This shouldn't be too hard to master
either. You'll come up to a dead end of Bundled Hay. Capture the nearby Torchic
and head back. Clear the Bundled Hay as you did the Burning Tree. Soon, you'll
come across a Pichu. You don't have to capture it, but you may want to, because
doing so, you ca recharge your styler should you need to. You'll find a big
tree, with pokemon around. Ignore the shrub, you can't get in there yet, you'll
need Cut *1, and you don't need to ever go in here anyway. Head north and not
south at the turnways. However, a fallen log is blocking your path, so you can
progress. Head back, and a Combusken will jump out of the bushes, and run after
you. Capture it, head back and use it to torch the Fallen Log. Now, head into
the Krokka Tunnel.

Walk through the Krokka Tunnel. But upon getting on a bit, Hastings sees a
Dugtrio, chasing over to it. However, upon that happening, a Rockfall is
triggered. Hastings is safe, but trapped on the other side. Head over to him-
hastily. You can't clear this target right now, so don't try. Nor, the rock
nearby where a Paras jumped from. Chase and capture the Paras, and head on. Cut
the wooden fence down blocking the path, and proceed. Again, this rockfall is
also in your way, and un-movable, leave it where it is, and move on. Go through
the door, to find a pool of water. Poliwag may already be out, but otherwise,
they will jump out if you get too close. Capture them for the EXP. Attempt to
capture them both at the same time to get more EXP, using
Chikorita/Bellsprout's assist to help out. Move on, avoiding/capturing the
Paras and out the door at the end.

Upon exiting, 2 uniformed people rush in to the professor. Explaining
themselves as the Go-Rock Squad, and then they take his Super Styler, and run
off. Chase after them. It won't be long until you see them, yet again. They'll
trigger another Rockfall, almost hitting you! They'll run off. Chase! Capture/
Skip the Magnemite and Pichu and move on again. However, there's a Rhydon
causing mayhem outside- smashing boulders. Now, you have to capture that
Rhydon! If you don't have a Water assist, whoops! This is do-able without any
assist, but use a water assist to be sure. Also, a grass assist will do. If you
don't have either had back in and capture the Bellsprout. You can get some
decent EXP from it, and this may even level up your styler. His field move may
say that it can destroy one of the Rockfall inside, but you can't take it
anywhere... it is automatically released! To pass through to Fall City, you
need to release all your pokemon with you, other than your partner, obviously.
Go forward to the Ranger Base. It's mission complete! Joel'll turn up, on his
Dodrio welcoming back the Professor. It appears to be a big problem about the
Super Styler.

Head into the Ranger Base. Inside, you'll be upgraded to Ranger Rank 2. Then,
Joel and Hastings head upstairs to discuss the Super Styler. Talk to both the
boys downstairs, who give valuable information. They; are Keith and Lind. Upon
doing so, Aria turns up. She'll recognize you as a Ringtown Ranger and you'll
exchange names. They'll come back down, and talk of the Super Styler's robbery-
telling all Rangers to explore the Krokka Tunnel for clues about the Go-Rock
Squad, explaining what dreadful things they could do with it. They'll all
leave, but you have been told not to go- you are too low in Ranger Rank to go
and must help the citizens in Fall City while it's normally rangers are away.
So, a new mission!
Mission 2: Fall City Case Log!
Leaving, you'll receive your first text message from Spenser. Read the Inbox
for the message. Head west. The east road is now blocked, so no-one disturbs
the rangers in the Krokka Tunnel. Heading further, a girl will ask you to help
her out,  at her apartment building. Follow her. Go to the house, but before
going in, head north, and capture a Snubbull and a Makuhita. Head back to the
building with the girl in it. There is a crate in the way of her door. Use
Makuhita to move it out of the way. She'll let you in for a snack, but there's
a Venonat in hr house, and she's not happy about it. Capture and release it.
Venonat can be a pain jumping like mad, but you can capture in just a few
loops, donít bother with bonus EXP with this pokemon. If you think you're going
to struggle head back and capture Makuhita for the fighting assist. However,
this is compulsory.

Head out and walk back to the base. There is a woman coming along, who has lost
her Skitty. One Skitty will turn up. It's your job to find the rest. Say yes,
and go for it. Head north and too the left. Head past the blue building and
north and in the house at the furthest north. There's a man who's confused
about having 3 plush dolls, when he used to have 2. Touching the Skitty will
make it a real one. They can be a real pain jumping all over you when you try
to capture them. Head back to the apartment you were just in. Go to the roof,
where you will find Skitty No. 2. Head back to the ranger base, and drop off
the 2 Skitty you have caught so far. Head down the stairs and turn left as soon
as you can, round a few corners. Use Snubbul's field move on the right trash
can to knock the Skitty right out of it! Capture that one too. Head as far down
as possible and turn right from there. Kittyís at the fountain. If you're
intending to capture the Ludicolo, you'd better be pretty decent- especially
both at the same time. Discharge helps. However, you don't need to worry about
catching them, but you might as well. They can easily hurt your styler with
their blasted song. Find and capture the Meowth, right and up from the
fountain. If your team is now full from the Ludicolo, release one Ludicolo, not
the Skitty, or the Meowth. Cut down the Wooden Fence just north a little, and
the Skitty behind it will run off. Follow it. Upon going to the next part,
you'll meet a Researcher with a Machoke. You can tell from the researcher's
reactions that they are Go-Rock Squad researchers. Leave the Machoke as it is,
and capture the Skitty. Head back to the Ranger Base, dropping off the Skitty
that you have, completing Part 2 of the mission. Teresa will go off with her

Now, head back to the central crossroads of the town- where you met the other 2
people and Assistant will meet you there, and ask you to visit her in the lab.
The lab is that blue building you saw while getting the Skitty. On the way,
capture a Makuhita to help with the really annoying next pokemon. Head to the
la, and she'll lead you in. She needs to find something down in the basement,
but it's so dark, she needs a flash move. You'll need to capture her a Staryu
from the Lighthouse Basement. Head down past the fountain, back to the Sea
Port. Capture Wingull and Krabby here if you like. You donít need to. In fact,
stuff Krabby, you have to battle 6 of these during the main storyline. Head to
the ladder that Snorlax was sleeping on, and down it. This is the lighthouse
basement. Down there is a lone Staryu. Staryu can be a real ass to capture, so
use Discharge and/or Makuhita fighting assist to get it into your party
quickly. Preferably Discharge, this gives you time to charge it up for the next
mission still, and is super effective. Again, you don't need to, these are
tips. Take it back to the lab, and into the basement. Just touch Staryu, say
yes, and the room will light up, and it's time to go. Head out, returning to
the Ranger Base.

However, Aria shows up, and suddenly there's a pokemon cry- it's Machoke, at
the Clock Tower. Save the monument- calm and capture the Machoke. For Machoke,
you could easily just catch it, like you'll have to in the capture arena, but
Ludicolo's water assist would be good, plus Makuhita's fighting assist. You
could use Discharge, but again, Ludicolo + Makuhita is probably better- you're
going to need the partner energy next time, and a fair bit, so, Ludicolo
and/without Makuhita. As well, Wingull and Krabby have water assists, so they
can be good choices too. After, you'll be congratulated, but Aria thinks it was
only so-so. You'll leave to go back to the Ranger Base. Then, the researcher
turns up again, complaining about the Machoke failing to destroy the tower, and
calling you 'the snoop sniffing around the factory earlier'. You'll be asked if
you want to save. Do so. It's mission complete!
As a reward, you'll go up to Rank 3, but before long the Civil Engineer turns
up saying that the aquaducts have been overflowing with sludge down in the
waterworks. It's said to be crawling while Grimer. Before it's even set, it
look like another mission. Head over to where the Civil Engineer is and begin
your next mission. Picking up a Makuhita before you go in is a good idea- you
can use that to help out with the Grimer, or the harder pokemon nearer the end.
Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak
As soon as you enter, you'll get a text message. Head down the ladder nearby.
There is a ranger down here that will collect any of the Grimer you capture.
Capture the pokemon as you venture through. The Totodile is the first you'll
meet, catch it, you never know, the water assist may be useful. Walking forward
further, you'll see a sludgy floor. Walk onto it, and Grimer will drop down.
Catch it. If you get too desperate, using Totodile's water assist. The, there
is another Totodile. Head down into the next part.

Watch out for the Corphish that will chase after you as soon as they see you.
They can be a real pain. Capture them if you like. They are nowhere else in the
storyline, and their assist again may be useful. Metal Fences block your
progress over the bridge, so travel further south. There's an engineer here,
near the Magnemite. You may need this Magnemite or not. If you do or don't,
catch it anyway. You'll approach more sludge. Here, two Grimer fall down. They
still aren't too hard to catch, so donít worry. Water can be used if you need
it. Try to capture them at the same time for hoards of EXP. Carry on following
the path. You'll probably be chased by another Corphish, before meeting a
Drowzee. Drowzee are cool here, they can easily levitate the Grimer making them
pimps to catch. Head down the ladder.

There are quite a few Koffing down here. You can battle and catch them if you
really desire, for the Browser, since they are not in the storyline. Beware of
them suddenly enlarging when you draw loops around them. Be careful you don't
fall off the edge of the sludge too, you'll fall down the hole and have to
start again. Also, watch out for their poison gas attacks that will slow you
down badly if they hit you. Up the ladder, you will find a Raticate. This
Raticate is needed for cutting the Metal fence, so capture it. Head all the way
back round to the metal fence, and cut it down. Move on.

Head up, meeting a Magnemite, while further, a Croconaw will jump out of the
water. Beware of the puddled water, it comes out fast, and can be a real pain.
Through the door is another load of sludge. Walking onto it, 2 more Grimer fall
down for a battle. Capture them, and the ranger will collect them, so you can
move on forward. Head right, and down, through another door, down past the
Totodile and to the 2 tubes. The first time leads up to a lonely Drowzee, which
again can be useful. Going up the other, you'll meet Aria, telling you about
her mission there- to find the grunt said to be hiding down here. Watch out for
the currents in the both of them. At the top of there are 2 more Corphish.
Then, head down the ladder. Slide on the sludge, but watch out for poison gas
attacks from the Koffing and the hole- falling down this one will take you back
to the bit near Raticate! Out of there is another Corphish, plus a currently
inaccessible area. You can go over here as soon as you get a Tangela, but can't
completely get to this area until completing the main storyline. If you go over
here before then, you can still get Squirtle.

Head out the pipe. Save your game here. Walk round the area through the door
and round to the Magnemite, and forward still. On the left is more sludge, with
3 Grimers preparing for you to battle them. This may be a bit harder, you may
need Drowzee here. The ranger will take them away again. This is almost over.
There's only 2 more sets now! Head left. Aria is over the other side of the
chasm. She'll give you a hint of how to get over there. 'There's a post here,
and there's a Tangela somewhere.' Another Croconaw jumps out of the water here,
so watch out for it. Head up and capture the Tangela. Head down again, and use
it's cross field move to cross the chasm. Head up, past the Magnemite, and to
the Meditite. Capture the Meditite and jump down the cliffedge. Head down and
right as far as possible and up to the broken wall. Use Meditite to destroy the
wall, and inside capture Magneton and Oddish. Come out and maybe capture the
Drowzee should you need one. Head back the way you came from and capture the
Tangela to cross again. This time go left and then go round the pipe. At the
top, go up for another Drowzee, and/or left to proceed. In the pipe, head
straight down the pipe instead of turning left, and capture a Raticate.  Head
back up the pipe, and chomp away at the Metal Fence. Go up and capture the
Crawdaunt which'll jump out of the water.

Head back down the pipe, saving at the Save Point and moving into the sludge,
where the last pack of 3 Grimers appears. The ranger will take them away, and
go off the report to Joel, before screaming- MUK! His nose was right! Go past
the Magnemite and forward, ready, before the cry.  Capture the Drowzee if you
need to, this is your pokemon for these rioting pokemon!  Jump off the
cliffedge. You'll receive a text message. Then walk into the Muk to start the

For Muk, use the psychic assist right way, followed by Makuhita/Meditite's.
Simply draw the loops to finish Muk and Grimer off for good! It's mission
complete! Aria shows up, saying she hasn't found the Go-Rock member, but when
you two leave, he is see up top, laughing. Now, let yourself save the game at
the opportunity. You will now go up to Rank 4.

So, you're heading for Summerland, but how to get there? You can't use the
ferry, its not working, you can't use the Dragonite bus, you're too low in
rank... You could always try asking the Lapras Guy. So off we go...

Just head straight back to the Harbour. When you get there, the Lapras is being
beat by Krabby after the Lapras Guy stepped on one of their feet! Go up to them
and battle them. Use discharge if necessary. After that you'll be permitted to
ride Lapras whenever you like from Fall City to Summerland. You'll connect on
an emotional level, so Lapras will be registered in the Browser. Hop on and get
to Summerland. Release any pokemon you may still have on you.

Upon arriving you may want to take part in the capture challenge. You don't
have to or anything, but it can be quite a good idea to- you need to in order
to complete the browser. Read the capture challenge bit in the walkthrough for
help. Walking to the base, you'll get another text. Now head to the Ranger
Base. Inside Leilani will grant you, and so will Percy. They explain about
Cameron being at the Capture Challenge. Percy will go to fetch Cameron, but he
doesn't now what is going to happen to him. Talk to Leilani and he'll turn up.
He'll grant you and then remind you while you're here. Percy rushes back in,
Politoed was taken from funny looking rangers! Cameron asks you go into the
Olive Jungle to capture Percy's Politoed. He'll hint that he could contact
Spenser and make it a true mission! Let's go! Step outside, to receive yet
another text. You now have a mission. Head north to the Olive Jungle.
Mission 4: Where's Politoed?!
Walking forward, Percy follows you waiting at the beginning of the jungle,
because it terrifies him. He'll stay there, while you get Politoed. Walk
forward and capture 1/2 Treecko. Heading up the vines, you'll meet the Go-Rock
Quads for the first time. After their performance (see the Quad Text part of
this document for what they say), turn left and battle your first ever grunt.
This grunt is easy, using 3 Wurmple! Capture them all at once, and quick, and
it's over! The grunt will flee.

As soon as you get to the next part, you'll see the grunt leading Politoed off
some place. Save here, to prevent having to listen to the Quads again. Capture
Electrike if you like before crossing the bridge. You can't move or capture the
Snorlax, so leave it there for now. Head upwards. Capture the Phanpy if you
like. Moving inwards, another grunt will use 2 Ekans. Finish this guy off
quickly as you did the other.

Continue through the wooded area. Watch out for the falling Spinarak. When out
again, capture one of the Lotad. If it is still a Lotus Plant, wait a minute
and it will turn into a Lotad. Head up the vines and capture Heracross, and
Ludicolo if you like. Then, jump back down the vines, and to the right.
Heracross isn't too easy. Try an assist for him like Discharge, but be quick.

You'll see that the grunt has let Politoed go over the river, while the grunt
is stranded on the other side. Use Heracross' tackle field move on the tree to
knock it over, and then the grunt will go over, while, so can you. Head up to
the growing vine, and water it, which will grow it quickly. Climb up, and
capture the Grovyle. Use Treecko's cut attack to destroy the Undergrowth, and
go inside the capture the 2 Lombre. Head out, and down the vine. Go to the
right, but Mankey and Primeape will come down at this point, and they'll attack
the Go-Rock Member. But, the grunt will rely on you to take sure of the
fighting types, running off, with Politoed. Capture them. If you are
struggling, which I do too, flee, and battle them singularly. Then, head back
over the tree, where the grunt has fled with the Politoed, and placed a Metal
Fence in your way. Go to it (climb up the vines, etc), and use Grovyle's cut
move to destroy it. Continue on. There is now a grunt which will use Beautifly
and 2 Paras. Watch out for Beautifly's sparkly dust attack. Climb the large
cliff now, but watch out for the Gligar. Should they tackle you, you will fall
all the way to the bottom! You can catch them if you want. You'll see the grunt
flee into the Jungle Relic- give chase to that exact location.

Since it's a dead end for the grunt, inside youíll have to capture the
Politoed. Using discharge is very useful here, along with a
Mankey/Primeape/Heracross fighting assist. After Politoed is gone, the grunt
will flee, but outside you'll see Billy from the Go- Rock Quads. However,
walking down from the Jungle Relic, Percy appears- with Politoed, Politoed
appearing as if it had never gone! That is mission complete! Save now, as it is

You'll be congratulated by Cameron, and you'd have a better idea of the Go-Rock
Squad from this mission. Now, you can be Rank 5! Spenser will go on about them
being on the same team earlier on in life...Cameron reports the incident to
Hastings. Leave. Try to go somewhere. You will receive a text message. Head
back to Fall City.

You'll see Spenser after getting off of Lapras, telling you to meet him at the
Ranger Base. Head there. If you caught any, you must release the pokemon before
entering the base. Heading in, Hastings, Joel and Spenser are discussing about
dealing with the Go-Rock Squad. Apparently, they've hidden now, and that they
were all using new super stylers, like Hastings. They will talk of the Super
Styler before setting you your next mission. Your new mission is to clear the
rockfalls in the Krokka Tunnel. Off you go!
Mission 5: Clear the Rockfalls!
Head left straight away onto the East Road and head into the Krokka Tunnel.
You'll soon meet Aria, who is the Fall City ranger that was asked to help out,
but she now puts the rest down to you, there are only 3 left for you when there
were about 6 or 7 before. Head through the door and round. Go out that door and
capture/ leave a Geodude while you're there. Then head through the door there
as well. Inside, you'll see the Quads again. Head into the room in the north to
capture a Magneton if you want to. If not head left and down out the door,
capturing Bellsprout along the way. However, a grunt will block your path here,
using 3 Geodudes. Use Bellsprout's assist here for good help. Let the grunt
flee and follow suit. Turning left will lead to a cracking wall. To open it,
you'll need to first capture a Graveler outside of this area. Go out the door,
capture a Graveler and head back in. Smash the wall and go in to find a Kirlia.
This Kirlia will be very useful- save it. You'll need it for capturing Hariyama
that are coming up. Head back out, past the Graveler, picking another up if you
so wish and defeating the grunt with the 3 Snubbull. Carry on left to another
door. Through here are lot of Zubat and a few Poliwhirl. Capture as many as you
think may be useful. Watch out for the supersonic waves that will confuse you,
confusing your sense of direction. Head to the little cavern at the top. Inside
capture the Hariyama without Kirlia. Go down the steps, and capture the other 2
Hariyama using Kirlia's help. You may find Machop's fighting assist good too.
Now, you can use Hariyama to destroy the rocks. Off we go!

Jump off the cliffedge and turn right. You'll meet a grunt with a Krabby and a
Crawdaunt. Capture on! Discharge? You can do it without it, but it may help
you. Go right more and through the big door. Head right. Battling the 3 Zubat
grunt as you pass.  They'll too flee. Smash the two boulders now in your way,
and watch out for the 5 Spinarak jumping out of one of them. Now head back.
There will be another rock south of the Dugtrio statue. Destroy it. Then you
should receive a text message. Head back to the statue, that should be just
north of you. Tiffany will appear. After chat, she'll give you time to get
ready. Go and save, and capture Poliwag/ Poliwhirl/ Machop/ Geodude /Graveler
for this moment. Then, battle Camerupt! First trap it in a bubble, or a dust
cloud, use a fighting assist and that was an easy battle! After losing she'll
flee, and Spenser will turn up, and escort you back to Ringtown. It's mission
complete! Solana will meet up with you outside the Krokka Tunnel, who too will
escort you back to Ringtown. Now, is time to save.

Next, you'll go back to base, to be ranked up to Rank 6. Spenser will be happy
to see you're back in your original base, before you are told to unwind and
relax for a while. But, whatever the case, head back out. Take the capture
challenge. Read the capture challenge bit of the walkthrough for more info.
After, head back to base. Solana will leave, heading for Summerland. You
however should go into the base, by doing so, receiving your next mission. A
senor citizen is lost in the forest- so its your job to find and rescue him.
So, off you go to the Lyra Forest. By now you should know where the Lyra Forest
is, so go straight there.
Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer
Upon entering the forest, LS decides to team up with you for  a while. She will
keep you company, but she can't stay too long. Head straight up capturing
Chikorita and Zigzagoon if you want to, and head to the bridge, which you were
unable to cross before. Going over here leads to the depths of the Lyra Forest.
But on the way up a man turns up looking for her daughter. A sub-mission for
you- find her, she is a little way inside the depths. LS will tell you its that
way anyway! But, before going in, you may as well head downwards and capture
the Marshtomp, down at the bottom of the quite grassy area.

Inside, you'll meet a girl with a Jigglypuff. She's not happy as one of her
Jigglypuff has run away. You had better go and find it for her. LS will stay
behind to play games with her while she waits, and she'll stop crying. Off you
go, there's a Jigglypuff to find! Capture the Phanpy, and knock about one of
the trees. Ninjask and Beedrill live in these trees, and you'll need Ninjask
for the browser (not anywhere else) and Beedrill to smash the rock by the
river. Here, a Wartortle will jump out, and you can catch it. It isn't too easy
by the way.  Capture one of each. If you need another Phanpy, just get one.
Some trees may also be empty. You'll find the Jigglypuff in the left top hand
corner. Capture it, and take it back to the little girl. You'll find Cyndaquil
among the Jigglypuff too. Head back like this (you can also use this for
coming) down, first right, second right and you're there. She'll be happy she's
found it, and she'll go. So will LS, she's now got to go to Summerland. Head
back, and further into the forest.  Upon passing the shrine, you'll receive a
text message. Read it, it can be important. Now head on.

You'll meet a few Taillow here. Capture them if you like. There are more
falling Spinarak here too. Then, you'll find a Pichu, and soon a Save Point.
Head down further, where you'll see Ivysaur and you're first Weepinbell. Avoid
it unless you want to catch it, when you must sneak up on it from behind, else
you'll be eaten and spat back at the entrance. Heading left at the path not
quite at the bottom, capture/flee from the Ivysaur and head down. Heading up
will leave you with a dead end and a way t a Swellow. Heading down may result
in another Weepinbell chase, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Now
head down. Heading up leads to another Taillow, a Pikachu and a falling
Spinarak. Down leads to another Spinarak, and then another choice path. Head
leads to a shrub and a Weepinbell. Inside the shrub is Typhlosion, but you
can't get in without cut *1 and you don't have that, nor can you. Head up, and
you'll find another Swellow, and a way on. Jump down the cliff, and you'll find
the old man.

He'll see you, be startled, but now, off you go, you need to get him out.
Capture the Quilava, which Gordor will comment on afterwards. He'll comment on
the capture styler too. However, now Gordor will spot a Murkrow. He'll be quite
nasty to it, for mocking him, and it'll flee off someplace. Scorch the fallen
log, and move on forward. Head on to the nest part. Here, will be a lot of
Beedrill. Capture them, flee from them, etc. Head on. Capture
Hoppip/Beautifly/Pikachu if you want to, if not go on. Pass the Cyndaquil too.

Murkrow will be seen again, but will flee into the bushes. You'd better go on.
Here, head down, up and down. If you head the wrong way, Gordor will complain
he is back in the same place again. If you want to, capture a Nincada, and head
back, cut the shrub down, and capture the Venusaur inside. He may be a bit
hard, but really that shouldn't concern you. Then, you'll see Murkrow again,
but it will hide in a tree. The darkness will be covering this area. Capture a
Phanpy and knock it out of the tree. It will flee, but stay near the end. Go
over to capture it, and 4 Spinarak fall down, and a battle begins. Capturing
the Murkrow will clear the dark mist. Now leave, to see a Go-Rock Squad member,
but Gordor will go, after being mean of course. It's Mission Complete! Murph
will show up, after being hit by the horrid Gordor. He'll take you back to
Ringtown Base. Save now, if you like.

Back in Ringtown, Spenser rewards you for the mission, and again for coping
with his evil remarks, you'll be granted up to Rank 7. Spenser wonders why
Gordor went where someone else would not, but you'll receive a text. It's time
to go to Summerland then. Now, you can use the Dragonite Bus. Head upstairs,
and you'll be talked through the process of the bus, first having to capture
Dragonite. Off you go. Don't bother using discharge on it, it would be
effective at all. However, you'd better go used to it, because you may have to
battle it again later on, in the arena without assists. So, with that done, hop
on and get to Summerland!

Percy and Leilani are outside the base. Percy will get the leader. He'll come
out, asking you to come in again. Leilani will say about Cameron's always
giving junk to people. But anyway, head in. It's an old piece of metal,
formerly an underwater vehicle. The mechanic will talk of fixing it too. Solana
will come back, as she's in Summerland, mentioning an ancient building in the
jungle. Spenser will go on about it being a place Rangers used to test their
skills, and about the 4 challenges, and the calamity, which is all quite a lot
of info. You'll be told how to get in, so off we go, with a one-two-three!

First head all the way through the Olive Jungle. At the end is the relic, where
you rescued Politoed before. The switch is pushed, and in you go. However, when
you start getting somewhere, LS will mention the Snorlax blocking the path of
the Olive Jungle. Plusle and Minun will start bouncing on it. LS will tell them
off. She'll then realise why they my have done it, and mention about them
helping out when ever we need them. And don't you worry, there will be a time.
Off you go again! When you get there you have to release any pokemon you may
have caught. In you go, and get ready for your next mission. It's a big pain,
but you won't go up in rank for this. Grrr!
Mission: Three Challenges and A...
LS is surprised about under the relic being like this. You may as well save the
game here before attempting any of the challenges. These challenges feature the
4 dragon pokemon featured on the box- Kingdra, Salamence, Flygon and Charizard.
From the save point, head right, and up into the door. LS will read the notice
relating to the challenge. The saving progress thing is if you leave, you'll
have to start again. Off you go. Walking forward, you'll see many Gyarados
firing attacks. Dodge, them else you you'll fall off and have to start again.
After negating them, you'll walk into the final room. Walking further forward,
a battle will engage, with 2 Kingdra. These are easy to capture. Do not release
the stylus when they are underwater, the attempt will fail. Don't waste
Discharge here, use it on Charizard. The seal will fade, you've cleared
challenge one, and leaving, the altar will be lit by water. Your styler will
also be healed.

Then move on, heading up, (not up the stairs)and then up further, skipping the
left turn for now, and you'll find another challenge. There's another tablet
you need to read, so do so, and then walk in. Inside you'll need to destroy the
obstacles in your path. This isn't easy. Unlock the pokemon by stepping on the
switches. If you leave, you'll have to destroy all the obstacles again.
Stepping on the first switch, Gligar and Bagon will fall down. A battle will
engage. You need to capture Bagon, and Gligar, not so much. The citrus stone
can be destroyed from Bagon's tackle, while the Marine stone can be destroyed
by Gligar's cut. If you want to, go right. A Wurmple and Meowth'll fall.
Wurmple is only good for the assist,, while Meowth can destroy the marine stone
above you. The next switch will appear 2 Magnemite, useful only for the
recharge, and nothing else. Capture, heal, head back, and to the next switch.
Geodude and Wurmple fall. Geodude can destroy the rose stone above. The next
makes Phanpy and Machop fall. Machop=Smash=Rose Stone. Phanpy=Tackle=Citrus
Stone. Wreck them both. Heading up, 2 more Magnemite. Heading right, Wurmple
and Seedot. Seedot can destroy the Citrus Stone now. Up, Treecko and Wurmple.
Treecko can destroy the one to the right. The next switch causes Shelgon to
fall, whom can destroy the Topaz Stone. Upon destroying the target, the pokemon
are released, leaving you to battle Salamence, after your styler is healed. Be
ready, Salamence is not that easy. Salamence will trigger a quake right away in
the battle normally. Then, watch out for the beam it will fire. Don't waste
Discharge, it won't do a thing! Instead, circle it when its flying, and when it
gets near the line, move the disc! Also, if it is going to fire a beam, move
the line backwards. Don't worry about getting extra EXP. Jump finish ASAP! Then
the stone seal is broken, challenge 2 is over, to the 3rd challenge! With a
healed styler, I highly recommend saving your game being going on. Head down to
the bottom to the save point.

Head back up, this time turning left at the point where it's possible. Walking
past, LS will notice the Entei Statue, wondering why it is there. Head to the
left, and you'll soon see the strange researchers blocking the doorway. Talking
to them, they seem to hardly know a thing, but still know that an investigation
is taking place, which is why you can't go in. Instead, head up and round to
the 3rd challenge. Don't bother going down the steps outside, there's nothing
there. Entering LS will read the tablet, before you enter the windy passage.
Sticking to the left at all times, turning when needed, you'll find Flygon at
the other end. To capture Flygon, wait till it stops, then quickly draw the 5
loops around it. Again, after doing so, your styler will be healed, and the
stone seal disappears. You'll see the next altar light up, but LS will suggest
you check out the 4th challenge, but not to do it. Off you go.

Heading back, the Researchers have gone, allowing you into the Challenge of
Fire. The stone tablet has been destroyed. LS thinks this is to stop anyone
clearing it, but it clearly isn't, as will be revealed. Simply, head to the
other room, at the end. However, what a shame, guess who's beat you here! The
Go-Rock Quads, who have injured a Charizard. After their speech, they'll speak
of the Charizard, and they'll ask you to capture it. Isn't that suspicious? The
Quads wanting you to calm a pokemon down? What the heck? Since the game won't
let you otherwise, chase after and capturing the Charizard, while dodging the
fiery flames. Charizard will not be easy. Discharge works wonders here, but if
not, wait for the flames to fall, touch them to destroy them and circle like
mad, and really, like mad. Charizard will breath fire eventually, and restore
it's HP, also making more flames fall. Capture it, and calm it down. Don't
worry about getting extra EXP with this beast. After, it will fly away, and
your styler's energy will be refreshed. The Go-Rock Quads turn up again. Scared
at what they said, LS wants to check the Entei statue. Go on, go check it.
Don't bother checking the back room, thatís a waste of time. Just head out, and
back to the statue. The 4th altar will be lit with fire, proof the 4th
challenge was done, and then the Entei Statue will disappear. You and LS will
then leave the Relic, but there will be a quake, and you'll receive a text
message. Go back into the Relic. Save your game.
Mission: Save the Jungle Relic!
Lava has appeared instead of the water, revealing the quake was the underground
volcano eruption. Aria will turn up, wondering what has happened. She'll ask if
you cleared the 4th challenge, which you did, but can't quite say you did.
She's assume you did, and ask you to stay where you are, leaving her to deal
with it now, instead of the 'calamity-causing' rangers that caused it, or so
she thinks. Entei appears, Aria wondering why it's there, Aria, getting really
annoyed with you two. Solana thinks that you should sort it. So, you'll have
too. Capture the Numel. If you head left, you'll battle a Rapidash, but this
way isn't needed. Go there if you like, maybe for the pokemon behind, or the
EXP? However, you'll find water pokemon here, whom are very useful for this.
You'll also find: Graveler, Numel, Numel, Manectric and Magmar, plus 2 Beldum
down those stairs and 2 Poliwhirl behind the wooden fence. To destroy the
fence, capture Graveler and destroy the Sceptile inside the part. Sceptile can
cut down the fence, allowing you to get in. However, he will jump a lot, and is
very powerful. 	You may need the Manectric in here, plus a fire assist or two.
Save the Poliwhirl for the boss at the end.

Head back and up this time. You'll find a grunt with Slugma and Magcargo.
Capture them. Heading up further, you may find Numel and a Graveler at a
different angle. Head up, and through the door. You'll pass/capture another
Graveler before you'll see another Grunt. This grunt will use 3 Slugma. Don't
head through the door yet, head up, capturing the Manectric if you like, and
the Rhydon, whom you will need. However, you bump into another grunt, using
Meowth and Sneasel. Take the Rhydon back, and into the door. When heading down
past the Slugma and Electrike, a rockfall is triggered, which , you'll need
Rhydon's smash move. Passing, you'll find Houndoom and Slugma. You'll exit the
door, quickly passing the Magmar, before seeing Aria, who has broken her styler
on the trainer's pokemon inside. Looks like you'll have to battle them. A quake
suddenly happens. Head on, saving, capturing Manectric, Graveler, Houndoom, and
any Charmander.

Heading in the room, it's Clyde, who in fact was too powerful for Aria.
Slaking isn't too hard! Circle it with long loops, using a dark assist if
needed. Then, it's attack won't effect you, in fact, it won't be worth the
energy! Jump draw the loops to finish it off. Clyde seems happy enough about
losing- telling you- that the boss is in fact in the back room. Off you go! In
the back, Gordor, yes Gordor, has gone and captured the Entei. Gordor is the
Go-Rock's boss! An old man would lose himself in the woods? How silly! He'll
ask you to do your last mission- that will make your retirement! Like that's
going to happen!

Mission: Do what you like!
Capture the Entei is really your mission. However, 2 Magmar will also fall down
demanding battle. So, capture them, and Entei at the same time. Using
Graveler's rock assist, or Poliwhirl's water assist, this should be easy.
Gordor is none to happy you caught Entei, and is in fact impressed you could do
that. He's still partly happen- his plan has worked- and his new styler works
like clockwork. Aria is surprised you captured the Entei too. You'll explain
about the Go-Rock Quads causing the Charizard injury. Therefore, Aria's not so
mad with you. Charizard'll fly past, still in pain. Now, you're finally
returning to Summerland. Save your game! Cameron's sorry for mentioning the
challenges, but really, its the Go-Rock Squad's fault. Aria will leave, heading
back to Fall City. As you try to leave, you'll receive a text. So, onto the
Dragonite Bus it is! Hop on, and you'll be there. Prof. Hastings'll see you,
and he'll ask you to get to the Dusk Factory. Apparently, they've studied his
styler and developed there, and it's your job to shut it down! However, you
would be able straight away, as the character doesn't think he can accept the
mission from Hastings, when he can. Off you go. Head downwards, then stick as
far to your left as you can.
Mission 7: Investigate the Factory
Prof Hastings notices the password system, breaking into it easily. Go-Rock
Squad. GO-60! How easy is that to think of? The automatic door won't open right
now. You'd better find another way in. Head past the door for now and go round
the back, capturing Voltorb if you desire, and the Meowth, who you need. Head
back, and through the door that opens. Cut the wooden fence. Head into the door
and forward. There will be a grunt with 2 Voltorb. Head through the door, and
you'll see the Quads practising as you walk across the bridge. Heading further
across, capture or leave the Magnemite, and entering the next room, you'll see
a generator! However, the generator has been running on a Pikachu's power,
being drained right out of it! You'll have to destroy the cage to rescue it.
Hurry on! Head through the door and navigate your way round the room. Watch out
for the Mr. Mime, if you decide to battle them, it attacks with invisible
walls, that can cause mega damage. On the next bridge is a grunt with 2 Mr.
Mime. Same tips! Discharge can be especially useful as you proceed further. In
the next room, head up, capturing Magneton if needed, while avoiding the
Hypno's supersonic attacks. Save, and go up the stairs. On the roof, if you
like, find and defeat the grunt slacking off on the roof. Not required to by
the way. Capture the Pinsir, you can use it to destroy the cage, plus Wingull
if you like. Heading back in, retrace your steps and go and rescue the Pikachu.
Doing this will dim the lights, and entering the room you were in will make it
go all dark. Ghost pokemon appear. Listen to the prof's warning.

Head back capturing or fleeing from the Gastly. There, go downwards, to the
difficult trainer! Capture the 2 Beldum and Muk, and in the electronic door.
Inside, capture Houndoom and Pichu. Take the Houndoom back to the blocked door,
scorching the Scrap Metal. Then, head in. A grunt will use 2 Machop and
Machoke. Psychic assist! Capture or leave the Mr. Mime where they are, and head
to the other part. Capture the 7 Rattata, they all only require 1 loop! Out the
door, and from here, head right, and in that door. This bit's hard. First, I
tell you now, use the D-Pad not the Stylus here. First, walk over the 6 going
right. Walk around the crate and dodge the next lot until you reach 4 going
left to a Pinsir. Do those, capture the Pinsir and get back to that position on
the other side. Head to the 6 heading up only, and then the 4 heading left, two
going down and one right. Then, take the 4 left. Now, up 3 squares and follow
the path that goes right 1, up 3, right 5. To finish, head on the 3 up, and
then the 5 down. Now, into the room, rescue the Pikachu and leave. The moving
pads are now shut down. Thank, heavens!

Go back to the 3 doors and one exits, and turn left and in the far left, now
open. To find the last generator! There are multiple Machoke in this room! Just
head round, and out the other side. Capture them for the assists. Down the
steps and then capture a Mr. Mime too, and walk forward. From here, you'll
battle a top-rank grunt with Crobat and Ariados. Head in the room and capture
Scyther, Ludicolo and Meowth if you like. You'll need Scyther. Go out and
round, and rescue the Raichu in the cage with Scyther's help. Raichu is
released and you're almost done. On the way back though, you'll meet up with
Garret. He'll use his Scizor on you. Use a mix of assists to help you out.
Then, it's mission complete! You'll now return to your base, and be upgraded to
rank 8. However, Joel'll turn up, and before anything can happen, there're on
about Wintown. Spenser has stayed behind to investigate the intelligence of the
Go-Rock Base hidden in the the mountain ranges. So, you'll be sent to Wintown.
However, before you can get there, you need to do something. You can't fly
there because you've never been there before, but Joel mentions Cameron knows
of an underwater tunnel in the Safra Sea, leading to near Wintown. So, it's off
to Summerland! Board the Bus and meet Cameron, who'll come out the base.
However, he'll remember to Aquamole he found earlier on, which the mechanic is
still working on. However, Taillow dropped his parts in the jungle! Simply, its
a new, but not official mission to recover the parts so that you can go to
Wintown ASAP. Head straight there.
Mission: Find the Aquamole's Parts!
Walking forward, a Wurmple jumps out of the bushes. The mechanic is like Misty
in the Anime, and is scared of bug pokemon. Therefore, the mission is that bit
harder, and you must dodge all the bug pokemon to find the parts. Head to where
the bridge, and over it. The Snorlax has gone, so go that way. Dodging Ariados
won't be easy- they'll always chase after you. Just hide away from them so they
can't see you. Then run past- fast. However, there are also other pokemon to
watch out for- Venonat, Silcoon, Beautifly and Wurmple. After passing 4 Ariados
it's over. If you like, go right now and capture a Bayleef. Then head back, and
up the next vines, and you'll find the parts- but the mechanic will knock a
Magikarp into the water, enraging it, 4 magikarp rise up, and then a Gyarados!
A battle is ready for action! Capture all the pokemon and then it's mission
complete! Use Bayleef, or Discharge to get them all down. Then, go for it, to
Wintown! Cameron will assign it to you, and then you leave, get in the
Aquamole, and off we go!
Mission 8: Aquamole to the North!
As you surface, you'll receive a text. Head straight upwards to the Panula
Cave. You'll soon meet Silent Chris. Follow him. Work your way up the ledges.
Jump off to capture pokemon. Chris will meet you and then they'll be a tremor.
Ignore it for now and carry on. Heading in the door and too the left with be a
Medicham. You'll need it, so capture it. The head up. In the next room, Chris
is there, something is in the way. Head right, capture Pikachu and in the room.
Capture Solrock in the next room if you like, and head left, through that door,
and smash the boulder. Capture Wobuffet, and head further left. Capture
Poliwrath and Poliwhirl if you wish. Head back to Chris and in the room. Use
Poliwrath's field move, and Steelix will dig a burrow. You'll see the horrible
pokemon later on.

Chris will move on, and so should you. Saving here might be a good idea. The
next room has Dusclops, Solrock and Medicham. Capture as you wish- Medicham is
especially useful. Chris will met Elita here and so will you. However, there's
no way back yet, Piloswine want their baby back! Chris mentions the Steelix,
and Elita thinks they could investigate. You'll have to capture and give them
back their baby to calm them. So, head straight up. On the icy path, try to
stay out of the hole's way, else you'll have to start again. The left side
leads to the Swinub, the right to a Loudred.  Capture Swinub and take it to the
Piloswine. Then, head on, capturing Raichu if you like, and then, round the
block. Capture Golem if you like, and then there will be a few more pokemon-
Medicham, Dusclops and Sneasel. Catch them if you like. However the Go-Rock
Steelix appears and you have to capture it. Now, you are going to need help!
Using a dark assist is good I hear, but I think using discharge and fighting
assists when it starts looping is the best policy. However, don't touch it- it
hurts! Dark assist will work fine when looping go crazy around the edge, Iíve
heard. Now head for the exit.

Head up the north road to Wintown, where it will be mission complete, of
course. You'll go into the base, but be warned, this is your first mission that
is of vital importance. Your new mission is to act as Spenser's inside Decoy,
so he can recover the Super Styler. However, it's not going to be easy, as this
mission will also be the last time you will see the Quads in action. It's the
mission that will put you up to the highest Ranger Rank! You first have to get
there. Apparently, it is at the mountain summit, but you have to get there. Off
you go! To the Sekra Range!
Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration
Upon walking a slight way up the Sekra Range, you'll hear Charizard. Aria turns
up chasing it. So, you have a sub-mission- capture Charizard! Head away
capturing an Poliwhirl, Quilava and Nuzleaf you like. Capture or skip the Arbok
too, and then you'll meet a grunt, using 6 Seedot. One loop will finish this
guy off. Snorlax is blocking the shortcut, so you can't go that way. Go left,
capturing Pikachu and if you want to. Then, grunt 2 appears. This one uses 7
Seedot. Same principle. The next will use 7 Seedot and a Nuzleaf. Circle all
the Seedot, then capture the Nuzleaf. Capture the 2 Piloswine, and hide into
the forest area. In here, 5 Shiftry jump out. They are real pain, but worth the
most EXP in the game. Out the back will be a man in a hut who will heal your
styler for you. How kind! Then carry on. There are Quilava here. Heading over
the bridge, some grunts anger an Altaria and it gets misty. You'll have to
capture the Altaria to carry on. Go ahead then, do so. Capturing it clears the
mist. Now carry on. Save if you like, and then the grunts will thank you for
clearing the fog. Over the bridge is a Pikachu. The next part contains a
Piloswine and a Nuzleaf. Capture the Piloswine, and use it's tackle to knock
over the tree so you can progress. Capture the Poliwhirl- you'll need them.
Aria will point out the burnt out trees- when just after, you'll find the
Charizard. Use Poliwhirlís bubble attack on it, and that should sort it all out.

Charizard will go, for now. Now, you two had better head for the hideout.
Capture any Golem/ Piloswine/ Raichu on the way up. However, make sure you
capture a Tangela. You'll need two, and you'll find the other one just before
the event. At the top you'll find a top rank grunt using Shelgon and
Aerodactyl. Now head across, and you'll find the waterfall. Use cross from both
Tangela's to get over it. Then, walk around, and climb the rock wall. Aria will
leave at the bottom. At the top you'll see a grunt taking a break, but then
he'll go back in. Now, you must head in for yourself. Touch the rock, and it'll
open- you've gotten into the base!

Chris is already there. He'll warn you of the red sensors which you'll have to
avoid. If you do, the grunts will take you out of the base, except they won't
and they say some stupid things! The first lot are easy, just walk when they
are not red. For the next lot, walk straight forward along the top row when
they are not red. The next lot, head along the bottom row, when they are not
red. You will have to wait for the next one when the next one is red, but its
the way trust me. On the next one, head 4 left, 1 down and then 1 left and off.
Getting harder. For the next lot, straight up the left column. The next is
straight up the right column. Then, the sensors are over. You'll be locked in
soon too! Save now.

Use the warp pads here. The first will take you to a room with Mankey, Magneton
and Ralts, where that warp at the end leads to an unavoidable grunt using Mr.
Mime, Makuhita and Ludicolo. Use discharge. At the bottom of this room is
Swampert. The other way has Wurmple, Magneton and Ralts in it, and has a grunt
at the top left with 4 Zubat and Swalot. The bottom- right grunt has Pinsir,
Heracross and Scyther. Both these rooms are connected to one room at separate
corners, with a researcher in with 2 Mankey and Golem. However, the other
room's pad, nearer to Swampert leads to a small room, with just warps, where
this one connects to Blazekin's room, capture him. This connects to the way you
have to go, however, the nearest to the researcher warp leads to the central
one, while the other leads to two more: the left one being a dead end trainer
using 2 Beldum and Metang, the other, the end of the warps. Also in the
researchers place is a warp to a grunt with 2 Slakoth.

At the end bit, head down the stairs, where a metal fence blocks the normal
passage. Heading out, capture Croconaw and Graveler if you like. Heading out to
the mountaintops, LS will tag up with you. For here, you will work together.
Move on, and capture Sneasel and Taillow if you like. Now, be ready for the
final showdown with the Go-Rock Quads! Use Sneasel to destroy the metal fence,
and head into the first room, capturing Mankey first if you desire, for quicker
finishing. I warn you: it gets hard from here. Save. Head into room 1. Inside
is Tiffany- with 2 Camerupt. Capture them both, with help from either Swampert,
Croconaw or Graveler. Then, head next door. Inside there is Clyde, who will use
Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking. Use fighting here, is my one and only word.
Then, the next room- capture 2 Scyther and a Scizor. Blaziken is the word I
can't stress enough. Then, head downstairs, capturing Metang and Machamp (IN
THE TROPHY ROOM) as you like, and finishing of with Billy, and his Larvitar,
Pupitar and Tyranitar. Water assist- Swampert!  Go back and capture pokemon as
you need too. There's a lot to get done here, and its not easy. I'll wish
anyone the best of luck! After telling where the styler is, they decide to blow
up their base! However, when they go, Spenser turns up, and he's got it:
therefore it's mission complete, but it's exploding and Spenser has to save the
pokemon inside. Don't worry about that and fall right down the hole that the
Quads escaped from. When in the hole, just walk through it, and you'll soon
find Cameron and Elita there. Now, if you donít save you a lunatic. SAVE NOW!

Now you'll be ranked up to the final rank: which is 10. Cameron and Elita say
about Spenser: they are very sure he's fine. You are now set the last mission
yet- thwart Gordor's plans! So, it's off to the Fiore Temple. Work your way up
to the temple. This shouldn't be a problem as you can simply get there the same
way as before, but skipping the Altaria part and a bit more. The path Snorlax
was blocking comes out just about where Charizard was. The Fiore Temple doors
are now open, so in you go.
Mission 10: The Fiore Temple
When you get there though, a Top-Rank Grunt will close the entrance gates.
However, when you check the door, it requires *3 Burn move to open. There are
no pokemon around, and you can't bring pokemon out of their natural habitats.
However, Plusle and Minun will both cheer, then Charizard (from the Jungle
Relic) will open them for you. However, it won't stay, it'll leave right away.
Capture the pokemon when you see them. You're going to need a good darn decent
team for the upcoming battle. Gordor will not be easy. Head up the 1st flight
of stairs and head as far right as you can without falling off the edge, and up
those stairs. Head right, and up those stairs too. When you see the 3 upright
things, head between them, in that gap and jump down that ledge. Don't jump
down the other one. Head to the left hand side, and jump off the ledge. Heading
further left, jump off the ledge on the left, to access those stairs you can
see. Go up those stairs. Keep going up to the next flight of stairs. Head a
small bit up and left to more stairs. Walk up them, and then jump down the
ledge next to them. (Where Vaporeon is). Capture Vaporeon and then jump back
off the right side of that ledge, and up those stairs again. Head right and
downwards into a little cave area. I recommend most of the good pokemon in
here, including Gengar. Head into the far bottom, where you'll find Flareon.
Catch that with help of Ground/Rock.(preferably rock). Remember to pick up
Medicham here too. Head back to the stairs on the left, up them and round to
the doors, again closed. After the short cutscene, touch the altars to find the
ones needed. Vaporeon and Flareon can go on now, Jolteon still needs to be
found. Head right, in between the upright things and jump off the cliff until
you find Jolteon.(a right turn after then off). Use ground for help. Picking up
Raichu and Gengar are useful) Then head up again, restocking on good pokemon,
and open the doors with Jolteon.

Now, save the game and prepare for a few battles. Hopefully you have a
Medicham, a Gengar or two (2 Preferably), Medicham, Golem and Donphan. Off we
go. Save here, and head up the first lead of steps. This top-rank grunt will
use 3 Linoone. I recommend Donphan for this. Heading on, the next top-rank
grunt will use Bayleef, Croconaw and Quilava. Use Gengar's assist here. The
next'll use Blaziken and Blastoise. I recommend Gengar again. If not, Golem/
Donphan for Blaziken and the partner for the Blastoise. Now head back,
restocking on pokemon- you'll need
Full discharge bar
Full health

You don't need to have this exact team, but by having this team you should be
easily able to win the battle. After Gordor's explanation of his styler and
stuff, you'll battle Raikou. Use the Donphan's assist here, after the 4th
thunderstorm Raikou drops disappears.  Then, Suicune. Destroy one of it's
clones, and then discover which one is the real one and then use discharge.
Hopefully, it will be on screen at the time. After, Plusle and Minun will wreck
Gordor's styler, only for Entei to attack him. Now, battle him. First, circle
him a bit, until all the outer flames are gone. If you hit him, you are
damaged, and if you are severely damaged, use Jolteon/Raichu/both. Finally, use
a water/rock assist when he away from a spouting volcano, and use Medicham's
when the dust cloud or bubble reaches him. This soon be it, and you have
completed the main storyline. Spenser will show up, taking you back to the
base. However, these are now the credits. Hastings will find out Gordor was the
boss, revealing Gordor's relationship with him. Everyone will be happy you
saved the world. Watch the credits carefully. For where you see people around
an obstacle, these are the Regis locations. You'll need to find a way to there.
The game will save, and you'll return to the title screen. You can now do the
ranger net missions.

Selecting continue, Spenser will congratulate you for demolishing the Go-Rock
Squad. You are now able to take pokemon out of their natural environments.
Hastings will turn up, giving you the ranger record for the styler. Then
though, LS will say about Plusle and Minun, and whichever one you don't have
will be connected with you on an emotional level and registered in the browser.

Special Mission- Search the Safra Sea!
Head to Hastings lab in Fall City. Inside, release all your friend pokemon and
talk to the professor, saying yes when asked the question. You will stay over
night. However, the next morning, Joel says there is a mission for you, so off
you go. Upon arriving, you be told that strange things are happening in the
Safra sea, but that is only that. There have been heavy tides and such. Your
mission is to find out what is happening- with Aria's help of course. Head out
the door to start the mission.

The sailor will see you and ask if you can sort out the star pokemon down in
the lighthouse basement, to see if the lighthouse can be made light again from
it's darkness. Go in and capture the 4 Staryu. I don't recommend discharge
here, you'll need to save it, but otherwise, if you really need to, do.
Otherwise, try to keep one out the way for a few seconds, and capture another.
You'll have to charge it up quite quickly. Then, you'll release the Staryu.
That's part one complete. However, there are 3 more parts to do. You and Aria
will then leave the lighthouse.

Head over to the Tourist Centre. Inside, there are a lot of Krabby. They need
you to capture them, and they seem to be very scared of them. Do so: save the
people- catch the Krabby. Krabby should be easier than Staryu. Again, you may
not be able to catch all 4, but don't use Discharge here, catch like 2 or 3,
then the rest. You'll be thanked, and then have to release the Krabby. That's
part 2 over! Leave the tourist centre.

When you leave, you will hear cries from the pier. However, you may want to
heal your styler. Head up and talk to the man. He is the same man from the
house in the Sekra Range. Now head down, and then you'll have to battle 4
Carvanha. Again, donít use discharge. These shouldn't be too hard. Again, if
you get stuck, capture 1 or 2 at the same time, then the rest. Now, you'll be
thanked, and release the Carvanha. However, Aria will notice 17 whirlpools in
the Safra sea. Now, board Lapras to investigate the whirlpools.

When sailing over, a huge 18th whirlpools appears, but you'll be sucked into
it, and taken under the waves. Down there, you will meet Kyogre, who has been
injured from a battle with Groudon, here to heal it's wounds in the Fiore
region. You'll now have to capture it to heal it. Using discharge here is what
I recommend. However, I have caught it without Discharge, but it isn't easy.
One word- discharge! Then, you may want extra loops to get as much as 995 EXP.
Now you have caught Kyogre, and everything is back to normal. Aria is glad
you're safe, and mentions that she shed a tear over you- however she then takes
it back- telling you that she never did. You're tell her that you caught a
Kyogre. You will now report to base. Aria will explain the whole of the
mission, and it's mission complete! Yay! Joel'll mention that it must have been
Groudon that had battled it. However, after each of these special missions- the
leader plays a joke. Joel will say that you two act like Kyogre and Groudon:
the moment you meet you're already bashing each other. I'd save if I were you.
Special Mission 2: Summerland Rescue Duo!
Go to Ringtown. Release any friend pokemon you may have and talk to Spenser. He
will ask you if you are tired. Say yes, and he'll mention you can have a
vacation in Summerland! Apparently, LS is already there, and you will be
zipping off straight to Summerland on the Dragonite Bus. However, upon arriving
you'll realise the abnormal heat wave. Cameron will also mention the
earthquakes, and then mention that LS when to check on the underground volcano,
but they haven't heard anything from them yet. There will be a quake. He'll
cancel your vacation *sobs*, and sets you the mission of finding LS and then
finding out what is going on down in The underground volcano. Exit to start the

Capture the Numel. Head further up and turn left, heading forward to the left.
You can only go this way as there is a fire in your way there otherwise. Go
left at the crossroads and you'll reach a Numel and Rhydon. You need to capture
this Rhydon. Heading up the stairs, you'll find P/M trapped away from LS, but
you'll see a Rockfall blocking the doorway. Destroy the obstacle using Rhydon's
help. LS will emerge from the doorway, thanking you for rescuing her. Then,
youíll hear a noise. If you're a real pokemon fan, you should recognize this
cry as Groudon's. Head in the door and capture the 2 Poliwrath. Then head back
to the fire, and extinguish it. Heading further up, capture Numel and Grimer if
you like and head through the door, capturing Graveler as you head up. If you
like head up the slope, for Rhydon and Manectric. Then head down and you'll
meet a stupid loser called 'The Solo-Go Rock Squad' How useless is that?

He'll use 2 Metang. Use any fire assist on him or circle and drop them, then
circle them, as you'll have bonus time, while they use their head butt attacks.
Head up the slope. Head down and down those stairs. There is Magmar here, along
with Electrike. Heading through the first door, you'll find 2 Slugma and
Magcargo, and out the back, an Arcanine. Heading further on, you may capture
Graveler and Manectric, plus a Houndoom. In the room you'll find 2 Charmander,
and around the corner, crossing the cooled lava pool, 1 Rhydon and 2
Charmeleon. Then, fall down the hole. Upon falling down, the door'll open.
Heading in, you'll find Groudon. Now you'll need to capture it. Using a water
assist will probably be best. Then, you'll have to release it. You'll go back
to base. LS will explain about being trapped by the rockfall. He's sorry for
inviting you on the vacation, as it wasn't one, but LS explains that she thinks
it was- like seeing Groudon is something never found in any holiday brochure.
It's mission complete! The joke is: It's still abnormally hot! Why? It's coming
from the smiling couple in front on Cameron! Did the vacation inflame your
passions? O-la-la! Save now.
Special Mission 3: The Temple's Sinister Shadows
Head to Wintown. You'll find Elita outside the base. Release all of your
pokemon and then talk to her. She has been hearing disturbing rumours about the
temple, that something is not right up there. She'll ask you if you mind
accepting a mission from her. You'll head inside. Apparently, suspicious
characters have been seen going in and out of the Fiore Temple. She feels it is
a problem. Chris will team up with you for this mission. You have a mission!
Head the door to start.

You two will work forward. Heading in, the 'creep' will use 3 Ekans. He'll call
you shady characters, when he is that. He'll run off after almost revealing his
identity. On the way up the temple, capture Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir. You'll
soon find Ralts as you find your way about near the beginning. Youíll find
Kirlia around the area of the 2nd Donphan, after passing the first jump off
area. You'll find Gardevoir not far off from the entrance to cave-like bit, and
around Grovyle. Then reach the door. It is shut again. Place Ralts, Kirlia and
Gardevoir on the correct dais, and the door'll open. A creep'll come through,
thinking it was an automatic door. Head in, and save if you like.

Heading up the pyramid like bit, you'll find a creep. However, they'll turn out
to be the Go-Rock Squad! They'll use Solrock and Swellow. Head up further,
where they'll use Houndoom and 2 Donphan. Get Houndoom out the way first, then
worry about the Donphan. Let the Donphan chase out of the way then catch
Houndoom. Walking forward, the Go-Rock Squad have been trying to capture
Rayquaza, but they've all failed to catch it, but they'll angered it! Now
you'll need to capture it! I can't really give an tips, since it has no
weaknesses, other than: when it starts shooting green balls of energy, quickly
draw one or two loops, and make sure your line is out of the way. Watch out for
all the powerful moves it'll use. If I were you, I'd use the  electric pokemon-
Raichu, so you can heal. I'd also save before this event. You'll have to
release it afterwards. Silent Chris'll start talking loads! However, after,
Chris will tell you not to mention any of his lots of talking to Elita. You'll
be congratulated on your mission. Chris thinks you are a Legendary Ranger. You
should be shouldn't you? It's mission complete! However, he'll give the report,
and he'll think he should be called Gabby Chris! Joke 'Look at you two, you 2
mysterious characters!' That's all of the storyline. Save now.

Mission 1: Gain Deoxys's trust?!
Go on the Ranger Net, unlocked by completing the main storyline, and click the
first mission. Spenser will assign you the mission of capturing the Deoxys.
Spenser, himself had failed to capture it. So, it's your job to see if you can.
Murph will set himself the mission of 'Cheer up the leader'. Exit to start the

As you start, you'll see Deoxys flee into the Krokka Tunnel. You will chase it.
In the tunnel, you will find a Magneton. Heading further, you'll find Machop
and Bellsprout. Heading right, you'll find the attack Deoxys. I can't give any
tips for capturing it in it's attack form. After getting all the circles done
though, you'll still be unable to capture it, as it wasn't in it's normal form.
It will turn into it's defensive form and flee. LS will think it is maybe
impossible to connect on an emotional level. Head through the door. Turn round,
and head up. You'll find the defensive form of Deoxys. Capture it. This one
isn't quite as difficult. Just make sure the shadowy balls don't hit you. It
will also use a shield to prevent any loops from being any use. Don't let go
during this, else your attempts will fail. It will turn into it's speed form
and flee.

Head up, and you'll find 2 Bellsprout and Magnemite. Heading as far as you can
from there, you'll find the Deoxys in it's speed from. For this fella, just
draw 3 straight loops around it to capture it, dodging it's attacks. It will
flee, in it's normal form. Chase it and battle it. It will change it's forms
continually throughout the battle. Use an assist when it is the normal form.
It's waiting outside the Hariyama area. The normal form may send sudden bursts
of energy out. I strongly recommend Graveler's rock assist. Capturing it is
mission complete.

You will now release the Deoxys. You'll then return to the ranger base. Spenser
will automatically know you've caught it, looking at your big grins. Spenser
admits that Murph's untold puns and jokes were never funny, However, Spenser
now knows who got it in the mood it was in. It was him, the Go-Rock Squad, the
Deoxys, but him. Deoxys will then fly over the base, thanking Spenser for his
Mission 2: Rescue Celebi!
For your next mission, you will be rescuing a Celebi, that has been reported in
the Lyra Forest. However, Go-Rock Squad members have also appeared there too.
Your mission is to rescue the Celebi, but as usual, you won't be doing it
alone. You will be doing the mission with the lightbulb changer- Murph! Exit to
start the mission. You'll start seeing the Celebi flee from the squad. Chase
after them. Since a fallen log is blocking the path upwards, you must go
downwards, where Spinarak'll fall down. Capturing the 2 Phanpy's may be a good
idea. You donít need to are anything. Beedrill is in the 1st tree. Spinarak
will fall near the next tree. Then, heading up further, you'll battle a grunt
using 3 Hoppip.

You can now head to the left and capture the Quilava to destroy the fallen log=
or not. Moving further to the right, you'll find a grunt with 3 more Spinarak.
Heading down, you'll find Machoke (for the boulders) and Swellow (help with
Celebi). Then, you'll battle a grunt with 3 Beedrill. Then you'll find a
Pinsir. (for the metal fence). Heading in the direction you can, you'll find a
grunt trying to capture the Celebi, and failing miserably. Murph compares
himself to him. (why would he compare himself to a grunt from the go rock
squad). Celebi'll flee. Cut the metal fence with Pinsir and you should find it.
For Celebi, just use a fire/flying assist and then a fighting assist (Machoke).
You'll will have to release it after.

You'll return to base. Murph will be joked on, as usual, and you'll be rewarded
for the mission. That's it for Ranger Net Mission 2!
Mission 3: Find Mew, the Mirage!
For this next mission, you will need to find and capture a Mew, to help
Hastings develop his styler researcher. However, although Percy said at first
he saw it, he is now being a very negative person, saying he didn't, that it
must have a lost Skitty in the jungle. He'll go and check it out, but as soon
as you leave to start the mission, he'll say it isn't, see it, and say to you
not to tell anyone, they'll think you're a liar. Your mission is split into 2:
Capture Mew, and prove that Percy isn't a liar!

When in the jungle, ignore Mew for a bit, and head up, like you are going to
the Jungle Relic and capture the 2 Shedinja. Then, head back down to the place
where you heard Mew's cry about entering the area. Capture Mew here and now. If
it does flee, it will flee up to the next part of the jungle, then across to
the one 3 away, then into the Vigoroth and Ekans bushes, and around in that
continuous circle. To capture Mew, use the ghost assist, and keep circling
until you've caught it. This isn't too hard with Shedinja's help. Hastings
wants to check your styler, and Mew has been successfully caught and registered
on it,. It's mission complete! Percy is not a liar now! It's double mission
complete! You'll have to release Mew now.

That is all of the missions within the game.
4. Capture Challenges

The capture challenges are timed events in which you race around the field on a
Lapras or Doduo and find and capture pokemon. By capturing certain pokemon,
other pokemon may also appear. You may not use assists (including discharge) at
any time. (boo). This is the only complication to the capture challenges.

Grassland Capture Challenge
In the Grassland Capture Challenge, the following pokemon are available.

However, many of these pokemon are not always available. In fact, you can't
Gardevoir, RAPIDASH OR SKARMORY the first time you ever start the challenge,
with the 1st 59 seconds.

Arcanine is unlocked by capturing 2 Combusken..,
...which only appear after capturing 2 Torchic.
Kecleon is unlocked from 1:59 time remaining.
Fearow is unlocked after getting over 50,000 points at the Capture Arena.
Dodrio is unlocked after getting over 5,000 points at the Grassland Challenge.
Doduo is unlocked after capturing 2 Gardevoir...
...Which only appear after capturing 2 Kirlia.
Slowpoke is unlocked after capturing 2 Abra,
Rapidash is unlocked after capturing 2 Spoink.
Skarmory is unlocked after beating Gordor at the Fiore Temple.

You will have to beat 5,000 points to win this challenge, however, the rarer
pokemon are, the more likely you are to rack up a high score. For example,
Arcanine is going to be worth more points than a Torchic, for example.

The Grassland Capture Challenge can be played as soon as having Camerupt in
your browser... or completing mission 5 (Clear the Rockfalls). It can be
reached from Ringtown, at the north east exit. MC Fielder runs this event.


Marine Capture Challenge
In the Marine Capture Challenge the following pokemon are available.

However, many of these pokemon are not always available. In fact, you can't
WAILMER, PELIPPER, PSYDUCK,  the first time you ever start the challenge, with
the 1st 59 seconds.

Horsea is unlocked after beating Gordor at the Fiore Temple.
Seadra is unlocked after beating Gordor at the Fiore Temple.
Mantine is unlocked by capturing 3 Remoraid.
Luvdisc is unlocked from 1:59 time remaining.
Pelipper is unlocked after getting over 3,500 points at the Marine Challenge.
Wailmer is unlocked after capturing 2 Seaking...
...Which only appear after capturing 2 Goldeen
Psyduck is unlocked after capturing 2 Starmie...
...Which only appear after capturing 2 Staryu.
Gyarados is unlocked after capturing 5 Magikarp,

You will have to beat 3,500 points to win this challenge, however, the rarer
pokemon are, the more likely you are to rack up a high score. For example,
Goldeen is going to be worth more points than a Torchic, for example.

The Marine Capture Challenge can be played as soon as having Lapras in your
browser... or just before starting mission 4 (Where's Politoed?!). It can be
reached from Summerland, at the north east exit. MC Fisher runs this event.
Capture Arena
The Capture Arena is the most hated thing for most rangers. You need to
complete this event, 50,000 points are higher to be able to capture Fearow at
the Kisara Plain. (Grassland Challenge). MC Arena runs this event.

However, this is not easy. Just because I now think it is, it really isn't. The
Capture Arena is a timed event in which you compete for a high score. Pokemon
captured here are not registered in the browser. Pokemon fall down from the
Fiore skies onto the field for as long as you are your time survives. Any
pokemon that comes down must be caught, and they goes on and on. After
capturing a certain number of pokemon, you will battle a boss pokemon. For
example, boss 2 is Machoke, as in the storyline. Upon capturing a boss pokemon,
you will always get 10 bonus seconds, plus any bonus loops you drew. Also, you
have to watch your health. If you're styler obtains its maximum capacity of
damage, you have lost. However, unlike the capture challenges, this does not
spell failure, just game over.  However, there are things most rangers don't
seem to know. For a start, there's drawing extra loops. Drawing extra loops
around a pokemon will extend your remaining time. For example, if you draw 10
loops around a Machoke, you will get 3 bonus seconds of time (Machoke requires
7 loops). However, there is a limit- you can only have a max of 10 bonus
seconds per pokemon. On Rank 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4, try to get as many bonus
seconds as purely possible. However, how can you sort out the problem of a
breaking styler? Simply capture a Pichu, Pikachu or a Raichu, and draw extra
loops around that pokemon. This will heal your styler by however many extra
loops your drew, plus extending your remaining time. Also, capturing multiple
pokemon will cause your score to be much higher. For example, capturing 2
pokemon at once will double the score, 3 pokemon will treble the score, etc.

choatixtherobot 263200

Rank Pokemon + Boss Pokemon
BOSS: Rhydon

BOSS: Machoke


BOSS: Politoed

BOSS: Dragonite

BOSS: Flygon

BOSS: Salamence

BOSS: Steelix


This all I can think of. If anyone can add to this, I will be grateful. Send me
an email.

5. Styler Levelling Info
Level 1: 4 HP, Line Length 100, 100 EXP needed to level.
Level 2: 6 HP, Line Length 105, 200 EXP needed to level.
Level 3: 8 HP, Line Length 110, 400 EXP needed to level.
Level 4: 10 HP, Line Length 115, 550 EXP needed to level.
Level 5: 12 HP, Line Length 120, 650 EXP needed to level.
Level 6: 15 HP, Line Length 125, 700 EXP needed to level.
Level 7: 18 HP, Line Length 130, 800 EXP needed to level.
Level 8: 20 HP, Line Length 135, 1000 EXP needed to level.
Level 9: 23 HP, Line length 140, 1200 EXP needed to level.
Level 10: 25 HP, Line Length 145, 1600 EXP needed to level.
Level 11: 27 HP, Line Length 150, 2000 EXP needed to level.
Level 12: 30 HP, Line Length 155, 2500 EXP needed to level.
Level 13: 34 HP, Line Length 160, 3800 EXP needed to level.
Level 14: 37 HP, Line Length 165, 4800 EXP needed to level.
Level 15: 40 HP, Line Length 170, 6000 EXP needed to level.
Level 16: 44 HP, Line Length 175, 7500 EXP needed to level.
Level 17: 47 HP, Line Length 180, 9500 EXP needed to level.
Level 18: 50 HP, Line Length 185, 12500 EXP needed to level.
6. Text Messages Inbox
I know you're in an unfamiliar place, so things can't be easy for you. But hang
in there. Help out the citizens of Fall City in need. I'm counting on you.

I've heard the latest from Joel. You might be intimidated being in an
unfamiliar city, but I'm sure you'll acquit yourself fine. Both Joel and I are
too busy with the Go-Rock Squad investigation to do anything else. What's
important for you is not to worry about the Go-Rock Squad. You need to take on
missions and gain experience. Thatís why I also want you to go out on the
Grimer Mission. Make me proud!

I've just heard that Muk has appeared in the waterworks in addition to the
Grimer. I understand that it isn't rampaging, but there is the danger of it
contaminating the water supply. I'm adding the capture of Muk to your mission.

I've got unconfirmed reports that the Go-Rock Squad has appeared in Summerland.
(name), if you're not on an active mission, head for Summerland. This isn't a
mission. I want you to gather intelligence on the Go-Rock Squad with your own
eyes and ears.

When you reach Summerland, go meet with Cameron, the Ranger Leader there. Ask
him to help gather information. I've already emailed Cameron and told him
you're on your way to Summerland, (). I'm counting on you to find leads on the
Go-Rock Squad.

I read Cameron's message. There's no way that I could turn him down. I used to
work on the same team as Joel and Cameron long ago. Also, by tracking the
abductors of Politoed, you may uncover some leads about the Go-Rock Squad.
Rescue the Politoed that disappeared into the Olive Jungle. That's your new

I have a new job for you. I need you in Fall City immediately.

I got word that the Go-Rock Squad is active in the Krokka Tunnel. I will get
there as soon as possible. If you've cleared all the rockfalls, let's meet at
the Dugtrio statue near the Ringtown side exit.

I just received additional information about the missing senior citizen. He
appears to have become lost as a result of being chased by wild Weepinbell in
the forest. The Weepinbell of the Lyra Forest will try to scoop up their
intruders and spit them outside their territory. Keep that in mind, (name).
Good luck with the mission.

Thanks for helping Percy out with that Politoed rescue. If you're not on any
important mission, can you come out to Summerland's Ranger base? I've got
something for you. It's something really awesome, you can look forward too it,

Oh my gosh! It's a an earthquake! The tremor seems to be cantered in the Jungle
Relic. Knowing the both of you, I'm sure you're OK... ...You are OK aren't you?
I want the both of you to survey the damage and investigate the cause. But be
careful of aftershocks, OK? Fall City's Aria-- she was in Summerland-- should
be headed your way, too. I'm strictly ordering you to think safety first. ...Is
it still shaking?

I need you back at the Fall City Ranger Base at once. Just hurry! You will
understand when you arrive.

How was your Aquamole voyage? I hope it was pleasant at least. When you make
land, go through the Panula Cave and head for Wintown. I also got a message
from our mechanic for you. "The Aquamole was loaded with only enough fuel for a
one-way trip. Sorry" So there you have it. It's pretty klutzy of him, I'd say.

Prof. Hastings advised me on Deoxys. Surprisingly, Deoxys apparently can only
be captured in it's normal form. However, even the professor didn't know what
should be done if it is in any other form. My guess is that Deoxys will assume
its Normal Form if it decides it doesn't need to attack or defend. But for that
to happen, there needs to be an emotional link between the ranger and the
Deoxys... I don't understand it. I want you two to solve this mystery.
Pokemon a Go-Go!
Garret: Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Tiffany: Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
Clyde: Let the rhythm of rage pound to the ground!
Billy: Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us then we'll cure your ignorance! Billy, Garret, Clyde
Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot prospect band of key shaker and taker
celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten- the Go-Rock Quads!

Billy: We are a bit out of tune? Doesn't matter., it's about feeling! ...You're
the new recruit to the Ranger Union, hey?
Garret: Oh, ranger, please hear us out. We've recently developed an interest
for legendary pokemon. But even for the most skilled rangers, legendary pokemon
are difficult to capture.
Clyde: If you have the cash, there's not much that you can't do in this world.
But legendary pokemon- that's another story. Can't do a thing about them for
any amount of cash!
Tiffany: But, you know... (giggle...) Pretty soon, the ultimate styler that
makes the impossible happen is going to be ready. ...Hah! That's all you get to
hear of our top-secret performance! Bye-Bye!
Billy: Here's a little more of an encore! The Go-Rock Squad's going to put an
end to the history of Rangers soon! When we capture the legendary pokemon, we
can do whatever we feel like doing! We'll summon storms, drop thunderbolts,
whip up massive fires... We'll do it all! And what will the Ranger Union do
then? Why, nothing but stand around crying, "Boo-hoo-hoo!" The citizens will
lose faith in the union, and that'll be the end of you Rangers! Hahaha!
Billy: Hmm, so that's the problem with 	Pokemon captured with our new
styler... It looks as if those pokemon return to wherever they came from if a
ranger recaptures them. That's important to know. But why does it happen? Maybe
because the ranger connects with the pokemon on an emotional level? Hahaha! How
ridiculous is that? As if that would ever happen! Hahaha! Totally preposterous!
Pokemon a Go-Go!
Garret: Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Tiffany: Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
Clyde: Let the rhythm of rage pound to the ground!
Billy: Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us then we'll cure your ignorance! Billy, Garret, Clyde
Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot prospect band of key shaker and taker
celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten- the Go-Rock Quads!
Billy: We nailed our performance this time, right? Anyways...
We came running when we heard Union Rangers were working in the Krokka Tunnel.
So we get here, and what do we find? Our old friend from Summerland's jungle-
cleaning up rocks! Hahaha! Is that like a side job or something?
Garret: Somewhere in this cavern sleeps a legendary pokemon... have you heard
such a rumour? Wouldn't you agree that is the most exhilarating and exciting of
tales? Of course, rangers would never be able to gain mastery over any such
legendary pokemon. You rangers should stick to what you can do, such as playing
hide and seek with a Politoed in a jungle. Or perhaps cleaning up rocks in the
tunnel would befitting a job for you Rangers.
Clyde: Ouch! Harsh dies! Big Bro, Garret, you sure can put people down with the
politest of words. Better yet, your words are absolutely spot on the money!
When it comes to controlling pokemon, the Go-Rock Squad has it all over the
Rangers now. After all, we've got our new stylers! We can catch pokemon galore
with them and rake in the dough by making them do exactly as we want!
Tiffany: ...Well, itís not ready yet. It's still a prototype. What we're doing
is partly testing, too. Ranger, you can loom forward to the day when we get the
real thing! ...Hah" That's all you get to hear this time! Bye-Bye!
Tiffany: Oh, I have so had it! There's no legendary pokemon to be found! My big
brothers all left without me, too... And our grunts can't seem to deal with the
likes of you! It's time I put things right! Get ready for my headline act!
Camerupt, come! Weren't you surprised to see my Camerupt come along when I
started playing my violin? This is no ordinary musical instrument. It's an
instrument-type styler that our boss made for the Go-Rock Quads! Unlike your
styler it doesn't need anything like a 'sense of justice' to do its thing. It
can control pokemon through musical tension, groove and stuff like that.
...Oops! Maybe I served up too much important information... Well? I'm ready to
battle now. But since you're going to lose anyway, I can wait for you to get
ready. Of you don't need to do anything, we can  get started right away!

Go on, Camerupt! Scorch that Ranger!
Challenge of Fire
Pokemon a Go-Go! We've been waiting for you two!
Garret: Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Tiffany: Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
Clyde: Let the rhythm of rage pound to the ground!
Billy: Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us then we'll cure your ignorance! Billy, Garret, Clyde
Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot prospect band of key shaker and taker
celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten- the Go-Rock Quads!

Billy: Hey, long time no see! Welcome to the challenge of Fire! You folks are
the Union Rangers, am I right? As you can see, this Charizard is in a world of
suffering! Don't you think you ought to capture it? You know, so you can calm
it down?

Bravo! That's what I expect from a Union Ranger! I tried capturing it myself,
but our prototype styler couldn't quite get the job done.

Garret: Worse, our unfinished styler caused injury to that Charizard. An
accident of course.

Clyde: We lucked out when you gullible rangers happened to come along all
cheerful and helpful. But, you have our thanks. You cleared to 4th challenge
for us!

Tiffany: ...you're not too swift, are you? Capturing that Charizard the 4th

Billy: There's a legend about the Jungle Relic. Maybe you've heard of it? If
all four of the relic's challenges are cleared, a calamity will befall the
Fiore region... We, the Go-Rock Squad, desperately want that calamity to
happen. Then, we got word that some clueless rangers--that's you--were coming
here to take the challenges. And bingo! I had a wicked idea! We'd convince you
to clear the 4th and final challenge and bring on the calamity! You had more
trouble than I expected, but hey, it's cool. Anyway..., I wonder what happened
to the Entei Statue? I hope it's nothing good! Hahaha!
Clyde+ Slaking
Clyde: Say, hey, it's the Calamity-Causing combo! ...Calamity-Causing Combo
kind of lacks that street sensibility thing... Calamity-Causing Combo? ...Who
cares about that... Anyways, I have to hand it to you two! Our boss is mighty
pleased, yes sir tremendously pleased with you. You played a huge role in the
testing of the latest styler! ...But, by now, your part is done. If we let you
scurry around anymore you'll get under the boss' foot. ...Why are you giving me
that eye? I'll show you. Time to work, Slaking, KO these clowns, and let
ourselves get a bonus from the boss!
Pokemon a Go-Go!
Garret: Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Tiffany: Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
Clyde: Let the rhythm of rage pound to the ground!
Billy: Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us then we'll cure your ignorance! Billy, Garret, Clyde
Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot prospect band of key shaker and taker
celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten- the Go-Rock Quads!
Billy: That'll do for today's practise.
Clyde: Bleah, Practising's boring.
Garret: That's the attitude that you made when you lose against that child.
Tiffany: I don't care either way. Let's cut this useless chatter. I just want
to get out of this greasy place. If I don't get to go shopping, I'm going to
get totally stressed out.
Billy: Now Tiffany. Quit being so self-centred. Garret will stay to oversee the
factory. We're going back to the hideout because the boss is waiting for us.
Garret: You already know me as Garret. I also happen to be in charge of this
factory's operation. I was rather perplexed today. You see, our machines keep
stopping inexplicably. I see now that you were to blame. In fact, you created
quite a huge mess. It's gone beyond mere annoyance! Scizor! Teach them a reason
they won't forget! Continually using ghost assists, or maybe fighting assists,
you might win.
Tiffany: Not you two again?! What do you want of us? If you want my autograph,
you should just say it. ...Humph, I know. You don't want my autograph, you want
to have a go at us! You caught me by surprise last time, but I'm setting the
phasers to rock! Camerupt... come! Barbeque Time!
Clyde: So you're the clowns messing with my cute sister's head? Here's my
thanks: the Go-Rock quad's son getting to make Pokemon do exactly as we want.
Your rangers are going out of business overnight. The first thing I'm going to
do is get stinking rich by working pokemon to the bone. That's my dream for
now. It's all about cash, flash. If youíve got the stash, there's nothing that
you can't do ion life, Hey, you'll be out of a job. I could consider, hiring
you, hey? But before that... I might be lazy, but even I won't let anyone get
in the way of my dreams! I don't care much about away games, but I can't lose
at home! Besides, there's bonus pay in it for me. All it takes is to beat you
down! Call your boys out, Slaking! The ending begins now!
Garret: I had been hoping to see you again. As a result of your meddling, my
dusk factory was destroyed. And, as a result of that, I am losing the boss'
trust. Actually, I am grateful that you've caused me so much grief. Because I'm
using that anger as motivation... Yeah as motivation! Enough of this talking
like some gent! I'm motivated to hit back! I'm grateful for what you did, but
that doesn't mean you're forgiven! Here's your payback for all the humiliation
I suffered! Scizor, do your thing! It's revenge! Get motivated!
Pokemon a Go-Go! Welcome to our secret base!
Garret: Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Tiffany: Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
Clyde: Let the rhythm of rage pound to the ground!
Billy: Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us then we'll cure your ignorance! Billy, Garret, Clyde
Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot prospect band of key shaker and taker
celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten- the Go-Rock Quads!
Billy: Welcome to our secret base. We were expecting you. Do you remember what
I said about the Go-Rock Squad changing the history of the rangers? That's
fantastic news, isn't it? So why do you keep trying to mess us up? Think about
it. The go-Rock Squad's supposed to be messing with the rangers. But it's been
the other way around. That's just not right. What's going on here? ...... If it
was something we borrowed we'd give it back. But we took the thing. Why would
we need to give it back? And even though the power styler's been created, Prof.
Hastingsís Super Styler is still an important sample. It's not something we're
about to just hand over without a fight. And, you're also mistaken. It's not
our boss hiding from the likes of you. He's in the Fiore Temple, working on the
final experiment. But knowing that's not going to help you now. It's way to
late for that! Hahaha! I've had it past here with your meddling antics! That's
not all... You beat my brothers Clyde and Garret, and my little sis Tiffany,
not just once, but twice each! It's about time I settled up accounts with you
for my beloved siblings. It's payback time. Tyranitar, it's Showtime for you
and your brothers! Feel my anger, and let it's rhythm of rage pound to the

8. How to capture the Regis.
For Regirock, capture Typhlosion, Blaziken, Arcanine or Camerupt. You may also
want to bring along a fighting assist. Then, go to the Sekra Range. (Via
Wintown).Head up and capture Poliwhirl, as many as you like. That's the helpful
water assist. Head up, fleeing or capturing the Arbok/ Seedot. While you're
here, you may as well get some good EXP so head left,so head left, capturing or
fleeing the Arbok and Nuzleaf, over the bridge and to the Shiftree. Capture the
Shiftry if you like, get your styler healed, capture a Quiliva, and head right,
and capture an Altaria. If you like, capture Swablu as well, then head on.
Capture/ use a previous Piloswine on the dead tree, cross the chasm and then
you'll be where you'd be if you took the shortcut. Capture an second Poliwhirl,
plus a Garvedior/Ralts perhaps. Heading up, capturing 2 Golem, prefably the 2
right near each other, and then reach the top. Use Altaria to make Vileplume
come out of hiding, and then smash the rockfall using Golem. Water the plant
with Poliwhirl, and then climb the vine. Samsh the Rock Wall with Golem and
head in. Inside, ignore the gastly, but make sure they don't use thier
adbuction skills, melt the ice and finish off by walking through the doors in
front. Inside, use water/grass assist and then try to capture the beast,
watching for falling rocks upon it's healing. Although, another good idea is to
keep it lower on the screen, use the ghsot assist, and simply draw a little big
loops above the head of Regirock, so when it jumps it won't break the line.
Agian, watch for the rocks on his recovery. It requries a good old 19 loops.
PS. Could someone try Sneasel's dark assist and say if that is any good? Thx in

For Regice, capture a Typholsion, Blaziken, Arcanine or Camerupt, and a
Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or Tangela and go to the Panula Cave. Although, you could
enter at Wintown, start at Ringtown, capturing Bulbasaur/Ivysaur in the Lyra
Forest, Typhlosion from the shrub in the forest, and then back to the Krokka
Tunnel, to the room you met the Quads on mission 5, to the Magneton's room, up
the grown vine, to the Torkoal, down the stairs, and then capturing Crobat as
you like, but don't melt that bit of ice, unless you have 2 pokemon with Burn
*3. (In the tunnel, in the big door to the right, up, right, and all the way up
to the door, in the door, uop, in the door) Instead, head out the door left and
capture Absol. Jump down, and head round to the ice. To do this, head down and
into the door, where you'll find Whismur and Explouds. Capture them, release
them (they'll useless), and through the big door, saving, down the stairs,
round to the left where you should really capture Medicham as you pass, heading
up, keeping to the right, goping that way and up, heading to the right: perhaps
after capturing a raichu downwards, uo the stairs and down to the ice. Melt the
ice blocking the doorway, and capture a 2 Golem. Use it's smash move on the
RIGHT boulder and fall down that hole. Falling down, don't fall down that hole,
but instead use Bulbasaur's/Ivysaur's cross move to the other side, down that
hole, and into the door above you. Inside is Regice. Use a rock assist, then
use Medicham's fighting attack. Watch out for the icicles, while also making
sure Regice is startled from the Rock Assist away from the icicles, else you're
wasting valuable time. That's Regice.

For Registeel, it's probably the hardest to reach, and it doesn't even have an
assist. Start in the Lyra Forest. Capture Victreebel for the Browswer, plus
Ivysaur *3, plus Scyther/Scizor. You won't need to keep the Victreebel. Pick up
a Swellow as well. Go to the Krokka Tunnel. Go right and through the big door.
Then, go up when possible and through the door. Turn left, and out the door,
and out that door too. Go left and in that door as well. Go up and use
Swellow's gust on the Parasect to capture it. Then, release it if you like, and
go into the mountain, capturing Machamp or Haryiama. (prefably Machamp
espically if you didn't pick one up at the Go-Rock Base) Head out, capturing 2
Graveler. Head back in and go to the cross post and head downwards. When out of
there, use Scyther to destroy the metal fence, and Machamp/Haryiama to destroy
the rockfall. Don't bother passing through yet. Go in the doorway you cleared.
Use the 2 Graveler to destroy 2 of the boulders, but don't just destroy any,
destroy 2 that will start to clear a path to the other side. Head back and jump
down the step. Find your way back and capture the 2 Graveler agian. Also, pick
up a Haryiama/Machamp for the fighting assist, (or both) plus Torkoal if you
like. Head back on the cross post. Outside, have the 2 other Graveler destroy
the 2 other rocks to clear a path. If you failed to clear the rocks in 4, use
Machamp/Haryiama/both to destroy the others. Head back out the door straight
after, going to where the Rockfall was before. Head down there, capturing the 2
Diglett and the Dugtrio to add it too your broswer. Then head back in and use
Ivysaur to cross the post. You'll find a Tangela here, and you may as well
capture it. Head into the back room. Here will be Registeel. (FINALLY!) Use
Digletts/Dugtrios ground assist to stop Registeel in his tracks, then use
Machamp/Haryiama's fighting assist to catch him really quickly.
9. Completing the Broswer

In this part, I'll explain how to complete the broswer, using half the
infomrtation I have already used.

Pokemon you can't aviod having to catch in the storyline:
Mr. Mime

Other pokemon I mentioned in the walkthrough:

Pokemon yet to be mentioned

I may have missed some, or placed pokemon into the wrong cateogries. Please
contact me with anything I've missed.

Meganium can be found lurking around Venonat in the Olive Jungle. It requries
lots of loops. You may want to try a bug and a fighting assist here.

Ferilgatr can be found in the Waterworks, where I last mentioned Squirtle
being. (use cross to the bridge thing). Then, burn the scrap metal, and go
along to the ladder upwards, then down onto a litle island, where Ferligtatr
will junp out of the water.

Haunter is in the room in the Dusk Factory that used to have the Machoke,
through the automatic door and on the left.

Porygon can be found in the room in the Dusk Factory that used to have the pads
that if tyou stepped on them, they'd move you. It is in the middle of that
room, but it is invisible. Check your broswer.

Gloom can be found at the top of the Olive Jungle (at the entrance to the
Jungle Relic), requring a Gust *2 to lift it out of the ground.

Metagross can be found up in the Go- Rock Base now (that's after they blew it
up, hahahaha). It requries a good lot of loops. (29/30 I think). Watch out for
it's beam attack. You may want to use a fighting assist and a ground assist.

Kangskhan is easily found near the entrance to the Sekra Range. You'll need a
pokemon with Smash *3, to break into the Rock Wall (after the poliwhril) and
it's in there.

Snorlax is the hardest pokemon to get in the game. It may not require an
immense number of loops, nor have a really powerful attack, but it is asleep,
and you can't even truly battle it until it wakes up: which is when you have
caught 209 pokemon, not including Deoxys, Celebi and Mew.

10. Pokedex

In this section, I will list all the 213 pokemon, and their locations, how they
act, on and off the field, thier field move and its power, plus it's poke
assist, In the following way...

R-??? Pokemon's Ranger Browser Number and name
Group: What group the pokemon is
Assist: ????? The pokemon's assist
Field Move- ??? The pokemon's field move using symbols (below)
/ Recharge
B Burn
S Soak
X Smash
C Cut
- Cross
T Tackle
F Flash
W Gust
Location: Steps from the entrance to the pokemon, exactly.
Acting on the field:		How they act while you walk around
Acting on the BattleField:	How they act as try to catch them

PS. All these pokemon's locations are as they are AFTER the storyline

R-001: 		Bulbasaur
Group: 		Grass
Assist: 	Grass
Field Move: 	C
Location:	1. Grassland Capture Challenge
		2. Inside a shrub in the main Lyra Forest.
Field Act:	Runs around
Battle Act:	Shoots a vine ocassionally to attack. If touches by the disc or
line, will flee.

R-002:		Ivysaur
Group: 		Grass
Assist:		Grass
Field Move:	C
Location:	Lots of them in the first 2 parts of the Lyra Forest Depths.
Field Move:	C
Field Act:	Slowly runs after you.
Battle Act:	Shoots a vine ocassionally to attack. If touched, will shoot a

R-003:		Venusuar
Group:		Grass
Assist:		Grass
Field Move:	NONE
Location:	Inside a shrub in the 6th room in the Lyra Forest depths.
Field Act:	Chases after you
Battle Act:	Spits out seeds which quickly grow into damaging plants, that
stay around for a while, to attack.

R-004:		Bellsprout
Group:		Grass
Assist:		Grass
Field Move:	NONE
Location:	The main Lyra Forest, spread out in the Krokka Tunnel, but is 			part
of the storyline.
Field Act:	Flees from you.
Battle Act:	Shoots a razor sharp leaf which acts like a boomerang, as it
comes back, to attack.

R-005:		Weepinbell
Group: 		Grass
Assist:		Poison
Field Move:	NONE
Location:	Many hanging around the 3rd depth in the Lyra Forest.
Field Act:	Chases after you, swallowing you and spitting you back to the
beginning of the map.
Battle Act:	Shoots out posion, which is puddled on the ground for a while.

R-006:		Victreebel
Group:		Grass
Assist:		Poison
Location:	Down the cliff in the
Field Act:	Chases after you, swallowing you and spitting you back to the
beginning of the map.
Battle Act:	Shoots up large puddles of posion.

R-007:		Chikorita
Group:		Grass
Assist:		Grass
Field Move:	NONE
Location:	Hanging around the main Lyra Forest, and is part of the main
Field Act:	Walks around and flees.




Planning to do in the future:
Writing an FAQ with YOUR questions
Writing the 'POKEDEX'
Writing out the Glossary from the game
Writing out the rest of the game's text
Updating the Walkthrough
Fixing incorrect locations
Correcting missed spelling errors
Updated the Capture Challenges with points and more pokemon that are there in
the Arena
Maybe some other stuff (give me more ideas of what I can do) :)
. Bibliography


Nintendo: The Pokemon Company, HAL Laboratory INC, Game Freak INC, Creatures
INC for creating the game.

www.serebii.net and www.psypokes.com for information that helps me complete the
game in the first place, and allowed me to set myself my personal target at the
capture arena.

I think that's all the people I need to thank.
. Contact Details.

My email address is choatixtherobot@yahoo.co.uk. If you have any questions,
queries, problems, improvements, something else I can add or objections please
email me. When you email me, please state some sort of detail so I can place
you into my bibliography. Any questions you ask will be added the FAQ in the
next update. Also, if you realise any mistakes in spelling, in areas or
anything else, don't hesitate to contact me. However do not send me either of
the following:

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Donít send me things that have already been mentioned in the FAQ. Itís simple
to read, search the document for what youíre after, or read the whole thing.
You must have opened this for a reason so find it, and if its not there then
send me an email. Otherwise, donít.

Thank you for reading this FAQ. Please look forward to the next update!

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