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"And it turned into...a nightmare..." ...Wow...They sure are creative...aflactive8/10
Resident Evil on two tiny screens; is it evil?Ali_X_Rexus7/10
A great classic ported quiet nicely to a great handheldAllpaca9/10
Resident Evil DS, a great port of a classic and a great remakeBassForever8/10
Yin or Yang, Good or EVIL.bbiidoublezy7/10
"4. Itchy. Tasty."Bolt_Thrower9/10
This is not my beautiful house.DjSkittles5/10
Another remake, seriously Capcom?Exodist7/10
A remake of a remake... What are the chances of that???GeneralDryBones9/10
Good simply for it is portable Resident Evilgeno_168/10
Great game for the DS.JonWood0079/10
Quite Dissapointing, yet Still GoodLedFanatic46/10
Itchy textures.mollytehmop8/10
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence should have stayed Silent.Ordinary_Gamer1/10
Not exactly terror in the palm of your hand..but a great game nonthelessPlasmaTrooper999/10
Two screens, twice the terror, but not quiteplayerland408/10
Ten Years Later...Reverted_X9/10
One of the best games I've ever playedRugterWyper3210/10
I'd be great without this damn voice-acting.ryubaru8/10
From the somebody who has never played the originalSanosuke928/10
Resident Evil On The Go - Been waiting for this game since the GBA announcement.silverwings2110/10
Terror in your bathroom! Terror in your bed room! Terror in your car! Terror anywhere!snakesbandana9/10
Capcom has exhausted everything from the original Resident Evil to a point where you are just fed up...Soulreavercross5/10
Resident Evil goes mobileThe1Executioner8/10
The DS kiddy? I think not!UBCS29/10
Fun for the nostalgia, but wears thin after a whileVidGameFreak7/10

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