Challenge Mode FAQ by jackie_chang

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Daredemo Asobi Taizen
Challenge mode: Help for gaijin

By jackie_chang
Feb. 18, 2006

Disclaimer: There are probably some mistakes here, as I don't speak or
understand Japanese very well.  A basic understanding of hiragana and katakana
will go a long way in this game. 

Copying: You are free to copy, distribute, and modify this document as you
wish.  If anyone wants to make corrections or expand this to a full guide,
feel free.  I don't particularly care to update this anymore.

1. Game: "Doubt" aka. "BS"
Challenge: Call "BS" at least 5 times, without ever being wrong.
Unsure whether you need to win 1st place or not.
Difficulty: ***

2. Game: "Memory game"
Challenge: Beat under 3 minutes.  
Difficulty: * Just use pen and paper.

3. Game: "Blackjack"
Challenge: Collect 500 chips by the end of the 10 hands
Difficulty: ** Mostly luck...

4. Game: "Daifugou" aka. Big Two
Challenge: Get to 1st place.  Unsure whether you need to stay in
1st place until the last hand.
Difficulty: ** The CPU AI is terrible.

5. Game: "Rummy"
Challenge: Go Rummy (all cards on your hand must be melded into sequences
or combos, no discarding)
Difficulty: ** Just hold on to everything, CPU is pretty slow.

6. Game: "Hearts"
Challenge: Shoot the moon (collect all hearts and the Q of spades)
Difficulty: *** Just restart until you have a strong hand.

7. Game: "Nap"
Challenge: Succeed Misere (collect no tricks)
Difficulty: * Just restart until you have all low-numbered cards.

8. Game: "Spades"
Challenge: Succeed "Nil"
Difficulty: ** Just restart until you have all low-numbered cards, and few
trumps (spades)

9. Game: "Goninkan"
Challenge: Skunk (collect all honors)
Difficulty: **** You need a really good hand for this.

10. Game: "Backgammon"
Challenge: Backgammon the CPU.
Difficulty: *** Depends on how good you are.  Took me a while.

11. Game: "Chinese checkers"
Challenge: Jump over at least 7 checkers in one turn.
Difficulty: *** Need some luck here, I did it by having a whole line of
checkers lined up.

12. Game: "Checkers"
Challenge: Win with at least 10 checkers remaining.
Difficulty: ** The CPU AI is horrible.

13. Game: "Reversi"
Challenge: Capture all 4 corners.
Difficulty: *** Depends how good you are.

14. Game: "Reversi"
Challenge: Lose all your pieces to the CPU (took me a while since I had
understood the opposite)
Difficulty: **

15. Game: "Gunjin Shogi"
Challenge: Defeat the Big whatever (strongest piece) with your spy.
Difficulty: ** Just send out the Middle whatever, with the spy following,
until you find the Big whatever, and kill him.

16. Game: "Hasami Shogi"
Challenge: Defeat the CPU without losing a single piece.
Difficulty: *** Move a side piece all the way up, and the CPU will often make
the mistake of lining up the pieces diagonally.  Then take them out one by

17. Game: "Kotoba sagashi" aka. Hangman
Challenge: Uncover 3 words with under 20 "misses"
Difficulty: ***** I barely know Japanese so this took forever.  Using an
online wildcard dictionary is a must.

18. Game: "Ohajiki Golf"
Challenge: Run the 1st half-course in 30 or fewer strokes.
Difficulty: ** You can send the puck over short distances of water.  Essential

19. Game: "Ohajiki Golf"
Challenge: Run the 2nd half-course in 35 or fewer strokes.
Difficulty: ** Even easier than #18 in my opinion.

20. Game: "Ohajiki Golf"
Challenge: Hole in One.
Difficulty: * Too easy.

21. Game: "Ohajiki Jintori"
Challenge: Capture all the panels.
Difficulty: *** Let the CPU do all the dirty work and then send it flying.

22. Game: "Balance Game"
Challenge: Place 20 or more blocks on the beam.
Difficulty: * Just spread them evenly.  You can use a held piece to move
placed pieces, if something got placed precariously.

23. Game: "Balance Game"
Challenge: Place 10 or more blocks vertically, on top of each other.
Difficulty: **** You're gonna have to grab them by the edge, and one false
move and it's over.

24. Game: "Bowling"
Challenge: Get 3 strikes in a row.
Difficulty: **** If you have a steady hand, it's easy.  I found it easier to
move the ball all the way up the touch screen, as there are no "foot faults"
in this game.

25. Game: "Bowling"
Challenge: Knock 1 pin down, 5 times in a row.
Difficulty: **** Also somewhat difficult unless you have a steady hand.

26. Game: "Darts"
Challenge: Collect 200 points.
Difficulty: ** Send everything down the center, you have a good chance of
getting bullseyes, 20, or multipliers on the 20.

27. Game: "Darts"
Challenge: Get 3 bullseyes out of 10 shots.
Difficulty: *** A little trickier than #26, but at least it's not like the
bowling challenge.

28. Game: "Soda Game"
Challenge: Pop the bottle in under 5 seconds.
Difficulty: *** This is tricky.  It takes a little over a second for the
bottle to pop after you've let go, so shake like crazy until the timer says
about 3.50 seconds, and let go.  It'll take some trial and error.

29. Game: "Hanafuda"
Challenge: Collect "Go Kou" (five lights)
Difficulty: ***** Wow, this one's a huge pain.  First, read the section "Yaku
1" of the rulebook to understand what the heck you're trying to collect.  Your
best chance is to collect the Rain man combo first (collect the rain man
before collecting any of the other "light" cards).  Avoid the chrysanthemum
special card.

30. Game: "Hanafuda"
Challenge: Gather 150 points by the end of the last hand.  Unsure if you
succeed if you get 150 by say, the tenth hand, but lose points such that
you're under 150 by the last hand.  I only got this once.
Difficulty: ***** Major luck needed here, and a good understanding of the yaku
helps.  You need an average gain of 8-10 points per hand. The chrysanthemum
card is your friend.