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"Well, it's Mario Basketball. It's also very arcadie (as you may have guessed)"

Mario is in yet another sport game...... read below.

Story: ??/10
It's like every other Mario sport game, it has absolutely no story whatsoever.

Graphics: 10/10
WOW. SIMPLY AMAZING. I don't know how Square-Enix managed to do this, but this game is completely mind-blowing for the DS. At first it looks like nothing special, but one play on the Bowser stage will change your mind. That specific stage had all the characters, and normally about 8-10 flames coming up out of the ground to attack you. It's simply amazing they did this all without one little bit of slowdown. Aside from that, the character selection screen is the exact same as WarioWare: Touched, meaning a 2d selection screen, where the characters move around randomly. The menus are nicely designed, but a little old seeming.

Sound: 1-9/10
This plainly depends on personal taste. The background music during the character select screen and other menus is very annoying in my opinion, although it seems like a lot of people like it from what I've read. It sounds like the character voice overs for Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, etc, all had a cold when they recorded the voices. Maybe it was bad microphones.

Controls: 3/10
OH MY GOD. They really screwed up the controls. First of all, there is a tutorial mode that has about 30 steps. None revolve directly about basketball rules, and they all revolve about how to use the touchscreen to dribble, pass, etc. The controls in the game are wrist/hand numbing tight. You can switch it to control with the digital pad and the face buttons, if you want to, but the problem with that is that it makes special shots not possible, as well as a few others.

Gameplay: 9/10
Hmm...... Where to start. The character select screen could use improvements, as they walk around, they can be a little hard to grab because they are so small. The you have to drag them into a hoop before you can play as them. Ah, well, ignoring that, once you are actually in the game, it's very fun. The first few cups are to be honest quite boring, but the n you get to stages with very odd things happening (a casino level with slots, a level with bombs wandering around, a level hanging above fire where fire springs up and attacks you, a level where the baskets are Petey Parana (however you spell that). It's just plain and simply fun. The difficulty didn't even spike on me, despite what other people are saying. The only part I had trouble with was the Petey Parana court, where you aren't allowed to slam dunk, unless Petey is asleep (which isn't often at all). The AI for your teammates is virtually brain dead, so do not rely on them to defend you.

Multiplayer: 5/10
This could have been so much more. For one, it's NOT online, despite what it traditionally means, "Wifi" in this case means only lan based wifi. Aside from that, you can only do exhibition (which requires a gamepak per player), mini-games, and battle. In exhibition, you can't even be on the same team as another person. Try it once, but otherwise it's only fun on long road trip.

Buy/Rent: Buy
Well, maybe not right now, wait until the USA release.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 07/31/06

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