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Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (Nintendo DS)

Nest of Evil guide
Author: _FifhWarrior_

- Introduction          [int]
- How to unlock NoE     [unl]
- Suggested Equipment   [eqp]
- Layout of NoE         [lay]
- General tips          [tip]    
- Stage One             [st1]
- Stage Two             [st2]
- Stage Three           [st3]
- Stage Four            [st4]
- Stage Five            [st5]
- Stage Six             [st6]
- Stage Seven           [st7] 
- Conclusion            [con]
- Contacting me         [cme]
- Credits               [cre]
- Legal stuff           [lgl]

Introduction [int]

Hello, this is Fifth. Pardon the lack of snazzy ASCII and such in this guide!  
If you wish to, you can find me around Random Insanity, the board I frequent.  
I wrote this FAQ because a lot of people were having trouble with the Nest of  
Evil, and I think I'll be able to help them out with my 49 hours of playing    
this game @_@. This FAQ does contain loads of spoilers.
You can search for the code in the Contents to get to specific part quickly.
That's all, I think <_<; Let's go on to the main FAQ.                          

How to unlock the Nest of Evil [unl]
Talk to Wind and accept his quest called "Nest of Evil" and uncover at least   
888% of the map. Then talk to him again, and we will say the gates to the Nest 
should be open now. Go to the entrance of the castle, the place where you had  
to stand together with your partner to make the bridge drop in the beginning of
the game. At the bottom of this room, you will find a pit. Hop in ^_^

Suggested Equipment [eqp]


Weapon: Holy Claymore OR True Vampire Killer OR Stellar Sword
Subweapon: Cross OR Shuriken
Body: Lorica OR Platinum Plate OR Scout Armour
Head: Attica Helmet
Legs: Samurai Leggngs (lawl, character limits)
Accesory 1: Shaman Ring if you want to level up fast OR Master Ring if you want
to master subweapons quick OR Miser Ring OR Assassin Cape
Accesory 2: Shaman Ring if you want to level up fast OR Master Ring if you want
to master subweapons quick OR Miser Ring OR Assassin Cape
Dual Crush: Depends

Weapon: Tome of Arms 3 OR Tome of Arms X (hardly matters)
Magic: Depends
Body: Robe Decollete
Head: Arachne Hennin
Legs: Artemis Shoes
Accesory 1: Paludamentum
Accesory 2: Venus Brooch
Dual Crush: Depends

Note: It doesn't really matter what armour you use.

The layout of the nest [lay]
There are seven "stages". Each comprise of two floors, and have one boss from  
Dawn of Sorrow each.
Before the first stage, there is a Warp room and Save room. The remaining      
levels (except the last one) have a Warp room which you can use to warp here in
order to Save your progress and recover health and Mana.
Once you enter a stage, you can't exit untill you beat it and emerge on the    
other side of it.

General tips [tip]
The room doors open after one minute. Exploit this factif you can't beat the   

Equip 2 Blessed Ankh (dropped from Amalaric Sniper) beforew you heal. That make
each heal item recover more HP.

Carry 9 High Potions, 9 High tonics, a few Anti-venoms, and several food items.

Master the Cross.

Unlock the Vampire Killer's true power. 

Buy the holy Claymore from Vincent.

Stage One [st1]

Room 1: 1 Quetzacol, 2 Dead Warrior
Easy. The quetza will lunge toward you. Either use the Holy Clyamore (HC) or 
similar overhead swing weapon to bring it down, or just jump and hit it. Move  
forward and pick off the Dead Warriors one by one.

Room2: 2 Demon, 1 Bone Ark
Can get messy. Quickly move forward, and smack the Bone Ark dead with the Cross
and a Holy or Whip type weapon. HC and VK work cool. This Bone Ark can deal    
tremendous damage with it's bolt, so flee if it manages to launch one.         
Meanwhile, the Demon would have appeared. Turn around and kill it with The     
Cross and HC/VK. It's imple now, just one more Demon ahead. They drop Super    
Tonics, btw =P

Room 3:6 Lightkeepers, 2 Mothman
Can get messy. Run ahead, thrown Shuriken or Cross, and just keep smacking it  
with your weapon, VK is good against Lightkeepers. Jump to dodge their fire    
waves. The Mothman should be easy with only 80 HP. If it poisons you, use Cure 
Poison Magic or Anti-Venom.
The trouble here is that it can get tought to see what's happening with the    
Mothman and the lightkeeper's crazy after death animations. =/

Room 4: 4 Minotaur
Ugh. You need brute force. The VK critical works great here, with them being   
weak to Fire AND whip. Also, throw a few Crosses while you are at it.
Slide underneath them when they jump and chop with their axes, FLEE or Griffon 
wing like crazy when they breathe their petrifying breath, and laugh when they 
shower you with pebbles. 

Room 5: 1 Final Guard, 4 Jack O'Bones
Easy. Run forward and kill the two Jack O'Bones fast with the Cross or VK, and 
then run back and launch "1000 Blades" at the Final Guard just after he        
finishes an attack or his defensive pose. It should only be a matter of hitting
him a couple more times after that. There are two more Jack O'Bones to pick off
easily one by one.

Room 6: 1 Balore   

omgwtfbossRUN! Not really though, he isn't too hard >_>
Balore is weak to Swords, so Stellar Sword is good. Shurikens are awesome here.
Run up close to Balore and start smacking him. Dodge his arm, which doesn't do 
too much damage anyways, it should be pretty easy. Now, when you see the dude  
start gathering violet light around his eye, DUCK! He will launch a devastating
beam, which will knock you to the left side of the room. Continue and this boss
will fall easily. Tchah, I expected more from such a tough looking guy.

End stage 1. Heal and save if need be.

Stage Two [st2]

Room 1: 7 Dragonfly, 2 Buster Armour
Stellar Sword's critical or Chain lightning works great at killing those pesky 
Dragonflies and putting a dent into the Buster Armour.
When the Buster Armour launches it's missile, HIT THE MISSILE AND FLEE. It deal
monstropus damage if it hits. You can actually knock it back at the BAs, btw ;)
Get the BAs from a disance using the VK.

Room 2: 2 Heavy Armour, 1 Ruler's sword
Easy. Quickly go near the Heavy Armour, duck and swing the HC. That should also
protect you against the Ruler's Sword. The RS is a tricky enemy. You cant go   
too close to it. Crosses work great gainst them, and if they're really getting 
you mad, use "Holy Lightning". Overkill, but a life-saver in nasty if health is
low. Another Heavy Armour, take it out.

Room 3: 2 Dogether, 2 Skeleton Blaze, 1 Cave Troll

Can be hard unles you're careful. Kill the Dogether first, then stand back and 
Use the Summon Gunman magic to take the Skelton Blazes and the Cave Troll      
easily. If you are pursued by a Skeleton Blaze, I'd recommend being Jonathan   
, killing it, and using "R" to use Summon Gunman instead of becoming Charlotte.

Room 4: 9 Armoured Fleamen, 9 Fleamen, 1 Guillotiner

Nasty. Immediately duck hown and keep swinging the HC or similar overhead swing
weapon like crazy. You will demolish a few AF, who will then become Fleamen.   
Keep swinging, and they will die when they jump at you. Then go ahead, take out
the Guillotiner, and duck immediately and repeat the process.

Room 5: 1 Iron Golem

Hardeeharhar. Pathetically easy.
They watered down the Iron Golem a lot from Dawn. Nothing is effective on this 
guy,just keep smackin him and running back to avoid his slllooowww asss hellll

Room 6: 1 Gergoth 

Easy. Also toned down severly from DoS, where he was a PAIN to kill. Seriously,
he kicked Soma's rear ends so much. o_o;; And don't even talk of Julius Mode...

Anyways, launch a "1000 Blades" on this dude ASAP, and then throw a few crosses
, do a few Summon Gunmen, swing a few HC..what? It died already? Lulz.

His attacks are quite nasty, though. He will jump at you for MASSIVE DAMAGE.   
This can be avoided by moving back and ducking, or by the riskier and cooler   
option of sliding underneath him when he jumps. This allows you to be on his   
other side and give him a nice "1000 Blades" while he turns slower than a dial-
up connection streams youtube videos.
He will start sucking in whilte blobs of energy, this means he is going to do a
crazy beam attack. Run really close to him, duck, and keep smacking him.
He will also suck in air and then fall down heavilty on you. Just go close and 

WEIRD GLITCH: Sometimes when you enter the room and istead of moving even a bit
just do a "1000 Blades", it goes right through Gergoth. It's like he isn't     
there. weird. Moving makes him come alive, though. This was in the US version. 
I'd love it if someone with an European version told me if this happens with   
them too or not. 

Heal, save.

Stage Three  [st3]

Room 1: 2 Skeleton Farmer, 3 Lesser Demon
Tricky. Come in, go ahead as much as you can without walking into the Une,     
throw 2 crosses. That shpuld do 2 LDs in. Then Grifon Wing, get onthe other    
side of the room. Kill the LD with Crosses, and then keep smacking the skeleton
Farmer while he is still facing the other side. The trick is to quickly get on 
the other side of the Farmers with Griffon wing.

Room 2: 1 Alastor
Childplay. Jump, throw cross, repeat. Keep inmind to hit the SWORD. The shadow 
is harmless. Also, keep pelting it with crosses, don't give it a chance to     

Room 3: 3 Demon Head, 2 Yorick.
Tricky. Take it easy here in this room. Both the Yorick and the Demon Head are 
weak to Holy. First take out the Demon Head one by one, then just wait till the
skull of the Yorick comes flying to you. Jump over it, calmly wait for the     
Yorick, and Cross and HC/VK it. Repeat for the second Yorick. Then stomp on the
skulls for fun. >=) Simple!

Room 4:5 Gold Skeleton
Hard. These gold skeltons are tricky blighters. The trick to getting them is to
use an overhead swing weapon (HC FTW). HC is also Holy, which is good against  
these skeleton. Always go near, HOP and hit them. This way, the bones they     
throw are destroyed by the weapon's swing, and they take damage.
You'll be visiting this room a lot, believe me. For the Gold rings these       
critters drop.

Room 5: 5 Double Axe Armour
HARD. Ayyah, these monsters are insane. Run to them, quickly critial VK, and   
then hug the ceiling with Griffon wing. Repeat as soon as their tirade of      
attacks halt. Chain lightning works great here, but while you're casting it,   
you will get hit by the DAAs. And once you take ONE hit, they'll not let you go
easily. And especially when you're Charlotte and thus unable to do Griffon Wing

It takes a lot of practise for these guys, as they have loads of defense too.  
You'll surely get hit at least once in this room. If anyone has a good strategy
for this room, please send it to me. I'll have your babies.

Room 6: 1 Zephyr
Challenging. Also, The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. FTW! >_>;;;       
Anyways, it's very tempting to do a 1000 blades on this guy, but he will ALWAYS
interrupt your attack rudely and swipe at you =( At higher levels, that doesn't
matter a lot, but at lower levels, the damage is significant.    
The way to bring this boss down is simple. He is weak to both whip and fire.   
VK's critical, or less preferably the Flame Whip will make mince meat of this  
guy in NO TIME. HARHARHARHARyes. =/ Crosses are also great, like always. If for
some reason you want to, non fully charged Summon Gunman is good too.

Now the beasts attacks.He will sometimes make the background go blue. When this
happens, just keep on trying to do the Griffon Wing. You will dodge the ensuing
slash easily. He will also just slash at you. Same, Griffon wing. He also throw
3 knives at you, which can be knocked away or Griffon Wing'D. Now his crazy bit
is when he jumps up, rebounds against the ceiling, and jumps down, throwing a  
dagger at you. This attack does bullplop damage, but can hit quite often. I'd  
say the easiest way is too keep still till you see the dagger coming, then do  
a slide. 
His death animation is pretty cool =)

Heal save.

Stage Four [st4]

Room 1: 1 Amducias
Tricky. It's very easy to die here. This beast will lunge at you, and will     
charge up his electric attack, which is GO PIKACHU GOGO ASHCHU AIM FOR THE HORN
kind of strong. And that's STRONG.It will kill you easily if you let it hit you
The trick is once again Griffon win. Gotta love the skill, eh? =) Just Griffon 
wing when you see him chargin' his lasers and about to go SHOOP DA WOOP.       
Only attack him when you're facing his back. Shuriken/Cross him, and keep on   
VK criticalling him. He'll die soon. And he has AWESOME drops =) I got my Thor'
s bellow while fighting him to get info for this FAQ, btw.                     
That's a lot of refernces for a room o_o

Room 2:  2 Alastor, 2 Gold Skeleton
Fairly easy. You know how to deal with these enemies, HC rocks here. Take out  
Alastor first using the Cross.

Room 3: 3 Bone Ark
Tricky. Rush close to them, spam the Cross and VK's critical (weak both to whip
and fire =D), and Griffon Wing the MOMENT you see them about to fire their     
laser. Land on their other side, rinse, repeat.

Room 4: 10 Vice Beetle
Easy. Equip the VK before entering the room. As soon as you enter, start       
whipping like crazy. CRAZY. Don't let them poison you. Stand up only when both 
waves of VBs (5 each wave) are finished. If you got poisoned, Cure Posion Magic
or Anti-venom.

Room 5: 2 Ruler's Sword
Tricky. VK > HC here for longer range. You don't wanna let these guys come     
close, or have enough time to pull off their uber attacks. Crosses are also    
good. Don't rush ahead too much, otherwise the second RS will also enter the   
action. If things get desperate, "Holy Lightning" will rescue.

Room 6: 1 Aguni
Difficult. Interesting tidbit: Aguni is the Sanskrit word for Fire.            
This boss is weak to Ice, but I don't recommend using Charlotte's Ice spells or
Rahab's Frost weapon. The former because Aguni will devastate her before she   
can charge it completely, the latter because of bad range.
I prefer HC over VK here for higher damage and more INT for doing Crosses,     
which is how you're gonna win over this boss.
First of all, it's attacks. It will spit fire on the ground, which will spread 
out in a slow moving wave easily jumpable over. It will swoop across the screen
, you're pretty much owned if you were jumping while he is doing that ^_^      
He will also run after you and stomp at you with his hand, and this hits       
surprisingly often and hard.
USE SPEED BOOST! Activate it with "L". This way you can run away fast enough   
after hurling Crosses at him, and be able to dodge his swoop and stomp attacks.
Seriously, using that spell makes this fight MUCH easier.
How to deal damage to this beast: don't trya nd hit him while he is stomping at
you. You'll only get hit. Do it when he is spitting fire. Hammer at him with   
the HC, and throw Crosses at him. Keep doing it. This is a tough boss and you  
will die at his hands a few times, but practise and observing his atack pattern
will help. 
HUGE TIP: Equip two Blesses Ankh when you're recovering health, it makes each  
item recover more HP. This will come in handy, as Aguni deals tons of damage.  

Save heal time.

Stage Five  [st5]

Room 1: 2 The Creature
This is madness...this is STAGE 5 ROOM ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *kicks*       
Ahem, yes. This is the toughest room there is in the Nest of Evil, IMO, not    
including the boss rooms.
The Creature(s) will either open up their elbows and fire at you with a machine
gun in a sweeping wave motion, or launch a poweful missile at you, or jump at  
you, or grab you if you're close enough and zap you, OR *gaspgasp* throw bolts 
of lightning at you. Impressive repertoire, eh?
How to deal with these Frankenstein rip-offs, then? The most popular method and
the one I recommend is mentioned first:
QUICKLY tap "L" to get Charlotte to do a Dark Rift magic. This sucks up the    
machine gun bullets and the Missiles, thus freeing you from the two most often 
used attacks of the creature! While Charlotte is doing the Dark Rift, go       
forward and start Spamming Crosses (preferred over Shuriken here) and the VK's 
criotical. Deals delicious damage. Now, they will launch the bolts at you,     
which deal goodish damage and very hard to dodge. The only thing that you can  
do against this attack is to get really close to the Creature about to pull it 
off. Charlotte will have enough defenses to stand quite one of these without   
stopping her Dark Rift. Simply move fast to dodge the Creature's stomps and    
damage till then, and USE THE GRIFFON WING to get to the other side and flee.  

Note: It's tempting to want to use "1000 Blades" here, but seriously, not worth
it. You will get interrupted by some attack for sure, and anyways, we're aiming
to survive a minute and then flee, not necessarily do we have to kill Creatures

Alternate startey contributed by rollingrockhsp from the Gfaqs PoR board:      
For the room with 2 "The Creatures"... It seems like everyone's allergic to    
using Charlotte, but she's far better for this battle. Equip her with Tempest  
and 1,000 Blades. Immediately upon entering the room, use 1,000 Blades. Get    
close, but not close enough for one of the Creatures to grab you and slap down 
a fully charged Tempest. All of his machine gun fire and missiles will be      
completely redirected by the wind! Whack away a few times while the Tempest is 
running, but don't get too close. Toss in a 1,000 blades from time to time,    
rinse and repeat.
I tried this strategy out, and it indeed does work well. I'd say do a few "1000
Blades" as possible, Charlotte is always hit while doing them. It's a bit hard 
to pull of a cully charged Tempest magic, but it deal good damage. I'd say this
method is good when you've gone through Nest of Evil a few times already and   
are looking for new, cooler ways to deal these crittersdamage ;)
Thanks a lot, rollingrockhsp! 

Room 2: 9 Cave Troll
Difficult. Remember these critters from AoS and DoS? Haha, it was so funny when
I encountered them and was all "Aha, cakewalk!" and then was suddenly brutally 
tongue-impaled and shiny magic'D to death. =/ Everyone hates Cave Trolls.      
For this room, DO NOT RUSH AHEAD! Take them on ONE BY ONE. These people are    
weak to both Fire and whip, so VK's critical is _very_ cool.                   
However, I have a better alternative. Just stay far away, be Charlotte, and kil
them with fully charged Summon Gunman magic! In case the Cave Troll survives it
, just switch to Jonathan and whip it before it can come closer. Easy ;)        

Don't ever get close to these bastards. Or rather, do it once just for the     
comedy >_> They pull off this obscenely overpowered magic that is guaranted    
deah =(

Room 3: 1 Iron Golem, 2 Double Axe Armour.
Difficult. As soon as you come in, do a few Chain Lightning magic. Remember,   
Griffon Wing is your pal for avoiding DAAs attacks.Just keep avoiding the DAAs,
kill them with Chain Lightning, and then the slowpoke Iron Golem is cakewalk.  

Also, note, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get on the other side of Iron Golem by Griffon 
Wing without getting hit. I tried a lot, it doesn't happen even when he is     
bending over.

Room 4: 9 Yorick
Tricky. Chain Lightning and Griffon wing are your pals. Be Jonathan, and keep  
Griffon winging. Come down when possible and Use Chain Lightning by tapping "L"
You'll get through pretty soon.

Room 5: 9 Ripper, 1 Nyx.
Tricky. Don't let yourself get surrounded. As soon as you enter the room, start
Griffon Winging like crazy, get to the right of the Nyx, drop and IMMEDIATELY  
pull off a Holy Lightning. Ta-da, everything dead! Maybe one or two Rippers    
survived, Chain Ligntning will take excellent care of them.                    

Room 6: 1 Abbadon
Very Difficult. Remember thios guy from DoS? Well, he has been toned down a bit
but he is still the most threatening thing in the Nest of Evil. Take a deeeeeep
breath. Equip the Cross, the Holy Claymore, and the Grand Cruz.
His attacks: he will jump at you. How exciting >_> Just move and dodge the over
weight insect. Now, he will wave his thingie in the shape of the formation of  
the swarm of Locusts that are just about to fill the screen. This is terribly  
dangerous: get caught once, and you're pretty much dead. The Locusts will keep 
on swarming through you, dealing multiple hits. Deadly. He has these shapes:
1) Straight horizontal: Duck, TIME IT WELL, and swing the HC. If you do it in  
just the right time, the swing will cancel out all the Locuts in this wave.    

2) Upside down "L": Run up to Abbadon, and initiate the Grand Cruz. if you do  
not have the Grand Cruz, flee to the side of the room from where the Locusts   
will and stick to the wall. Gran Cruz is vastly preferred for the juicy damage 
it doles out.

3) "U" shape. Run to the center of the room, and keep Griffon Winging. Easy! =D

4) "C" shape. Run toward him, jump to avoid the bottom wave, and drop down just
in time to avoid the upper wave. Or just do a Grand Cruz =) 

How to harm him: He is weak to Sword and Holy. HC rocks here! Throw two Crosses
at him and hack away viciously with the HC. Stop attacking and go defensive    
when you see him initiating a Locust swarm, though. 
That's all strategy that I can suggest to you. It takes loads of practise for  
this guy. =/

Stage Six [st6]

Room 1: 1 Vapula, 1 Amducias
Difficult. As soon as you enter, Griffon Wing to the other side of the Vapula, 
land, and smack him with Crosses and HC/VK. As soon as he dies, Hover over the 
Amducias untill he starts his lightning attack, then fall on his other side and
smack him with Crosses and VK/HC. Just remember to start Griffon winging again 
when his attack stops. No risks here, as his attack is devastating if it hits. 

Room 2: 2 Amalaric Sniper, 1 Heavy Armour
Neither the HC or the VK is really good here. Equip some good Axe, jump and    
kill the Amalaric Snipe before dealing with the HA, who'll be busy swinging his
thingie. As soon as AS dies, get close to the HA, and start swinging your      
weapon. There's another AS furher into the room.   

Room 3: 9 Old Axe Armour
Easy. Be Charlotte, and keep on doing non-fully charged Chain Lightnings. It   
will kill 2 OAAs, keep doing it, don't give them a chance to attack.

Room 4:  1 Wyvern, 2 Cave Troll
Tricky. As soon as you enter, do a "L" tap Summon Gunman and hurl a cross. That
will take care of the Cave Troll. Then do your best to dodge Wyvern's attacks, 
and kill it with Crosses and the VK. There's another Cave Troll further ahead, 
Do a "L" tap Summon Gunman and hurl a cross for him too. It's important to not 
let this guy get close to you.

Room 5: 2 Malphas
Cakewalk. "L" tap Summon Gunman and hurl a cross, swing the HC/VK. Take them on
one by one.

Room 6: 1 Fake Trevor, 1 Fake Sypha, 1 Fake Grant 
Cakewalk. Hug the left wall, wait for Grant to get out of the way, launch a    
1000 Blades. Griffon wing to the right wall. More 1000 Blades. Ignore Sypha and
Grant. 3 or 4 1000 Blades will kill Fake Trevor. Then go underneath Sypha and  
just keep swinging the HC, regardless of what magic she is doing (unless it is 
the petrifying wind). Get out of the way if Grant is directly above you. After 
Sypha dies, kill the pathetic rant bu the HC. Eww. Such lameness. What the hell
did they do to the trio? Ugh.

Stage Seven  [st7]

Room 1: 1 Doppelganger
lol wot a nub kind of cakewalk. Talk about anti-climaxes >_>
Before you enter the room, de-equip EVERY SINGLE PIECE of equipment. The poor  
Doppelganger will copy you. As soon as you enter the room, equip evrything.    
Then win. Use 1000 Blades and Griffon wing. Ahahaha, how pathetically easy >_>

If you don't want to fo the equipment trick, just do the Griffon Wing and 1000 
Blades combo. Easy win.

Conclusion [con]
Well, there you are. Nest of Evil is quite easy after you practise a lot. Keep 
going, equip 2 Shaman Ring if you're leveling up or 2 Master rings if you're   
out to master a sub-weapon. Have fun! =)

Contacting me [cme]

My email ID is
Include Nest of Evil in the subject.
Send me any sort of criticism, positive or negative. Even crazy flames are fun 
to read on long winter evenings.
Send me better strategies and stuff, or correct any mistakes I have made       
except for typos.
Don't send me spam.
Expect a reply in 2-3 days.

Credits [cre]

Summer holidays for making me bored enought o actually write a FAQ >.>;

Me, for writing it <.<;

CjayC, for making Gfaqs and accepting my FAQ (-10 cool points for not visiting 
Random Insanity, thoguh XD)

Konami, for making kickass games.

You, for reading it. I'm touched! ;_;

Rick Rack Roo, for the Legal section I copied from him n_n

rollingrockhsp, for the alternate strategy for the 2 Creatures.

Darth Nemesis, for telling me that EVERY room opens after a minute! >_>

Boxhound, Magmaman70, colt85 and TeppinWhite for being cool and tryin to help  
me. Appreciated a lot, guys. =)

Legal stuff [lgl]

This document is Copyright 2006 by _FifthWarrior_. This FAQ may only be used  
by and by no other site.This may be not be reproduced
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