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Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough/FAQ
1.1: Introduction
1.2: Start of the Game (Prologue)
1.3: Characters
1.4: How to Play the Game
1.5: Beginning Script
1.6: Castle Entrance
1.7: City of Haze
1.8: All the way to Sandy Grave
1.9: Tower of Death
2.0: Forest of Doom
2.1: Back to Santuary Spell
2.2: Unlocking True Vampire Killer
2.3: The Seal of the Four Portraits
2.4: Killing off Brauner
2.5: Final Fight Begins!!
2.6: Legal Crap, Copyrights

  1.1: Introduction

Konnichiwa, I'm CharlottoSage and I'm jump-starting my own
Castlevania walkthrough. Feel free to look!
And yes, "Charlotto" is Japanese for "Charlotte".
And again, konnichiwa.
P.S. I have two cats that I have named......
Maria Renard and Simon Belmont!!
And a cousin whose first name is 
Jonathan and a great aunt (and a crazy one at that)
whose first name is Stella.
  1.2: Start of the Game (Prologue)
 The year is 1944.
 The world is filled with chaos.
 The second global war holds the entire world in
 its grip of terror, creating hatred and fear
 along with countless numbers of lost souls.
 The agony and hatred of those souls summon
 the castle of evil.
 The castle that has appeared many times 
 throughout history only to bring terror 
 and destruction upon its surroundings,
 the castle of the dark lord, Dracula....
 The demonic castle.
 1.3: Characters

Jonathan Morris
Age: 18
Gender: Male
He is the weilder of the legendary whip called 
"Vampire Killer"-- which was last used by Richter Belmont.
He's hot-headed, energetic, and young. He lacks
experience, but, however, has confidence, poise, and
a sense of humor. He actually doesn't look look like he's
taking things seriously, however when it really counts, he can
be very clever. He's also the blond-headed one in this story,
he also has blue eyes. His most used two words to most things:
simply "No problem". He doesn't know how to use the whip--
and blames his dad, who is John Morris-- who was last seen
in "Castlevania: Bloodlines".
Charlotte Aulin
Age: 16
Gender: Female
She grew up with Jonathan, is intelligent, and reads a LOT.
She loves to talk, sticks her nose into others' bussiness,
and always says the words "I'm NOT a child!" or
"Stop treating me like a child. My name is Charlotte."
She rather uses books-and-spells than traditional weapons.
She sees things in a completely realistic way.
And in case you don't know WHY she can use magic,
she is descended distantly from the Belnades clan.
(No, really, I'm serious. I'm dead serious.)
She might also be possibly descended from Shanoa, 
who was seen in "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia".
Age: Died at 50
Gender: Male
His real name is Eric Lecarde.
Murdered by Brauner, he wants to help the main characters.
He's a ghost and can't move or put his soul to rest,
due to the barrier he cast on himself right before dying.
Also was in "Castlevania: Bloodlines" and best freind of
John Morris, Jonathan Morris' father.
Also seen as a kid in "Castlevania: Judgement".
You heard me, in Judgement, he's a kid. 
Possibly--and with his kids-- descended from Maria Renard
and Alucard.
Stella Lecarde
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Older one of the vampire twins.
She has a flashy, agressive, and gothic nature.
She's skilled at sword attacks, and is one of Eric's daughters,
sadly, however, she's been vampirized by Brauner, and looks
down on humans. A little whacky, I might add.
She's got a short temper too.
Loretta Lecarde
Gender: Female
Younger one of the vampire twins.
She's a little plain, but is very intelligent--
she knows magic icy attacks. Other one of Eric's daughters,
sadly, however, vampirized by Brauner, and looks down
on humans, just like her sis.
Loads less agressive than her older twin sister,
Stella, I might add. More painful, though.

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Lost his real daughters 30 years back, went cuckoo,
and became a vampire. He cursed Stella & Loretta, killing poor
Eric in the meantime. He looks REAL old and has a bald head.
Real wack-o too, I might add.
He's also pretty much twisted. DX
Vincent Dorin
Age: 32
Gender: Male
He's a church preist that's homeless.
He isn't courageous, but runs the store.
He later gets bitten by...... Stella?!
(Added that just for the comedy. XD)

Age and Gender: Unknown
Drac's eternal servant.
He's got some samurai-like aspects.
He's also cool.
He, too, was in 
"Castlevanias: Judgement & Bloodlines".
(And looked REALLY AWESOME in Judgement, 
I might say so for myself.)

 1.4: How to Play the Game

Here's how I have it:
B: Attack
X: Call Partner
A: Jump
Y: Change Player
R: Partner's Skill
L: Backdash

Only Jonathan can use these. They vary.

Only Charlotte can use these.

  1.5: Beginning Game Script

(a preist goes back and forth)


(a young man and woman show up)

???: That whip! There's no mistaking it! 
You're Jonathan Morris!

Jonathan: Good eye. And you are...?

Vincent: Ah, forgive me. I am Vincent Dorin. By order of the
church, I have been awaiting you. To think that the master of
the legendary Vampire Killer would come here! 
A blessing indeed.

???: Too bad he can't actually use it.

Jonathan: !! Charlotte!  
Can't you even pretend to play along for once?

Charlotte: Well, that's the truth, isn't it?
You can't lie to a preist.

Vincent: Wh-What? Are you suggesting that whip is a fake then?

Jonathan: It's true. I can't use the Vampire Killer. This whip wasn't 
actually passed down through my family.
Charlotte: You've heard of the Belmont family, haven't you?

Vincent: Why of course I have! 
They've used that whip for generations to destroy Dracula.   
And that family is related to the Morris family by blood.

Jonathan: Been doing your research, huh? 
Unfourtunantely the fact is.... We're not 
the true succsecors. No problem though. 
I've won every battle till now without the whip.
Not one loss.

Charlotte: Lucky you have me to help you.

Vincent: Yes, I was wondering about that. And you are....?

Charlotte: Well, excuse me. If you're from the church, then remember this! 
I am Charlotte Aulin!

Vincent: Charlotte..... I've heard that name before..... Charlotte....
Oh! You must be the great magician everyone's been talking about!

Charlotte: Heh-heh.... "Great", you say?

Vincent: U-Unbelievable! To think that she was a mere child--

Charlotte: !! (goes all angry)

Vincent: Well, I mean, such a lovely young lady!

Charlotte: You heard that? Jonathan! He called me l-o-v-e-l-y!

Jonathan: *frowns*
... So anyway Vincent, you had some business with me?

Charlotte: !! (again, angry)

Vincent Yes, yes I do! I have been ordered to assist you in your quest. 
I've brought potions with me, but, well....

Jonathan: Well? What?

Vincent: It's a matter of.... economics.

Charlotte: You want us to pay you right?

Vincent: Um, well, if you insist...

Jonathan: Sure. No problem. 
I think we can take care of that.

Charlotte: I couldn't care less.

Jonathan: But more importantly, the castle. Is that really Dracula's Castle?

Vincent: No one has seen Dracula thus far. 
However, the church insists that it is indeed 
Dracula's Castle.

Charlotte: No doubt about it.
This castle is pulsing with dark magical power. 
I can't imagine it's anything but the 
castle of Lord Dracula that I studied in the books.

Jonathan: Sounds like fun. 
Better get going then. Charlotte?

Charlotte: Right with you.

Vincent: B-Be careful. 
I'll search for a safe place.
I'll meet you inside. Godspeed.

 1.6: Castle Entrance

Let's get this walkthrough started!
Head left, get the [Switch Cube] beneath the button, 
go to that button and get the [Call Cube] and use it.
Keep heading right, kill the Zombies,
go right, kill two Zombies and
one Bat, getting the [Tome of Arms 1], and the [Beef Jerky] 
(along with the [Short Sword]) .
Save, backtrack to the Zombies and Bat, and go right.
Make sure you've got Tome of Arms 1 on, and break the pillars.

On the third pillar, Behemoth shows up and tries to kill you.
Break the pillars and run right after each one,
because you don't wanna get run over.
Jump platforms, get the [Beef Jerky] and wait for Behemoth to go away, 
go right and grab the [Knife] 
Sub-weapon, which can only be used by Jonathan.

Save. Go up, left, and grab the [Wait Cube]-- and USE IT.
Once you get to the end, 
jump and grab the [Raging Fire] spell and throw it on to Charlotte
Head left, down, right-- BUT grab the [Head Guard]-- 
and you'll meet Wind. Get the first quest done likety-split, 
and let him talk about Brauner, the-kookus-maximus-for-a-vampire.

Go left, hit the button, jump up, slide,
and ta-da! you just found a "mysterious painting".
And you're in.......

  1.7: City of Haze

Head right, activate a Warp Point, and keep heading right.
One Skeleton and a Death Mask. 
Roast them with Raging Fire. 
Head right, jump, kill another Skeleton, and head even more right.
Kill the Axe Armor and Triple Skeletons 
(three Skeletons, in other words) and 
head right to a Save Point,
killing off one Andras in the meantime.

Head up, and slay a Death Mask. 
Up again and kill the Forneus. 
Also kill the Zacchino (zah-KIH-noh) with Charlotte.
LOLZ. He's like "NOOOOOO!!!". XD! 
Anyway, go up for two more Death Masks 
(also grabing a [Leather Corset] on the first floor 
for Charlotte so give to her.). You know the drill. 
Raging Fire and roast them.
Head right, drop down, and grab the [Rush] Dual Crsh skill. 
Go back left and break the floor by sliding. 
Drop, drop, kill the Student Witch, and go left. 

The Skull Bartender 
(what's a bar doing here?! Will Jonathan and Charlotte get drunk?!?! LOL! ^_^v) 
will make magiritas that can curse, petrify, poison,
heal you by 999, or just hurt your health REAL BAD.
Kill him in one or two hits
(he slides then breaks! ROFL!),
grab the [Green Tea Cake] and [Cream Pie] Sub-weapon.
Head all the way right and you see a bakery.
Ignore it for now.
Go back up to the [Leather Armor] and [Claymore].

Go right, grab the [Sandals] and equip them to Charlotte. 
Drop down, ignoring the Mini Devils here. 
Go right and kill the Slingers and Zombies. 
Zombies'll come back, so kill them for two Wight enemies.
Flash-fry them and head right. 
Kill the Forneus, and the Zacchino, and go grab the [Leather Whip].
Drop, kill the Axe Armor, and go left.
Kill the two Forneus enemies, go up, kill the Zacchino, 
and go to a Warp Point.
Go left, drop, left, and get the [Holy Lightning] Dual Crush.

Backtrack, and this time head down.
Go left, drop, kill the Peeping Eye, drop, drop, left and save.
Go right, and do the switch thing with 
Jonathan while having Charlotte wait in the drill-car. What fun.
Head left and left, killing a Peeping Eye, 
three Slingers, and two Axe Armors. Peeping Eye dead ahead.
Kill it, go right and save. 
Go up, right and kill a Forneus, and two more Slingers.

Drop and go right, ignoring the Death Mask and Mini Devils.
Give the Zacchino the worst 
jabbing he ever took using Charlotte, and go right.
Go up, again, ignoring Death Masks and Mini Devils. 
Get rid of that other Zacchino's twin brother and a 
Peeping Eye using Charlotte. Go up to a Save Point 
and a Warp Point.
Go up as far as you can and head 
left for the boss door( uh-oh....)
      BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Dullahan

OK, he's a tough cookie! 
Have Charlotte spam Raging Fire and use Jonathan to help.
IF he puts his head to his body, I've got one word to say.
If he jumps and lands, YOU JUMP. 
If he leans back, you back off,
or he'll pretty much stab you.
Keep smackin' and spamin' away till he dies.
Follows These Rules to victory:

HP:600 EXP:500 SP:40 
Weak: Strike, Whip, Lightning
Strong: Ice

Rule One) Avoid head-projectiles

Rule Two) Avoid stab

Rule Three) Avoid "Ground-Shocker"-- those blades
that pop out of the ground-- it's what I call it
Grab the orb, watch the scene where Loretta shows up, and go left.
Grab the [Acrobat Cube]. What are we waiting for?
Let's head back to the Castle!

     1.8: All the way to Sandy Grave
Go back, head all the way up, 
and get the [Book of Spirits] relic which
I forgot earlier like an idiot. Ugh.
Go back to where Behemoth chased you,
save, go up with the Acrobat Cube, grab the [Spear], equip it, 
and prepare to see who's next.

     BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Behemoth

Easi-ER, but still a tough undead cookie! 
Stab away, spam Raging Fire, and avoid his attacks.
Here's what I did:
HP:800 EXP:1000 SP:45 
Strong: Dark 
Weak: Slash, FIre, Holy 
Rule One) Avoid intestines and blood-balls

Rule Two) Avoid jumps  

Rule Three) DON'T get squished

And Rule Four) Spam Raging Fire OR Gale Force

Go right, down, left, and you end up in....

   Buried Chamber

OK, Golem's IMMUNE to sub-weapons, so spam Raging Fire instead. 
Kill a Skull Archer the same way-- spaming Raging Fire. 
Go down, right, down, right, up, right, 
save, down, right all the way, up all the way, 
right to the platforms, up all the way,
left to get the [Ice Fang] spell, and equip it. Go up all the way, 
and left all the way. You end up in.....

   Great Stairway (finally!)

Go up once and you will meet Death.
After that, follow these directions:
go right, go up, go left all the way, 
drop, get the [Don Quixote], and equip it. 
Save, go back, go up, 
go right all the way and another boss fight dead ahead 

    BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Keremet

And I thought it was gonna be "Kermit". 
Hit the pot with Jonathan, once the face shows up, 
spam Ice Fang OR Raging Fire. 
Or if you have it,
Gale Force. Avoid the slimes, balls, etc. Simple, eh?
HP:666 EXP:2000 SP:50 
Weak: Fire,Ice,Lightning 
Strong: NONE

Rule One) Hit the pot

Rule Two) Avoid slimes, projectiles, etc.

Rule Three) Hit it IN THE FACE

And Rule Four) Laugh (Optional)


Love the death animation ^_^v.
Anyhoo, grab the orb, go right, grab the [Stone of Flight],  
go up, go right, right, drop, 
drop, drop, activate the Warp Point, go right, and go 
to the portrait.

 Sandy Grave 

MY GOD! Hot in the desert even for Loretta, huh? 
Why's there a full moon in a hot summer day? 
That doesn't make as much sense as I do! 
Go right, activate the Warp Point, go right all the 
way to the Red Skeleton room, go up, and save. 
Drop, go right, right, right  and see a cutscene. 
Guess who? Brauner, Stella and Loretta. Ugh.
Why the Lecarde twins? WHY?!?!?!?!?!

Keep going right to the square room,
go up, head left, left, go up, up, make your
way left, head up, backtrack, go to the 
rolling boulder room (and you'll get the [Lorica] for Jonathan later),
spam jumps, go left, avoid every single trap,
head for the HIGHEST Warp Point, save in the room above it,
switch to Charlotte and

  BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Astarte (aih-STAIR-te')

No, they DIDN'T....! 
Why's Jonathan the victim of 
this Egyptian woman's suductive beauty?!
That makes no sense at all. 
Again, follow the Rules at all times:
HP:1500 EXP:3000 SP:50 

Rule Two) Spam 1,000 Blades or Acidic Bubbles


Rule Four) Watch for the word "Temptation!",
which goes well with following Rule One as above.

And Rule Five) When she dies, 

EASTER EGG!!!: Get Jonathan charmed for this one.
He'll say, in dialogue form, "Sorry about that."
Charlotte's response? "Would you get a grip? 
You've got a gorgeous girl right here next to you!"
Seriously, I laughed my rear ends off. LULZ. XD

Grab the [Strength Glove] and go back to the Castle.

 1.9: Tower of Death (halleluja!)

With the Push Cube and the Strength Glove,
go to that giant spring thing, push it all the way, 
go to the door and....
NOW we're here! Yay! 
Go right, head up, up, turn left, save, go down, 
head left, and you meet......

   BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Vampire Stella Lecarde
HP:2500 EXP:0 SP:0 

Weak Against : Whip, Slash, Fire, Lightning

Strong Against : Ice

Why'd I say "Vampire Stella Lecarde"?
You already get the idea!

Attacks: Sacred Furious Wave, Sword Slash, Hurricane, Cresent Moon

Rule One) Spam Gale Fore

Rule Two) Avoid all attacks

Rule Three)Laugh 
(Optional--- she's actually weaker to your attacks than you are to hers)

And Rule Four) Heal on occasions


Watch the scene, grab the locket, go back and save. 
Go back to Wind, watch the conversation, head back to 
the Great Stairway, go to where a bunch of 
Liliths and a Mimic are, go up, up, head left and....

  Nation of Fools
Go left, head up, turn left, jump up, head left, 
jump up, up, left, up, right, and save. 
Go up, head left, jump up, up, turn left,
jump up, go right, jump up, turn  right, turn right 
again, jump up, head right, go right all the way
till you see a platform going downward, so take it.
Make your way left, left, drop down all 
the way to three rooms, and save. 
Head through the boss door,
grab the [Cog] and you wind up fighting.............

 BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!! Legion

Giant..... undead...... MEATBALL!!!!!

Weak: Holy,Slash,Fire  
Strong: Dark 
HP:2000 EXP:4000 SP:50
Rule One) Spam Gale Force

Rule Two) Avoid laser tentacle....... things?

Rule Three) Avoid lasers

And Rule Four) Laugh (Optional)


Directions: Activate the Warp Point,
head back to the beginning, go inside the  portrait,
warp to the Tower of Death, go to the cog room, 
ride the motorcycles,
head up all the way, get the [Taunt] sub-weapon, drop down once, head left, 
enter the portrait, and.......

 2.0 : Forest of Doom

Here we are, finally! I hope yer happy! 

*coughs* Ugh. Mucus production. What the ****? 
What'd they do here, spam Frogs
left, right, and sideways?!

Go right all the way, killing Frogs, Killer Dolls, Red Axe Armors, 
and so on. Go back to the RAA/KD room,
and go up, head left, go all the
way up, and go right all the way.

Head down, as far as you can, and head right. 
Keep going right as far as you can,
killing off a Treant in the meantime.
Head upwards and activate a Warp Point.
Go up yet again, and head right. Lookie here.
Save room. Go ahead and save, go left, jump up
while killing a Dogether otherwise.

Go right, killing two Blue Crows 
(I hate these enemies! I HATE CROWS!!!! X_X)
and a Red Axe Armor (he'll get back up anyway).
Head down, and--
once you see the second leftmost room--
go left, push the GIANT tombstone in green,
and go down the passageway. 

Lovely, it's dark in here. If only we had the
Night Goggles from Harmony of Dissonace. 
IF ONLY!! Only Frogs in this whole dark area
so keep head right till you see a passageway 
leading up. Go up and keep heading 
left till you see a passageway leading downward.

Break the left wall to get the [Rusty Food Tin]
while killing the Moldy Corpse that 
has MUSHROOMS on its back. Ew. Head right and
look. A save statue. Save, then go left, then up
and head right to another boss.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Dagon
I hope ya have Holy Lightning and Clear Skies here,
cause he's wacky with a WATER CANNON ATTACK!!!!!!!

HP: 1800 SP: 55 EXP: 6000

Strong Against: Ice, Darkness
Weak Against: Lightning, Holy

Attacks: Jump Attack, Water Cannon, 
Blow-You-Up Mini-Mines

Like I said, Holy Lighting and Clear Skies FTW!!
Think I was allergic to using 
Holy Lightning and Clear Skies? THINK AGAIN. 
If you are unable to cast/don't have Clear Skies
and he does the water attack thingy,
then be my guest using Jonathan and tap dance
on the top of the green head (hence the fact 
that I have a 20-year-old, six-foot-tall, 
blue-and-white-wearing, bleach-blonde-haired,
blue-eyed cousin whose name is also Jonathan. LOLZ. 
XP). Ha, Dagon must succumb to the
mighty Holy Lightning!!!! FTW!!!

Love how Dagon dies. Grab the orb,
SWIM up, head right, and vio-la!
Look. Hidden spell after the boss fight.
Wait, the [Toad Morph] spell?!?! ZOMGZ.
Head right, activate the Warp Point,
go back to the FIRST Warp Point,
head left and go back to the Castle.

2.1:Back to The Sanctuary Spell

Head ALL the way back to Sandy Grave,
and go to where I mentioned the [Lorica]
earlier ago. See the TINY passageway?
Use Toad Morph, hop as far left as possible,
and... YAY!! It's the [Sanctuary Spell]!!
NOW we can purify Eric's twin daughters
(do that later)!
Backtrack ALL the way back to the Tower of Death,
(the room with access to 1} a Save room 2} a Warp room
3} a room leading to GIANT spinning cogs,
and a bunch of Medusa Heads and 4} the down-left
room leading to where you had to fight Stella.)  

Take the Medusa Head room. Head right, then up, 
go left all the way, up, right, up and see the
Flying Armor and Medusa Head? This is where
it gets tricky. QUICKLY AND 
AS FAST AS YOU CAN grab the [Rose Stem Whip].

and (finnaly!) head right.
Go up, and left. Goodie.
Gaibon and Slogra from 
Symphony of the Night, lovely.
Jump on the cog ABOVE you and head right.
Warp room. See the GIANT cog? Time your jump
right and jump on aupper-leftmost legde to
get the [Blue Cape]. Jump on the other legde
and head right. Jump up as far as you can go,
and head right. USE THIS SAVE ROOM. NOW.
After you have saved, head left to 
another boss fight.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Grim Reaper, a.k.a Death


Strong: Dark
Weak: NONE

HP: 4444 SP:0 EXP: 0

Attacks: Mini-Sythes, Sythe Slash, Pinball Sythe,


Well, isn't he a tough cookie?
Just avoid all his attacks,
and keep hurting him.
He has two forms as follows:

Dark Form: The form he satrts with.
This form is weaker to Charlotte's spells.
However, no damage inflicted on him
if you ANY sub-weapon like the
Shuriken, Dart, and the rest.

Light Form: This is his new white
outfit!!! Remember what I said about 
Dark Form? This is vice-versa
with what hurts him.

Too weak, Death. Maybe next time.
After the Grim Reaper flies away,
head left. Wait a freaking second,
an elevator?! Just ignore this for now.

Warp to where Eric is. I dare you.
Watch the conversation where
Mr. Lecarde is all like 
"?! You learned a purifacation spell?"

Anyhow, go to Vincent's room...
wait, he's not here?! All of a
sudden, the preist runs in here
and says that there was an attack...
a biting. Huh? What are ya babling
about now, Vincent? A vampire bit
someone? Who was the vampire?
Who's the victim? Wait, Vincent,
YOU WERE BITTEN?!?! Do something!
Purify Vincent with your Sanctuary!

Watch the conversation, and go
ALL the way back to where you
never expected an elevator.
Once you see a leftmost
passageway, go for it.

2.2: Unlocking the True Vampire Killer

Master's Keep

Yeah, Graham in AoS was THAT annoying,
but this even worse >.<  WTF?!?!

There are two Succubi in 
here so kill em. Drop down 
and head left. Wait, slide under
that legde to get a 
[HP Max Up], THEN go left.

Ugh. Ya need brute force 
for this room. Why? Do the math: 
FOUR Razor Bats and TWO 
Malachi Enemies. Kill all six of em
(Razor Bats drop [Rahab's Frost] 
and Malachi's drop the [Skull Mask]
and the spell [Nightmare],
that is if you're 
lucky enough XD)
and head left.

Just jump, nothin to do here.
Ya though I was THIS boring,
think twice. A Spin Devil
and a guardin Dead Crusader,
wait, they made their comeback
from Dawn of Sorrow! ZOMGZ!

INSTEAD of heading up where
you'd have to face a Final Guard
and a few other enemies, head right.
The enemies in here are two Flame Demons
and a Spin Devil. Kill theme and go right agian. 
(Flame Demons do drop [Agni's/Aguni's Flame]
however ya wanna say it)

Lookie here, a Wyvern. Slay it, 
then keep heading right and jump.
Spin Devil, a Dead Crusader, and a 
Succubus. Go to where the Succubus is,
slay her, and get the [Piercing Beam] spell.

Go left in this room till you see a legde.
Jump on it, then head up in the passageway.
Oh goddie, two more Flame Demons. Kill them,
jump on the legde in this room, and keep
heading up. Another Dead Crusader.

Kill it, and keep heading up. Two
right passageways and a left one.
Save in the UPPER right passageway,
then head west of that Save Room.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Stella AND Loretta

If ya kill them, you recieve the
Bad Ending. HOWEVER if you
use Sanctuary, that won't happen.

Stella's Strengths:Ice
Stella's Weaknesses: Fire, Lightning, Slash, Whip

Loretta' Strengths: Ice
Loretta's Weaknesses: Fire, Slash, Whip

HP (they share this time): 1250 each
EXP: 0 SP:0

Loretta's Attacks: 
Frezze Bites, 
Blizzard Storm,
Icicle Drop

Stella's Attacks: Slash 
(and that's it for her moves)

Cooperation Moves (for these twins!):
Icicle Sword
"Crystal Break" (that move when Stella breaks
her own sister's GIANT ice crystal thing)

OH MY GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!
Here's what I did: I had Jonathan
keep them occupied with his Taunting
while at the same time I charged the "R"
key and used Charlotte's Sanctuary.

After you had used Sanctary on the two 
(yay! let's tell Eric! XD),
just watch the conversation.
Stella will open the door to
the Lost Gallery for you. Before that,
you should save agian.

HOWEVER, remember when I said (in parenthesis)
to tell Eric about it? Let's do so.
He screams, "You were in time?! I don't believe it!
It's a miracle!!"
Go back to Stella & Loretta with 9 Potions,
High Potions, Tonics, High Tinics, and SEVERAL 
food items each. Choose the options that
will lead you to fight.........

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Whip's Memory, a.k.a. 
Richter Belmont

OMG WTF?!?!? RICHTER!!!! e_e

Weakness: Darkness
Strength: Holy/Light


The Easy Way: Master the Cream Pie
Not only does it do INSANE amount of damage to
(and the fact you can throw three at a time),
it's also just massively hilarious
(and this is something only clowns would do
to someone else!).

The Hard Way: DON'T master and/or get the
Cream Pie. Instead, hit him
with a Nebula Whip, and the Offensive Form
Sub-Weapon. See how much longer
this way takes.

YAY! You just beat Richter and got 
(drum roll, please.) the 
[True Vampire Killer]'s power unleashed!!

Here's the script after that:

(The true power of the Vampire Killer
has been unleashed.)

Charlotte: Ah, you've returned.

Stella: You seem to be in one piece.

Charlotte: Well, how did it go?
How's the Vampire Killer?

Jonathan: Hey, no problem.
Its power is pretty scary, though.
Looks like the legends about it
weren't lying.

Loretta: But, um...

Jonathan: I know, don't overuse it, right?
Well, I'll try my best.

Charlotte: I'll be with you, so relax.
You'll be fine.

Ok, NOW go to the Lost Gallery.
Hit the first painting you see and....

2.3: The Seal of the Four Portraits

Part One: Dark Academy

Ok, here, keep heading left, killing 1} Mandragoras,
2}Dead Warriors, 3} Toads, 4}Fleamen, 5} Alura Unes,
and 6} Wakwak Trees.
I don't know what else to say, but if
you reach the end of this area you will fight....

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: The Creature 
a.k.a. Frankenstien

Weak: Slash, Whip
Strong: Lightning
 Attacks: Missle, Machine Gun,
 Jump, Lightning, Grab

The Easy Way: Grab the [Dark Rift] spell
at Vincent's shop before this battle.
Only things you need to avoid 
are his lightning and jumping. 
You already know thw hard way.

Part Two: Forgotten City

Same as with Dark Academy.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Mummy Man

Grrrrreeeeaaaat, Akmodan II,
now what?!

Attacks: Bandage Projectile,
SPike Blocks, Brick Throw


Weak: Holy,Slash,Fire

Avoid everything he has while whipping
at him with the Vampire Killer.

Part Three: Burnt Paradise

Same as the other two because
I'm too lazy. XD

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Medusa

No, HELL NOO!!!!!!!!!!

Attacks: Summon Medusa Heads (gold),
Petrify, Snake Grab, Snake Transformation,
Tail Snare

Weak: Holy
Strong: Dark

Avoid the Tail Snare attack,
turn aroud when she screams "Petrify!"
Smack the newly-summoned Medusa Heads,
and avoid her other attacks.

Part Four: 13th Street

Again, too lazy.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Werewolf

And another word for Werewolf
is "Lycanthrope".
Sadly, I wind up with lycanthropy. T_T

Weak: Holy, Slash, Whip, Fire
Strong: Strike

Attacks:Dash, Uppercu, Lampost Javelin,

Avoid every attack, and keep hitting
him with a Mastered Shuriken.
How sad for me to be a Werewolf.

2.4: Killing off Brauner

YAY!!! But first,
go to Vincent's shop and buy 9 Potions,
High Potions, Tonics, High Tonics,
Uncurse Potions, Powdered Milks,
and Anti-Venoms.
You will need them. I mean it.

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Brauner


Weak: Holy 
Strong: Dark

Attacks: Stone Portrait, 
Poison Portrait,
Curse Portrait,
Blood Fountain,
Flying Portrait,
Blood Art Technique

Dodge every attack, 
clean the blood off,
and smack him With True Vampire Killer
and Mastered Cross.
He should go down pretty easy.

After that, save 
and go back to the Throne Room.
(You have to beat the 
 bosses in the Lost Gallery portraits.)
 Before the boss strategy, though, I will 
 include the cutscene.
 After Brauner is dead

Charlotte: I sense terribly powerful
magic up ahead.
Jonathan: Meaning Dracula is revived now?

Charlotte: Without a doubt.
Jonathan: Well, what do we have to lose?
Let's go, Charlotte!
Charlotte: HOLD IT! We're up against a 
legendary monster. This won't be easy.
Jonathan: You're right. Maybe we should check our
supplies first.
(Jonathan and Charlotte go up the
long stairway and enter Dracula's Throne Room.)
Jonathan: Dracula...
Charlotte: I can't believe this power.
No wonder he's called the Lord of Darkness!!
(Dracula ignores the two)
Jonathan: Oh, so you're ignoring me?
Turn and face me!!
(Jonathan tries to strike Dracula
with the currently equipped weapon,
but Death flies toward him, sending
him in Charlotte's direction without
knocking her down.)

Death: You will NOT touch Lord Dracula!!
This time, let's fight for real!!

(Dracula drinks the blood in his wine glass,
and turns toward Jonathan and Charlotte,
throwing the wine glass at Charlotte's feet,
shattering it.)

Dracula: Enough with this sideshow.
Why don't we show him OUR combined power?

Charlotte: A Death and Dracula jount attack?!?
That was NEVER mentioned in any book I've read!!

Jonathan: Well there's two of US!
No problem, BRING IT ON!

BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!: Dracula and Death
And I AGREE with Charlotte right there!!
Dracula's attacks:
Bat Moon,
his version of Explosion,
Sythe Attack

Death's Attacks: Slashing downward

HP (sharing like Stella and Loretta):
3333 Each


My weapons:
Vampire Killer,
Cross, Lorica,
Samurai Leggngs,
Invisble Cape,
Blue Cape,
Holy Lightning;

Tome of Arms 3,
Spirit of Light,
Open Veil,
Wedding Dress,
Prima Shoes,
Assansin's Cape,
Venus Brooch,

Use the weapon list I used.

Part Two

Death: My power! Use my power!!

Dracula: Soul Steal!!

(Darcula and Death combine,
forming True Dracula)

Can't resist it at all.


Attacks: Sythe Trio Attack,
Fist Pound,Fly,
Wall Squeeze


Otherwise smack True Drac with
the Vampire Killer and Mastered Cross.

Watch the Good 
(or Best if you purified Vincent) Ending
and watch the credits roll. I feel bad for Eric
since he just left his daughters Stella and
Loretta behind, upsetting them. I got upset too.
T_T *cries, acting all holier-than-thou*

2.6: Legal Crap, Copyrights
Well I hope you enjoyed my
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough!
Special Thanks to:
My mom, IrishLamnt
Aquablade11 (if you know him)
SNKupo, for inspiring me
FifthWarrior, for making me laugh
You, For reading this.
I'm so happy! *cries in joy*
Konami, for creating this game as well
as several others.
I played Castlevania since I was nine! 
-Copyrights for this Walkthrough
go to Charlotto Sage and anyone copying
this guide will 1} be reportred for forgery
and 2} will definetaly pay.-