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Were do u get illegel parts?



czqx answered:

Once you beat around a dozen different grudge matches (the exact number varies), go in front of the clubhouse and fight your shadow self. Defeating him will net you some illegal parts and the dark commander mark. Talk to the suspicious man in the bottom left house in the bayside area to open the secret passage to the underground.

You buy illegal parts there. (Grudge matches are endgame).
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bainwrecker answered:

Just a thought....
once you get to the underground, illegal parts cost a lot!!!!!!! of $. what you can do is fight the chick robo guy over and over. he gives 50-60 a battle if you get a perfect on him( fairly easy). this can add up.
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gigasguy answered:

You buy them in the underground after you beat your shadow self in front of the clubhouse. Once in underground, you can also buy illegal stages. Illegal parts and illegal stages both cost a lot, so you might want to save up. You can fight your shadow self after you beat some grudge matches.
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Chapio2305 answered:

You can buy illegal parts from the underground, you can get to the underground by fighting 12 people that you have already fought ( Dennis, Mr Stubbs, Kris, Winchal, Stark, Polly, Serene, Solax, Lunax, Galax, Billy, Or Bull. You can only fight these after you have completed the main game.) You then must go infront of your clubhouse and talk to your shadow self, if and when you beat him you will receive an illegal robo and all its parts and the [Dark Commander Band] you then must travel to the harbor district to the bottom left house he lets you in to the underworld

Illegal parts cost 50,000 each!
The Best Way to earn money:
Do the Arcade Battle in the Robocenter
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brownybob answered:

Once you've won the Robo Cup and do 12 grudge battles, go to your clubhouse, and fight the hologram, the shadow you, when you beat him he'll give you the dark commander's band and then you need to go to the harbor district and to the lower left house and talk to the guy and then there will be stairs under the bed leading to the underground. Go through the middle door and talk to the guy on the left. I hope you brought a lot of money because every illegal part is in the hundreds, including levels and the "other" classified robo parts there.

Oh, and the best way to get a lot of money is to do the last special misson battle in which you need a perfect but get $100 and 150 stars. I use this customization and win easily.
Robo: Tempest
Gun: Three-Way Gun
Bomb: Direct Bomb
Pod: Seeker Pod F
Legs: Plus One Legs
Fly around him from a distance so it's harder for him to hit you with his gun which is the only thing which will kill you and just open fire on him with your guns, bombs, and pods. This works really well for me.
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metashinryu answered:

First you need to be in the grudge match section of the game. You need to
get the Dark Commander's Mark from the hologram of you. He is located
outside of your clubhouse after about 10-13 completed grudge battles. When
you beat him, he will give you the Mark. Then go to the lower left house in
Harbor District. Talk to the man inside, and underneath his bed, will be a
ladder opening to the underground where you can buy them .
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trogdor307 answered:

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KirbyPuffball answered:

10-13 battles, Front of Clubhouse, beat his sorry ass to Kingdom Hearts, Lower Left house in Bayside area, And robos, and holleseums cost alot of $, so save up. And beat the Greaybaum data for Hardon's parts. Beat Dopellganger again, and you get Ray Mk II Dark if you beat him again.
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madcatsstar1 answered:

First you have to beat a certain amount of grudge matches to fight your shadow self and get the dark commander mark from him he will appear in front of your base then go to where bayside school is and talk to the guy in the bottom left house
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Dragonkalvin answered:

beat 10 - 13 Grudge matches
then go to clubhouse at midheart school
fight that lookalike guy
get the band thing
go to harbour
left bottom house
talk to the guy
go down the ladder
head straight to the middle door
the counter on the right :D
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ZaneTruz answered:

To get illegal robos/dioramas/parts, got to the harbor west of where your house is located. Go inside the house where you see the polish bot looking around. Talk to the guy there, make a left and go down the ladder which will lead you to your destination and the illegals :D (you must beat the game first)
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knnhl1234 answered:

Go underground beat 10-12 grudge matches then beat ur shadow in front of your clubhouse u will get bla bla thing then go to bay side below dirorama shop the house talk to the stupid guy and then u buy illegal parts from the clerk!!

100% guarentee!
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kelvinsoberalor answered:

Once you finish the game you will see some of the ppl you know (like dennis) that challenge you but you'll need some requirements.(Those are Grudge Matches) Once you beat 12 of those Matches got to the team's clubhouse close by the door you will see yourself but in dark clothe and hair(Your shadow) he will challenge you and when you beat him he will give you
some illegal parts and a band that will let you purchase illegal parts in the underground. To go to the underground go to the harbor (after beating your shadow) and go to the house at the far South West and talk to the men and he will show you a secret passage to the underground

I hope this could be useful
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ShadowNinja606 answered:

Dude, he asked <i>two</i> years ago.
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