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I Need help clearing the last Combo Mission Battle! Help?

This is what the game has me fighting as, and the combo it expects me to hit:

MAX Combo of 350 or higher
Body - Javelin
Gun - Gravity Gun
Bomb - Straight Bomb G
Pod - Throwing Pod P
Legs - Ground Legs

What makes this immensely difficult, is that I'm going up against a Metal Grappler, which as many know by now, has a reduced Down Time.
This battle is driving me absolutely freaking NUTS!
I don't lose in Health, but I can't seem to get a high-enough Combo to claim a legitimate win.

I don't remember how I managed it the first time....[ I reset my game for a fresh start, just for kicks.]

Help? I need good advice on how to get that high combo!


czqx answered:

A+B on the ground a few times for low air shots, hit him into the sky with the bomb, pod, or ground shot, then bounce him back up so he hits the other floating ball of death.
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AresWarrior answered:

Yeah what czqx said. It's just jumping then immediately after jump you fire your gun. Do that a lot with the gravity gun until the dumb cpu jumps into your shots. throw in your pods and bombs too to add damage.
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