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Asked: 4 years ago

Rock's heart?

Every day i talk to rock and give him things from the mine site, but every time i see him the next day it always go's back to a light gray color. Why won't his heart stay at the same level after one day?

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Are you littering? (throwing weeds, stones, etc, onto the floor when not on your farm)
That reduces friendship/lovelevel for everyone by 300!
Also make sure you change your clothes every day to gain 200 extra points.


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that is odd. I am working on rock and it is working just fine for me. I think CatMuto may be right. Are you littering. And sometimes Rock doesn't like everything from the mine. Are you giving him rocks? He likes the jewels and he loves the necklaces and broaches and earrings those things put his love points up by like 500. So hope I helped!

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