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Recipe guide?

It would be awesome if one could create a recipe guide for this game as they did for the boy version whether it has changed or not. Please, can anyone submit a recipe guide for this game?

empressdee provided additional details:

I am looking for a yes or no answer here.

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empressdee answered:

Not all the recipes are the same for both games. I just tried the recipe for Vegetable juice.

According to the recipe guide in DS, the said recipe informed me that any vegatable other than Tomatoes could be used in the mixer to make this.

If this was true for DS cute, then Yams would work for they are a fall vegetable. The recipe doesn't work! I just tried it!

So, please, when making a guide, make sure that you have all the faqs straight. And make sure you have tried every recipe from a recipe guide before stating your answers, thank you.

This is why I requested someone make a recipe guide. Optionally, youy guys can inform me how I can make a guide.

One answer I will accept is:

Why not make a guide yourself if you're so smart and here is how you can make the guide...
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blaze_fire12 answered:

The recipes are the same for both games.
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CookieForMario answered:

Check the HM DS section... There will be a Recipe FAQ with all the recipes.
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cnnp1998 answered:

Just visit this website that's where i get my recipes.
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whisperinwind answered:

Cooking FAQ by CatMuto in the FAQ section of THIS site
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