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Asked: 6 years ago

My action replay doesnt work, help? :( (dang $25 wasted!)

when i insert my action replay, my ds says there is no ds card inserted. i already tried blowing on it but it didnt work. Help?!

Additional details - 6 years ago

No i dont mean on the action replay i mean when i turn the ds on, it doesnt say that the action replay was inserted. sorry for not giving u full details.

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on the starting screenof your AR, where it will say unknown game, look for the code in the bottom left of the top screen and write it down. Then touch the little star on the bottom screen, then go to Add New Games, and put the name of your game, and then put the code in. And there you go. After that, you need codes so click on Add New Code and type in a name and code. All of the codes ever made for each game are at

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Oh, I get it now... Your DS should see it. If not try blowing on it, or wiping it off with a damp cloth (nothing that can leave scratches) then try to put it in again. If it still doesn't see it then exchange it or take it back before you do anything else to it. Just say to the person at best buy, Wal-mart, EB games, etc. what is wrong with it and the should be able to get a new one for you.

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I think I know the problem.The first time I put my AR in the DS didn't know it was there. then I took it out and blew on it, but it still did know it was there. But after that I turned the the system off without removing it, and I turned it back on and it worked! So you probably just want to try to turn the DS off and don't remove it, then turn it back on, and it might work! NOTE: It will not go to the main menu when it starts, it will show the health and safety and say the AR is not licensed by Nintendo and the AR opens up. If this does not work, I don't know what to do.
Hope It Helps!

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You can go to walmart and get it for 20$

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Somebody know action repllay for earn more money ????
or a mythic tool

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Are you using a DSi? AR doesn't work on DSi (at the moment), only on the original DS and DS Lite.

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Actualy i have that problem too but i discover it has a crack.

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I get it for 18$.at indonesia. (Rp.180.000/10.000 = 10U$D)
It worked. But not for upgrade tools But money do.

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Well, did you insert the harvest moon ds cute game into your action replay?

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Well, you might have to wait a few seconds, or if it still isn't working, you can go to the closest game stop and ask them for help.

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i dnt have a response but can someone help me please? i have an action replay dsi and when i turn it on, it said that no game card is inserted and when i plug it on the computer to restart it, it said version number not detected? can someone please help me? Thank you

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It may say that and mine does it too. All you have to do is click on games, then touch the game that you are playing, then click all the cheats that you want, and bam just click boot game and it loads it up perfect.:)

Hope this helped

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