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Asked: 5 years ago

Can someone please tell me how to get to the feilds in Toro's cave?

I need to plow 50 squares but dont kow where to plow so i can get my pass to Toros cave.

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From: shimmy6 5 years ago

You just need to plow squares in Carmite. When you've plowed as many squares as Mayor Godwin asks for, he'll give you the pass to Toros. Be sure to ask him during the daytime, when he's standing downstairs in his house.

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The 50 squares are so that Leo, the Blacksmith, will give you the cheap hammer. To get to Toros Cave, you will have to pass Carmite Cave by destroying all of the metal summoning machines. When you get to the end, you will encounter a Great Deamon. Once the Great Deamon is sent back to the First Forest, using retoren, you will automatically exit. Wait a few days before talking to Mayor Godwin, and make sure that it is daytime and it is not a holiday. He will say that it si unusual that a Great Deamon was in Carmite Cave and will give you the pass to Toros Cave. I hope I was a help.

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I believe both are needed- Tilling 50 squares in Carmite AND beating the Greater Demon. I tried just beating the demon, and the mayor wanted more farming done in the cave.

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Go to the FAQS and go to the maps section and click on
'Toros cave". Read the key andfind out where the soil is.

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You needa till 50 squares in Carmite Cave

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