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How do I open the gate at kasimir ruins?

when i go to kasimir ruins there was something written at the gate " The door shall open to the blessing of the land." what is that mean?

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Keakealani answered:

I believe you actually have to plant all of the plots of land (so, in Kasimir Ruins, eight) and leave the rune spheres there until you open the door. Turnips are definitely your best bet - and on the plus side, Mist loves them which makes them useful for courting her....
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Spidey5 answered:

You have to grow crops in the surrounding soils to produce the rune stones. Plant and water at least 1 "3 x 3" patch of crops and when they fully grow rune energy will appear. This will open the door. The same thing for other doors like this.
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gamefreaksz answered:

In the same room, you can find the soil to grow plants. Grow any plants there(because ksimir ruins is spring, i suggest turnip). After it grow, the rune energy will open it.
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starshadowx2 answered:

You have to go something in every square of the soil plots near the door. this happenes again later on.
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Maelene21 answered:

You have to plant a spring crop on the 3x3 plots near the door and wait untill they are full grown then the door will open
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