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Asked: 6 years ago

How can I get white stone?

White stone is something which I need to marry Rosetta.

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From: Keakealani 6 years ago

You should read the book about the white stone in the library (second set of shelves, to the right) and then talk to Rosetta while she's in her room (have access to Jean's house after hours or in the early morning) and then look in the snow drift in Toros Cave about four rooms in (small sort of oddly shaped room with a fire-throwing mini magician) to find the white stone.

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After reading about the white stone legend in the library, talk to rosetta before the store opens or after the store is closed in her room. Keep talking to her until she talks about the stone. Then, go to toros cave. Go to the left, left, up, up. Then, after you reached the room, find an ice stone(the colour is white just right you enter the room). Search there.

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You can also see the map at "". It's complete.

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Also, If you talk to Jean in his room, he might ask you to give him the stone if you find it. DON'T!! Apparently, he doesn't want his daughter to get married!

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