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1. Where do you find Woolies, Peekamoos or any others like them?
2. Which monsters can water your crops.
3. How come I caught the monster that appears as the icon for monsters in Select but it dosnt do anything besides going with you or reterning?

Imagine0134 asked for clarification:

Please clarify part three?


Imagine0134 answered:

1. Woolies and Hornets can be found in Toros Cave, Buffamoos can be found on Mt. Gigant along with C*ckadoodles (sorry for the stupid block), and Queen Bees can be found at Clemens Cave.
2. The earliest are Little Mages and Shindras, both found in Toros Cave. Most of the others are found in Misty Bloom Cave and Danann Cave, other than the Little Emperors found in Greed Cave.
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bahamut920 answered:

As for question three, some monsters don't do anything besides join you in the dungeons. They simply don't have any special powers (like watering or gathering crops), and don't offer any resources for harvest (like milk or wool).

However, some monsters can serve as mounts, reducing your RP consumption in dungeons.
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