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Is marrying Tori impossible?

I don't, I just can't seem to get her love points up at all. And I've already read book in the library (unless there's one hidden in a corner somewhere?) about three times or so.

Do I have to read them even more or what? Is it bugged? Anyone know?

Accepted Answer

shimmy6 answered:

To get Tori's LP to 10, you must read, read, read! Go to the library every day, talk once to Tori, give her a pink cat, and read every book on the first row of shelves - and ONLY that row - she doesn't like it when you read the books on the second row because a lot of them are about how to marry other girls. Also, don't litter. For example, if you catch a boot while fishing, don't toss it on the ground. Tori is the hardest girl to marry, but eventually her LP will get to 10.
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