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This isn't realy about Rune Factory but, I always have a hard time finding video games I like. I realy like Rune Factory/ Harvest Moon type games and I have a wii, ds, game boy sp, a gamecube and obviously a computer. One thing I'm realy picky about is graphics. They realy effect gameplay for me. I LOVED Harvest Moon: Tree Of Tranquility (Wii), Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) and Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS). I am also waiting for the newest harvest Moon to come out in the fall. I also have tryed Sims and I like the My Sims and Sims 2 (DS). Can you PLEASE help me!!!!

paperkonnyaku asked for clarification:

well, what are you asking? 0= do you want to know what games are LIKE harvest moon: rune factory?

these types of games are real-time simulations (just like the sims; sims stand for simulation). if you like real-time simulations, i would recommend nintendogs, too. um, its pretty hard to find games like harvest moon just because its not really that popular & not many people/gamers enjoy those kind of games, thus, not many are being made. look how many rip offs final fantasy has! because many gamers enjoy the style & fighting tactics of final fantasy! even i like it! (=

another really fun real-time simulation games MIXED with action/fighting is an old school game: legend of zelda: majoras mask. zelda is a great series to get into, & i used to HATE video games until i got into zelda (& pokemon, haha) i mean! come on, i:m japanese & i was born & raised there! how can i hate video games! XD majoras mask mainly has two parts: a huge side quest of trying to collect masks & the other half is completing the game. you need masks to complete dungeons too. its kind of like rune factory, but not exacally, but its on the same line. (=

but zelda is a really popular series so im sure you know what im talking about. anyways, im sorry if i couldn:t help you enough, but if i hear of any games like harvest moon thats coming to america, i:ll let you know right away. im currently in japan so i can let you know ahead of time, too. [:


arfixon answered:

What do u want to say actually?
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arfixon answered:

What do you want to ask actually.
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Pipluppals answered:

Have u tryed HM: Friends of mineral town/ more friends of mineral town (GB) or RF2 and RF3 (DS)?
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