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Asked: 4 years ago

If you found the treasure in Carmite Cave is there any other treasures to be found if you go through the seasons again?

I found the treasure in Carmite Cave the first time around but are there more if you are coming up to the 2nd time around the seasons?

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The book will be there for every treasure hunt, but only after you initiate it. If you collect it the first year, but do not give it up to finish the hunt, you can save it for next year's treasure hunt. This is the only way to complete the hunt in the shorest amount of time in order to get 200,000G and 2,000 wood.

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so that's how you get the short time, I never managed faster than 10 minutes shy of the time I read was neccissary, using warps and a riding pet...or maybe i was just a little bit slow, I always destroyed the ant machine cause they would hit me as i tried to get the book.

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