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Rune Factory: Shin Bokujou Monogatari  (Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon)
                                                   FAQ copyrighted 2007 Athene
                                                                  Version .57

Table of Contents
Introduction                            [RF-Intro]
Version History                         [RF-Version]
Legal Information                       [RF-Legal]

Overview                                [RF-Overview]
Starting the Game                       [RF-Starting]
Saving Your Game                        [RF-Saving]
Known Glitches                          [RF-Glitches]
Main Menu                               [RF-MainMenu]
Seasons and Time                        [RF-Time]
HP and RP                               [RF-HPandRP]
Status Effects                          [RF-StatEff]
Town Layout                             [RF-Town]
Townspeople                             [RF-Townspeople]
Stores                                  [RF-Stores]
Lumber                                  [RF-Lumber]
Farming                                 [RF-Farming]
Caves                                   [RF-Caves]
Monster Barns                           [RF-MBarns]
Makers                                  [RF-Makers]
Upgrading Your House                    [RF-House]
Tools                                   [RF-Tools]
Weapons and Shields                     [RF-Weapons]
Cooking, Smithing, Medicines            [RF-CSM]
Magic                                   [RF-Magic]
Festivals                               [RF-Festivals]
Marriage                                [RF-Marriage]

Frequently Asked Questions              [RF-FAQs]

Credits                                 [RF-Credits]
Contact                                 [RF-Contact]

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Introduction                                                      [RF-Intro]
This FAQ covers the Japanese version of Rune Factory: Shin Bokujou Monogatari,
a video game for the Nintendo DS. Changes and additions may be added to this
FAQ once Natsume releases its translation of the game in North America, which
will be called Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Please note that my knowledge of Japanese is minimal.  Thus, in this FAQ, I
tend to describe things more than I do romanize or translate them directly.
Fortunately, Rune Factory has many pictures, and the text often uses kana for
names, so it's pretty easy to play even if you aren't that familiar with

Please see the Credits section [RF-Credits] for a list of the resources I've
used in creating this FAQ.

Version History                                                  [RF-Version]
Version .57 (May 5, 2007)
   - Updated information on Kajmere cave.
   - Updated Marriage section.
   - Screens from the American translation are being released on various video
     game news sites.  Apparent name changes so far are: Lapis to Lara, Torte
     to Tori, Fil to Felicity, Jeff to Jean, Edo to Edward, and Sacher to 
   - I haven't played the game much since the last update, but I anticipate
     giving the FAQ a large make-over once the American version of the game
     is released.

Version .55 (March 18, 2007)
   - Added shopping lists for Sebastian, Leo, and Jeff's stores.
   - Updated Magic Spells section.
   - Updated Marriage section.
   - Made some corrections to some sections.

Version .52 (March 10, 2007)
   - Added a link to where this FAQ can be found.
   - Added to a few sections.

Version .50 (March 2, 2007)
   - Added to various sections.
   - Added a new FAQ section.

Version .47 (February 21, 2007)
   - Made some additions to the Caves section.

Version .45 (February 3, 2007)
   - Made corrections to Fil's and Rosetta's marriage requirements
   - Made some corrections to the Magic Spells section
   - Added another known glitch
   - Added some more store inventories
   - Added to various sections

Version .40 (January 31, 2007)
   - Basics of the game are laid out, enough so that you can play the game
   - Cave names and most of the license requirements are listed
   - Town layout and townspeople are introduced
   - Some store inventories are listed
   - Marriage requirements are listed
   - Preliminary list of Magic spells
   - Please note that many of the lists are currently *incomplete*,
       especially the store inventories and the characters' daily schedules.

Planned Future Updates
   - Walkthrough for the caves
   - Add more to the lists, specifically the magic list and store inventories
   - Update, correct, and revise characters' daily schedules
   - Add Monster lists, with farm jobs and dropped items.
   - Add Mining lists for caves

Legal Information                                                  [RF-Legal]
Rune Factory: Shin Bokujou Monogatari is created, owned, and copyrighted by
Marvelous Interactive Inc. and Never Land Company.  All rights belong to them.
I am not associated or affiliated with either company in any way.

That said, this FAQ is copyrighted by me.  Please do not copy without giving
proper credit.

This FAQ can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com/ and at my Rune Factory 
website at http://www.celes-chere.net/runefactory/

See the Credits section [RF-Credits] for a list of resources I've used in
writing this FAQ.

Overview                                                        [RF-Overview]
Rune Factory is part of the Shin Bokujou Monogatari (New Harvest Moon) 
spin-off series.  So far, this series only contains Rune Factory (for the DS)
and Innocent Life (for the Playstation Portable).  The New Harvest Moon games
take the original premise of the Harvest Moon series (farming) and expand on
it.  Rune Factory is "Harvest Moon with a sword."  It is similar to a normal
fantasy RPG, except it also has farming elements.

Rune Factory includes an animated opening sequence (in anime style) with a 
Japanese theme song.  The game also has some voice acting, but this is mostly
limited to characters saying "good morning," "good afternoon," "good evening,"
"welcome," and "thank you."  Sometimes characters may say another line or two
during special situations.

In Rune Factory, your character is a young man with amnesia who wanders into
town.  You faint outside the house of a young woman named Mist.  She gives
you a name (along with a hoe and a watering can), then lets you live on her

Starting the Game                                               [RF-Starting]
When the title menu appears, you'll see two options:

   - Option 1: Start a new Game
         - Pick a slot in which to start a new game.  If you want to overwrite
           an existing file, a new window will pop up with two options:
               - Option 1: Cancel and don't start a new game.
               - Option 2: Save over the existing data and start a new game.

   - Option 2: Continue your game
         - Pick the saved data that you'd like to continue.

At the beginning of the game, you can pick your name or stay with the default
name Ragna.  Your name can have a maximum of six characters, and it can be in
Roman letters, katakana, or hiragana.

Afterwards, follow Mist north to the farm.  A monster will attack her.  Use 
your Hoe (the B button) to fight the monster off.  It should only take two to
three direct hits for the monster to die.  After you defeat it, you'll see if
Mist is okay.

Run through the dialogue, then pick the first option.  Following some more 
dialogue, you'll have four options - the first three are questions, and the
last one is a statement.  Choose the last option (the statement).  Mist will
then ask you another question - you'll have two choices, pick the first one.

Mist will then give you some turnip seeds and let you name the farm.  Again,
your farm's name can have six characters max, and the name can be katakana,
hiragana, or Roman letters.

Saving your Game                                                [RF-Saving]
You can save your game by one of two ways:

- Use the diary on the nightstand next to your bed.
         - Option 1: Save your progress
         - Option 2: Don't save

- Use a save point within the caves.
         - Option 1: Save your progress
         - Option 2: Don't save

There are only two save slots in the game.  However, there is no way to 
transfer your data from one slot to the other.  Thus, you can't play a game
from one slot, then try saving that game in the other slot.

Known Glitches                                                  [RF-Glitches]
The following are known glitches in the Japanese game:

- Do not use the Sleeping Bag in the Mist-Bloom Cave (the cave only accessible
in Winter) on Winter 30.  You'll be trapped inside the cave on Spring 1, and
that apparently causes the game's data to corrupt.

- Eating (certain?) food when your RP is 0 can cause your game to freeze.

- When you put monsters to work on your farm, your game will noticably lag.

- The game can lag during the final boss battle.

- Graphical glitches may appear during Winter.  These appear to be harmless.

- Sometimes you can ride your wolf over terrain such as water.  This normally
happens whenever you try to mount near the edge of the screen.

- If you accidentally Brush multiple captured monsters at once, you may only
earn hearts for one animal.  Brushing the other monster that day will be
unsuccessful.  Similarly, if you accidentally Milk multiple cows at once,
you will only receive milk from one cow, and you won't be able to milk the
other cows.

- If you enter the bathhouse at exactly 3:00pm, Melody may not be behind the
desk.  She will appear if you move around or if you leave and re-enter.

- You can't give cookies to Torte on Spring Thanksgiving.

- Sometimes voices are absent.

Main Menu                                                       [RF-MainMenu]
To access the main menu, press Start.

There are seven different submenus, each of which can be accessed by selecting
its respective tab on the left-side of bottom screen.  You can use the stylus
to select a tab directly, or you can flip through the tabs using the R button
(to go down the tabs) and the L button (to go up the tabs).

Submenu #1 (Tab Picture: Sword and Shield)

Bottom Screen:
The bottom screen displays your current character level information; your 
equipment; and your rucksack.

LV: Your current level is displayed as a numeric value.  Below is a yellow bar
called "NEXT", which indicates how close you are to reaching the next level.
(The longer the yellow bar, the closer you are to the next level.)  You can
only level up by fighting monsters in the caves.

HP and RP: Your remaining HP (Hit Points) and RP (Rune Points) are displayed,
both numerically and with green bars.  The green bars deplete as your HP and
RP deplete.

ATK: Attack        STA: Stamina            DEX: Dexterity
DEF: Defense       INT: Intelligence       VIT: Vitality

Elements: The red, blue, brown, and green squares indicate your elemental 
attack and defense numbers.  The top red number is attack, the bottom blue 
number is defense.  Red is fire, blue is water, brown is earth, and green 
is wind.

Equipment: The left-side of the submenu indicates your currently equipped 
items.  The first slot is for tools (including bottles and the sleeping bag),
weapons, or seeds.  The second slot is for shields.  The third slot is for
magic spells.  The fourth and fifth slots are for accessories.  The sixth slot
is for items you carry in your hands, such as crops, fish, and grasses.
Rucksack: The bottom portion of the screen shows your rucksack.  Unlike
previous Harvest Moon games, you can't increase the size of the rucksack. Your
rucksack has three subparts with 15 slots each.  Each slot can carry up to 9
of the same item.  However, different level items will occupy different slots.
For example, level 5 diamonds will be in a different slot than level 1 
diamonds.  Furthermore, a slot can only hold one weapon, accessory, or fish at
a time, even if there are multiple weapons/accessories/fish at the same level.
For example, a level 1 pendant will be in one slot, and a second level 1
pendant will be in a different slot.

- To separate items, double-click a stack of items.

- To equip an item, use the stylus to drag it from your rucksack to the slot.
You can also use the directional pad keys and the A button.

Top Screen:
The top screen displays information on the item/tool/etc. you have highlighted
(either in your rucksack or in your equipped slots):

- Status (Weapons [i.e., swords, spears, etc.], Farming Tools, Shields):
   - Item Type
   - Attack power
   - Defense power
   - ??

- Status (Crops/Seeds, Monster Tools, Other Tools, Spells, Mined Ores):
   - Item Type
   - Shipping/Sales Price
   - ??
   - Time it will take to fully mature

- Effect:
   - Level (for crops and mined rocks, multiply the level by the base price
            to get the actual price)
   - Charge - the "level" to which a tool can be charged
   - Any effects on statistics (e.g., VIT +1)
   - Elemental effects

- Description of the item, including what it does and/or is capable of.  
        (For example, how much HP it may restore or which status effects it
        - For seeds: if the crops are re-harvestable, a line will be displayed
                indicating such.  Non-re-harvestable crops will not have that

Submenu #2 (Tab Picture: Potion and Hoe)                        [RF-Skills]
The second submenu displays your current Skill Levels.  The skills are:

- Sword/Weapon fighting                         - making Medicines
- making/upgrading Tools/Weapons                - making Accessories
- using the Hammer                              - using the Axe
- Farming (using Hoe, Watering Can, Scythe)     - Cooking (using Kitchen)
- Communication (using Monster tools)           - Fishing (using Fishing Rod)
- Camping (using Sleeping Bag)

Submenu #3 (Tab Picture: Animal)
Lists the current monster in your party and information about it, including
monster type, HP, Attack and Defense, friendship level, and abilities.

Submenu #4 (Tab Picture: Turnip and Flower)
This submenu displays information about your farm.

Top Screen:
At the very top of the screen are your farm's name, the season, the date, the
day of the week, the time, and the weather.

- The year
- Amount of money you have (G)
- House Level                           - Amount of Lumber you have
- Number of Monsters you own            - Amount of hay you have

Bottom Screen:
The bottom of the screen displays information on your monster barns: the 
number of monster barns you have, the monsters inside those barns, and the 
amount of hay each monster barn has.

Submenu #5 (Tab Picture: Open Book)
This submenu displays information on your shipped items.  All possible shipped
items are already listed and are separated by type.  The submenu tabs, from 
top to bottom, are: Crops, Accessories, Food, Medicine, Fish, Etc.  You can 
use the stylus to browse through the submenu tabs or press the Select button.
You can also organize the shipped items by name or by amount of money earned
through shipping (use the stylus or the left and right directional keys).

Submenu #6 (Tab Picture: Two Hands)                        [RF-Relationships]
This submenu displays information on your relationships with the townspeople
and your captured monsters.  Sub-tab 1 is for Townspeople and Sub-tab 2 is for
Captured Monsters.  (Use the stylus or the Select button to switch between 

The yellow smiley faces indicate Friendship Points, and the hearts indicate
Love Points.  Only Heroine Candidates (Marriage Candidates) have Love Points.
All townspeople and captured monsters have a maximum of 10 Friendship Points,
and Heroine Candidates can have a maximum of 10 Love Points.

Townspeople can be sorted based on default order, friendship points, or love
points.  Animals can be sorted based on default order or friendship points.
(Use the stylus or left and right directional pad buttons to switch order

Submenu #7 (Tab Picture: Notepad and Pencil)
This submenu displays books you have purchased from Russel at the library,
and the cave certificates that you have received from Godwin.

Seasons and Time                                                [RF-Time]
Like most Harvest Moon games, there are four seasons, and you begin the game 
in Spring.  Unlike other Harvest Moon games, there are only six days a week -
Monday through Friday, then a Holiday in which most of the stores are closed.
(Holidays are not Festival days; Holidays are similar to Sundays.)  Since 
there are only 30 days in each month, events occur on the same day every

Days are twice as long in Rune Factory than in most Harvest Moon games.  This
gives you more time to explore the caves.  Time stops whenever you are inside
a building or when you are using the start menu; however, time continues at
the same pace whether you are outside or in the caves.

It is advisable to sleep (either using your bed or the Sleeping Bag) before
12am. Otherwise, you will probably end up sleeping through the next day and
wake up two days later Tired and/or with a Cold (Tired and Cold are Status
Effects - see [RF-StatEff] for more information).

Inside your house, a Calendar hangs on the wall; it's an orange square to the
right of your diary.  The Calendar lists the Festivals and villagers' 
birthdays for the entire year. Additionally, you will receive a reminder 
letter in the mail the day before Festivals occur.  (See the Festivals 
section [RF-Festivals] for more information.)

Yearly Calendar

01 - New Year's Day
03 - Jeff's Birthday 
11 - Melody's Birthday
13 - Neuman's Birthday 
18 - Spring Thanksgiving
20 - Russel's Birthday
23 - Egg Tournament
27 - Cooking Tournament
30 - Sebastian's Birthday

01 - Beach Opening
03 - Jyacolinus' Birthday
08 - Bianca's Birthday
12 - Cecilia's Birthday
13 - Sacher's Birthday
18 - Milk Tournament
20 - Lady Anne's Birthday
23 - Godwin's Birthday
26 - Excavation Tournament 
30 - Nicholl's Birthday

01 - Mist's Birthday
05 - Fil's Birthday
07 - Harvest Festival
10 - Mei's Birthday
12 - Tabitha's Birthday
14 - Camus' Birthday
17 - Moon Viewing
21 - Rosetta's Birthday
24 - Wool Tournament
28 - Fishing Tournament

01 - Lapis' Birthday
04 - Sara's Birthday
06 - Winter Thanksgiving
08 - Edo's Birthday
11 - Leo's Birthday
17 - Father White's Birthday
19 - Shalon's Birthday
24 - Starry Night Festival 
26 - Torte's Birthday
28 - Rude's Birthday
30 - New Year's Eve

HP and RP                                                       [RF-HPandRP]
Ragna has two bars: HP (Hit Points) and RP (Rune Points).  These are similar
to Harvest Moon's Strength Points and Fatigue Points.  RP is used first; once
the RP bar reaches 0, then HP is used.  While HP can be increased through
leveling up in the caves, RP always remains at a maximum of 100 points.  If
you run out of HP outside the caves, you faint and appear in the clinic at
10am the next day.  If your HP reaches 0 while within the caves, you actually
die, and you must restart from your last save point.

HP can be replenished by using potions; eating food; or using certain magic
spells.  Additionally, when you level up, your entire HP bar is replenished.

RP can be replenished through farming - if your crops grow evenly, on the day
that they are ready to be harvested, a sparkly ball will appear on one of the
crops.  Standing on it will replenish your RP by 25 points.  If you do not
harvest the crops, the sparkly ball will appear in the same place on the
next day.

You can completely replenish your HP and RP by visiting the bathhouse. The
bathhouse is open from 3pm-11pm on non-Festival days.  You must first talk
to Melody, then choose the second selection.  Afterwards, go to the right
side of the bathhouse and approach the water; pick the first option.  Your
HP and RP will then be completely filled.  You can only use the bathhouse
once per day.

Going to sleep in your bed will fully replenish your HP and RP.

Status Effects                                                  [RF-StatEff]
Like most RPGs, Rune Factory has Status Effects.  When you are afflicted with
a status ailment, a small icon appears under your HP and RP bars on the main 
screen and in the tiny boxes on the top right of the screen in the Main Menu,
indicating what you have.  Status effects can be cured by taking medicines,
using certain magic spells (if possible), or by receiving a physical from

Status          Icon Indicator                  Effect
Mute            Green Circle with an X          Unable to use magic or charge
Poison          Skeleton skull                  Gradually lose HP in intervals
                                                        until it reaches 0
Paralysis       Two jagged orange bolts         Can't run; can only walk 
Tired           Wavy sign                       Use up 2x the HP

Note: Generally occurs when you are still awake when it turns 6am
Cold            Blue snowflake                  Use up 3x the HP

Note: Generally occurs when you are tired and go to sleep after 12am

Town Layout                                                     [RF-Town]
The town has four different streets, plus the beach.  The first three streets
are divided in half, with buildings on the right side and on the left side of
the center pathway.  To go to the beach, go all the way to the right on the
first street.

See the Stores section [RP-Stores] for more information on the wares inside.

1st Street

From left to right:
Library - Clinic - Jeff's Store - street - Bar - Inn - Blacksmith - Beach

Left Side:
Jeff's Store    Sign says "Parts"               Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals

Edo's Clinic     Sign with a cross              Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Open Holidays 9am-12pm
                                                Closed on Festivals, but Edo
                                                        will cure you for
                                                        free those days.

Library         Sign with a book                Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals

Right Side:
Bar             Sign of a wine bottle           Open Tuesday-Holiday 12pm-11pm
                                                Closed Mondays and Festivals

Inn             Sign says "Inn"                 Open everyday 9am-6pm, except
                                                        for Festivals

Blacksmith      Sign with two hammers           Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals
                                                No work done on rainy days

Sara's Store    The only building on the beach  Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals

2nd Street

From left to right:
Bathhouse - Neuman's Store - street - Camus' Store - Church

Left Side:
Neuman's Store  The building on the right       Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals
                                                No work done on rainy days

Bathhouse       The building on the left        Open everyday 3pm-11pm, except
                                                        for Festivals and the
                                                        new year

Right Side:
Camus' Store    The building on the left        Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
                                                Closed Holidays and Festivals

Church          Sign of a large cross           Open everyday 9am-6pm, except
                                                        for Festivals

3rd Street:
Godwin's        The only building on the left   Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
  house                                         Closed Holidays and Festivals

Jyacolinus'     The only building on the right  Open everyday from 9am-9pm,
  mansion                                               except for Festivals

4th Street:
Town Square

Townspeople                                             [RF-Townspeople]
These are the people who you'll encounter in the game.  They're listed in the
default order that they appear in the Relationships submenu.  A * next to a
name indicates a heroine (marriage) candidate.

Name            Birthday        Gender          Description
Mist *          Fall 1          Female          Heroine and preferred bride.
                                                She runs the farm outside of
                                                town. Because of her carefree
                                                nature, Mist may seem somewhat
                                                unreliable on the surface, but
                                                she is actually dependable at
                                                her core. Her main role in
                                                the game is to give advice,
                                                assistance, and encouragement
                                                to Ragna. Mist has long white
                                                hair in a ponytail, tied with
                                                a red ribbon; she wears a blue
                                                and white outfit.

Daily Schedule: Usually is in her house all morning.  You can't enter her home
before 9am.  At 12pm, she'll hang out on your farm.  If it's raining, she'll
be inside your house.  She returns to her house at 6pm.

Love Points: Increase the more you farm.
Jeff            Spring 3        Male            Runs the General store. Unlike
                                                his daughter Rosetta, Jeff has
                                                a calm personality. He has
                                                short blonde hair and brown
                                                eyes, and he wears a blue
                                                shirt, white apron, and blue

Daily Schedule: Usually in his store.  On Mondays after 6:00pm, he'll be in
the bathhouse.  On Holidays, he'll be at church, and afterwards, he goes to
the bar.
Rosetta *       Fall 21         Female          Jeff's daughter.  She says 
                                                whatever is on her mind so 
                                                can come off as harsh. She 
                                                considers Mist a rival. She
                                                has shoulder-length blonde 
                                                hair with white barrettes on 
                                                both sides, red eyes, a white
                                                shirt, yellow skirt, and red

Daily Schedule: Usually at her father's store.  On non-Holidays and 
non-Festival days, at 5pm, she'll come to your farm to pick up your shipped
items.  She'll stay until 6pm, and then she'll return home.  On Holidays, she
goes to church in the mornings; in the afternoon and evening, she'll be on
the third street in front of the entrance to the town square.  If it's raining
or snowing on the Holiday, after church, she'll be in the library.

Love Points: Increase the more you use the shipping container.
Camus           Fall 14         Male            Runs the monster supply shop. 
                                                Dissatisfied with his father's
                                                way of life, he dreams of 
                                                leaving the town and becoming
                                                successful. He has short brown
                                                hair, dark eyes, and an oddly
                                                sleeved shirt. His sprite
                                                wears a white shirt with red
                                                pants and red shoes.

Daily Schedule: Usually in his store.  On Holidays, he'll be outside on the
second street, in between Melody's bathhouse and Neuman's store; at 6pm, he
will go into the bathhouse.  However, if it's raining or snowing on a Holiday,
he'll be in Godwin's house all morning and afternoon; at 6pm, he'll return to
his room on the second floor of Godwin's clinic.  On Thursday evenings, he
can also be found in the bathhouse.
Edo              Winter 8        Male           Doctor of the clinic. Despite
                                                trouble in his past, Edo now
                                                knows that the most important
                                                thing in his life is to care
                                                for his patients. He has long
                                                brown hair, a brown mustache,
                                                and glasses.

Daily Schedule: Usually in his clinic.  On Wednesday evenings after work, he
goes to the bathhouse.  On Holidays after work, if it's not raining or
snowing, he goes to the bar and returns to his room at 6pm.  If it is raining
or snowing, after work, he stays in his room.
Lady Anne       Summer 20       Female          Innkeeper. After her husband's
                                                recent death, she now runs the
                                                inn by herself.  She loves her
                                                children Sacher and Torte, so
                                                she is strict with them. She
                                                has long brown hair in a high
                                                ponytail and large hoop

Daily Schedule: Usually in the inn.  Sometimes can be found in the bar.
Sacher            Summer 13       Male          Son of Lady Anne and the older
                                                brother of Torte. Loud and
                                                outspoken, he's often wrong in
                                                what he says, but he has good
                                                intentions.  He has a crush on
                                                Mist. Sacher has blonde hair
                                                and wears a grey cap with dark
                                                goggles, a green shirt, and a
                                                grey vest.

Daily Schedule: Usually in Kamaito cave.  On Holidays, he hangs out in front
of the Mist-Bloom cave.  If it's raining/snowing on the Holiday, he'll be in
his room all morning; in the afternoon and evening, he'll be in the bathhouse.
Torte *         Winter 26       Female          Younger sister of Sacher and
                                                daughter of Lady Anne. Torte
                                                is a shy girl who loves books.
                                                She hopes one day for her
                                                prince to appear.  Torte has
                                                long green hair in two
                                                pigtails, blue eyes, and
                                                glasses. She wears a red/pink
                                                outfit and carries a green

Daily Schedule: Usually inside the library.  On Thursday evenings, she can be
found in the bathhouse.  On Holidays, she'll be at church.  If it's raining or
snowing on a Holiday, she'll stay inside her room (on the second floor of the
inn) all day.
Russel         Spring 20       Male             Library curator. A gentle man,
                                                he's like an older brother to
                                                everyone.  He adopted Cecilia.
                                                Russel has short, purple-grey
                                                hair and glasses. His sprite
                                                wears a purple and yellow
                                                outfit with red shoes.

Daily Schedule: Usually inside the library.  On Holidays, if it's not raining
or snowing, he can be found on the third street in the morning and afternoon.
If it's raining or snowing, he'll be in his room on the second floor of the
library until the afternoon; then he'll be in the bar until 6pm, when he'll
return to his room.  On Wednesday evenings, he will be in the bathhouse with
Cecilia         Summer 12       Female          A young orphaned half-elf girl
                                                who is now Russel's ward. She
                                                likes bragging about things
                                                she's collected, even though
                                                her collection apparently just
                                                consists of things that Ragna
                                                has dropped. Cecilia has short
                                                red hair in two braids with a
                                                blue bow. She wears a white
                                                and purple outfit.

Daily Schedule: Usually either in front of the fish store or in the town
square.  On rainy days, she'll be inside the library.  On Wednesday evenings,
she will be in the bathhouse.  On rainy Holidays, she'll spend all day inside
her room on the second floor of the library.
Father White    Winter 17       Male            Priest. He's very popular with
                                                the townspeople and counsels
                                                those who seek his advice. He
                                                wears white and red clothing;
                                                his sprite has a white outfit
                                                with orange trimming down the

Daily Schedule: Usually always in the church.  On Friday afternoons, he'll be
in the town square.
Lapis *         Winter 1        Female          Nurse at the clinic. She has a
                                                kind heart and is admired by
                                                everyone. She has long red
                                                hair, a white cap with a veil,
                                                and a blue dress with a white
                                                collar.  Her sprite has a
                                                black top with a yellow skirt.

Daily Schedule: Usually in the clinic.  On Holiday afternoons after work, if
it's not raining, she stands outside the library until 6pm.  If it's raining
on a Holiday, she'll be at church in the morning; in the afternoon, she'll be
in her room on the second floor of the church.

Love Points: Decrease when you pass out.
Sara            Winter 4        Female          Owner of the fish store and
                                                mother of Nicholl. She's a
                                                great saleswoman, but also a
                                                known drunkard. Has unresolved
                                                feelings for Neuman. She has
                                                shoulder-length, wavy blue
                                                hair and blue eyes. She wears
                                                a white tank top cut and a
                                                white cloth on her arm.

Daily Schedule: Usually in the fish store or in the bar at night. On Holidays,
she'll go to the bar in the afternoon, unless it's raining/snowing, in which
case she'll go to the bar after 6pm.  On Friday evenings, she is in Melody's
Nicholl         Summer 30       Male            Sara's son. A young boy who
                                                likes to get into mischief. He
                                                usually plays with Cecilia. He
                                                has short blue hair, a bandana
                                                of feathers, and a blue shirt
                                                sliding off his shoulder.

Daily Schedule: Varies.  Sometimes in the town square with Cecilia; on Monday
evenings, he is in the bathhouse; on Wednesday, he is in Neuman's store; on
Thursdays, he is on the third street near Jyacolinus' house; on Holidays, he
is in front of his mother's fish store; sometimes on the first street in front
of the entrance to the beach.  On rainy days, he's inside the library.
Sebastian       Spring 30       Male            Owner of the bar. Sebastian
                                                has short blue-grey hair, a
                                                green cap with a red ribbon,
                                                and a mostly green outfit. His
                                                portrait shows him carrying a
                                                wine bottle.

Daily Schedule: Usually in the bar or in his room above the bar.  On Mondays,
he'll be at church.
Neuman          Spring 13       Male            Store owner. He has unresolved
                                                feelings for Sara. Physically,
                                                he has short blonde hair,
                                                "closed eyes," and a white

Daily Schedule: Usually in his store.  On rainy days, he'll be upstairs in his
room.  On Holiday afternoons and evenings, he's in the bar with Sara.
Leo             Winter 11       Male            Blacksmith. An old man, he is
                                                apparently Camus's father. Leo
                                                has grey hair, a grey mustache
                                                and beard, and a white and red
                                                outfit. In his portrait, he
                                                carries a hammer.

Daily Schedule: Usually inside his house.  On rainy days, he'll be in his room
or in the bar.
Godwin          Summer 23       Male            Town mayor and Fil's father.
                                                Godwin gives out the cave
                                                certificates. He has blonde,
                                                shoulder-length hair and a
                                                beard. He wears a green, red,
                                                yellow, and white outfit.

Daily Schedule: Usually inside his house.  On raining/snowing Holidays, he'll
be on the first floor of the library until 6pm; then he'll return to his room.
Fil *           Fall 5          Female          Godwin's daughter. She is
                                                physically weak, so she works
                                                in Neuman's store to become
                                                stronger. She has long brown
                                                hair, with two strands falling
                                                over her shoulders, and a red
                                                flower. She wears a red and
                                                white dress, with what looks
                                                like two round hooks in front.

Daily Schedule: Usually in Neuman's store.  On Holidays, she can be found in
the town square; however, if it's raining or snowing on a Holiday, she'll be
inside her father's house all morning and afternoon, and after 6pm, she'll be
in her room.
Rude            Winter 28       Male            Minstril who can use magic. He
                                                flirts with women, especially
                                                Rosetta.  He always carries a
                                                staff.  Rude has a blue outfit
                                                and hat, brown hair, and dark

Daily Schedule: Usually either inside the inn or in Jeff's store.
Jyacolinus      Summer 3        Male            Owner of the mansion; Bianca's
                                                father. He's a fat man with a
                                                huge mouth. He has blonde hair,
                                                a purple cap with a rainbow
                                                feather, and a red shirt with
                                                a frilly white collar.

Daily Schedule: Usually found on the first floor of the mansion.  On Holidays,
if it's not raining/snowing, he'll be in his room in the mornings; in the 
afternoons, he'll be in the town square; and at 6:00pm, he'll return to his
house.  If it's raining/snowing on a Holiday, he'll stay inside his house.
Tabitha *       Fall 12         Female          Maid. She came from a foreign
                                                country in search of knowledge
                                                and presently works as a maid
                                                in Jyacolinus's mansion. She
                                                has blue-grey hair and blue
                                                eyes. She wears a white cap
                                                with a ribbon and a blue and
                                                white apron-dress.

Daily Schedule: Usually found in Jyacolinus' mansion.  On Friday mornings,
she will appear in Jeff's store.  On Holidays, she will be at the lagoon if
it's not raining or snowing; if it is raining or snowing, she'll stay inside
Jyacolinus's mansion.

Love Points: Increase as you make friends with more monsters.
Shalon *        Winter 19       Female          Sight-seer. Because of her
                                                powers and mysterious aura,
                                                everyone is afraid of her,
                                                except for Ragna. She has long
                                                white hair, blue eyes, and a
                                                long, flowing white dress.

Daily Schedule: Usually at the lagoon, except on Wednesdays.  After 9pm every
night, she'll be in her room at the inn (the right-most room on the first 
Mei *           Fall 10         Female          A soldier from the east.  She
                                                acts cold and aloof.  She has
                                                long, dark blue hair in a high
                                                pony-tail.  An orange mark is
                                                on her forehead.  She wears a
                                                purple and white outfit.

Daily Schedule: Usually found inside the inn.  On Thursday mornings, she will
be on the pier.  On certain afternoons, she appears on the mountain.
Bianca *        Summer 8        Female          Jyacolinus's daughter. Selfish
                                                and spoiled, Bianca asked her
                                                father to buy the town for 
                                                her. She has curly purple/blue
                                                hair and a red ribbon on the
                                                top of her head. Bianca wears
                                                a red, yellow, and white 

Daily Schedule: Usually found inside the mansion.  On Holidays, she'll be in 
the town square from the morning until the 6pm; at 6pm, she'll return to her
home.  If it's raining/snowing on the Holiday, she'll stay inside her house.

Love Points: Increase the more you just talk to her.
Melody *        Spring 11       Female          Runs the bathhouse. Like 
                                                Ragna, she has no memory of 
                                                her past. She likes composing
                                                songs and singing to herself.
                                                She has pink hair in two
                                                braids and wears a red witch

Daily Schedule: Before 3pm or after 11pm, she'll be in her room on the second
floor of the bathhouse.  From 3pm to 11pm, she'll be at the bathhouse counter.
On Fridays, she will be at the lagoon until 3pm.

Love Points: Increase the more frequently you use the bathhouse, but decrease
when you try to use the female side of the bathhouse.
Major Linnet *   N/A            Female          A mysterious woman who appears
                                                late in the game.  She has
                                                short pink hair and a blue
                                                eyepatch over her left eye.
                                                She also wears a blue outfit.

Daily Schedule: On Mondays, she is in front of Jeff's store and the clinic;
on Wednesdays, she is on the 3rd street near Godwin's house; on Fridays, she
is on the steps to the beach; and on Holidays, she is in the church.  She
stays at Mist's house on festival days.
Ivan             N/A            Male            Wandering Merchant. Ivan only
                                                appears on Holidays to sell
                                                items.  His name is not listed
                                                in the Relationship submenu.
                                                He has long brown hair in two
                                                braids, a large white coat,
                                                and a walking stick.

Daily Schedule: Only appears on Holidays.  Will be on the third street near
Godwin's house.

Stores                                                          [RF-Stores]

The library has three rows of books.  The first and second rows have info on
the game - how to play it, items, status effects, etc.  They also have books
that talk about legends - reading these books are necessary to fulfill certain
marriage requirements.  See [RF-Marriage] for more details.  The third row of
books contains magic spells for sale.  Magic is covered in [RF-Magic].

You can also buy recipe books from Russel.

Option 1: Talk to Russel
Option 2: Buy recipe books from Russel

Option 2: Buying Recipe Books
After choosing option 2, Russel will give you a list of books for sale that
day.  The book list changes depending on the day of the week.  Each book has
different recipes that you'll need to create/upgrade food, weapons, tools,
accessories, and potions.

To buy a book, first select a book from the list.  Russel will give a brief
description of the book and its price.  If you want to buy it, pick the first
option.  If you don't want to buy it, pick the second option.

The books are listed by day and in the order they appear in Russel's list.
In parentheses is a description of the covers that appear in the Main Menu,
submenu #7.

- Weapon/Tool Recipes: Beginner (Cover: Sword, Lightest)   5,800G
- Weapon/Tool Recipes: Middle (Cover: Sword, Lighter)      7,800G
- Weapon/Tool Recipes: Advanced (Cover: Sword)            12,800G
- Weapon/Tool Recipes: Final (Cover: Sword, Darkest)      25,800G

- Accessory Recipes: First (Cover: Ring, Light Pink)       6,000G
- Accessory Recipes: Second (Cover: Ring, Pink)            9,000G
- Accessory Recipes: Second (Cover: Ring, Darker Pink)    18,000G
- Accessory Recipes: Second (cover: Ring, Red)            29,000G

- Shield Recipes (Cover: Shield)                          10,000G
- Medicine/Potions Recipes (Cover: Pill)                   7,000G
- Knife Recipes: Beginner (Cover: Knife, Lighter)          4,000G
- Knife Recipes: Advanced (Cover: Knife, Darker)          15,000G

- Frying Pan Recipes: Part 1 (Cover: Frying Pan, Lighter)  8,000G
- Frying Pan Recipes: Part 2 (Cover: Frying Pan, Darker)   8,800G
- Cooking Pot Recipes: Part 1 (Cover: Pot, Lighter)        6,000G
- Cooking Pot Recipes: Part 2 (Cover: Pot, Darker)         9,000G

- Oven Recipes (Cover: Oven/microwave)                     9,900G 
- Mixer Recipes (Cover: Mixer)                             1,200G
- Steamer Recipes (Cover: Steamer)                         4,500G
- Non-utensil Recipes (Cover: Sandwiches)                  3,000G

Edo's Clinic
Option 1: Buy things from Edo
Option 2: Talk to Edo
Option 3: Edo will prepare you a potion
Option 4: Request a physical from Edo 

Option 1: Edo's Wares
The first option allows you to purchase herbs and medicines from Edo.

- Medical Herb (Leafy green plant)                               100G
    Effect: Replenishes HP; used in potions

- Antidote (Viney green plant)                                    60G
    Effect: Cures Poison

- Antidote (Purple flask)                                        280G
    Effect: Cures Poison and replenishes 30HP

- Green test tube                                                380G
    Effect: Cures Paralysis and replenishes 30HP

- Yellow circle with picture of a mouth                          498G
    Effect: Cures Mute and replenishes 30HP

- Cold Medicine (Packet of four white pills)                     780G
    Effect: Cures Tired and Cold

- Counteragent (Thin white bottle with green label)              250G
    Effect: Pour into a poison puddle to make puddle disappear.
    NOTE: Puddles will respawn once you leave the cave.

- Gun Gun Fertilizer (White bag with green and yellow label)     700G
    Effect: Raises the crop level of one crop.
    NOTE: Must be used while crop is still a seed.

- Nutrition Medicine Alpha (Thin green bottle)                   400G
    Effect: Causes crops to grow one day faster

- Magic Powder (Black Bag)
    Effect: Used in recipes
    NOTE: Only appears in winter (and fall?)

- Root (brown root)
    Effect: Used in recipes
    NOTE: Only appears in winter (and fall?)

Option 3: Potion-Making
For 400g, Edo will prepare a potion for you.  The potion will restore 150 HP.
You need an empty bottle, which can be obtained from Mist's house, and three
Medical Herbs (the leafy green plants), which can also be purchased from Edo.
        Option 1: Yes, make the potion
        Option 2: No, don't make it

Option 4: Physical
For 200g, Edo will give you a physical.  After the physical, all status 
ailments will be cured.  (See: Status Effects [RF-StatEff].)
        Option 1: Yes, have the physical
        Option 2: No, don't have the physical

Jeff's Store
Option 1: Buy things from Jeff
Option 2: Talk to Jeff
Option 3: Have Jeff explain crop levels

Option 1: Jeff's Wares
        Option 1: Spring Seeds
        Option 2: Summer Seeds
        Option 3: Autumn Seeds
        Option 4: Accessories

Spring          Turnip Seeds                                  200G
                    Picture: Five black round seeds
                    Growth Time: 4 days

                Potato Seeds                                  340G
                    Picture: Potato wedge
                    Growth Time: 7 days

                Cucumber Seeds                                240G
                    Picture: Two fat brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    Will regrow

                Strawberry Seeds                              400G
                    Picture: Four small, pointy brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 8 days
                    Will regrow

                Cabbage Seeds                                 220G
                    Picture: Four round, brown seeds
                    Growth time: 14 days

                Moondrop Flower Seeds                         200G
                    Picture: Six tiny, round brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 6 days

                Toy Flower Seeds                              150G
                    Picture: Three pointy, thin black seeds
                    Growth Time: 12 days

                Grass Seeds                                   600G
                    Picture: Eight extremely tiny black dots
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    NOTE: Does NOT regrow

                ?? (Sakuranu) Seeds                         4,000G
                    Picture: Three small yellow seeds
                    Growth Time: 60 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                ?? (Ranpu) Grass Seeds                      6,000G
                    Picture: Two large brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 90 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                Blue Crystal Seeds                            770G
                    Picture: Blue stone with white markings
                    Growth Time: 100 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                Gold ?? Flower Seeds                       10,000G
                    Picture: Round gold seed
                    Growth Time: 120 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

Summer          Tomato Seeds                                  210G
                    Picture: Three round, light brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    Will regrow

                Corn Seeds                                    300G
                    Picture: Two large, pink seeds
                    Growth Time: 14 days
                    Will regrow

                Onion Seeds                                   190G
                    Picture: Three black seeds
                    Growth Time: 7 days

                Pumpkin Seeds                                 600G
                    Picture: Large, fat, light-brown pumpkin seed
                    Growth Time: 14 days

                Pineapple Seeds                               700G
                    Picture: Five small pink seeds
                    Growth Time: 20 days
                    Will regrow

                Pinkcat Flower Seeds                          300G
                    Picture: 5 tiny, pointy black seeds
                    Growth Time: 6 days

                Grass Seeds                                   600G
                    Picture: Eight extremely tiny black dots
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    NOTE: Does NOT regrow

                Iron ?? Seeds                               8,700G
                    Picture: One large, black, round seed
                    Growth Time: 40 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                Clover Seeds                                9,000G
                    Picture: Three small brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 60 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                ?? Seeds                                    3,300G
                    Picture: Three large black seeds
                    Growth Time: 90 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                Green Crystal Seeds                           880G
                    Picture: Green stone with grey/white markings
                    Growth Time: 100 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

Autumn          Eggplant Seeds                                250G
                    Picture: Three light-brown, peanut-shaped seeds
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    Will regrow

                Carrot Seeds                                  210G
                    Picture: Three brown, pointy seeds
                    Growth Time: 7 days

                Sweet Potato (Yam) Seeds                      330G
                    Picture: One large, pointy seed with a pink top
                        and a brown bottom
                    Growth Time: 5 days
                    Will regrow

                Spinach Seeds                                 210G
                    Picture: Three green seeds
                    Growth Time: 5 days

                Green Pepper Seeds                            260G
                    Picture: Three large, light-brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 7 days
                    Will regrow

                Magic Grass Flower Seeds                    1,000G
                    Picture: Two dark-brown seeds
                    Growth Time: 10 days

                Grass Seeds                                   600G
                    Picture: Eight extremely tiny black dots
                    Growth Time: 9 days
                    NOTE: Does NOT regrow

                Tsurii Grass Seeds                          2,680G
                    Picture: Two white seeds
                    Growth Time: 40 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                ?? Seeds                                      900G
                    Picture: Three small, pointy seeds
                    Growth Time: 60 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                PomPon Grass Seeds                          1,200G
                    Picture: Three pointy, white seeds
                    Growth Time: 90 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

                Red Crystal Seeds                             990G
                    Picture: Large red rock
                    Growth Time: 100 days
                    NOTE: Only appear after you beat the game

Acessories      Bracelet (round and brown)                        500G
                Charm (pink rectangular object)                 1,200G
                Pendant (silver necklace)                       5,200G
                Earring (blue and yellow earring)               7,920G
                Poison Ring (purple and brown ring)             3,200G
                Paralysis Ring (white and green ring)           4,200G
                Silent/Mute Ring (green and yellow ring)        3,600G
                Leather Boots (Brown boot)                      3,600G
                Silver Ring                                     3,000G
                Brand (Blind?) Glasses (black sunglasses)      13,200G
                Magic Ring (yellow ring with blue stone)        4,000G
                Critical Ring (blue, yellow, silver ring)       8,000G
                Headband (white cloth)                          1,600G

Leo's Smithery
Option 1: Talk to Leo
Option 2: Buy weapons/shields from Leo
Option 3: Upgrade your tools

Option 2: Leo's Wares
- Broad Sword                    800G
- Long Sword                   2,980G
- Wind Sword                   5,800G  (Appears only in certain seasons)
- Aqua Sword                   9,200G  (Appears only in certain seasons)
- Defender                    19,800G
- Kureimoa                     2,500G
- Two-Hand Sword              12,800G
- Great Sword                 35,600G
- Spear                        1,800G
- Lance                        4,600G
- Halberd                     18,000G
- Battle Hammer                7,600G
- ?? Hammer                   18,500G
- Battle Axe                   8,500G
- Pole Axe                    22,300G
- Small Shield                 1,200G
- Bronze Shield                1,600G
- Round Shield                 2,000G

Option 3: Upgrade your Tools
To upgrade your tools, first select the tool you wish to upgrade from Leo's

Page 1          Option 1: Hoe
                Option 2: Scythe
                Option 3: Watering Can
                Option 4: go onto the next page

Page 2          Option 1: Hammer
                Option 2: Axe
                Option 3: Fishing Rod
                Option 4: Never Mind

Leo will then tell you, in this exact order:
- In the first pair of brackets: the type of ore you need
        (Ore will be copper, iron, or silver)
- The amount of ore needed (e.g., 2 pieces of that ore)
- In the second pair of brackets: the cost to upgrade
- The number of days it'll take to upgrade (e.g., 2 days)

- If you want to upgrade, pick the first option.
- If you don't want to upgrade, pick the second option.

Leo can only upgrade each tool to its third charging level (so, he can only
upgrade your tools twice).  After that, you have to do any further upgrades
yourself in your smithery, which requires the house upgrade from Neuman.

Melody's Bathhouse
Option 1: Talk to Melody
Option 2: Use the bathhouse

Option 2: Using the Bathhouse
Using the bathhouse costs 10G.  After speaking with Melody and choosing the
second option, go to the right side and approach the water.  Pick the first
option to enter the pool; to cancel, pick the second option.  After using the
pool, your HP and RP will be completely restored.  The bathhouse can only be
used once per day.

Neuman's Store
Option 1: Talk to Neuman
Option 2: Buy items from Neuman
Option 3: Upgrade your house

Option 2: Neuman's Wares
Neuman's inventory varies depending on the season. For example, in the spring
he'll sell strawberries and oranges, but in the fall, he sells grapes instead.
However, Neuman always sells hay and small eggs.

- Hay                        100G
- Small Egg                  500G
- Strawberries               600G
- Oranges                    540G

- Hay                        100G
- Small Egg                  500G
- Pineapple                1,200G

- Hay                        100G
- Small Egg                  500G
- Grapes                     390G

- Hay                        100G
- Small Egg                  500G
- Apples                     360G

Option 3: Upgrade your House
Upgrading your house requires 200,000G and 2,000 pieces of lumber.  It will
take 10 days for your house upgrade to be complete.  To go ahead with the
upgrade, pick the first option.  To decline, pick the second option.

Camus' Store
Option 1: Talk to Camus
Option 2: Buy items from Camus
Option 3: Build/upgrade Monster Barn

Option 2: Camus' Wares
- Hay                        100G
- Small Milk                 500G

Option 3: Monster Barns
You can ask Camus to build or upgrade your Monster Barns.  Each new building
or new basement costs 1,000G and requires 100 pieces of lumber.  Camus follows
a strict order: first he'll build the Monster Barns 1 through 7.  When all the
barns are completed, then he'll begin adding first basements to them, also in
order (i.e., first Barn 1, then Barn 2, all the way until Barn 7).  Only after
all the barns have first basements will he add second basements to them.  Barn
construction is instantaneous.

- Pick the first option to ask Camus to build/upgrade your barns.
- Pick the second option if you don't want him to build/upgrade.

Sara's Store
Option 1: Talk to Sara
Option 2: Buy things from Sara

Option 2: Sara's Wares
- Ice Cream                        1,300G
- Pineapple Juice                    750G
- Turtle Shell                       600G
- 5cm Squid (Level 1)                210G
- 8cm Fish (Level 1)                  60G

Sebastian's Bar (The Spring Rabbit)
Option 1: Buy things from Sebastian
Option 2: Talk to Sebastian

Option 2: Sebastian's Wares
- Sardine Osashimi                   600G
- Popcorn                            500G
- ??                                1100G
- Salmon (?)                        1400G
- Salad                              520G
- Cooked Rice (Gohan)                300G
- Chocolate                          600G
- Wine                              2560G
- Flour                              400G
- Oil (Cooking Oil)                  400G
- Curry Powder                       300G
- Dumpling Powder                    300G

On Holidays, Ivan appears on the left-side of the third street.  He sells
different things on different days.  Large items and the Double Bed can only
be purchased once Neuman has finished upgrading your house.  Also, some
kitchen utensils can only be bought after you have purchased the Large

1st of Month:
Option 1:
Kitchen (Allows you to prepare food)
        Small Kitchen                                   1,000G
        Large Kitchen                                   2,000G

Option 2:
Refrigerator (Stores food, crops, fish, and herbs/grasses)
        Small Refrigerator      45 slots                1,000G
        Large Refrigerator      60 slots                2,000G

7th of Month:
Page 1         Option 1: Mayonnaise Maker               1,000G
                         Transforms eggs into mayonnaise

               Option 2: Cheese Maker                   1,000G
                         Transforms milk into cheese

               Option 3: Yogurt Maker                   1,000G
                         Transforms milk into yogurt

               Option 4: Next Page

Page 2         Option 1: Seed Maker                     1,000G
                         Transforms crops into seeds

               Option 2: Yarn Maker                     1,000G
                         Transforms wool into yarn

               Option 3: Previous Page

               Option 4: Never Mind

13th of Month:
Option 1:
Cabinet (Stores non-food items, such as weapons, seeds, and ores)
        Small Cabinet           45 slots                1,000G
        Large Cabinet           60 slots                2,000G

Option 2:
Table (Decoration only)
        Small Table                                     1,000G
        Large Table                                     2,000G

19th of Month:
Page 1: (Items can be bought once you have the Small Kitchen)
        Knife                                           1,000G
        Frying Pan                                      1,500G
        Mixer                                             700G
        Next Page

Page 2: (Items can be bought once you have the Large Kitchen)
        Oven                                            2,000G
        Pot                                             1,200G
        Steamer                                           800G

25th of Month:
Double Bed      (required for marriage)                10,000G

Lumber                                                          [RF-Lumber]
Like Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, you only need lumber to build 
things in Rune Factory.  Lumber is required for building/upgrading Monster
Barns and for upgrading your house.

When you finish chopping branches or stumps, the lumber is automatically
transported to the shed at the bottom left of your farm.  One branch makes 1
piece of lumber; one tree stump makes 10 pieces of lumber.

To chop a stump:
- 12 normal chops with your axe
- 6 charge-level-2 chops with your axe
- 3 charge-level-3 chops with your axe
- 2 charge-level-4 chops with your axe
- 1 charge-level-5 chop with your axe

You can see how much lumber you have by going to the main menu and picking the
fourth tab (with the picture of the turnip and flower).  On the top screen,
next to the picture of the log, there is a number that indicates the amount
of lumber you have.

Farming                                                         [RF-Farming]
Farming is similar to the traditional Harvest Moon games.  Your plot of land
will initially have stones, lumber, weeds, and grasses that grow on it, which
will need to be cleared before you can plow the land and plant crops.  Unlike
other Harvest Moon games, you aren't given all the tools at the beginning of
the game.  You only start out with the Hoe and the Watering Can, and you must
talk to several villagers in order to obtain the other farming tools.  (See
the Tools section [RF-Tools] for more information.)

Most crop seeds can be bought from Jeff in the General Store at any time of
the year.  They are separated by Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  For each seed
type, there is a line that indicates how long the crops will take to grow 
(some seeds may take 100 days to grow!); the description indicates whether
the crop can regrow on its own (i.e., is re-harvestable).  However, some
seeds can only be dropped by some enemies, and others can only be obtained
by beating the game.  You can also buy a Seed Maker from Ivan, the wandering
merchant who appears in town on Holidays, to convert crops into seeds.

Please note that you cannot grow trees in Rune Factory, so you cannot make
seeds from apples, oranges, etc.  These fully-grown fruits must be purchased
from Neuman's store during certain seasons.

Growing Crops
1) Using the Hoe, till the soil in a 3x3 pattern:

2) Stand in the very center square (the o indicates where you should stand):

3) Put the seed in your tools slot.  Press B to plant the seeds.  You should
see little white circles in each square.

4) Using the Watering can, water the seeds/plants everyday until they fully

5) Once the plants are mature, harvest them.  You can't harvest crops until
they are fully mature.

until it is ready to be cut with the Scythe.  Grass also does NOT regrow, so
you must replant it if you want more.

Farm Layouts
Unlike other Harvest Moon games, you don't need to leave empty spaces in your
farm layouts in order to access crops.  In Rune Factory, you can walk over all
crops at any time, even if they are sprouted or fully grown.  Thus, you can
fill your entire farm with crops, and you'll be able to access all of them at
any time.

In other words, in previous Harvest Moon games, you had to use the following

           xxx xxx xxx
           xxx xxx xxx
           x x x x x x

In Rune Factory, you can have the following layout:


Leveling Up Crops
You can use the seed maker (bought from Ivan) to create seeds from higher
level crops.  However, you can only level crops up to Level 10.  To grow crops
of higher levels, you need to use the Nintendo DS wireless feature to exchange
crops with friends.

To level up crops, you need to buy fertilizer from Edo at the clinic.  (The
fertilizer is a white bag with green and yellow markings on it.)  You can
only use it on one plowed square, and only when the crop is still a seed.
To use it, put the fertilizer in your item-carrying slot, then press A to
throw it on the plowed square.  When the crop fully matures, it should be
one level higher than the other crops.

Selling or Shipping Crops
You can either sell your crops directly to any store owner, or you can ship
them.  Your earnings per crop equal the crop level times the base price.  The
shipping container is the chest next to the watering hole.  Everyday at 5pm,
except on Holidays and Festival Days, Rosetta will come to your farm to pick
up items you've shipped.

Caves                                                           [RF-Caves]
In addition to farming, Ragna can also explore different caves and fight
monsters in them.  Although the caves are optional, it is in the player's best
interest to explore them:

- You cannot increase your HP unless you level up by fighting in the caves.
- Many of the marriage candidates have requirements that involve completing
the caves.
- You can only capture monsters from the caves.
- You can only upgrade your items by obtaining materials from the caves.

The caves are unlocked in order, but you can return at any time to previous
caves.  In order to unlock a cave, you must obtain that cave's license from
Godwin, the town mayor.  Most licenses can be acquired only after 1) beating
the previous cave and 2) completing an additional task.  The fifth cave, the
Mist-Bloom cave, is an island and can only be entered during the Winter when
the water freezes over.  You can see which licenses you have by going to the
main menu, then picking the last tab (with the picture of a notepad and

Each cave has a certain amount of farming space within it.  You can find
wood, weeds, stones, and grasses on un-plowed spaces.  Additionally, each
cave is season-controlled all year round.  For example, Kamaito Cave is a
Spring cave, so you can plant Spring crops in it all year, even during the
winter.  Storms and hurricanes do not affect crops planted inside caves.
Caves are either Spring, Summer, or Autumn.

Cave            Season          How to Obtain the Cave License
Kamaito         Spring          Plow 100 spaces on your farmland.

Location: The cave to the east of Mist's house.
Toros           Autumn          Beat the Kamaito cave and plow 50 plots in

Location: The cave to the very west of your farm.
Clemens         Summer          Beat the Toros cave.  Talk to Godwin, then go
                                        see Russel.  After Russel runs off,
                                        go back to Godwin to get the Clemens

Location: As you go up the mountain, it is the first cave to your left.
Giganto         Summer          Beat the Clemens cave and plow 100 spaces in

Location: Go to the top of the mountain and cross the bridge to the west.
This is not actually a cave; it's outside, but it's not affected by the

NOTE: If you want to marry Shalon, you *might* need to read the book on the
Grimoa before you beat the boss.  See [RF-Marriage] for more information.
Mist-Bloom      Autumn          Beat the Giganto cave and plow 100 spaces
                                        in Giganto.

Location: From Mist's house, go west until you see a cave on an island in the
middle of a pond.  It is only accessible in the Winter.
Kajmere         Spring          Beat the Mist-Bloom cave and plow 100 spaces
                                        in Mist-Bloom.

Location: The cave is behind Shalon at the lagoon.  You'll need at least 10
captured monsters to enter.
Daana           Autumn          Beat the Kajmere cave.

Location: From Kajmere cave, go south on the lily pads and follow the path to
a cave at the north-west.  Inside the cave, the top-left cave is Daana. 
Greed           Summer          Beat the Daana cave.

Location: From Kajmere cave, go south on the lily pads and follow the path to
a cave at the north-west.  Inside the cave, the top-right cave is Greed.

NOTE: After you defeat the boss in the Greed cave, from your house, go to the
very bottom left of the world map (past the Mist-Bloom cave).

Caves also have minable rocks, which are grey with white/yellow bits on them;
they always appear in the same place whenever you enter a cave, and they are
never found on farmable land.  To break the rocks, hit them twice with your
hammer.  Mined rocks can be different levels; multiply the level by the base
price, and that gives you the price of that particular rock.

Many caves have poison puddles, which are purple, oily-looking squares.  You
can use a Counteragent (bought from Edo's clinic) on the puddles to dissolve
them, but once you leave the cave, the puddles will return.

All caves have save points inside them.  Save points look like white,
spinning circles on the ground.

In order to reach the final boss, you must first defeat all the monster
generators inside the caves.  These look like odd bell-shaped machines that
zap out monsters.  If you reach a barrier that won't open, then that usually
means you have a monster generator you must destroy first.  You can use the
"Kikai Radar" tool to determine how many monster generators are left.  Each
sound it makes indicates the number of monster generators left.

Also, in the Kajmere and Daana caves, you'll need to complete some additional
tasks in order to advance:
- For Kajmere, in order to open the first barrier, you'll need to plant crops
in all the plots in that room.  I believe that you need to grow all of the
crops to at least the sprout stage to open the first barrier, but some of the
crops may need to be mature, too.
- For Kajmere, in order to open the second barrier, you'll need to speak to
Shalon after your crops have matured.  You'll then need to fight the mini 
golem boss (in the previously empty chamber that is to the north-east of the
room with the first barrier) to receive a key to open the second barrier.

- In Daana, to get beyond the second barrier, you'll need to grow crops in the
plots to the north of the barrier of fire.  You need to have at least four of
the areas with fully matured crops; you may also need to have the fifth plot
with sprouts.
- In Daana, to get beyond the gate (after you pass the first barrier, go all
the way to the right, and there will be a locked gate), you need to dig up a
key in the first empty room just north of the cave entrance (it has a pond
guarded by poison puddles).

Monster generators only produce one or two monsters a time.  Monsters are
"tied" to their generators - they can only move a certain distance away from
the generator before they are automatically yanked back.

Every time you leave a cave, all the monster generators inside it respawn the
next time you enter.  This is true even if you have defeated the boss of that
cave.  Therefore, you can always return to a past cave and fight the monsters
inside it.  (Bosses, however, are not re-generated.)  This also means that if
you are trying to open a barrier, if you leave the cave before all the monster
generators are destroyed, you will have to destroy them all over again the
next time you enter.  HOWEVER, once you unlock a barrier, it remains unlocked,
and even if you leave the cave, you do not need to fight all the monsters up
to that point again.  This is useful if you want to open a mid-way point or
the entrance to the boss, but want to return later once you've replenished
your HP/RP.

Fighting is in real time - there are no random encounters, and you can always
see the monsters approach you (and thus can either try to avoid them, which 
is pretty easy, or fight them).  Fighting in Rune Factory is therefore more
similar to the fighting in The Legend of Zelda series and the Mana (Seiken
Densetsu) series, and not like Final Fantasy.

You can spend nights in the caves once you have the sleeping bag.  It's best
to use the sleeping bag before 12am, otherwise you will end up oversleeping 
by an entire day and wake up with a Cold.  If you are still up at 6am, you
will faint and wake up at 10am with the Tired status effect.  The higher
your Camping level, the more nights you can spend sleeping in the cave.  You
can also upgrade your sleeping bag so that more HP and RP will be replenished
when you use it.

Monster Barns                                                   [RF-MBarns]
Rune Factory does not have the traditional Harvest Moon farm animals.  Ragna's
farm can have a total of 7 monster barns, each with a maximum of three levels.
Each level can hold up to 4 monsters.  Thus, your farm can have 84 monsters
total.  You must first build all 7 monster barns before you can start adding
on first basements to the barns; similarly, you must complete all basements on
the barns before you can begin building a second basement on any barn.  Barns
are built in order, 1 through 7; ditto for the first basements, then the
second basements.  Each barn or new level requires 1,000G and 100 pieces of
lumber.  Talk to Camus and choose the third option to have him build the
barn/new level.  Barns and new levels are built automatically as soon as you
request them - no waiting!

Capturing Monsters
Monsters can be captured in the caves by using Friendship Gloves.  To capture
a monster, you must equip the friendship gloves, then repeatedly pet the
monster.  Three hearts will appear over the monster after each successful pet.
The number of times you are required to pet the monster before you
successfully capture it varies.  (The monsters will still attack you while
you pet them, so be prepared for that.)  If you've successfully tamed a
monster and there is space available in your Monster Barns, the monster will
automatically be transported to your Monster Barns.  Monsters are sent to
the barns in order - Monster Barn 1 has to be filled up before monsters will
be added to Monster Barn 2, and so on.

Feeding Monsters
Monsters are required to be fed once a day.  You can purchase hay for the
monsters from Camus or Neuman.  To put the hay in a monster barn, you must
deposit the hay in the small square to the left of the door on the outside of
the barn.  Each barn must be stocked with its own individual hay supply.
However, unlike past Harvest Moon games, you don't need to distribute the hay
among the animals individually; hay for all monsters will automatically be
depleted everyday from that barn's hay supply.  You can also grow grass
instead of buying hay; once you have cut the grass with the scythe, it will
be automatically evenly distributed among the monster barns.

Monster Status
You can see how many barns you have, the monsters each barn contains, and the
amount of hay for each barn by going to the main menu and choosing the fourth
tab (the one with the picture of the turnip and flower).  On the bottom
screen, you can select which barn to look at and see the names of the monsters
in each barn.  At the bottom of each barn page is a number that indicates the
amount of hay in the barn.

Monster Capabilities
Captured monsters remain inside your Barns at all times, unless you require
their assistance.  Thus, they cannot be let outside to graze, and there is no
need to create fences.  Captured monsters can either help out on the farm or
assist you in battle.  The higher the monsters' friendship points, the faster
and better they work.

To put a monster to work, go next to one and press A.  A list of tasks they
can do will appear.  Some monsters can perform several tasks, while others 
only have one job.  Monsters that work on the farm will begin working the next
day at 10am.  Only one monster will do a particular task at a time - so, if
you assign two monsters to harvest your crops, only the first monster will be
outside at 10am to harvest; when that monster is done, it will return to the
barn, and the second monster will come out and harvest.  (Presumably, this is
to minimalize the lag that occurs when monsters are working your fields.)  
Monsters will continue working everyday until you tell them to stop.

If you want a monster to join your party, you and your monster will be
immediately teleported outside the barn.  It will return to the barn when it
runs out of HP or when you tell it to return.  You can only have one monster
in your party at a time.  If you try to re-enter a barn or try to enter the
town, the monster will return to the barn.

PLEASE NOTE: The line in brackets is for RELEASING the monster.  Do not pick
this unless you want to permanently free your monster!

Additionally, some monsters also function as traditional Harvest Moon farm
animals: the sheep-like creatures can be sheared using Shears; the bees (both
types) can give honey using the Gathering Basket; the black and white cow-like
animals give milk using the Milker; and the chicken-like birds can lay eggs
using the Gathering Basket. However, unlike regular Harvest Moon animals, Rune
Factory animals can only be sheared/milked/etc. once a week.  The size of the
wool, milk, and eggs depends on the animals' friendship points.  1-3 is Small,
4-7 is Medium, 8-10 is Large.

Monster Friendship Points
Friendship points are increased by brushing your monsters once a day.  
Successful brushes are indicated by three hearts appearing over the animals'
heads.  Monsters have a maximum of 10 Friendship points.  Once your monster
has reached 10 friendship points, hearts will no longer appear over its head,
and you no longer need to brush it anymore.

To view the Monsters' friendship points, go to the main menu and pick the
sixth tab (with the picture of the two hands).  Within that menu, pick the
tab with the picture of the animal.  There will be a list with all the
monsters' names and their friendship points.

Monster Tools
The following Monster tools must be obtained from villagers, and except for
the Friendship Gloves, they can only be obtained after you have built your
first Monster Barn:

Tool                    Obtained From
Friendship Gloves       Tabitha (can be obtained after unlocking Kamaito Cave)
Brush                   Fil
Wool Shears             Neuman
Milker                  Camus
Gathering basket        Godwin

Makers                                                          [RF-Makers]
Like previous Harvest Moon games, you can buy Makers for your farm. Ivan, the
wandering merchant who appears on Holidays, has Makers for sale on the 7th of
every month. You can buy a Mayonaisse Maker (for eggs), a Cheese Maker (for
milk), a Yogurt Maker (for milk), a Seed Maker (for crops), and a Yarn Maker
(for wool) for 1,000G each.  They will automatically appear on the top-right
table in your house once you have purchased them.

On the table inside your house, from left to right, the Makers are:
Mayonaisse Maker - Cheese Maker - Yogurt Maker - Seed Maker - Yarn Maker

To use a maker, deposit the item you wish to transform into the maker.  You
can also transform several items at once.

Upgrading your House                                            [RF-House]
To upgrade your house, you need 200,000G and 2,000 pieces of lumber.  Talk to
Neuman and choose the third selection.  It will take 10 days for your house to
be completed.

Once your house upgrade is complete, you will automatically have your own
Smithery, in which you can upgrade or create Tools, Weapons, and Accessories.
Additionally, you will automatically have a place where you can create your
own medicines and potions.

An upgraded house is required before you can buy the Double Bed, Large Kitchen,
Large Refrigerator, Large Table, and Large Cabinet from Ivan.

You can only upgrade your house once.

Tools                                                           [RF-Tools]
You receive the Hoe and Watering Can from Mist at the beginning of the game.
The remaining Tools must be acquired from other villagers.

Tool Name               Obtained By:
Axe                     Go the Jyacolinus's mansion during the day and talk to
                                Bianca.  Tabitha will then give you the Axe.

Description: Chops tree branches and tree stumps into lumber.
Scythe                  Rosetta will give this to you; you may need to talk to
                                her several times before receiving it.

Description: Cuts plants - both wild plants and crops.
Fishing Rod             Go to the pier on the beach during the daytime; Sara
                                will give you the Fishing Rod.

Description: Catches fish.
Hammer                  After you have gotten the license for the Toros mine
                                (the second mine), go see Leo and pick the 
                                first option.

Description: Breaks rocks; necessary for mining ore.
Kikai Radar            When you approach the stairs to the second level of
                                the Kamaito cave, Ivan will give you this.

Description: Signals the number of monster generators left on the floor.
Sleeping Bag            Reach the last area before the final boss in the 
                                Kamaito cave and Sacher will give you this.

Description: Allows you to spend nights in the caves.
Empty Bottle            Go into Mist's house, then check the big chest behind
                                the dining table.  You also can get a second
                                bottle by winning the Egg Tournament.

Description: Can be filled with a potion.

Tools except for the Kikai Radar, Sleeping Bag, and Empty Bottle can initially
be upgraded by Leo the blacksmith.  (The Kikai Radar and the Empty Bottle can
never be upgraded.)  Unlike previous Harvest Moons, you can't skip any upgrade
levels.  Once the necessary number of days has passed, you can retrieve your
upgraded weapon by seeing Leo during business hours.  (Note: Leo doesn't work
on Holidays, Festival days, or rainy days.)  After your Tool has been upgraded
twice by Leo, any further upgrades must be done by you in your smithery, which
is only unlocked after you upgrade your House.

Weapons and Shields                                             [RF-Weapons]
Initially, weapons and shields can be purchased from Leo the blacksmith, and
Jeff sells some protective accessories in his store.  Some monsters randomly
drop weapons or defensive items, too.

After you have upgraded your house, you can create or upgrade weapons,
shields, and accessories in your own smithery.

Cooking, Smithing, Medicines                                    [RF-CSM]
Cooking, smithing, and making medicines use up RP (and then HP if you run out
of RP).  You can obtain all recipes for cooking/smithing/medicines by buying
books from Russel in the library.  Russel sells different books on different
days; there are also several levels for some types of books.  For example,
there are four levels of books for Weapons/Tools, but there is only one book
for Medicines and one book for Defense items.  The price of the books vary.
If you already have a book, if you try to buy it, Russel will tell you that
you already bought it.  (See [RF-Stores] for more information.)

You can see which books you have by going to the main menu and selecting the
last tab (with the picture of a notepad and pencil).  The pictures on the
book covers are mostly self-explanatory (Swords for Weapons/Tools, Shield
for shields, Rings for Accessories, Pill for Medicines, Knives for the Knife
utensil, etc.).

- To cook, stand in front of the kitchen utensil you want to use and press A.
- To upgrade/create Tools, Weapons, or Shields, stand in front of the big
table near the furnace and press A.
- To upgrade/create Accessories, stand in front of the little table near the
furnace and press A.
- To create medicines, stand in front of the big table at the bottom left of
your upgraded house and press A.

In order to create items, you must drag the items you wish to use from your
rucksack to the empty slots at the bottom of the screen.  When you're done,
you'll either get a notice that you were successful or unsuccessful in
creating the item.

To actually view the recipes, you need to stand in front of the table you
want to work at (or in front of the kitchen utensil) and press the A button.
In the menu, choose the tab with the picture of a book.  The recipes are all
listed on the bottom screen; the first section is the name of the recipe,
and the number is the skill level you need to make the item.

You can sort the recipes either by type (i.e., swords are listed together,
shields are listed together) or by Skill level (the ones that have a lower
skill level are listed first).  The top screen displays the recipes: a
picture of the finished product is on top; under the "Recipe" heading are
pictures and names of the items you need.  Under "Info" is a percentage
indicating the likelihood of success at making the finished product

Your success at upgrading or making a meal/item depends on your Skill level.
(See the Skill section for more information: [RF-Skills].)  There is also a
percentage underneath the recipe indicating likelihood of success.  Your
Skill level increases the more you do that particular task.  The higher your
Skill level, the greater the percentage of success.  Even if you fail at
making something, your Skill level still increases - and if you are trying to
make a Weapon, Accessory, or Potion/Medicine, the materials you were trying
to use will NOT disappear.  However, if you fail at making food, you will get
a failed food dish, and the ingredients WILL be used up.  Thus, it's in your
best interest to repeatedly fail at making something, since your Skill level
will increase and the materials won't be used up (except for food).

Cooking Ingrediants: Some cooking ingrediants can be bought from Sebastian's
bar, such as cooking oil.  Other vegetables and fruit must be grown, except
for fruits that can or must be bought from Neuman.

Magic Spells                                                    [RF-Magic]
Magic spells consume RP only.  When you run out of RP, you can no longer cast
magic spells, except for "Escape" and "Teleport," which consume 0 RP.  Spells
can be purchased in the library. On the first floor of the library, go to the
very back of the room.  Start from the left-hand stack.  Each stack (except
for the stack on the very left) has three sides (a left side, a middle, and a
right side), and each side has one to two spells.  Spells are unlocked after
you beat a cave.

Spell           RP Used         Obtained By             Description
Escape           0 RP           Enter the Kamaito       Transports you to the
                                cave, and Mist will     entrance of the cave.
                                give you the spell.     Can only be used in
Picture: Black ball with tiny black sparkles
Fireball         5 RP           Left stack of books,    Releases a fireball
                                left side.              directly in front of
                                Costs 3,200G            you.

Picture: Large red fireball
Medication       6 RP           Left stack of books;    Restores 80HP and 
                                left side.              cures status ailments.
                                Costs 3,000G

Picture: Green gust of wind
Cure             6 RP           Left stack of books,    Restores 250HP.
                                right side.     
                                Costs 5,300G

Picture: Light blue water drop
Water Laser      5 RP           Left stack of books;    Releases a water-based
                                left side.              laser straight in
                                Costs 6,200G            front of you.

Picture: Slanted blue lasers
Inferno          9 RP           Middle stack of books;  Causes eruptions of
                                left side.              lava to gush up.
                                Costs 8,100G

Picture: Rush of red lava gushing up
Crimson Fire     10 RP          Middle stack of books;  A large oval "puddle" 
                                left side.              of lava will surround 
                                Costs 7,700G            you.

Picture: Red, oval-squarish blob of lava
??               6 RP           Middle stack of books;  Lets loose an arc of
                                middle of the stack.    green air blades.
                                Costs 10,200G

Picture: Green air blade in an arc-shape
Stone Spike      5 RP           Middle stack of books;  Stone spikes push up
                                middle of the stack.    from the ground in a
                                Costs 7,000G            straight line in
                                                        front of you.
Picture: Two brown stone spikes, each with two prongs
Life Absorber    9 RP           Middle stack of books;  Sucks HP from a nearby
                                right side.             monster and adds it to
                                Costs 13,600G           your HP.

Picture: Purple sphere
Explosion        10 RP          Right stack of books;   Creates a nucleus-like
                                left side.              explosion in front of
                                Costs 18,600G           you.

Picture: Large red, circlish blob with uneven edges
Earthquake       17 RP          Right stack of books;   Creates an earthquake
                                left side.              around you- the ground
                                Costs 19,000G           shakes and layers of
                                                        earth push up from the
Picture: Thin white and gray layers                     ground.
Meteor           15 RP          Right stack of books;   A meteor falls on top
                                middle of the stack.    of you, creating an
                                Costs 21,900G.          explosion around you.

Picture: Large, black/grey rock
? ?              13 RP          Right stack of books;   Creates a whirlwind
                                middle of the stack.    around you.
                                Costs 21,400G.

Picture: Large green whirlwhind/tornado
Teleport         0 RP           Right stack of books;   Teleports you to the 
                                right side.             front of your house. 
                                Costs 2,000G            Can't be used inside
                                                        of caves.

Picture: White ball with tiny white sparkles; a white version of "Escape"

Festivals                                                       [RF-Festivals]
Festivals no longer take place in one central location.  On festival days
beginning at 9am, villagers will be scattered throughout the town.  Talking
to a villager on festival days raises his/her friendship points by 1.  If the
first person you talk to that day is a marriage candidate, her love points
will increase by 1/2 point.

On some festival days, there are special tournaments that you can enter.  You
can win either prize money or items:

Tournaments                     Date of Tournament       Prizes
Egg Tournament                  Spring 23                1st Place: 50,000G,
                                                                Empty Bottle
Cooking Tournament              Spring 27                1st Place: 20,000G
Milk Tournament                 Summer 18
Excavation Tournament           Summer 26
Wool Tournament                 Fall 24
Fishing Tournament              Fall 28

For the Egg, Milk, and Wool Tournaments, you will normally win if you enter a
Large item.  Generally, you win prize money, but you can also win items (like
an Empty Bottle from the Egg Tournament).

The Excavation Tournament requires you to find a hidden book in the Kamaito
Cave and to bring it back to Godwin as fast as possible.  On the 2nd floor
of the Kamaito cave, you'll see a save point ahead of you.  Head right, toward
the ant generator.  Go past the ants, and you'll reach a dead-end.  Search the
rocks in that area, and you'll find the book.  Return the book to Godwin.

For the Cooking Tournament, Jyacolinus will tell you the dish type you need to
prepare.  I am not sure how the dishes are decided (i.e., if they are random,
or if they follow a set pattern).  For the second year in my game, I was asked
to make fried potatoes.  I also don't know what factors go into winning this
tournament (i.e., whether your Cooking Skill level or the level of the crops
you use affect anything) - I lost to Tabitha the first time, but then I reset,
submitted the dish again, and won.

There are also other special days throughout the year:

Special Day                     Date of Special Day
Spring Thanksgiving            Spring 18

Description: Bake cookies for girls and give it to them (except for Torte, who
is bugged and cannot accept cookies).  Their love points will go up.  You must
have a Large Kitchen and an Oven to bake cookies.
Moon Viewing                    Fall 17

Description: During the day, you can invite one girl to watch the moon with
you.  (Choose the first option to ask her out.  If you don't want to invite
her, choose the second option.)  However, you won't be able to invite Mist
until she comes out of her house, and I don't think you can invite Melody
until she goes to work at 3pm. The chosen girl will immediately go to the top
of the mountain and wait for you.  At 6pm, go to the mountain top and talk to
her.  Her friendship points and love points will go up.

Please note that once you invite a girl to watch the moon with you, you can't
change your mind and choose someone else.
Winter Thanksgiving            Winter 06

Description: Girls who have a large number of Love Points for you will give
you chocolate.  As you exit your house, one by one, the girls will enter your
house and give you chocolate.  Choose the first option to thank them; if you
don't care for them, choose the second option.

Marriage                                                        [RF-Marriage]
Marriage is optional.  However, should you be interested in marrying, there is
a large number of marriage candidates to choose from, including two "special"
bachelorettes, Mei and Linnet.  Unlike previous Harvest Moon games, there are
no heart events, rivals, or blue feathers. However, in order to marry a girl,
you must first meet the following requirements:

- Have the upgraded house (200,000G and 2,000 lumber; see Neuman)
- Have the double bed (10,000G; buy it from Ivan on the 25th of the month)
- Have the large kitchen (2,000G; buy it from Ivan on the 1st of the month)
- Have the girl at 10 friendship points and 10 love points
- Fulfill any additional requirements, listed below

Girl            Additional Requirements
Mist            1) Obtain the license for the Greed cave (the last cave).
                2) Plow every space on your farmland.

                To propose, speak to Mist when she's inside her house (before
                        12pm and after 6pm) and choose the third option.
Rosetta         1) Speak to Rosetta in her room (before 9am or after 6pm) to
                        hear the legend of the White Stone.
                2) Read the book on the White Stone in the library.  (Second
                        row; right stack of books; right side of the stack;
                        first option.)
                3) Go to the Toros cave when it's snowing.  Go left twice,
                        then go up twice.  You should now be in the room
                        with a river; across the water will be a save point
                        and the stairs to the next floor.  There will also be
                        a monster generator that creates monsters that cast
                        fire beams.  As you enter the room, straight ahead
                        will be a large mound of snow.  Approach the snow and
                        press A.  Pick the first option.  You should get the
                        White Stone - it's a smooth, white stone.

                To propose, give Rosetta the White Stone and choose the first
                        option.  If you choose the second option, you won't 
                        marry her, but her friendship and love points will
                        both fall to 0.  You will also keep the White Stone.
Torte           1) Read Torte's diary in the library.

                To propose, at 9:00pm on a Holiday, give Torte a large (L) 
Lapis           1) Rescue Cecilia from the Clemens cave.
                2) When Cecilia is at 3+ friendship points, talk to her in the
                        library.  (I did it when she was in her room, but you
                        can apparently talk to her on a rainy day in the 
                        library, too.)  She'll give you the Lapis Lazuli
                        stone - it's a violet-blue stone with yellow flecks.
                To propose, give Lapis the Lapis Lazuli stone and choose the
                        first option.  If you choose the second option, you
                        won't marry her, but her friendship and love points
                        will both plummet to 0.  You will also keep the Lapis
Fil             1) Read the book on the curing stone in the library.
                2) Speak to Fil in her room, and she'll give you a Round 
                        stone.  It looks like an ordinary round, grey stone.
                3) Give the stone to Edo.
                4) Speak to Fil when she's in her room.

                To propose, speak to Fil when she's in the town square on a
                        Holiday.  Choose the first option to marry her.  If
                        you choose the second option, you won't marry her,
                        but her friendship and love points will both fall to
Tabitha         1) Capture at least 50 monsters.
                2) The monsters must have a total of at least 50 friendship
                        points for you.

                To propose, speak to Tabitha when she's at the lagoon (on a 
                        Holiday) and choose the first option.  If you choose
                        the second option, you won't marry her.  Fortunately,
                        unlike the rest of the girls, her friendship and love
                        points won't change.
Shalon          1) Read the book on the Grimoa in the library.  (Second row,
                        left stack of books; right side of the stack; first
                2) Defeat the boss in the Giganto cave and receive its scale.
                        It looks like a light-blue stone with white scale
                        markings on it. (Note: You *might* need to read the
                        library book before defeating the boss in order to
                        get the scale.)
                3) Show the scale to Shalon.  She'll ask you to make a sword.
                4) Give the scale to Leo and have him make the sword.  The
                        sword will take 3 days to make.

                To propose, give the sword to Shalon and choose the first
                        option.  If you choose the second option, you won't
                        marry her, but her friendship and love points will
                        both fall to 0.  You will also keep the sword.  If you
                        choose the third option, you keep the sword, and there
                        is no change in relationship.
Mei             1) Catch a Tokimekitai fish of 70 centimetres or longer.  
                        (The best location to find it is in the boss's room
                                of the Mist-Bloom cave.  You will need a high
                                fishing skill level and a fully upgraded 
                                fishing rod.  You also need to use the DS Wifi
                                connection to level up the fish by trading it
                                back and forth repeatedly with a friend.)

                To propose, give the Tokimekitai fish to Mei.
Bianca          No special requirements.

                To propose, speak to Bianca in the town square on a Holiday.
                        Note: Do NOT talk to her unless you want to trigger
                        the marriage question.  To marry Bianca, choose the
                        first option.  If you choose the second option, you
                        won't marry Bianca, but her friendship and love points
                        will both fall to 0.
Melody          1) Talk to Melody on a Friday when she's at the lagoon.
                2) Talk to Shalon during a spring festival to hear the rest of
                        the legend.

                Note: Once Melody reaches 10 love points, do NOT talk to her
                        before or after hours unless you want to trigger the
                        marriage question.  To marry Melody, choose the first
                        option.  If you choose the second option, you won't
                        marry her, but her friendship and love points will
                        both plummet to 0.
Linnet          1) Complete/beat all the caves.
                2) Everyone in town should have at least 8 friendship points
                        each for you.

                Talk to Linnet until she mentions marriage (which will appear
                        randomly), then propose.

Once you have proposed, you automatically go to your wedding.  Father White is
the presiding clergyman, and all the townspeople individually congratulate you
(except in the case of Mist or Rosetta, when Sacher or Rude will be upset).

After the wedding, you'll be in your house.  Your wife will stay inside the
house all day.  Every morning, she'll give you a special meal prepared just
for you, which you can either ship, eat, or give to someone else.  The food
that you receive depends on the wife.

You can have one child, but it will remain a baby forever.

Frequently Asked Questions                                           [RF-FAQs]

Q: Where can I find pictures of the bachelorettes / marriage candidates / 
heroine candidates?
A: Visit the official site:
http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/ds/runefactory/chara_heroin.html  A picture
of Mist is at http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/ds/runefactory/chara.html

Q: Can you have a child in this game?
A: Yes, but it remains a baby forever and never grows up.

Q: After I defeat a cave, will the monsters in that cave respawn?
A: Yes.  Every time you leave the cave, monster generators will respawn.  If
you beat the cave, the monsters will still respawn, and you can go back to 
previous caves to fight those monsters or try to capture them.  Cave bosses,
however, will not respawn.

Q: Is there a girl version of Rune Factory?
A: No, and there isn't one planned.  However, there is a sequel, Rune Factory
2, being planned, which takes place in the same country as Rune Factory, but 
in a different village and several years after the events of Rune Factory.

Q: How many save slots are there?
A: There are only 2 save slots, and each save slot has a different game.  You
can't change the save slot you save in once you begin a game.  In other words,
you can't play the game in one slot, then save that game in the other slot.

Q: Can you walk over crops in this game?
A: Yes.  In previous Harvest Moon games, you could not access the very middle
crop and had to leave empty spaces between crops in order to access them.
However, in Rune Factory, you can access all crops at any time, even if they
have sprouted or are fully mature.

Credits                                                         [RF-Credits]
I have used the following as resources in creating this FAQ:

1) Myah-san and his great FAQ at http://www.fogu.com/hm_myah/RFG.25.rtf  As
stated in his FAQ, I must include his credits section in this document:
Koji/Myah/Sean: That's me. I wrote this and gathered most of the information
in this guide ^_^

Cher: For hosting this file on her site and various help and translations.

Ushi No Tane forums: You guys are always a great help, inspiration, and this
guide is mostly written for you

GameFAQ's Forums: I got quite a bit of help here when I started with the 
game. I thank you all for that.

Kehdar: For most of the list in the Books/license section and helping me
clarify a few sections

Ketay: Helped me with an error in the week system, and helped with several
kanji I didn't know.

2) The Rune Factory forum of the Ushi no Tane message board at
http://www.fogu.com/hmforum/  Specifically, posts by Cher, Myah-san, 
Christopher, thejellofarmer, and takako were very helpful.

3) http://www.rozenmaiden.info/runefactory/wiki/index.php (Japanese)

4) Gin Jai Chan for some more detailed information about the Kajmere cave.

I thank them very much for providing invaluable assistance.  However, please
note that any mistakes in this FAQ are mine.

Contact                                                         [RF-Contact]
All mistakes in this FAQ are my own.  For corrections, additions, or other
inquiries, you can e-mail me at:

atalanta [@] gmail [dot] com

Please do not e-mail me asking where to get the game (try importing through
online websites such as http://www.play-asia.com) or when the American or 
European versions will be released (check http://games.ign.com/ for release