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How to beat Jolene?

Like the question says. Is there an easy way to beat Jolene after you give the pure metals ro Zauz to forge into the Phantom Blade? And do I have to do this event to get the Sword Blade?

Accepted Answer

hevymetlman answered:

She should challenge you one last time after you get the sword. If you win she'll back out and leave you alone.
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LinkSamus3 answered:

You fight her just the same way you've fought her before. If you haven't fought her before (how did you manage that?) avoid her attacks until she draws back. Run sideways from her line of sight as she charges and then strike her from behind. Pretty much the same way you fought the fish knights before. Except you will be prompted once to rub the stylus back and forth quickly when the two of you lock swords.
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