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How can i get bombs bag?please help me=)

How can i get bombs bag?please help me=)

tidra_ardit10 provided additional details:

:O :O ...but i haven't passed the temple of ocean king underground base yet...thnx for your help..


LinkSamus3 answered:

It's the dungeon item in the Temple of Wind. You'll just have to wait like I did. Sorry.
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LinkSamus3 answered:

You don't need the bombs in the Ocean King Temple until after you get them. After you get the first Sea Chart, go do the Temple of Fire on the Isle of Ember, south of Mercay Island. You can use the item from there to go deeper into the TotOK and get the second Sea Chart. Then, after you do a little detour on Molida Island to figure out how to get through the ghost ship's fog, you can reach the Northwestern Sea and the Isle of Gust, where the Temple of Wind is.
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