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How do I beat the boss from isle of ember?

Hes the fire guy from the temple of fire?

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---Nintendo--- answered:

When the boss splits, check the upper screen to see the enemies sprites, you may notice that one of them have 1 horn, the other one 2, and the last one 3, just use the Boomerang to get them together in order (first select the one with 1 horn, then the one with 2, etc.), when they reform the boss, use your sword to hit him, then repeat those steps until it is defeated.
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CrazyFranky101 answered:

What you do, as Nintendo says, hook the 3 little bosses together with your boomerang, how ever, then the big boss can attack. I suggest hitting him with your boomerang to stun him then stab the living daylights out of him until he goes back to the 3 little forms. Then repeat until it dies.
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Scurfy00 answered:

Look at the top screen once the boss splits. There are three skulls with one horn, two horns, and three horns. Connect the skulls in the order of 1 horn, 2 horn, and then of course 3 horns. Hit the connected boss with your boomerang and go crazy with your sword!
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