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How do I catch Neptoona?

This is my 52nd Rusty sword fish and i still dont know were Neptoona is at ?

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zeldamasterds00 answered:

Once you get the Big Catch Lure you go to the spots on the map where insted of a normal fish shadow you will see swordfish shadows also. Fish there and once you catch the Rusty Swordfish show it to the the Old Wayfarer and he will tell you about Neptoona. After he tells you about Neptoona go to the swordfish shadows to fish and there is a small chance you will find Neptoona but if you find it, catch it and show it to the Old Wayfarer he will give you a Heart Container.
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Arkhyr answered:

You should fish under the normal fish shadow before you fish the swordfish shadow.(Last time I fished for Neptoona I took about 137 fish before I caught him). You have to be really patient.
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